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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the best way for us to prepare for Inner Awakening in Cambodia. When our patterns are bombarding us, trying to overtake us, it is best not to fight with them. When we sit with ourselves regularly, we can reduce the speed in which these patterns attack, making our system ready for the Advaithic experience. Our inner space is already hardwired to experience Shivoham – we are the Cosmos!
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all of you with my love and respects.  I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, visitors, viewers, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV and Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world.

There are multiple cities, long list of cities sitting today for Kalpataru Darshan.  I welcome all of you with my love and respects. 

First, I wanted to tell you all, even I was preparing for Cambodia, understand?  HAHA!  For all the programmes till now happened in our Sangha, you guys only prepare; but, for this Cambodia Inner Awakening, even I am preparing!  Then, understand, how the programme is going to be!  I am just preparing the body, mind, to raise itself to the highest possibility, keep itself in the peak possibility, and release the experience of Shivoham.  After a long time, I took to Parivrajaka Yatra for few days, last few days, preparing my body and mind, spending little time in Omkareshwar, and literally prepared my body and mind and of course, consciousness doesn’t need any preparation – to give the experience of Shivoham to all of you. Listen, the few realizations I wanted to share with you all from the last few days of my spending time with myself.  Please understand, that is tapas for me.  I don’t do any other tapas other than just being with me, Upanishad with myself, Atma Upanishad, sitting with the Soul, sitting with the Cosmos. 

The first thing I wanted to tell all of you, Shivoham, the experience that you are the Cosmos, the ultimate Advaithic experience, is simply possible!  You don’t need anything other than little bit of settling down, understand.  See, when I tell you, ‘You are Mahadeva; remember Shivoham!’ the number of questions crosses you are the impossibilities which hits at you at that moment, saying, ‘how can I be? No, no’. Actually, your logic will not even be fully uttered.  You will just deny, ‘Nothing! Impossible! Forget about it!  I have so much problems!  Shivoham?  If I am Shiva, then Shiva must have lived really a bad life!’  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Instead of you going up to the level of Mahadeva, you will bring Mahadeva down to your level!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  See, when I tell you, ‘You ARE Shiva!  You ARE the Cosmos!’, the first initial self-denials which comes, the speed with which they are attacking you, just you need to reduce the speed of that; that’s all; nothing else!

Last few days I was literally doing mono-acting.  Means, I became you and retained my original space and tried to become original me.  Means, the Jeeva becoming Shiva, from all dimensions I was playing, from all possibility I was working on this – Jeeva becoming Shiva – and looking at what all the ways more, what all the doors, new doors which I have not yet opened, I can open for all of you to experience Shivoham.  Actually, that was the theme with which I was just sitting with myself for last few days.  I don’t know how many days; maybe four days or five days, I don’t know....whatever.  I was just sitting with myself spending time; what all the ways I can open the door of Shivoham to all of you.  I think almost six days, ok, and nights; because I don’t have something separately called sleep. Day and night I was just sitting with myself. So, becoming the Jeeva, and trying to reach Shiva – it was a nice game within myself – and see the possibilities, see how the different complex patterns give you suffering, how they are able to convince you more than me. 

Please understand, unless there is a romance between your soul and my soul, you can never become a disciple of me.  The moment you become a disciple, already your soul has recognized the eternal romance.  That is why you even took the first step.  The eternal romance.....even this word is misused and abused, understand.  When I say ‘eternal romance’, I mean the experience the soul feels when it starts strongly feeling that it has met its Completion part, its fulfilment, the goal of its journey.  Only when your soul, not your mind, your soul feels that I am the goal of your journey, the disciple-hood starts happening.  Now I don’t want to use the word ‘eternal romance’; I wanted to use the word, better, straight words.  Even after recognizing I am your goal, what is it that convinces you more than my ability to convince you?  See, whole day, every day, my satsangh to you, or me appearing to you wherever you are, whenever you call me, or pray for me ask for my help, all this is a long.... my way of trying to convince you that you ARE Mahadeva, you ARE the ultimate. 

