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In this video (22 November, 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains why Sanatana Hindu Dharma has a pantheon of Gods. How God is not one, but Oneness in Hinduism. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām  vande guru paramparām ||



I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome everyone sitting with us all over the world, through Nithyananda TV, 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us - the long list. I welcome all of you with My love and respects.


I wanted to expand some of the important truths about MahaSadāshivoham. Fundamentally, the thought current of the question is - “Why so many Gods in Hinduism?”

I want all of you to know, listen carefully. One of the biggest question Hindus face all over the world and do not deal with it properly, due to opinions they have or just knowledge; no experienced understanding or realization based understandings of Pramanas. That is why Hindus suffer so much with identity crisis. This...many of even the Hindus feel guilty about having so many Gods.

Many time people ask Me, “Why do Hindus believe in so many Gods?” First thing I want to tell you, “We don’t believe in so many Gods, we know so many Gods exist.” Hey, hey, it is relationship. They come, they stay. It’s a relationship. Listen. First of all, opinion is not knowledge. Understand this basic truth. ‘God is One’ - may be opinion, not knowledge. And knowledge is not experience. That is the next level. Even if you have knowledge - ‘God is Oneness not One’, it is not experience… but experience based understanding is the ultimate. But even if you want to believe something till you experience… believe only experience based Shastra’s understandings and realizations.


Listen carefully. If you follow any Shastra, understanding, even before you realize the ultimate, the very following you will start manifesting extraordinary things. You can never reach a Moon by bullock cart. Understand. If it has to be a...if your goal is Moon, it has to be different vehicle. So by the quality of the vehicle, you know the goal. You are not that fool. Opinion is bullock cart. ‘God is One’ – is opinion not experience. Why do you think the opinion always creates violence? Because the person who carries the opinion, feels his identity in stake, if that opinion is shaken. If the opinion is replaced, he will be replaced. Funny people! Funny people!

All the weapons opinionated people get, is danger to Planet Earth - whether it is the concept of currency or the concept of justice or concept of administration or the concept of human resource. Listen intensely. Large number of Gods, pantheon of Gods is not our belief system. It is our realization system. ‘One God’ theory is fundamentally bored, frustrated minds production. A mind which is bored, frustrated, tired, does not want to function, does not want to be alive and healthy, locks it’s possibilities with the idea of One… does not want to look beyond. Listen carefully. ‘God is Oneness’, but I am not going to show the finger. If I show the finger like this, you will understand ‘One….ness’. No. ‘Oneness’. There is a big difference between One…ness to Oneness.


It is Oneness which is a foundation, fundamental, on which everything is established. Not One…..ness, Oneness. I’ll repeat - not One….ness, Oneness. Understand. It’s not that we believe in so many Gods, we know so many Gods exists. We were capable of relating with them. It’s a relationship. Each one of you can manifest the infinity and co-exist beautifully. Listen.

“If one animal exists, other animals cannot exist” – Only in ‘kill and eat’ kingdom, not in civilized, sophisticated.

Alright, “let all of us exist” – is civilized.

Sophisticated is – “let all of us enrich each other and make ourselves better”.

“If you exist, I cannot exist - If I exist, you cannot exist” – is animalistic.

“Okay, let all of us exist” – mutualistic.

“Let us all enrich each other to make all of us better and better” – spiritualistic.

Devi goes and clears the mess Sadāshiva created. It is Sadāshiva who gave boon to this Mahishasura fellow that,” Only women can kill you.” It is a mess now. Now Devi goes and clears the mess. It is like – “let’s support each other and enrich”. In many places, just by His compassion, He creates so much of mess. I think it is not stopped yet. Everyone has to run around to clear the mess. I don’t know what to do. But He only empowers everyone to clear it.


All Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism, cannot be reduced to the words like ‘divinity’. No! They are all full-fledged independent intelligence Gods, Goddesses. They enrich each other does not mean they need each other. No, all this need to be clarified. Then you’ll understand one of the important thing I am going to do in the MahaSadāshivoham. Understand. Listen carefully. Exposure to Higher Existence is required for you to recognize Higher Existence. Exposure to Higher Existence is required for you to experience Higher Existence. Your power manifestation itself is nothing but your Consciousness being exposed to higher space, higher states.

“Spreading lies after lies after lies, strategizing and attacking and strategizing and attacking, wasting so much of their air time on Swamiji. He is just sitting and talking, some spiritual stuff, which most of us don’t even understand.”


I am bringing spiritual legitimacy to Sanatana Hindu Dharma – means spiritual core of the Universe. I don’t claim any supremacy, but I claim the super-ness of the logy with which I am operating. Hey, the science I have brought to the world, the logy with which I am functioning and inspiring every one of My kids to function – that is eternal principles of Existence… cannot be destroyed.

Eternal principles of Existence. Wherever life is affirmed, it has to be the principles of Dharma. Understand... more and more power manifestation, more and more intensity, more and more authenticity. The multiple possibilities and powers, you are all continuously manifesting, proves the super-logy which I am promoting. I am using the word ‘super logy’ for Dharma. See the logy with which you need to function is super logy… to manifest powers. If you want to be super, naturally your software has to be super. That only generates your hardware. Understand.


