eN-Mentoring for Teachers

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This workshop focuses on transforming the current view of the teacher in creating a dynamic community through spiritual understanding. It helps a teacher by increasing the memory and brain potential through yoga and meditation, thereby creating more compassionate and stress free educational managers.

The workshop comprises of a vivid and vibrant sharing and caring session that helps us disregard the baggage of educating a child. It instead helps in rewiring the synapses to create a joy and pleasure of sharing everyday life with the young blooming flowers.

T – Talented in transforming the child

E – Energy in building enlightened civilization

A – Affection towards creating compassionate community

C – Creativity in delivering a spontaneous thinker

H – Humble in reproducing gratitude as attitude

E – Empowering with right understanding

R – Resilient in connecting to the children

Welcome to the dynamic transforming and rewiring workshop on simple but awesome ideas and techniques to explode the curiosity of the young minds.

For information on attending an eN-Mentoring workshop your locality, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at +919916593002 or +919538028153