Understand, whether it is a simple first time you come and attend a Kalpataru Darshan, or you attend a webinar, or you attend a morning satsangh, or just because somebody told you, you prayed to me and got some boon, or just because your friend said “eh eh eh I went to this Swami, I asked him for this, immediately this happened. Why don’t you keep his picture in your pooja room and pray to him and he will give you whatever you ask.” And you pray or just you see me in YouTube, a satsang, accidentally, sometime these stupid media comedy shows pop up. People start watching that and then go to my YouTube satsangs and watch. So, it can be whatever, but everything, everything or you attend an Inner Awakening programme, everything boils down to this one: Giving you the experience of Advaitha, enlightenment.  Earlier I used to use the word ‘enlightenment’; now I am using the word ‘Advaitha; because, the word ‘enlightenment’ is used more by the Buddhists; I am trying to bring more Vedic word for that experience.

Recently, one person called from Mumbai.  He said, ‘For so many years I am watching Swamiji’s satsangh on YouTube.  I am a YouTube Gurukul student!’  He calls himself!  And, thanks to new team taking the responsibility, I can very confidently tell you guys, very soon you are going to have the best spiritual feast!  It is like an unimaginable spiritual feast you guys are going to have!  If you are already addicted to my videos, my satsanghs, get ready for a huge feast!  May be next one year you may have to take off from your work and spend only in front of YouTube!  So much of material is going to come thanks to the new team taking the responsibility of the archives!  It is getting edited in U.S. now.  All the old satsanghs, discourses, casual conversations, even how the Sangha looked, how the ashram looked, how the whole our Sangha evolved step by step, you will have a glimpse of all those sweetness.  The way I trained people, the way I evolved people, the whole thing you are going to get to have a glimpse.  The whole thing is now sitting in U.S. and getting edited.  Soon, it will all be uploaded, it will all be uploaded.  You may expect, suddenly, something like five to six-thousand hours new content in YouTube; various programmes, almost all the Inner Awakenings, and the essence of all the major programmes I have conducted. 

Everything, everything boils down to this one: Making you experience Shivoham!  Listen.  Now I want to tell you, it is very simple, not at all complicated; Very simple.  Just the speed with which your patterns have convinced you, your patterns attack you, that speed need to be reduced; that’s all, nothing else!  Because, originally, your inner-space is already hardwired for Shivoham!  Please understand, suddenly I cannot send 440 volt into this hall’s wiring unless the hard-wiring is done for 440 volts.  Same way, suddenly I cannot infuse Shivoham into you unless your inner-space is already hardwired for Shivoham.  I am telling you, your inner-space is already hardwired for Shivoham!  Already it is hardwired for the ultimate Cosmic experience.  It is not that I need to do wiring newly.  No!  I don’t need to do the job of electrician.  I may just need to do the job of little bit of plumber job, means correcting here and there; too much of leakage, those things I have to seal; and just have to do my responsibility of being a generator, that’s all.  Just I have to become a generator and connect myself.  You are all already hardwired for that experience Shivoham.  I don’t need to do the job of electrician.  Even plumber job is not required for everyone; little bit for the people who are coming newly you need to give them little Yoga or Nirahara Samyama.  See, Nithya Yoga Teachers Training, Nirahara Samyama, all these are preparations, just to give you kind of preparation - that sealing all the wrong holes which are leaking.  Plumber job, that’s all.  And, then, I tell you, simply switch on the generator, that’s all!  And this generator is not even an ordinary generator; it is a turbine, the Cosmic Turbine!  Simply I have to give the connection, touch, the Energy Darshan.

