Opening the third eye

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Life larger than lifestyle is Dharma. Lifestyle means, constantly bothered about the 6 feet frame you are holding. What kind of food, what kind of house, what kind of car, what kind of clothes, what kind of people you have around you is lifestyle. But looking at the life larger than your lifestyle, planning for your life larger than your lifestyle is Dharma. It means your decisions are not made just centered on you.

Understand, the very source from which you make decisions should expand. That is what is opening of the third eye. Opening of the third eye means ensuring that the path in which you are walking is aligned with the vision of the universe. If your two eyes are open, you will make sure that the path in which you walk is in tune with your vision. If you ensure that the path you walk is in tune with the universe’s vision, your third eye is open.Understand, third eye is not having one more eye on the forehead.! It means that your vision is in tune with the cosmic vision. When you become narrow in life, the decisions you make will be self-centered instead of universe-centered. I tell you, if you live in insecurity, if you live in homeless way, if you live without being bothered about the self-centered life style, the higher intelligence in you gets awakened, in which the possibility of becoming one with the cosmos happens. That is the honest dharma.