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In this Mahashivaratri Message 2016, Paramahamsa Nithyananda guides us into an understanding of who we really are: You Are Your Intention. Paramahamsa Nithyananda tells about his experience with Arunagiri Yogishwara. As a boy, his guru told him: the physiological, psychological and neurological ups and downs you go through, are not you. The perceptions and experiences you have, are not you. The real intention you carry about what you want to become, that is you. Your intention is the only living mechanism in you. Other than your intention, everything else is matter in you. You cannot be controlled by the matter in you. Because my intention is living, but the psychological, physiological, neurological effects are non-living entities. The non-living cannot effect something which is living. Realising this truth does not have to take time. For Nithyananda it was an instant realisation, it was a gift froths Guru, and because of that he shares it as a gift also. During the night of Shivaratri, he gave this as a process and initiation for everyone: 'Decide from now, declare it to yourself and others: I am just my intention to be. Other than my intention to be, no other experience (psychological, physiological, neurological) is me.' Declare your intention to the world. If you keep it for yourself, you will forget. The moment you declare it courageously, you are responsible to uphold it, to live it. Others will remind you, that is the best way you can go on remembering. Nothing else is required other than simple remembrance: Smaranath Mukti - remembrance liberates. You can never conquer depression, you can only make it irrelevant to you. You cannot conquer suffering, you can only make it irrelevant to you. You make it irrelevant by remembering this truth: the physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs you go through, are not me. The perceptions and experiences I have, are not me. The real intention I carry about what I want to become, that is me. By remembrance, make all your ups and downs redundant, irrelevant to you. This is the first initiation Nithyananda received from Arunagiri Yogishwara: You Are Your Intention. It is also the initiation he is now giving, in this Mahashivaratri night. Just remembrance of these truths is the process he suggests for all viewers, and especially for those looking to attend the Shuddh Advaitam process during upcoming Kumbh Mela in Ujjain. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

As a descendant of Mahadeva, I bless you all on this auspicious

 Mahashivaratri – let this night awaken all of you.

I welcome everyone sitting with us on this auspicious night of Shivaratri. Shiva means causeless auspiciousness. This Cosmos is a reasonless, continuous auspiciousness; it is Nithya Mangalatva for no reason, eternal auspiciousness without any reason, causelessly. On this auspicious day, I wanted to share directly something I heard directly from Arunagiri Yogishwara with all of you as Maha Shivaratri’s message.

The physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs you go through, perceptions and experiences you have — is NOT you. The real intention you carry about what you want to become that IS you.  Understand, suddenly last few days, continuously this message was going on in my system even in the Conquering Time workshop I was sharing this message. Only today I realized Mahadeva wants this as this Shivaratri message.

Listen carefully, whatever intention you have, that you want to become, that is YOU, other than that psychological, physiological, neurological, experience, perception you go through— is NOT you.

If you feel depressed about your body, and your mind, and about yourself or if you feel excited, elated about your body, your mind and about you, whether depression or excitement, nothing is YOU. Nothing is YOU. When Arunagiri Yogishwara [incarnation of Shiva who appeared to Nithyananda in his childhood] shared these words with me, the way it entered into my system, they way it became part of my cognition, the way it became part of my reality — from that day never physiological, psychological, neurological, ups and downs can bind me in any way.

Listen to this truth and contemplate on it. I will support you to experience that as reality. I still remember He [Arunagiri Yogishwara] was sitting in this very posture, Sukhasana, having hand on my shoulder, and said, uttered the exact words He uttered in Tamil (5:54). I know for sure if you are a Tamilian you cannot understand this language, because it is classical Tamil.

I asked Him, “Then what is me?”

He put the next question, “What do you want to become?”

Small boy, I just stretched my chest in a wide way and put both my hands on the hip and said, “SADĀSHIVA”.

Whatever I heard from the temple lectures, satsangs, (7:00), books, that is what I know as ultimate. So I put both my hands on the hip and said, looking into His both eyes and said, “SADĀSHIVA”; and already His hand was on my shoulder. The one more reason I put both my hands on my hip, I just want to give Him more space, that He will not take His hands off—His hands will rest comfortably on my shoulder. I was so much in love with Him. I will not miss a chance to have His touch, whether He touches me or I get a chance to touch Him. Already His hand was on my shoulder, He [Arunagiri Yogishwara] said – “YOU ARE THAT”.