Understand, the moment I tell you, you are the Ultimate, the kind of a denial gangs up around you, gags you, saying, ‘No, no, no, no!  You are not Ultimate!  He is lying!  He himself, I think, doesn’t know!  What kind of ultimate?  In next half-an-hour what all problems you are going to face I know!’  The mind will constantly remind you!  Especially after certain period you spend in the low mood, logically being convinced, see, initially, the low mood, the self-denial does not come illogically.  It comes to you and logically convinces you.  Once you give up fighting with that incompletions, then it continues to exist in you illogically, eternally.  It just makes you feel you are gone; you are the bunch of incompletions.  No!  That speed with which it is attacking you, that needs to be reduced; that’s all, nothing else. 

In these six days sitting constantly.....  I tell you, earlier I meditated for myself.  Now I am sitting and meditating for all of you.  I am just looking at all the possibilities.  Actually, I was deeply contemplating almost continuously forty hours on this one truth: Why some of your incompletions are able to convince you more than I am able to convince you.  Because, almost whole day and night I am sitting here and convincing you!  Most of you would have spent more time with me than your spouse, or, for that sake, anybody in your life!  Most of you would have spent time with me more than the time you spent with your mother or father or your spouse, or with anybody else!  And time with me, even if it is chronologically ten minutes, psychologically it is like ten years!  Because, I am a heavy being!  I am not a light being, or what I am speaking is not Theology Light – ‘Oh, smile always, be smiling, be loving......’  No!  What I am talking is not Theology Light where you can just brush me aside.  I challenge you: Just watch one YouTube discourse half-an-hour, in the night dream I will be there; in your dreams!  I am too heavy!  Whether you understand what I am saying or not, that is up to your intellectual ability, but I will be there in your inner-space, in the dream you will see me!  That is my being’s ability!  What I say, whether you understand or not, is your intellectual ability. But just watch one YouTube satsangh half-an-hour; I will be there in the night in your dream!  I am too heavy, understand!

So, I was wondering in last few days: What is it that convinces you more than my heaviness?  Constantly I am reminding you – whether I am physically giving the satsangh or not – constantly I am giving you the experience – Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham!  This is what exactly I found, the key, keys:  The speed with which your incompletions gangs up around you and gags you, that need to be reduced; that’s all!  Otherwise, I have given enough of teachings to counter all your illogical incompletions, incompletion illogic.  I have given enough of logic for you to counter your illogical incompletions and incompletion illogic.  Incomplete illogic, illogical incompletions!  Listen.  I have done my job of giving you tons and tons and tons of analysis to make you understand your incompletion is illogical.  I have done that job.  Then, what is it still brings impossibility in you?  One: Forgetfulness.  You forget to stand in the Advaithic context constantly.  And, second: The reason for the forgetfulness is, suddenly, all your incompletions ganging up around you and gagging you.  Just if that speed is reduced, that’s enough; nothing else is required. 

See, when you are sitting in the office morning 11 o’clock, your boss is coming for a meeting suddenly, what stupid breakfast you ate you don’t know, you are really feeling sleepy, you are yawning, you are feeling heavy, your head is being pulled this side that side, and you don’t know what to do, how you are going to face the boss, at that moment you don’t need big solution; you just need that two minutes you have to handle that sleep; maybe you have to stand up and start jogging without thinking or just cup of tea; or a fight with your colleague!  These are all the way you get inspired!  No, I know many people use fighting with the colleague as a inspiration or rejuvenate them self!  When they really feel bored and don’t know how to rejuvenate them self or how to recharge them self, they just look around and pick up a fight with somebody!  Or they even make a phone call and fight with somebody and then come back - Come on now I am fresh alive, let’s start the work! There are some people, they use fight as an inspiration source! 

Listen, listen, listen sincerely!  That sleep which comes before your boss meeting, does not need to be handled in too serious difficult don’t need to worry about it too much.  Just a few moments jogging, or a cup of tea....that moment if you escape, that’s all; even you will be surprised, ‘Wow!  I handled the boss meeting so beautifully! I did my presentation so well.  Amazing!’  Even you will be surprised by you! 

