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In this video (8 April 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals a mind boggling phenomenon that mother earth exhibits. How walking bare-feet on the ground can lead you to experience this miracle. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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The human beings have become so distanced from the real life or ready to explore things. We have become so far away from… at least….I can tell you from My experience – a village boy. When I was 5 or 6, I opened all the alarm clocks in My house and I will set it back, put it back. I don’t see all that in the modern day kids. It’s all about that stupid cell phone. Involvement with the Reality has drastically reduced. Our whole life is nothing but the screen; whether your love, your relationships, even your sex, everything is limited to that screen. Am I right? Almost! No, almost! Everything has been reduced to that screen.


Involvement with the Reality has drastically come down. It is so unfortunate; especially the food, the plastic food dumped into your system. See, all the things which you eat - none of them have life. They are all not grown from life. My Guru used to tell, “Please walk without chappal or covering your feet… whatever grows in that land, eat; because Mother Earth records when you walk without shoes what all the ingredients are missing in your body”. She records what you need for your body - nutrients or vitamins, whatever. Whatever is missing in your body, she produces in that food which grows in that land. And eat that and….it is too mind boggling concept. I tell you, only after I started doing it I realized – you don’t need any external medicine, if you know to live with the nature.




Mother Earth - Bhu Mata…..walk on Earth without shoes. In that land what grows, will supply exactly what you need for your body. Looks too difficult to believe, but after I started doing that I realized it. Your body does not need any other medicine, anything else.

Actually, maybe two years before, due to this continuous classes - day and night, and in the night time the web based programs for the outside India, all these - My whole eating habits have gone chaos and no question of rest. It became like a….too much on the system. So I had some stomach issues. I remembered My Guru telling this, “Walk on the Earth and what grows - eat.” So I started walking without chappal for few days.


Suddenly I saw in My Courtyard, a new plant coming up. No seed, nothing, just coming up. I was wondering what is going on. How come suddenly...between the rocks actually! Between the rocks new plant coming up. And, one of the devotee, Ayurvedic doctor, he said, “Swamiji, if you can get this plant and have, add it in your food, your stomach will be completely healed.” I said, “Where to get?” When he walked into the Courtyard, he said, “This is the plant.” “This is the plant.” Throughout the Campus we searched, we did not find another one. Nobody knows from where the seed has come, from where the plant has come. Understand. It is not that, just for Me miraculously nature is doing. It is the nature’s life. I was ready to play with it, so she showed the miracles to Me. Anybody willing to play with her, she shows her miracles to you.




Nature is miraculous. If you are ready to play, she shows it. She demonstrates her love, her care. If we go back to the ‘food with life’, our life also will start - more interacting, more alive, more vibrant, more overflowing.