How to see the Divine?

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Friday, February 17, 2012

What is divine? Where your mind and logic, patterns completely leave you, that space is divine. If you are still holding on to your pattern, you are not realizing the divine. For example, if you realize the divine in a stone, all your patterns will be dropped in front of that stone, you will just experience something beyond your mind’s comprehension, beyond your perception. I will tell you the difference between whether you are seeing Divine or not. When I bless somebody, when I shower something on somebody, if you feel, wow! - as if it is done to you - then you are Divine. Then you are seeing Divine in me. Always understand, if I am giving any attention to anybody, that person is nicely getting drilled. That is the truth. Anybody getting more attention from me means, that person is getting beaten from all corners and sides! So don’t feel jealous of my attention at all. It is very costly. It costs your life! If I am giving attention, your whole life is getting awakened and your whole life is getting chiseled. So never ever feel jealous of the people who get my attention. If you stand in their shoes you will understand.

I can tell you very clearly, I have seen who is the real devotee and who is the crooked, who sees Divine and who sees Divide. Let me define that word Divine. Whenever you don’t divide, and you perceive the Whole with the whole picture, you perceive Divine!

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