Same way, I am telling you, the incompletions which stops you experiencing Shivoham, you don’t need to do big struggle to remove them.  They are not that big guys.  They are not that big guys.  Don’t even bother.  Just that initial attack, speed, velocity, the way they gang up need to be mellowed down; that’s all!  For that you just need to spend little time with yourself.  It is nothing but settling down period.  You see, how newly married you just jump on each other thinking that other person is going to fulfil you, complete you..... ‘happily lived ever after’.....  Maybe you can use that statement on your tomb: ‘Happily lived ever after’!  This ‘happily lived ever after’ appearing as a scroll, and this couple holding the hand together and walking, is eternal scene in almost all Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood, whatever ‘wood’ it may be, this scene is the eternal scene, this is the end: ‘happily lived ever after’!  That is one of the biggest hope human-beings think the other person will complete you, the other person will fulfil you.  You jump on each other.  The next scene should be few pigs on that Corporation garbage dumping yard!  If I am asked to do a movie, next scene I will put that only, in vast Corporation like Delhi or Chennai, Bangalore, Corporation dumping yard; in that a few pigs fighting with each other!  And, then, realizing neither each other are fulfilling the other, nor that garbage is giving them what they want! 

Understand, I am not against marriage.  I am against loaded marriage – marriage loaded with false expectations, marriage loaded with false expectations and false promises; the man try to take away all the powers of the woman without taking the responsibility of completing her, woman tries to control the man without taking the responsibility of completing him.  Actually, before the marriage, you both have to sit and do the ‘Anyakaara Parishodhana’.  Means, what you think about you, how you project you to others, and how you perceive the other person, and how you perceive the world.  This Ahankaara, Mamakaara, Anyakaara, Swa-Anyakaara, these four you both need to sit together and analyze.  This is the first thing need to be done before any marriage, before any relationship; even before making a friend. If you sit and analyze it, you will have an amazing friend, you will have a best friend!  In our Sangha also I have seen, I have seen some of the best friends, they understood all these four of both.  Both of them have understood these four.  Only then they became best friends. 

In your life, with whomever you shared these four, means, Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image, Life Image, and they shared their Inner Image, Outer Image, Life Image, Others’ Image, you became best buddies.  If you are husband and wife, you became best husband and wife.  If you are friends, you became best friends.  If you are brother and sisters, you became best brother and sisters.  The best happens between you guys when you share what is your Inner Image now, Outer Image, Others’ Image, Life Image, and what you want to become, both your existing image and authentic image, you became best support for each other.    

Understand, like how you jump on each other after the marriage thinking that other is going to fulfil you, and then once the honeymoon is over, fall flat, ‘I think it is not the way I thought.’, same way, your incompletions jump on you and try to have a permanent life over you.  Drop them!  Tell them, no, you don’t have place for them.  Tell them you don’t have place for them.  Tell them you don’t have place for them.  I tell you, you just need to spend little time with you for the water to settle down on its own.

I have found deeper and deeper secrets to make you experience Shivoham.  The first, when the incompletions gang up on you and gag you, do not fight with them.  When there is a cyclone, all the dust sticks, various objects are flying in the air and rotating around you, don’t be a foolish warrior picking up a crowbar and fighting with them, or a sword and fighting with them; be intelligent escapist.  Get into your room, lock all the doors and windows and keep quiet and sit.  It will settle down in half-an hour.  Come out, all the weapons which were flying around, will be lying on the floor.  Start ruling!  I am telling you, when the cyclone comes, you should not be a foolish warrior; intelligent escapist!  That is bravery!  That is braveness!  When all your incompletions and patterns gang up on you and gag you, fighting with them is useless.  At that moment, even if you fight with them and come to any conclusion, that will not stay in you.  Even if you stood and fought with all the incompletions saying, ‘Get out!  I am Shiva only!  I am living in Shivoham space only! You all get out and get lost!’ after two days, you will forget.  That state won’t be permanent.  At that time, all you need to do is never fight with illogical incompletions.  That is like arguing with your spouse when she is having periods!  I will reveal little deeper detail.  When she is already low and suffering, you go on argue, you will ever win?  Never!  Same way, men too have a period!  You need to know that!  Tantra very clearly gives a methodology and process to diagnose the men’s period.  When a man is having a period, he will behave literally exactly illogical.  Behaving illogically is common when both gender experience period. 