Understand. The super logy from which you need to function to manifest powers, the Dharma, the Cosmic principles of Existence, because I made you guys already manifest the powers, I am establishing the authenticity of this Sanatana Hindu Dharma and I am establishing the supremacy of the Sanatana Hindu Dharma. I am establishing the superlative possibility of the Sanatana Hindu Dharma’s existence, to establish the supremacy of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, superlative-ness of the super logy, the principles of Cosmic existence.

Understand. All you need to do, intensely, manifest more and more state, space and powers of MahaSadāshiva. Let’s be integrated to MahaSadashivatva, authentic to manifest it, responsible to enrich and cause in others. Understand. The superlative existence I am talking about, is no more a talk. It’s legitimate, established way of life. Agama is legitimate established way of life; superlative existence. Understand, sometimes your opinion may change. When your hormones go up or go down, your chemicals go up or go down, your opinions may change. Your perception about the knowledge may change… but not the Reality. Not the reality.


Listen. Now many statements I made, I am going to present the whole thing in organized way, so many of the zigzag puzzles get cleared. Listen carefully.

We don’t believe in many Gods, we know many Gods exists. That’s the first statement.

Second, exposure to Higher Existence makes you also live Higher Existence.

Survival of the fittest is not law of life, it is law of lower life.

Listen. If you exist, I cannot exist - is animal kingdom. Let both of us exist together - is human kingdom. Let us enrich each other and strengthen each other’s existence - is divine kingdom.

The animal kingdom’s projection is ‘One God’, because if second God exists, both of them cannot co-exist. The animal kingdombrain’s superlative projection is ‘One God’ theory. The source of the ‘One God’ theory is animal kingdom brain … small brain! More Muladhara activation, less Sahasrara activation.

Let’s all co-exist. Many Gods exists. That is the human brain’s superlative projection. All right you also exist - I also exist. Like neighbors in the street.

Let’s all strengthen each other’s existence continuously and go on be expanding – that is the projection of the superlative way of existence - MahaSadāshiva’s existence.

I tell you, Cosmos continuously expanding. MahaSadāshiva is continuously expanding. He is eternal expansion. He is not just living - He is ALIVE!! Alive means all the dimensions being active.

Right people’s appreciation is what all you need. You can’t expect everyone’s appreciation. No! Name, from the people who is going to become part of your life.


Let’s continue to play this game.

Understand. Oneness is God. The existence with the understanding of survival of the fittest or co-existence or enriching existence: these three are different planes. Understand. If the survival of the fittest is the logy in which you are existing, even if you are living in a palace, it is a slum! In so many palaces, even though there is so much place to live, but murders happen. In so many small huts, even though so less place, guests are received day in and day out.

In Sanskrit, house and the inner space, for both we use the same word – ‘Aham’. For both we use the same word - Aham. The logy with which you exist, decides your quality of life. Is it survival of the fittest or is it co-existence or is it enriching existence? I tell you, you should be praised by the right people and blamed by the wrong people – that is the complete name and fame. If you are only praised by the right people, you are not doing your job perfectly. You are not doing your job perfectly. Things are not happening properly. You are not doing the right job. You have to light the third eyes of the right people and you have to be hot flash for the people who doesn’t want to open their eyes.

For who want to achieve Enlightenment, I am a hot light in their brain, awakening their third eye.

People who want to live only in ignorance, does not want to evolve, I am a hot flash in their brain.

Not allowing them to cognize the Cosmic, karmic principles, is the job of Trobhava phase. That phase of Sadashiva is much more ferocious than the destruction phase. Sadyojata, Tatpurusha, Aghora, Vamadeva, Ishana, the phase of….phase which destroys….actually when I say, “the phase”, you should not spell ‘f-a-c-e’, it is ‘p-h-a-s-e’. It is phase of MahaSadāshiva, not f-a-c-e. No! P-h-a-s-e. If I am allowed to create a new word to English, I’ll create a new word – s-p-h-a-s-e’ – space of MahaSadāshiva. The destructive phase is not that ferocious, it is Trobhava phase – that is the real ferocious.


Let Me introduce the higher Dimensions to you, expose you to higher Consciousness through the initiation, so you can start living with the superlative logy, the super-logy of enriching existence.


Understand. Survival of the fittest - one way of existing.

Co-existing – is next way of existing.

Enriching existence – I will go on be dedicating My life to enrich, enrich, enrich. The enriching way of existence. Enough of this survival of the fittest. Enough of this co-existence. Now it is time to exist us… Enriching existence, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it.

Opinions are not knowledge. Knowledge is not experience.

Today I am going to strengthen the initiation of length, breadth, depth and body scanning and third eye healing… because I wanted this power to strongly manifest in you intensely. This super logy from which you need to operate for this power to manifest, need to settle down in you as your very existence, operating software.

Please apply Jnananjana or Aushadha, pick up your Atma Linga. Let’s start the initiation.

All the causers, IA Grads, come to satsang every day, don’t miss it. So much can happen in you - healing, completion, the whole MahaSadashivatva can manifest in you so easily, so beautifully.

 Settle down with your Jnananjana, Aushadha and Atma Linga. Let’s start. Let’s start the initiation.


Initiation - Meditation

|| aum nithyananda mahasadāshivoham ||


I bless you all. Let’s all open all the three eyes and manifest the powers of MahaSadāshiva.