It was so clear; I can see it’s directly from His third eye to my third eye. There was no questions, doubts after that. He Himself explained – “Your intention is the only living mechanism in you. Angneya (Tamil 8:45) – means, your intention only is you. Your intention, what you want to be is only God in you. Your intention is the only living mechanism in you, other than your intention, everything else is matter in you, because of that matter cannot disturb your intention, which is you, you cannot be controlled, affected by the matters in you.

Meditate. Don’t think it will take a long time to realize this Truth. No. I did not put all of my self-effort and realize this Truth. I got it as a gift. So I commit with you guys– I will give it as a gift to all of you. Ultimately I received it as gift, because I received as a gift, I am bound to give it as a gift—that is the way I show gratitude to my Gurus.

Understand, I will support you in every possible way for you to realize this Truth. Decide from now, declare it to yourself and others, declare it to yourself and your teamily — I AM JUST MY INTENTION TO BE. Other than my intention to be, no other experience, psychological, physiological, neurological – whether my experience is – I have a body or I don’t have a body; or the life is blessing or the life is a curse or excited about my identity or depressed about my identity — that is NOT me. That cannot touch my Intention of WHAT I WANT TO BE—because my intention is living but the physiological, psychological, neurological effects are non-living entities. Non-living cannot bring suffering, cannot affect something, which is LIVING, non-living cannot affect something, which is LIVING.

Declare your intention of what you want to be. Other than that, no other physiological, psychological, neurological experience is real for you.

Whether it is depression, tipression or kupression, I have a three different definitions of depression. Depression – a high-class society which has almost everything, but going to a psychiatrist is a fashion, because it is a fashion, you need to go. This group is what I call depression. Tipression, after sometime even though you started going to psychiatrist as a fashion, after sometime he convinced you and you convinced yourself you are depressed and nothing can be done about it, that is tipression. Kupression means you decide you don’t want to do anything about it.


The father of ADHD disease in his deathbed he gives a confession that the whole ADHD is a hoax. I tell you the whole Freudian itself is a fraud! Father of ADHD admits it was a fictitious disease, hoax.

I tell you, one of the worst thing told to humanity is — their physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs need to be taken seriously. That is the worst lie told to human beings.

Somebody was telling me soon even the fresh air will not even be freely available, because our grandfathers never believed water will become commodity. Our grandfathers would have never believed water would not be available freely for our drinking. Now we are seeing it. It is no more a right. Maybe there will be some time air will not be a birth-right, fresh air may no more be a right for us. I tell you the day psychiatric lies are spread, the day the most stupid, unscientific, illogical, stupid, un-researched, vested interests, theories and ideas about your psychological, physiological, neurological ups and downs have started spreading in human society—when those ideas have been spread purposely on the planet Earth, your life itself is not available to you freely anymore. Just to exist you have to pay tax to psychiatrist. I tell you, this one truth, this one truth, the strength it can infuse into your intention. The strength it can inject in your intention, the strength it can awaken in your intention. You will simply see the physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs are not you. Actually, to make you understand, only you have been asked to remain awake whole night, because one night if you remain awake you will go through all physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs, you will realize it is not you. To give you the glimpse of that, which is beyond the physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs that is the purpose, you have been asked to remain awake on this Shivaratri day. It is a most powerful spiritual technique to experience the power of your intention. You are nothing other than your intention, which is your life, which is God particle in you.

Declare today, put a board in your bedroom; or even outside of the house if you are courageous enough, let all your friends, family, everybody know—if you are keeping inside you, you will forget. Only if you declare it with everyone who lives with you, you won’t forget, because big chunk of you is living with the people with whom you are living. You are not completely living with you; a big chunk of you is living with the people with whom you are living. You are not completely living with you; a big chunk of you is living with the people with whom you are living.  So declare it. Put it as a Facebook status. Put it in your Twitter; I am my intention to be anything other than that I experience; physiologically, psychologically, neurologically, that is not me, that has no power over me. Declare it to yourself, declare it to the people who are living with you; your team your family, that is what I call teamily. Team and family put together, teamily. Declare it. The moment you declare courageously, now you are responsibility to uphold it, you are responsible to live it, even if you miss, everyone around you will remind you. Even if they remind you for the sake of teasing, it’s ok, they will remind you, they will remind you. That is the best way, you can go on remembering.

