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LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA - On August 28, 2013, The U.S. Court of Appeal of The State of California, Fourth District (Division  Two) gave its final irrevocable decision beyond the scope of appeal (E058153) in the false case filed by Vinay K. Bharadwaj, the false victim who laid false claims of unnatural sex abuse against Sri Nithyananda Swami. In a reiteration of its earlier ruling as well as appeal on the ruling, the Hon'ble Court gave the final decision in Vinay K. Bharadwaj's motion to reopen his already dismissed appeal on July 30, 2013. The court concluded, "...appellant has failed to show good cause for vacating the dismissal."




Vinay K. Bharadwaj is currently serving a 57-month prison term in Washington for three (3) counts of child molestation and one (1) count of improper communication with a minor.

This is the same Vinay K. Bharadwaj who in his attempt to escape from the serious and criminal charges of child molestation against him in USA, came forward as a false "victim" of abuse allegedly by Sri Nithyananda Swami in India.


The false case closure by the USA Court signifies the state of affairs in the offing for the Truth to be revealed in India as well, as indicated in the detailed timeline below of the conspiracy involving Vinay Bharadwaj with Aarthi Rao, the false rape victim claiming over 50 times rape in the period between 2005 and 2009.


Conspiracy Revealed - Aarthi Rao and Vinay Bharadwaj

Vinay Bharadwaj had committed multiple counts of serious child abuse between November 2008 and April 2009, which came to light in August 2009 when he was expelled from the Nithyananda Mission.

When the religious persecution against Sri Nithyananda Swami happened in March 2010, Vinay Bharadwaj thought he could use the situation to his advantage. In July 2010, he filed a false and baseless civil suit, in which he included the parents of the minor victim, and claiming that they were brainwashed disciples of Sri Nithyananda Swami. To try and cover up his criminal offences, Vinay Bharadwaj tried to prove the serious child abuse charges to be motivated against him. Interestingly, in this complaint there is no mention of any alleged sexual abuse against Sri Nithyananda Swami by Vinay Bharadwaj.

An important aspect in this news is the conspiracy between Vinay Bharadwaj and Aarthi Rao. In August 2010, Aarthi Rao who is the criminal against whom there are multiple criminal charges both in India as well as USA, made false charges of rape and sexual abuse apparently for over 50 times between 2005 and 2009. One of the alleged dates of rape as claimed by Aarthi Rao was alleged rape in Las Vegas in USA in May 2006.


In November 2010, Vinay Bharadwaj was arrested for multiple counts of serious child abuse and then sentenced to 4.75 years of imprisonment.



This was also about the time when a chargesheet was filed against Sri Nithyananda Swami based on a completely false witness statement by the false victim Aarthi Rao, co-conspirer with Vinay Bharadwaj.

In June 2011, Vinay Bharadwaj filed an amended complaint in which he added false allegations of sexual abuse by Sri Nithyananda Swami. This included an instance in Las Vegas allegedly at a strip club in September 2005. Since the USA Court did not accept this complaint, he went on to file a second Amended Complaint in September 2011. In October 2011, Lenin went on to Karnataka police to record his statement. Vinay gave the statement including his false allegation of sexual abuse in Las Vegas at a strip club in September 2005.

Aarthi Rao’s conspiracy is evident from the fact that right after Vinay, in November 2011, she “amended” her witness statement to change the date of her false sexual abuse in Las Vegas from May 2006 to September 2005, so that it matches Vinay Bharadwaj’s equally false statement!

Vinay Bharadwaj finally got caught in the long hands of the law and he committed serious violations like avoiding the Court ordered depositions and summons, as well as refusing to take the psychological exam (Independent Mental Examination or IME). After almost a year, he finally accepted the IME but he went away abruptly, about half an hour into the examination.

In June 2012, Aarthi Rao made a desperate attempt to keep the false rape case of hers alive. She came on television in a news channel called Suvarna News, hiding her identity. At the same time, Vinay Bharadwaj in a last ditch effort to frame Sri Nithyananda Swami, tried to get the television reporter to try serving the alleged summons on Sri Nihyananda Swami.

Soon thereafter, the USA Court granted Sri Nithyananda Swami’s request to order the medical records of Aarthi Rao, given her false allegations of rape for over 50 times between 2005 and 2009. The medical records prove beyond doubt that Aarthi Rao’s claims of rape, etc, are false, as Sri Nithyananda Swami’s medical records prove that he does not have the STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Herpes II which she has and which would have been definitely transmitted to Sri Nithyananda Swami if indeed he had raped Aarthi Rao even once.

Finally, in March 2013, the High Court of Karnataka ruled that the attempt to serve a judicial process apparently to Sri Nithyananda Swami, a citizen and resident of India, by a press reporter of Suvarna TV, was highly illegal.




The Ramanagara Court also took cognizance of the defamation attempt by Aarthi Rao and Suvarna News and has served summons to all of them.