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Regular schools only focus on teaching the child math, science, history, language, music etc, that make the child use these tools to build one structure in their life. Mainstream education fails to look at the entire big picture of education. The flaws in the current education system is creation of future leaders. They offer many courses for the children to become toppers but forget to understand that life is all about uniquely exploring and externally manifesting your intrinsic reality. The world is looking for a dynamic personality who can multitask using multiple intelligence creating a plethora of possibilities. In eN-Vidyalaya, we are creating the core foundation so that the child can build any structure with the tools that they are provided in their schools. With this program, we are presenting them multiple possibilities for the future. The eN Vidyalaya program is made up of five core segments; Life Solution Classes and activities, Yoga, Meditation, Games, Theatre and Art for children. Vidyalaya means, knowledge of inner self or inner flowering. The program helps each child along with the mentor to flower with overflowing compassion. The program is run for 2 to 3 hrs on any weekend for ages 4 to 14 years. Some centers have 2 groups; group1 – ages 4 to 7 years and group2 – ages 8 to 14 years, while other centers hold combined classes. The main vision of eN-Vidyalaya is to give the child a great foundation for their life so they will dynamically make decisions with creativity and spontaneity. All we need is a good teacher who can transmit the life solutions concepts using simple words and activities using everyday items like paper, pencil, colors, water etc This program provides a deep understanding that evolves a person into the higher consciousness. Based on the activity based methodology, children live the moment and are spontaneously able to put their learning into practice. All the conventional schools train the child in IQ ( Intelligence Quotient) and now some schools have started to train them in EQ ( Emotional Quotient ). However, we fail to understand the possibility of the moving the child to SQ ( Spiritual Quotient ) and finally leading them to eN-Q (enlightenment Quotient ). The teachers and parents must take-up the responsibility of educating the child to face the world of infinite possibilities. We will be giving you the day wise plan for each class so the teacher takes very less time in preparations. We define the entire course into many topics that will further have subtopics for each day. Key issues faced by the children like fear, greed, anger, frustration, perversion, abusive language etc..are some of the main topics discussed. Example we explain to the child that “Love is like sponge and ego is like rock”, the child quickly understands the inner quality of themselves. Talking to the children directly to the mind might be very difficult. Even if we give instructions to our mind we cannot keep it up, how can we ask the children’s mind to listen? When we speak to the inner chatter/ inner space they seem to catch the point much easily. The truth is much deeper than facts. So the facts are only mind based but truth is experience/reality based. eN-Vidyalaya centers :- 1. LA Ashram 2. Singapore Ashram 3. Malaysia Ashram 4. Hosur – Bagalur Road Center 5. Chennai – Anna Nagar Center 6. Hyderabad Center 7. Mumbai 8. Bangalore – Bull temple Road 9. Bangalore – Bannerghatta road For information on opening an eN-Vidyalaya weekend school in your locality, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at +919916593002 or +919538028153