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This discourse delivered on 12 Aug 2017, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on some more deeper secrets of Sadashiva Rahasya. Responsibility is not an action, it is a cognition. Action may follow but responsibility, itself is not a action. Enriching means enjoying your responsibility. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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 aum nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām  vande guru paramparām ||




 I welcome all of you with My love and respects.




 I’ll expand on some more deeper secrets of Sadashiva Rahasya and also answer some of your questions. Understand, the first thing I want to tell you today: Responsibility is not action, it is cognition. Actions may follow but responsibility itself is not action. Listen carefully. Hindu scriptures are not Hindus, but if you destroy the Hindu scriptures, Hindus will be destroyed. Listen carefully. Hindu scriptures are not Hindus, but if you destroy the Hindu scriptures, within next few generation the Hindus will not be there. Responsibility is not action, it is cognition, but if you don’t allow that cognition, action will never happen. And the deeper understandings you need to have, actions may follow but Responsibility is cognitive shift. Why you know?  There are so many implications, if you cognize, if you misunderstand, Responsibility as action. Understand, if you know Responsibility is cognitive shift, then beautifully you will allow the cognitive shift. Everyone wants cognitive shift, no one wants to work, that's the problem. But actually you don't need to work. Allow the cognitive shift without even knowing you are working, you will be working.




 Listen, listen, listen. Today morning I was seeing the Nithyananda Times. The devotees were sharing about power manifestation. Basically understand, the inner most core, corner of you always knows you are Sadashiva,  but does not make that as a cognizable reality or possibility. You feel, "Ah yes, in the Scriptures are all telling from the beginning we are God, we are God, we are God. Must be true, who knows, maybe true, but let us go for our next meal. Let us go for what...” It is not becoming a cognizable important need to be internalized reality. Understand, for example – if you have 100 million dollar in bank account, you want to remember that again and again so from that cognition you will make all the decisions about your life. Will you say, "Oh there is 100 million dollar, but what is there? Come on let's go and live in my slum, old slum." No, you will not. You will only plan for "Let me cognize, let me encash, let me liquidate, let me enrich my life, let me strengthen my whole life. Whatever way this money can add to my life, let me start doing it." You will start planning. As long as you don’t start planning, the possibilities becoming reality in your day to day life —even if you know you are Sadashiva, it is not directly useful to you.




My job is making that Sadashivatva in you as cognizable, possibility. I tell you, only one or two powers I need to initiate. Later on you will see you will start manifesting in your life, that is what is My job. For each one of you My commitment, My Responsibility is to ignite that Sadashivatva as a cognizable reality where you are inspired to encash and start expanding and enjoying. That is why from next year I made Inner Awakening into 31 days program…Inner Awakening  is getting expanded!




 All the Aushadha component, Aushadha component of Sadashivatva, understand. The Aushadha component has four dimensions – certain herbs are, has to be taken in. Certain herbs need to be kept between the teeth or in your ears or in your eyes during the process, that is second. Third, certain mutation, actions, need to be done to your body. Let Me explain the mutation actions – fire walking and taking bath in the turmeric water is one of the most powerful mutation. Understand this season, this month Aadi month is usual season for dengue and all types of fevers. Hinduism is so intelligent, everything is inculcated as a religious and spiritual practice – do fire walking and take bath in the turmeric water, keep few neem leaves outside the house. I challenge you will not have dengue. You will not have any of these fevers, these problems. Even with the dengue many times if you go to doctors, they will say, "No, boil neem leaf, put in the water and drink." Athathanada Nanga sollikitu erukome 60,000 varushama!




If you walk on fire, the small wounds may, may not get created, whether it gets created or not, it is mutation of the body. See one of the side effect is health, there are other side effects where certain intense energies are awakened and negativities are nullified. See, the depth with which you feel violence and violated with, that same depth, if you feel sacrifice and commitment, devotion, that violence in you will be muted. The actions which you will feel violated if you are forced, you are doing it voluntarily in the name of your Devotion, and commitment and sacrifice to the God or Goddess becomes Tapas, mutation of your fundamental instincts. If you are pierced you will feel violated. If you are put in fire you will feel violated, you'll become violent. That same instinct is kindled, you go thru that same instinct, that same action, that same thing, with the clarity – dedicated to my Kula Devata, dedicated to my Ishta Devata. My sacrifice to my Ishta Devata, Kula Devata, the same intensity is awakened but muting your feeling violated. Sacrifice mutes, transmutes the feeling violation. Tapas transmutes the feeling violated, violence. Understand. Certain acts like fire walking, body piercing, all this are the third dimension of Aushadha. They're all third dimension of Aushadha. I think by now many people know in Maha Sadāshivoham we are going to walk on fire. ethuku than adipodarara