Understand, nothing else is required other than simple remembrance to make this into reality for you– smaranāt mukti – remembrance liberates. I tell you, only for few days, you need to even remember, then it will become your simple cognition. It’ll just become your simple cognition. You are what you intend to BE, other than that, all other physiological, psychological, neurological, ups and downs are not you. I tell you, with this one truth, even your death will be just opening into other space. If you don’t have this one Truth as your cognition, every moment, even your life you will be going through so much of pain and suffering much worse than death. A simple psychological imbalance you will be facing death.

Please understand, this is the 1st initiation I received from Arunagiri Yogishwara. This is the 1st initiation I received from Arunagiri Yogishwara. The 1st initiation I received from my left shoulder, where His hands were, that is where His hands were, when He told me that; YOU ARE THAT! It was with a tremendous friendliness, even though the Truth which I felt coming from His third eye to my third eye it was with tremendous friendliness told to me, with that very space. Understand, Arunagiri Yogishwara is not bound to one form, or one body, He is a powerful space, assumes body whenever He wants. I’ve experienced that space, I am experiencing that space — with that right I bless your all and initiate all of you.

Take this one truth as Shivaratri initiation. Go on digesting, applying it in your every moment, sometimes even your pencil breaks, you will start thinking, “Oh I think today is a bad day; even my pencil is not cooperating.” Even those small moments, remember, “No, physiological, psychological, neurological, ups and downs I go through is not me. The intention of what I want to be is ME.” Just remembrance.

I give this as the 1st initiation to all the participants who want to come to Kumbh Mela and have that Shuddhadvaitam experience. Last few days I was telling: I will initiate all the participants to Shuddhadvaitam into a meditation process and prepare you all to receive and to express those 70 various initiations. Please understand, this is the 1st initiation. Everyone who wants to come to the Shuddhadvaitam Process and everyone, even if you are not going to come to the Shuddhadvaitam Process you don’t need to miss this initiation, receive it. Simple, very simple, declare to yourself, declare with whom the people you are living, your family and team, put it in your Facebook, Twitter, put a small board near your bed, outside your room, if you want outside your house; I am just what my intention to be, other than that any physiological, psychological, neurological, ups and downs I go through is not me, that is not me, that cannot affect my intention of what I want to be. What I want to be is me. Declare this. Go on remembering it. The more remembrance, more it will beautiful, sweet part of your life. This will become undercurrent of your life.

Understand, spirituality should be practiced sweetly, causally in a relaxed way as an undercurrent of your life. It is not a part-time job, that few minutes a day you blow your nose in some special way and you do some kriya, something awakens, some snake comes up on your head, no.

Understand, it is simple cognitive shift. I am not saying you are not the body, I am saying you are body also. I am not saying you are not the body, I am saying you are body also. Means: you are something more than that. The neurological, physiological, psychological, ups and downs you go through is not end of you or you, you are something more than all of that. You are something more than all of that. I initiate every one of you into this Truth from the very space I received from Mahadeva, Arunagiri Yogishwara, receive it. Today declare it. You can even declare it more clearly; what is your intention to become. It can be anything, it can be Shivoham, or Sada Shivoham, or Nithyanandoham, up to you. Whatever you want to be, and it does not need to be restricted only to a spiritually, enlightenment side, because I said Sadashiva, Mahadeva blessed me, tathastu. You can describe, as you want, your intention of what you want to become is you. So you can customize your intention of what you want to become and declare it. You can even make this as a grass, down to earth, ground level spiritual practice. If you declare your intention to become Shivoham, whenever you find time, even if it’s 5 minutes, sit and keep a paper and go on writing — Shivoham. Don’t try to type and put auto repeat, no. That will not work. Write, write, write, so that you become clear with your intention. You can make it a grass level spiritual practice, till it becomes you cognition. I tell you it is not that difficult, because you have enough suffering in your life, they will remind you. Sufferings remind you that something is not right. The moment you think something is not right, you will seek the solution, solution is — what you want to be. Intention is you, any other suffering, up, down, psychologically, physiologically, neurologically is not you, that is not you, that cannot touch you.

You always think; now everything is going well, now I believe this Truth, but when I have a real problem, will I be able to stand up to this Truth? Why do you always want to test and torture yourself and only then you will believe your capacity. If life tests you, let it test, then you will stand. Why should you already plan for testing yourself, which is not required. Take this as an initiation. I want to see this on everyone of your status on Twitter, and in your bedroom, outside your bedroom, as a small board—to remind yourself; smaranāt mukti, remembrance liberates. Remind yourself, you will see so much of your physiologically, psychologically, neurologically, ups and downs which binds you will disappear. Understand, you can never conquer depression, you can only make that irrelevant to you. You can never conquer suffering; you can only make suffering redundant to you, irrelevant to you. You can’t conquer it; you can only make it irrelevant. The moment you decide physiologically, psychologically, neurologically, ups and downs are not me, they cannot touch me, you make pain, bliss, suffering, joy, everything redundant. Whatever you know is only joy. When you make everything redundant, what remains with you is bliss. Make all your ups and downs redundant, irrelevant to you. Let it become irrelevant to you. Let depression not become fashion.

