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In this video (28 November, 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that our SDHD (self-doubt, hatred, and denial) are not more powerful than the initiations He is giving us into Shaktis of Sadashiva. The SDHDs themselves cannot stop the power manifestation, however, consciously cherished non-Integrity stops power manifestaition and needs to be destroyed. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām  vande guru paramparām ||



I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome every one of you, sitting with us all over the world, through Nithyananda TV, 2-way Video Conferencing, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, having Nayana Deeksha all over the world. The cities sitting with us through 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha - long list. So I welcome all of you with My love and respects.


Before entering into today’s initiation for manifesting MahaSadāshivatva - understand - the state and space and powers of MahaSadashiva is your own, even when you are in your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. Actually, the self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, does not and cannot stop the power of My initiation, for you to manifest your powers. Fundamentally, the tantrum throwing child in you only is questioning My authority. Your unconsciousness has already lost the war with Me, that is why you are here; otherwise you cannot be in My physical presence, be very clear. The unconsciousness does not have any more power over you more than the strength of My initiation.

Be very clear, I’ll explain the deeper truths. Listen.


Your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, is just the fairytale trying to cope up with the higher reality. Listen. How a child, when a child is born, it takes 9 months for the child to differentiate the…. between sleeping and… sleeping state, dream state and waking state. If a child feels hungry in the dream state, he will cry even in the waking state. If he dreams as if he drank milk in the dream state, in the waking state he will not be hungry. To differentiate it takes 9 months and to get out of the intense slumber in which the body was created, chiseled, the Kārana space, Avyakta space - unmanifest form, the seed is given a form in your mother’s womb. That is why I tell you, if you have a body with womb, you are more prone to Mahadeva’s grace than the body without womb.

The Avyakta - unmanifest component of Mahadeva, directly functions in your womb carving the body. During that time you have to be kept in a very deep slumber because you can’t handle the pain of the creativity. Like how, if you have a fracture or a problem, when that part is getting rebuilt, how you can’t handle the pain, when your whole body is getting built, how can you handle the pain. No! So you are kept purposely in a deep slumber. That is why in Hindu tradition when a pregnant lady is sleeping, she can’t be disturbed. You can’t disturb a pregnant lady’s sleep. It can be day or night, if somebody is carrying, you can’t disturb the person’s sleep, because the body is getting created. She is not sleeping. She is in that Avyakta space, unmanifest space.


It takes full three years for the Jeeva to recognize - waking state is more powerful than the dream state and the dream state he has more things than the deep sleep state; the complete differentiation, the water tight compartmenting and doveholing the experience. How, the post office, they dovehole your letters… Chennai, Tirupati and America - how they dovehole the letters, same way for you to dovehole your experience - “This happened in dream state, aye! I ate in dream state, not in waking state. In waking state I have to eat.” So doveholing the experience takes 3 full years. Understand. Full 3 years!

Manifestation of powers happens from Turiyatita - highest space.

Listen carefully. I am making many statements… finally I’ll connect all of them. So you need to be very carefully listening. Only then you will see that whole zigzag puzzle falling in place. This is very important for you to manifest higher powers and higher possibilities. If you understand this, you can use your body and mind like a clay. If you are developing your flexibility day by day, you are a fool. You don’t have to be Nithyananda’s disciple. Go somewhere…. If you just melt your body and rebuild, you are My disciple. For that, these principles will help you. These principles will help you.

Listen carefully.

Child, when he goes through the transition of not knowing the borderline between waking state, dream state and deep sleep state, to knowing the borderlines clearly - doveholing, watertight compartmentalizing… when he is going through the transition, he cannot handle it without the support of imaginary stories. That is why the fairy tales in the West. We don’t need fairy tales. Higher reality stories, Puranas are enough for us. If a child is given the cushion of Puranic stories during this transition to cope up with reality, he is inbuilt with the software for power manifestation. His DNA is getting built for power manifestation. I tell you, if you are brought up with Tom & Jerry, your whole life will be Tom & Jerry.

During that transition to cope up with reality, understand… first 3 years you learn doveholing, then it takes till 7 years for you to start consciously choosing what is right – wrong, and then only by 14… you know how to clean if you have done something wrong to yourself.

Listen carefully. Moving from the space of non-separation of the states to understanding of the states needs a cushioning of imaginations, fantasies. It can be from lower level imagination, fantasy or from Turiyatita level imported…. When it is imported from Turiyatita, it cannot be called as fantasy or imagination. It is called Purana.


Powers are possibilities. Powers are possibilities. Listen. But you need cushioning effect for this transition. Same way, from a person of powerlessness to power manifestor, you need transition of SDHD. It will be there, you can’t avoid. SDHD is not crime, cherished non-integrity is crime. Listen. If you have SDHD before power manifestation - self-doubt, self-denial, self-hatred, it’s not crime. But you have a cherished non-integrity, it’s a crime.