 Understand.  The fourth dimension of Aushadha is inhaling certain herbal perfumes and smells while you are falling asleep. These are the four primary Aushadha processes Sadashiva is giving for the raising you to a different dimensions of universe. And making you manifest the multiple powers of Sadashiva, state of Sadashiva, space of Sadashiva. Understand…




 Sanatana Hindu Dharma is such a juicy tradition. Such juicy.

Velaithathu ellam santhaiyil virkamal, vedaikoru kooti vaithome, Kangikoru kalaiyam vaithome, kangiku vaithathai nangalae kudikamal,vigi erupadai orodu kudithukolla, kula deivathirku kangi varthome, kangi varkum thiruviza peralae koodi kulave varum vangigalellam kanootam parthu thirumanathirku pen thedinome, thediya pengalodu maman machan oravu murai kandu, neril pesi vazvin oravai mudarpadi akkinome.oravin mutharpadi vaithu, uyir kalantha pin udaluravu kondu vanthome, uyir kalanda pin udaluravu kondathanal peranthathu ellam mirugamai illamal manithanai peranthathu.




See when a relationship happens first, then the sex is brought into the relationship, you will have ultimate completion in life. If the sex is brought first and then the relationship is created, I tell you 100% it's a failure. You are building concrete foundation on empty sand foundation. Relationship first means foundation is right.




 Everything in Hindu tradition is such juicy. I am only a juicer taking the juice of Sanatana Hindu Dharma out and sharing it with you all.




 Responsibility as cognition first, makes you not being frightened about the actions. Listen carefully. Even a great being like Vivekananda, when Ramakrishna says you have to go all over the world and teach, he says, “No, no, not me, forget about it.” Because your fundamental fear towards the action comes up if you are told the action you need to do. But still nobody is able to break the record created by Vivekananda. Once Ramakrishna made him realize, cognize his responsibility, once the cognitive shift of responsibility has happened, the actions He performed, oh God. Still nobody is able to beat record. The number of discourses he gave in the number of days, the time, hard work, still nobody is able to break. I'm telling you, even I did not break that record. Maybe the quantity I broke but not within that time frame. His whole public life was only nine years. 1893 September 11, Chicago he starts his public life. 1902 July 4th he left body. I need to verify whether July 2nd or maybe 4th. He left the body. That’s all, 9 years. 1893-1902. But the work he has done, still nobody is able to beat the record, means if the Responsibility is cognized you will act without even knowing you are performing so much of actions. Without even knowing you are performing so much of actions. That is what I call Enriching.




Enriching means, enjoying your responsibility. If you are cursing yourself and cursing everyone just to get a few dresses stitched for the Gurukul kids, it is en-pooring, not Enriching. Enriching means your Responsibility cognition is the Chidambara in which you are dancing.  The Enriching, the Responsibility cognition flowers first, then the actions follow, it is no more action, it is Leela, it's play – koothu. Not even natya, even in natya you cognize yourself sitting, rasikas are sitting, in koothu nothing is cognized other than the ecstasy and Bliss. That is why we call Nataraja as Ambala Koothan, not ambala natyan. Ambala Koothan. Koothu is nothing but kuththu of modern day. Where there is no rule exists. Not even a cognition that somebody’s is watching exists. Not even a cognition somebody watching exists. I tell you. Enriching is all about   Responsibility cognition first then actions following, casually without even you remembering you are acting. without any pain or struggle that you are acting, without any pain or struggle that you are acting. That cognitive shift of Responsibility when it happens in you, you become Devata, Devatva enters into you, you become God. You become embodiment of Sadashiva. Embodiment of Sadashiva. 




