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30 July 2012: The parties trying to attack Nithyananda by instigating the parents of his disciples against him, were in for their second shock this month, as the disciples stuck to their decision to remain with Nithyananda and pursue the path of spirituality and service.  First it was Nithya Shantimayananda, who successfully challenged his parent’s petition in the Karnataka High Court alleging that he was being illegally detained in Nithyananda ashram and forced into sannyas (spiritual life). Read the report here.

 Now, it is the turn of another brahmachari Nithya Virajananda to defy all odds to follow the spiritual path. Virajananda’s parents Kalimuthu and Mariammal had recently lodged a complaint with Madurai police, alleging that their son had been detained at the ashram against his will and not allowed to meet his family. They also claimed that they had paid Rs.5000 to the ashram to be allowed to meet Virajananda, but the ashram authorities sent them back without allowing the meeting.

Virajananda, who is pursuing CA alongside his spiritual service activities at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, submitted a counter-petition last week stating that he was a major and was staying in the ashram voluntarily for spiritual purposes, and was not being illegally detained by the ashram in any manner. He also clarified that no payment had been made by his parents to the ashram in order to meet him.