I will go on revealing more and more details of how you are going to experience Shivoham.  Somebody sent a question, saying that ‘If we can use the herbs like Neem and Haritaki, why not marijuana also?’  I am very clear: No!  No!  Neither we are going to use, nor we are going to allow anybody to use in our Sangha, because the sattwik herbs like Neem, Haritaki and all does not give you any psychedelic experiences; it does not damage your being, mind, emotion, consciousness; but the drugs like marijuana gives you psychedelic experiences and disturbs you mentally, emotionally.  You become addicted to that.  So, I am very clear: No drugs!  Only sattwik herbs like Neem, Haritaki.  Some more sattwik herbs are there which are good for health, which are legally allowed, which are really able to give you the experience; means, by detoxifying you, give you the experience of Shivoham, help to give the experience of Shivoham.  So, I am making it very clear. 

So, this Cambodia Inner Awakening, we will be using more and more different types of Yantras.  The temples itself will be large level Yantras.  And, I tell you, the whole programme already I have designed.  Only one day you are going to have time spending on theory.  Only one day, the philosophical discussions; means, the basic truths I will reveal.  Any questions you have you can ask; I will answer; that’s all.  After that, no theory sessions.  No theory.  I am also going to answer all your major questions on these major three fields of life: Money, Power and Sex.  These three only becomes incompletion and stops you experiencing Shivoham.  Whenever you are empowered, you try to manifest yourself only through these three.  Why incompletions in these three are so deep-rooted?  Whether you feel poor or rich, you feel only in these three lines.  Only with these three you measure yourself.  Money, Power, and Sex become the scale, measuring scale for you.  The incompletions in these three or fulfilment in these three only becomes the measuring scale whether you are exploding in your life, growing in your life or not.  So, that itself need to be understood and realigned.  I will be answering, clearing the wrong concepts, answering many of your doubts on these major three incompletions. 

And, I tell you, if you are able to make it happen for Cambodia IA, that means already Mahadeva granted you the boon of Shivoham!  Understand!  That’s all!  Nothing else!  If you made it for Cambodia IA, be very clear, if you got into the flight to Cambodia and got down in Cambodia, be very clear, Mahadeva has granted you the boon of Shivoham!  He has already given you that! Over! May be all your struggles are nothing but he is testing you!  Because, you may try to play the hypocritical game with him, hide-and-seek game, so, he is just testing you – ‘Come on let’s see, you play with me I play with you’. You know if you decide, you can have time.  You know if you decide, you can have money.  You know if you decide, all the obstacles will be removed.  But you just sit and ‘Oh, let Swamiji remove! I asked Kalpataru boon. Let him remove.’  When you try to play the game with me – ‘No, no, no that money I will not touch, no, no, no that time I have to keep it for some other vacation, oh no, no, no that person I don’t want to deal with him now and ask for this.’!  Yes, you try to reserve all that and try to play the game, ‘I asked boon with Swamiji in Kalpataru.  Let him give the boon. Let him clear all that.’  You try to play the game with me; I will also play with you. You play game with him and he plays game with you. Otherwise, I tell you, all the obstacles are just tests to see whether you really want it or not, whether you really trust it is going to happen or not, and, second, whether you really want it or not; that’s it.  I can see very clearly how our Sangha happened from Omkareshwar.  Same way, now, the new Sangha is happening....again from Omkareshwar!  Come and be part.  If you missed the first tsunami happened in 2000, don’t miss the second tsunami happening in 2014!


With this, I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!