I will do a spiritual alchemy process with all of you to make this one Truth as your cognition, reality. Whatever Arunagiri Yogishwara did to me by infusing this Truth let that happen by His grace in its full form in every being here, to all of us.

Let Mahadeva, Sadashiva, become reality for all of us.

I bless you all: Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing Living Shuddhadvaita Shaivam, the eternal bliss. Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

As Mahadeva’s representative, embodiment of Mahadeva I accept the offerings done by all the Aadhenams. The Bengaluru Aadhenam has offered 1008 Naivedyams and Ohio Aadhenam has offered 113 Naivedhyams. Dubai, Nithyananda Paduka Mandir offered 110 Naivedhyams. Nithyandanda Paduka Mandir offered 110 Naivedyams, Puduvai Aadheenam has offered 108 Naivedhyams, Kuala Lumpur Aadhenam is offering 85 Naivedyams, and Seattle Aadhenam 43, Seattle Center 41 Naivedhyam, Guadeloupe 21, I accept all of your offerings and bless you all. Please distribute all these Naivedhyams as Prasadams to all devotees and disciples and visitors.

Today officially 46 Centers are getting added to the Sangha on this auspicious night of Shivaratri. As you all may be aware now a days I am not going physically, inaugurating the ashrams and centers and temples through two-way video conferencing itself. So all these new places I officially open it up to public and dedicate it to humanity, all of this can be put to use for everyone who comes on this auspicious Shivaratri day. I will read out the centers names, ashrams and Aadhenams names, which are getting inaugurated today. I declare all these as official centers affiliating with Nithyananda Sangha and declaring it open to the whole humanity.

Cerritos Los Angeles, Queens New York, (xxxx) Singapore, Madison Wisconsin, Kargar, India, Le Billarin France, Enlightened Brilliant Studio Florida, Warsaw Poland, Tucson Phoenix, Pueblo Mexico, Hungary, San Antonio Texas, Smithers Canada, Kent UK, New Mexico City, Walbridge Poland, Brooklyn New York, Winnipeg Canada, Verbania Italy, Raleigh North Carolina, Rotterdam Netherlands, Walbridge Poland, Raleigh North Carolina, Pullman Washington, Capetown, Africa), Burlington Vermont, Acapulco Mexico, Geneva, Suva Fiji, Clang Malaysia, Nithyananda Satsang Center Farmingdale New York, Santa Fe Satsang Center, Raleigh North Carolina, Brooklyn New York, Auckland New Zealand), Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, Normandy,  Reunion Olympia, Rockford, Acapulco Mexico, Hobart Tasmania, and Oklahoma. All this, some of them are getting upgraded from center to Aadheenam, some of them getting inaugurated. So all these 46 places I declare it open officially affiliating them to Nithyananda Sangha and declaring open to public, anybody can use this place. Experience Sanatana Hindu Dharma, science of Living Enlightenment, completion, yoga, meditation, spirituality, puja and everything, all the spiritual things.

Today we have so much of good news. Don’t think whatever I shared it is all over, now only it is starting. The Malaysia Yuva Sangha has launched, officially I am inaugurating, launching the channel, YouTube Channel by Malaysia Yuva Sangha: Blessed To Be Hindu, My blessings. Let the whole world realize this truth; Blessed To Be Hindu.

