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25-Jan-2013 Always Choose Long-term Rewards!
10-Dec-2017 Amritattva Aushadha - Reversing the Effect of Tim
28-Jul-2016 Answers Create Conflict - Only Experience Can Liberate You
16-Nov-2017 Anubhuti & Anubhava - The Two Sides of an Experience
07-Mar-2015 Are You a Couch Potato or an Enlightenment Egg
20-Aug-2016 Are You A Fan Or A Devotee ?
25-Apr-2015 Are You A Knowledge Junkie Or True Seeker?
15-Aug-2013 Are You Afraid Of Expansion?
07-Nov-2013 Are you an Earthquake Zone?
11-Nov-2013 Are You Fighting for the Wrong Things?
14-Sep-2016 Are You In the Matrix of Artificial Ignorance or in Existential Reality ?
01-Apr-2013 Are You Limiting Your Expansion?
20-Dec-2013 Are You Listening to Yourself?
07-May-2013 Are you living in Completion or Compulsion?
03-Nov-2013 Are You Living in Crisis Mode?
09-Oct-2014 Are You Living The Truth?
23-Feb-2013 Are You Preparing For Failure?
05-Jul-2013 Are You Really Free?
08-Jan-2013 Are you responsible for how others see you?
02-Jan-2014 Are You Sleeping Through Life?
17-Apr-2014 Are You Suffering From Psychological Impotence?
14-Jan-2014 Are your Afraid of the Unknown?
19-Sep-2014 Are Your Enemies Controlling Your Life?
23-Jun-2013 Are your Negative Patterns Infecting You?
01-Oct-2016 Arunagiri Yogishwara and Nithyananda - Experiences of Living with 'Sadashiva'
04-Dec-2016 Ascending To The Higher States Of Consciousness Q & A - Sadāshivoham
05-Mar-2017 Ask The Avatar with TV Mohandas Pai on Dharma, the Future of World Religions and more
08-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar - Celebrate Guru Bhakti Through Sanyas
07-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar - Modern To Traditional Medicine, Vedic Technology Featuring Dr Biplab Mishra - Leading Indian Surgeon
13-Oct-2017 Ask The Avatar - Modern Youth, Freedom & Choices, Rehabilitation, Extraordinary Powers
09-Oct-2017 Ask the Avatar - On Gods, Aliens, Reincarnation, Multiple Dimensions, Future of Humanity