Aug 20

A rare moment

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It had just stopped raining and the air always smells fresh and clean as if God sends the rain to clean the earth.  It was 7:30 and there was a few of us walking to the meditation hall for the 10 minute segment and the set up of the cameras and computer systems for pada puja.  As we came closer, we could see Swamiji walking silently toward the temple.  It is a rare moment as no matter what Swamiji does, he is always working on the mission and a flurry of people around him getting instructions or updates to him.  Silently he just glided, feet not touching the ground and such a blissful, peaceful feeling watching him walk up to the temple. We stood for a few moments to take it in and without a word we all just watched silently.  The sun was coming through the clouds and beams of light surrounded him.  God is on earth.