Allegations of Vinay Bharadwaj against Sri Nithyananda Swami dismissed by US Court

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On November 26, 2012, the Superior Court of the State of California in the County of San Bernardino, headed by Honorable Judge Keith D. Davis, dismissed the case filed by Vinay K. Bharadwaj against Sri Nithyananda Swami. In this case filed by Vinay Bharadwaj in USA, he makes the same allegations of sexual abuse that he claimed in the witness statement to the CID Karnataka in India, in addition to other false allegations. This is also the same case in which the channel Suvarna TV's news reporter had tried to illegally serve the summons to Sri Nithyananda Swami on June 6, 2012, that continued into a sustained hate campaign and a series of further offences against the ashramites. The US Court in fact has specifically dismissed the very service of the summons itself, thereby substantiating that the attempted service of summons on Sri Nithyananda Swami by the Suvarna reporter was illegal.


Based on the nature of the allegations by Mr. Bharadwaj, the court agreed with the defendants that Bharadwaj needed to undergo a psychological evaluation. The psychological evaluation was to analyze and determine the truthfulness of Bharadwaj's allegations against Sri Nithyananda Swami and the other defendants. Mr. Bharadwaj violated the order of the court mandating he undergo this psychological evaluation by obfuscating (not cooperating with the examination). Notwithstanding this, the examiner had substantial doubts regarding his claims, including brainwashing and sexual abuse.


Throughout the course of the case, the Honorable Judge Davis had repeatedly stated that the parties should not mistake the court's "kindness for weakness". This statement rang true when, after two years of graciously giving Bharadwaj numerous chances to present his case to no avail, the court had no choice but to dismiss the case. The court specifically cited Bharadwaj's "willful" disregard for a recent court order. Bharadwaj's repeated abuse of the court’s legal process, along with Bharadwaj's September 2012 felony child molestation conviction in Seattle were also discussed during the hearing.


Mr. Aviv Tuchman, attorney for the defendants stated, "Mr. Bharadwaj failed to provide even one iota of evidence to support any of his malicious claims and although we knew each and every one of Bharadwaj's convoluted allegations against all the defendants were false, we had to patiently go through the judicial process and allow the system to work. Today, we see that the [U.S. justice] system truly prevailed. "

Bharadwaj had given a witness statement in the case against Sri Nithyananda Swami in Karnataka in which he makes the same false allegations of sexual abuse as in the USA case. Bharadwaj is currently serving a 4.75-year prison term in the State of Washington for three Felony Counts of Child Molestation and one Gross Misdemeanor of Communication with a Minor For Immoral Purposes.


>>The Court order is here.