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10-Nov-2017 Ask The Avatar - Rapid Fire Q & A On Facebook Live
18-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar - With Meena Das & Ned Narayan - On Art v/s Kalaa, Beings Of Other Planets From HIndu Puranas, Future Of India Revealed
12-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar On Avatar’s Ultimate Quality, Cosmic Play, Extraordinary Powers And Powerful Cognitions, 11 Genders, Dimensions Of The Universe
05-Mar-2017 Ask the Avatar with TV Mohandas Pai on Dharma, the Future of World Religions and More
13-Jul-2016 Ask The Avatar: Interview With Rajiv Malhotra and Paramahamsa Nithyananda
28-Aug-2016 Attracting Wealth Q&A - on Best Investment, Business & Dharma, Sri Chakra
23-Apr-2017 Attune to the Logic and Flowing Logic of the Cosmos and Experience the Core of Life
07-Oct-2017 Aushadha for Immortality & Anti Aging - Downloaded for Humanity
16-Sep-2017 Aushadha, Energy Herbs - Gifts From Kailasa To The Planet Earth By Paramahamsa Nithyananda
30-May-2017 Authenticity Is The Key To Power Manifestation
03-Jan-2016 Avatar Day Message 2016 of Paramahamsa Nithyananda - Living ShuddhaAdvaita Shaivam
03-Sep-2014 Avoid Free Fall in Your Life
15-May-2015 Awaken The Ability To Reinvent Yourself
03-Dec-2013 Awaken the Non-mechanical Parts of the Brain
26-Jun-2017 Awaken Yourself With The Power Of The Avatar’s Prana
05-Nov-2017 Awakening Wealth Consciousness - Aushadha, Sacred Energy Herbs Process
20-Nov-2013 Awakening You to You is Sannyas
04-Dec-2016 Ayurvedic Techniques To Detoxify Your Body From Effects Of Psychedelic Drugs & Fluoride - Sadāshivoham
04-Dec-2014 Base Your Life on Subjective Truth
15-Dec-2013 Be a Catalyst for Others
22-Jun-2013 Be a Leader For The Right Reason
22-Jan-2014 Be a Leader, not a Winner
10-Mar-2014 Be Blissful, not just Peaceful!
28-Oct-2014 Be Complete with Principles of Advaita
09-Feb-2018 Be Ferocious With Your Boredom And Tiredness
27-Oct-2014 Be in Completion with Advaita
26-Apr-2014 Be in the Space of Perpetual Completion
20-Nov-2017 Be in Tune with the Cosmic Principle of - 'Life is for Others'
28-Apr-2014 Be Responsible, Not just Committed!
18-Jul-2017 Be Spiritual Warrior or a Worrier
16-Jan-2014 Be Sure of Yourself!