Oct 26

Happy Diwali!

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Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of the Vedic tradition was celebrated in a grand way with lot of fun and entertainment. It is the day when Lord Krishna along with His consort Satyabama destroyed the demon called Narakasura – who tortured all noble and spiritual beings. It is also the day when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years. Above all, to all the devotees and disciples of Swamiji it is a special day today - because on this day Swamiji, after actualizing His avataric mission, blessed the whole Cosmos for the first time. After the deep spiritual experience that happened in the year 2000, Swamiji was in Samadhi for 9 months and after a long gap of silence He started speaking again with the blessing “BE BLISSFUL” on the Deepawali day. It is very difficult to get settled in the body after Samadhi/Enlightenment. Only with the grace of the energy of Mother Kali the avataric energy got settled in the body of Swamiji and continues to bless us and uplift us every moment. So the Deepavali day is also celebrated as “First Blessings Day” in the Nithyananda Sangha. On this day all the devotees participate in the Kali puja and Chandi Homa that continues through the whole night, starting at 9pm. Also, today morning, Skanda Shashti Brahmotsavam commenced by Swamiji tying RAKSHA BANDAN (sacred tread) around the wrist of LORD SUBRAMANYA. During this Brahmotsavam, homas, pujas, archanas and other rituals are available for the devotees to connect with Subrahmanya’s energy and become wealthy, healthy, courageous and get Enlightened by His grace. Devotees do penance during the six days of Skanda Shasti Brahmotsavam for fulfilling their vows.