We have a long list of offerings and releases. Most important, this is one My most important passion project; something in which I was working for the last 2 ½ half years, it has come through fruition. A group of ashramites and disciples all over the world were assisting day and night, literally day and night, supporting Me, working closely having hours, and hours of two-way video conferencing meetings Skype calls—I can say almost all of us put together would have dedicated surely 4 digit hours, sorry 5 digit, when I say 4 digit it means it becomes something thousands it’ll be, it’ll be in some ten thousands. Closely working with a team of ashramites and devotees the project has come through the fruition to reality. A large full, fledged official, I can say best gift for Hinduism, I’m still keeping a few minutes of suspense; Nithyananda University website. Now all courses offered through University you can do it through your mobile. All programs and courses you can do it through your mobile. The work done for this project, maybe it will take for people to realize next 1 year as of now this website is the largest Hindu University website in the world, used by the largest number of people and it has expanded, I can say hundred times more than earlier how it was. All of you may be aware that we have a credited University, accredited by the US government in US, The Nithyananda University. Now we have made all the courses, programs, everything credited and non-credited courses, everything is available just through the internet, you can do it just in your mobile. Many of you may not understand its importance, only you start doing some program then you will understand, start doing some courses you will understand the work done. I sincerely want to thank and bless the whole team, worked with Me. I know all over the world they are sitting, Rani Iyer, Viroopa, of course team head Medha, everyone I want to give a good hand, please give a good hand for making this project reality. Actually you guys don’t know the amount of work went behind, the sleepless nights spent on this project. Once you start using, doing some courses your will understand. Practically we have made every available subject on Hinduism available here with their original manuscripts, the amount of work done, only if you go through the whole website you will understand. It’s a vast work. Blessings to the team, the whole team has My blessings.

So mark I am sending you a rudraksha ring, please receive it. Medha will be sending it. This is the way I am just telling you, you hands have done something great to the world. The team which worked for Nithyananda University— a few people were saying; Swamiji such vast work I think it is a thankless job, I said the job of an Incarnation itself is a thankless job so don’t worry let’s do it. Let’s do it, unless we do, who will do it, it’s our responsibility so let's do it. They have done it. I don’t know the number of hours they spent day and night and my lifestyle is a little crazy, whenever I feel like, immediately I’ll pick up my iPad and call all of them, say it’ a meeting and I’ll never even remember what time zone they are all in; they may be sleeping, some of them are having kids, some of them are married, never, they never made Me feel even about their time zone, the moment I ping they will all be there, fresh faced with full vibuddhi. Uttering yes Swamiji! Everyone who uses this and gets any good in their life, all the punya goes to this team, I give all the punya to this team that is the way, that’s the only way I can bless them. So I request all of you please visit the website and use it, even if you are customer you are supporting it. Using is the best way to keep it alive and spread. Please use it.

Next, Nithyananda University Press is giving 15 releases on this Shivaratri Day from My discourses, satsangs, dictations, they compiled 15 books, it is now ready, it’ll all be freely available in internet for free download. We believe knowledge is free, so you can freely download and read, the whole thing is available to all of you.

Insights From the Avatar Volume 3 book number 1. Next; Why Intensity. 3rd; Why Karma. 4th; Why Guru. 5th; Upanishads Source Book in German. 6th; Why Surrender in German. 6th is Why Surrender in German. 7th is Living Enlightenment 2nd Edition in Spanish. Upanishad Source Book in Italian. Introduction to Living Enlightenment, in Czechoslovakia, the Czech language. Unlock Your Four Powers in Chinese. Why Gratitude in Bengali. Why Surrender in Bengali. Why Feeling Connection in Bengali. Bhagavad Gita Decoded, The Science of Living Enlightenment is available in Tamil. I am going to release that book physically as a physical copy to all of you. All these books are also physically released in those Sanghas.  Bengali books are release by Bengali Sangha, and French books are released by Paris Sangha, and Spanish books are released by Mexico Sangha, each Sangha releases Tamil, Kannada, Indian language books I am releasing it here. So we have a Tamil book ready; Bhagavad Gita, My Bhagavad Gita commentary in Tamil abridged version is available here. I am releasing the first copy.

(Ma Jnanatma Swami speaking): I would now like to invite our honored guests for the evening, Ilango Navaratnam to receive the 1st copy of the Bhagavad Gita in Tamil. from Melbourne, Australia, he was born and brought up in a Shaivaite tradition from Jafna, Sri Lanka. He is the leading food importer and distributor in Australia for the last 26 years and a spiritual seeker for the last 30 years. His spiritual seeking has finally ended when he saw Swamiji for the first time.

Swamiji: And Swamiji gave him a title (Tamil xxx). That is the title Mahadeva gave to Sundareshwara, so that is the title I gave him. (54:28 Tamil).

15 Nithya Kriya Series is released in Spanish by Spanish Sangha. In Mexico they are releasing hard copy, I am releasing the soft copy here. It is freely available in the Internet for everyone to use.