Next year all Inner Awakenings are going to be 31 days – because this Aushadha component I am adding into Inner Awakening making it the most powerful conscious breakthrough program available to the universe from Kailasa. I am now acid washing the whole thing and I'm making it very clear, I don't want to be introduced as Enlightened Master and all these stupid - no, no, no, I'm very clear. I am very clear I am going to be introduced, I'm introducing Myself as Incarnation as per Hinduism. And anybody opposes I'm going to defend and establish. Why these guys, so many modern so-called modern day Gurus even though they have a deep down desire to claim themself as Incarnation, they always try to claim Enlightened Master. So the resistance will be less, it is not, actually this Enlightened Master idea is not at all from Hinduism. It’s completely from Buddhism. A branch of Hinduism, not from the core mainstream Hinduism. So take some idea, which is already spread without much resistance even though it is compromising your own father's name, it is okay. Taking this kind of route that is not for Me, I'm very clear. My father is Arunachala. I am very clear about it. So understand, so I'm going to be very clear the way I am introduced. I wanted it to be as per the Hindu scripture. And same way, why - see these modern day gurus are also after constantly whether I can grab this, grab that money, this, that,  but they never introduce this concepts of Tulabharam.  Why you know? Because these are all more Hinduic way. “No, no, no, no, no, you give donation for that, you give two donation for that.” I am very clear I am going to receive only in a Hindu way even the donations. It is going to be only Pada Puja, Tomala Seva, the Tulabharam, only Hindu way. Introduction as per Hindu Shastras. Income as per Hindu Shastras. Expense as per Hindu Shastras. And all the charity also I will do only as per Hindu shastras. Nan marai arangal oonga




These fools are telling Me, "Why don't you start schools? You will get a good name." Eh? The Hindu moneys, I'll build school to build Macaulay’s education system?! Cheating! So even charity described in four Vedas, Nan marai arangal oonga. I wanted to tell this very clearly to the whole Sangha. Introduction as per Hinduism. So if the issues are raised we will defend and fight it out, that is why we are here. We are not here to do pleasant, we are here to do right! So from today all, anywhere, you have any of my introduction material with this Enlightened Master idea, it is irrelevant, it is redundant. I am very clear, destroy all those material. Incarnation as per Hinduism.




 Let the debating ground be Hinduism so the moment even you come for debate you have lost it. The moment you accept the debate you lost it. And don’t accept, no problem, clear! Undebatable. I am very clear, not only for our Sangha, even for all My devotees and disciples I want to tell you guys. Slowly, slowly do this transition. Even your professions, careers, build as per the Hindu tradition and Hindu scriptures, because they are so much of life positive. And I tell you, the wealth you generated by being life positive is awarded to you as your richness in any plane. Please understand. With all my Integrity to Sadashiva I give you this cosmic legal advice. For example if you are a doctor, a ethical doctor and you are serving the life and making money, that wealth comes with you even when you go to Kailasa or Svarga Loka. Or when you come back to planet earth. Please understand. I am very responsible when I'm uttering these words, it is really true. But if you kill somebody, murder, sell alcohol, or sell meat and make money, not only that wealth will not come with you when you move to different planes. That sin and the torture and suffering follows you wherever you go.




One of My close disciple who listens to My words, I told him, “See I can relieve you from any sin, but don't run non-veg hotel. Even I will not be able to help you handle when you leave the body.” He listened and left it. Left the non-veg hotel. That was his profession. His bread and butter, but he said "Swamiji you said that's all, no more." He just shut it down. Contribute - for example, if you are running a software company and making money, it's a contribution. It's good for you. Contribute and make money. If you are selling house doing real estate, it’s good for you, it’s a contribution. In that making profit is not wrong, but the fundamentally you should be contributing to humanity. Never do this meat, alcohol, that kind of business, which is harming the beings. Same way tobacco, never, never, never, do that. Tobacco, alcohol, and any of the violence related like killing animals or even the violence based silk, the silk which need to be produced by killing the silk worm, no. No. Do not go for any of those careers and professions. Let your life be Nan marai arangal oonga




 See for example, when you are running a software company you invest only ten thousand dollar  but you make million dollar, nothing wrong. That is not at all a wrong. That is not at all, that wealth will come with you even when you move to a different plane or when you come back. Any wealth generated by contribution always comes with you, it is permanent. Never create a wealth based on violence. For example you are a teacher, you teach, good things, not bad things. Of course if you're teaching to kill that will not be a good money. If you are teaching people to contribute and generate wealth, that will come forever with you. Anything done by contribution, addition will come with you forever. Understand, after all we are Hindus, we don't, we are not that poor to look at the life as if only one birth and one plane. Brigus….




