Petition filed Against Land-grabbing Attempt at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam property in Trichy

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Today (7 November 2012), Sri Nithya Shaambavananda, ashramite of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, submitted a petition against the attempts made by certain individuals who have been trespassing and trying to grab the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashram property at Navalur Kuttapattu near Trichy in Tamil Nadu, and who have been threatening to kill the devotees.

The petition was made to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Governor, DGP (Director General of Police), IG (Inspector General), DIG (Deputy Inspector General), SP (Superintendent of Police), DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), local Inspector, Collector and the Human Rights Commission.


One Mr. Selvamani, his then minor son Jagadeeshwaran, and others in his family had entered into a settlement deed with Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam through the General Power of Attorney given by Selvamani to another devotee Dhanushkodi dt. June 29, 2007 through the document numbered 3354 of 2007. (Attached is the deed copy and the POA document with translation.) Selvamani and his son Jagadeeshwaran are now disputing their settlement deed, 5 years after voluntarily entering the deed.


The complaint outlines further that from that time onwards, the ashram and devotees have been enjoying peaceful possession of the property, they performed the bhoomi puja, and then planned and started to construct a building worth about Rs. 20 lakhs.


Selvamani, Edumban and some other devotees started with the construction. When the construction reached about 30% progress, with the help of donations raised from devotees, Edumban as found to b be misusing the donations. So the ashram removed him from the responsibility of constructing the building. Angry at this Edumban got hand in glove with his relative Selvamani, and they stopped the construction of the building as well as the pujas and day to day activities of the ashram and started troubling the devotees.


Selvamani and Idumbam seen participating in the bhoomi puja ceremony at the Trichy property


Jagadeeshwaran son of Selvamani at bhoomi puja ceremony


Dhanushkodi GPA holder with the ashramites at the bhoomi puja ceremony




Dhanushkodi GPA holder offers flowers to the picture of Swami Nithyananda


Selvamani seen actively participating in the bhoomi puja ceremony on the property

Selvamani filed a baseless case against Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. He also used his minor son Jagadeeshwaran to file another case with no standing as well. 


The petition states that on 28/8/2011 Edumban, Jagadeeshwaran, Selvamani and another relative of his came with weapons like iron rods, sickle, sticks, etc, and trespassed into the property and shouted at the devotees using bad words and filthy language; they pulled out the sacred trishul that was worshipped.


Again on 30/9/2011 at about 10:30 am they trespassed and threatened the devotees using foul language, that no pujas or construction work should be done on the property, else they would cut the throats of and kill the devotees. This threat led to the devotees wanting to give a complaint in the Ramji Nagar police station but Selvamani and others came forward and requested to settle the issue and pleaded not to make a complaint.



The devotees in turn relented and didn’t complain. But Selvamani and others started spreading false charges against the devotees amongst the public; they went to the police and gave false complaints against the devotees and came every now and then and threatened the devotees not to do any activities on the property.


The petition explains this led to the devotees not being able to enjoy peaceful possession of the property and not able to do any of the regular activities on the property. This has been depressing and stressful and they are unhappy and upset with the situation.

The petition points out that the case is subjudice and pending in the court and such acts of coming illegally and threatening the devotees, spreading false allegations and illegally trying to occupy the land, is an insult to the Court. This goes against the legal right of possession and their basic human rights.


The petition states that the case is in court and the ashram will fully abide by the Court’s directions at all times. It requests the various authorities to interfere and take appropriate action against the people who are illegally creating problems and to provide proper security for the devotees to go about their daily activities on their rightful property.