Mahadeva very beautifully explains the rules of the Sannyas. Somebody takes Sannyas...Sannyas is the lifestyle of Dheera. Veera means conquering something by your action. Dheera means conquering something by your Presence. Veera is conquering by action. Dheera is conquering by depth of the Presence. Sannyas is the decision of the people who have that kind of a depth, who can handle their body, mind, hormones, chemicals by their conclusions. Their conclusions is more stronger than the hormonal gush and chemical ups and downs of the system.

Mahadeva is compassionate Being. He does not expect you to be successful in one jump and He is not that insensitive. He says very clearly, “If somebody just shakes or little shivering due to the gush of the hormones, chemicals, he doesn’t need to be punished. A prayaschitta is enough… to get back to the original space of the real Sannyasa. He doesn’t need to be punished. But cherished romance cannot be the part of Sannyasa.

Listen. Cherished romance can be entertained, engaged only with the ultimate goal - Mahadeva, Sadashiva.


What’s the difference between falling, struggling - by mistake or cherished romance? Because every day you can do fasting. No, I have seen many people, “Oh, I am fasting from morning 9:00 AM to till 3:00 AM...sorry 3:00 PM.” Between breakfast and lunch.! In Tamil Nadu, there is a very famous fasting. Between breakfast and lunch, and then after that lunch and dinner, between that break again fasting. It can be technically right not spiritually. It may be right letter not spirit. If somebody flares up in anger, it can be corrected just by completion and prayaschitta. If they cherish vengeance… No! That is not going to…..that is self-destruction. Same way, when the hormones gushes, if you just shake little bit or move, just prayaschitta is enough. But cherished romance - NO … cannot be corrected by any prayaschitta. No!

Mahadeva gives a very beautiful description. It’’s too...too strong powerful instruction, so it cannot be translated as it is and told. I’ll give you the essence of that thought current. Understand that. When a hormones gushes, you act it out and then realize, “Oh, God!”, then you can be given prayaschitta. But when the hormones gushes, you act it out and then start cherishing it, then there is no prayaschitta.


SDHD is not crime. Your power manifestation, manifesting Sadashivatva does not get stopped by the SDHD. But cherished non-integrity stops your power manifestation. It’s not that all My Balasants who manifest powers left and right, they do not have SDHD at all. Sometimes it comes but it doesn’t stop their power manifestation. It is just they are coping up with the new higher way of existing. Like how when you move from deep sleep to waking state, a fairytales and imaginations are required for cushioning effect, even that cushioning, our Masters did it from Turiyatita not from Sushupti. But cushioning effect is required.

Same way, when you move from the Jeeva identity to Shiva consciousness, there will be SDHD, don’t worry about it. It is only a cushioning effect - transition. You don’t need to build more hatred about your self-hatred. You don’t need to build the second layer of doubt because of your doubt. “Oh, I have a self-doubt”, become one more self-doubt. “I have a self-hatred”, become one more self- hatred. “I have self-denial”, become one more self-denial. No! You don’t need to build the layers of burger. No! Topping of the second layer SDHD on your pizza is not going to make your pizza tasty. SDHD does not stop your power manifestation but cherished non-integrity supported by SDHD, stops your power manifestation.


I’ll give you the example - Cherished non-integrity supported by SDHD. You are very clear, you can’t get up and do yoga and change your nervous system. These are self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. You don’t even try in the morning to get up regularly itself. One day you missing is different. That is SDHD. But regularly itself, “This is not for me……..” That is what is cherished non-integrity supported by SDHD. Cherished non-integrity supported by SDHD is the crime. When I give you the intelligence about a problem, I’ll give you the energy to solve the problem. When I give intelligence about a problem, I’ll give you the intelligence to solve the problem. I’ll give you the energy to solve this cherished non-integrity today… so you can manifest all the powers… you are ready for the Amritattva Aushadha, complete cleansing of your internal organs and intra organs. Let’s start. Let’s start.


Now pen down all your cherished non-integrity supported by SDHD and just SDHD. Whatever you remember as just SDHD and cherished non-integrity - pen down both. I’ll initiate you.


If you finished writing, sit with the intention to complete all this and get out of it. Listen carefully. If you failed one day waking up in the morning or if you have a SDHD you can never wake up every day and build your body as you want - both are forgivable. It is not crime. It will not stop you manifesting your possibilities. But you decide not to wake up as a cherished romance with non-integrity supported by your strong SDHD conviction, then nobody can save you. Nothing can be done. Nothing can be done. That need to be destroyed. Cherished non-integrity is a crime that does not allow you to manifest powers.

Now declare you will break all the cherished non-integrity. Burn the whole thing. Rebuild yourself as a new Being. Let’s start. Sit with this intention. I’ll strengthen your conscious intention and make you manifest the powers today.


(Initiation – Meditation)

aum nithyananda mahasadāshivoham


You can all open all your three eyes and manifest the powers of length, breadth, depth, healing through Ananda Gandha, body scanning through third eye and ability to read your own and other’s mind. All these powers put together - play with it. Only if you play with it, you will develop the right inner space and cognition to manifest it.

I bless you all, let’s all radiate. Let’s continue the causing and power manifestation now.

Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.


Thank you.

Be Blissful.