Life is multiple, planes are multiple. You are rich, you are Hindu. Understand this plane, planet earth is only Bidadi, guesthouse. Bidadi means actually guesthouse. That is why I built the house on Bidadi, for you to remember forever and ever and ever Bidadi means guesthouse. In Kannada and Tamil both. Bidadi means where you came to reside for few days. You need to be constantly reminded that is why Bidadi, Bidadi, Bidadi. It is Bidadi/Kailasa. Means you came here to get ready for Kailasa. A bit of Kailasa I brought it here to introduce to all of you, it’s a marketing department of Kailasa. Of course very integrated. Very integrated marketing introduction of Kailasa. Understand, while you are in this plane know very clearly life is multiple, and planes are multiple. Plan your life as per that, that is what I'm saying planning for eternal life. Nithya Jeevan. Neither life is one, nor planes are one. Life is multiple, when you are in this life learn life is multiple. When you are in this plane learn planes are multiple. And all your actions, responses, reactions, and Responsibility, be from this cognition.




Essence of today’s Satsang –  life is multiple, planes are multiple, you are rich because you are Hindu.




I have some questions to be answered today about initiation to Mahasadashivoham. I'll answer about Mahasadashivoham. I'll answer some of them.




Speaker- {Swamiji, we know Sadāshivoham is going to be something extraordinary, can you please share something about it so we can share with our friends and family and get them also?}




To tell you straight forward, it is manifolding. It is actually opening up, happening. I can give you few words of introduction. It is going to be awakening the state of Sadashiva, through fundamental Unclutching, Nirvikalpa Samadhi process. Then manifesting, means awakening the space of Sadashiva. Intensely completion with everything that exists. Then manifesting powers of Sadashiva using all the technology Sadashiva has provided. Alchemy products, alchemy processes. The important contribution Aushada. Tempering and transmuting and awakening your whole system for manifesting Maha Sadāshivatva. The 4 methods of Aushadha, some herbs are taken in and some are kept in your body during the process. Certain tempering process is done to the body by fire walking and piercing and these kind of technologies. And some of the awakening perfumes, Aura are inhaled to raise the Kundalini Shakti and manifest MahaSadashivatva. Above all - ultimately, Mahasadashiva’s initiation, Shaktipata. Maybe I will have to continuously introduce in few more Satsangs for you to understand the difference between Inner Awakening and Mahasadashivoham. The whole Inner Awakening will be finished in first day of Mahasadashivoham. And whatever I shared till now – Shivoham, Nithyanandoham, Sadashivoham, all will be done in first 24 hours. When you walk into the welcome center you will be given all the Alchemy Products. When you are welcomed along with your enema kit, how we give the pancha kriya kit now for Inner Awakening, you will be given all the Spiritual Alchemy Products, everything is done before you even come into the hall. I am also aligning all the processes for the modern day body, human body, and all the legalities of the country. So I will reveal more and more what Maha Sadāshivoham is going to be all about in the further Satsangs, in further few more programs.




If I have to say few lines about Mahasadashivoham: It is making you experience, multi-dimensions of your consciousness and access to multi-dimensions of your universe, and manifesting all the dimensions of Sadashiva is Mahasadashivoham. Not just powers, powerful cognitions, everything. See, powers, all of you know Third Eye power, you can do the remote scanning, body scanning, remote vision. But powerful cognition means if I can see what is happening there, it means there is no gap between what is operating in this body and what is existing in that house. This and that is one and the same. That is powerful cognition.


If you can see somebody’s home in New York sitting in Bidadi you can naturally see what is there in their computer, hard disk, memory, then you can naturally see what is in their memory itself and physical, the body biological hard disk. Moving from powers to powerful cognitions. Manifesting all shristi sthiti vināsha throbhava anugraha – Creation, Maintenance, Rejuvenation and playing with the Delusion and Liberation. Manifesting all this is Mahasadashivoham.


Whenever I describe any of it always looks, “Too good to be true, and too much for me, I think even this I am not able to grasp what is going to happen.” Making things happen to you even though you are not able to intellectually grasp is the mystical operation an Incarnation does. When people come sometimes people tell Me, “Swamiji, this Mahasadashivoham even introduction I can't understand, how can that become my experience?” I tell them okay, as if you understand the whole third eye circuit? I already made that as experience to you.


purinchikarathu ellam avar pathukattum appa, anubhavikarathu mattum namba papome appa. Athu namba department illa choicela vittome.




So come enjoy.




 With this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhādvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you, be Blissful.