Isavasya Upanishad the original, oldest palm leaf, which we collected, the scanned copy, we have re-printed that same spelling and translated in English, in the same form, we have re-printed the original verse and English translation in palm leaf edition. I am releasing it for all of you. It’s available; It’s available in the palm leaf form for the whole world. You can see the original script, how the Isavasya Upanishad, the oldest manuscript available, how it looks in that script and English translation for the sake of modern day seekers.

(Ma Jnanatma Swami speaking): We would not like to invite Prakash Reddy who is  the owner of Surya the Telegu Newspaper and business man from Andhra Pradesh to please come forward and to receive the 1st copy of the Isavasya Upanishad Palm Leaf Book. We will be sending the 1st copy of the book to Mr. Prakash Reddy.

Swamiji: And today we have one more thing; a new monthly magazine ‘Hinduism Now’ we are launching. Actually, please understand, we already have a magazine Nithyananda Times to tell our Sangha story. This magazine is not to tell our Sangha story it is to tell the whole story of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. All Sampradayas of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, this will be legitimate, apolitical, powerful voice of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

The team, the team which is working on this magazine, the 1st instruction I told them; it should tell the past, present, future of Sanatana Hindu Dharma not just our Sangha and they have kept the spirit. I’m dedicating this magazine to the whole world and giving the 1st copy to Meena Das.

( Ma Jnanatma Swami speaking): Meena, Meena Das Narayan is a passionate painter, journalist by profession, and the Chief Editor of the luxury magazine Gulf Connoisseur, she is also a film maker. We are very happy that Meena Das is receiving the 1st copy of the Hinduism Now Magazine.

Swamiji: Next I have some important offering to all of you: Hinduism Now digital library, which has almost all source books available, something like a 3TB, 3 terabyte material; Vedas, Agamas, Puranas, I may not want to say everything—whatever we are able to collect, but still we are collecting, collecting, everything is scanned, copyright free. It is available for all of you to free download and do research. Scriptures. It’s available, please use it; thanks to the work done on it by day and night, day and night, he spent sleepless nights and foodless days on this work. I really wanted to bless him for this beautiful work he has done.

There is one more; this project was taken up by Medhananda, it’s a very, beautiful, innovative project, it’s called: Global Press Hinduism Now. It consolidates global Hindu news, every news item from around the world, around the globe of Hinduism—organizes it, sends it, distributes it to more than 1 million people a day. Every day in the form of emails, and in many other forms, reaches out to more than a million people. It’s a very powerful tool; it was taken up by Medhananda. I am officially, actually we already have done the trial run, but publically, officially I am launching it:

And I have next Nithyananda Vidyapeetham, our Gurukul team releasing 2 books, both of them are physical releases: Guaranteed Solutions for Kids and The Four Powers, Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching.

So all the 1st copies for Malviya.

(Ma Jnanatma Swami speaking): Malvika Avinash is our honored guest for the evening, she is trained classical music and dance, actor in 4 languages, television hostess, columnist, lawyer and a Hindu Nationalist. We are very happy that Mavika Avinash is receiving the 1st copy of the books released by the Nithyananda Vidyapeetham.

Swamiji: It is not yet over, we have formed our 3rd University in St. Louis but not yet accredited. We have initiated the process, we have formed Nithyananda Yoga University in St. Louis and they are launching their website:

We have, we have 2 Universities already accredited, approved by the government; one in Los Angeles, one in Paris, the 3rd one is getting formed, means formed but still whatever basic construction all those things need to happen and accreditation need to happen. Usually in US the 1st formation, the legal entity is formed then it goes for accreditation, the entity is formed and today we are launching officially Nithyananda Yoga University’s website: With this I bless St. Louis, you guys will get accreditation and you will flower into full-fledged Nithyananda Yoga University. Blessings. A lot of effort went in it and I also thank many organizations that gave grant for that University, we received many grants and spent it properly and we are continuously getting grants, I think that is the organization that gets a lot of grants. I think St. Louis people give a lot. Blessings you guys will flourish. One thing I found; wherever you put Venketeswara money just flows and this mystery cannot be solved. In St. Louis I have put the large, tallest Venketeswara in the US, 13 feet Venketeswara. The moment He goes and sits people just pour money from all over, from where they come nobody knows and let Venkateswara in St. Louis shower wealth and do all the auspicious work. Blessings.

And yes. Now starts the main Shivaratri Puja, the 4th Jama Puja. We will all proceed to temple and have the Rudrabishekam for Mahadeva done.



~ end of Mahashivaratri Satsang ~