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Today’s (21st January, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Upanishad Series - Living Advaita. Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how all of our incompletions may look factual but they cannot be real. The ultimate truth is that our consciousness is completion, joy, love and fulfillment. Only when our SDHD grabs us, it creates superficial disturbances in us; they don’t go to our core. In this way, the truths of the Upanishads can penetrate to the core of us, transforming our being. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||



I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing.


Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing: Singapore, Seattle, Toronto, Dubai, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Charlotte, Redmond, Paris, Indrani-New Jersey, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Scottsdale, Kalahasthi, Scottsdale-Arizona 2nd camera, St. Louis, Ohio, Mumbai, North Dakota, Vancouver, Ma Shivananda, Guadeloupe, Dakota Dunes, Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Jorpati-Nepal, San Jose, London-Kashi, Tiruvannamalai, Los Angeles, Romania.....and some more cities are joining.....Houston-Kalahasthi, Winston-Salem, Oman-Sivagangai...........


I welcome all of you with my love and respects.


I will continue on the Fortieth Chapter of Yajur Veda, Ishavasya Upanishad, Shanthi Mantra.  Please chant with me:


ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

|| ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ||


Om Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |

Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey ||

|| Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthih ||


I can see clearly, when these mantras were uttered the very first time to the Planet Earth, the path for the civilization was getting delivered, the unadulterated, undiluted purpose for the civilization, human civilization was getting delivered.  The whole ambience charged with peace – understand, I am using the word “charged with peace”; means, vibrant peace, vibrant silence; not the silence of the graveyard, but the silence of Unclutching, the silence of Completion – I can see clearly, in the vibrant presence of Mahadeva, all the rishis being raised and vibrating in the same frequency of Mahadeva; not just enlightened, but entangled with Mahadeva; in that entanglement, uttering these great verses.  Understand, the whole purpose is Completion. 


All your incompletions may look factual.  See, I am not insensitive to your problem of diseases or unable to handle your desire or fear, or unable to handle your enemies, or unable to handle the powerlessness, whatever may be, I am not insensitive to it.  It may be factual, but, I am telling you, it cannot be real!  It may be factual, but it can never be real!  Let your cognition function constantly based on “real”.  Let you think, act, decide, respond, react, based on “real”, “real”.


Your incompletions may be factual, but can never be real.  You understanding “Completion is Completion is Completion”, makes you recover quickly even from the so-called factual incompletions, I am telling you.  When you understand and cognize it is Completion in Completion in the space of Completion......  And I wanted to tell you one truth: Whenever I told anybody the ultimate truths that your consciousness is Completion, joy, love, fulfilment, I never saw one ray of doubt in any of them, please understand!  I have to reveal this truth to you.  Your SDHD (Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial) creates only superficial graphs in you; they don’t go to the core of you.  Your core listens to me!


You have layers of your being.  The mind you use for every-day activity – brushing, taking bath, eating – only that mind, that part of you gets confused or develops self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial.  It is only skin deep.  I can call that as a “Freudian” mind, “fraudulent mind”.  Freud’s depth could go only to that depth, not more than that.  If Freud could have gone a little deeper, the history of today’s world will be different; the whole lifestyle of today’s world will be different.  Because, just below your “vested interests plan”, the vast, beautiful truth is vibrating continuously!  One dip into the Truth Ocean relieves you from all insecurity, fear, greed, and, naturally, all your vested interests will melt down, you will just stand for the Truth.  See, it is the superficial mind which conspires.  


The last few days I am constantly soaked in the consciousness of the Vedic civilization.  When I was looking – I was just looking into the Akashic Records – I saw at that time of the Vedic civilization, on an average, a man worked only two to three hours a day.  And, listen, please listen, the society has four divisions (“varnas”):


·         “Brahmana” – means, the teachers;

·         “Vaishya” – business community;

·         “Kshatriya” – rulers;

·         “Shudra” – working class.


And, you need to know, please understand, there was no “higher” and “lower” between these groups; all of them were doing different responsibilities.  There was no “higher” and “lower”. 


In these four, there are four “ashramas”:


·         “Brahmacharya” – means, students;


·         “Grihastha” – married;


·         “Vanaprastha” – retired;


·         “Sannyasis” – completely dedicated to teaching this science to the world, the enlightenment science to the world, to live and radiate this enlightenment science to the world. 


In these four “varnas” and four “ashramas”, only the working class grihasthas were working.  Please understand, in the eight groups, only among the grihasthas, the Shudras were working.  The two teams, Vaishya and Kshatriya, were only selling and administering.  So, almost like eighty percent of the society was just relaxing.  And the number of Shudras, it was not that it was too big a number.  No!  Among the four “varnas”, it is only one “varna” which was working.  Among the four “ashramas”, it is only one “ashrama” – only the grihastha ashrama – which was working.  They have to support all the other ashramas.  Among the four “varnas”, only Shudras were working.  All the other three were not working.  I was wondering, ‘How could such minimum workforce support the whole society?’  And they were such a rich society! 


The modern-day history is completely a lie!  These fools write that there was a Stone Age; then, in the Metal Age, it was like Brass, Bronze, Iron.  No!  There was a Stone Age; and in the Metal Age it was straight Gold in Vedic Civilization!  It was straight Gold!  Gold was invented, the working on gold started much, much ahead of working on brass and bronze and silver and other metals.  And the amount of things available was so much!  I am telling you with all my integrity, literally each one had a private jet for their transportation and travelling, which was capable of going between the planets!  Not just country to country, “desha” to “desha”, but planet to planet, “graha” to “graha”!


Listen!  Listen!  I was wondering, ‘Was there a real exploitation, by the business class and rulers, of workers?’  All that, I was looking at.  Suddenly, I realized, ‘No!  Our business class and the rulers were such, such great people!’  When I look into today’s business class people’s mind and rulers’ mind, I understand how great they were in the Vedic times, because, look in......


Just the other day, I was reading an article.  One corporate, capitalist guy says, ‘Water should not be natural, freely available to human-beings.  In the next ten years it should be made as a commodity.’  Please understand, the basic conspiracy plans!  When I looked, I saw that in the Vedic Civilization, not even food was a commodity!  Today, we are in a period, transition period, where water is freely also available, and available for payment also.  So, we understand that water should not become a paid commodity.  But, after ten years, our next generation will not even know, they won’t even remember that there was a time when water was free, drinking water was free!  We may be the last generation who drank free water and grew up!  And, the Vedic Civilization was the last generation who were having free food and growing.  I am committing with you guys, I will again bring this tradition of “food is free”!  And I know how to do!  I know how to do!  Food, medical care, water, everything was free.  I am telling you, now more of us are working, more of us are shedding our blood and sweat, and more population.  Then what is happening?  I also thought that may be now the available luxury is more; so we are all working to hold that luxury as lifestyle.  No!  I am telling you, NO!  The number of greedy people and the science of keeping people superficial has become successful!  The number of greedy people has become more, and their powerful conspiracy of keeping human beings superficial has become successful.  That is why, even though you know that after five days you are not going to use them, you go on buying these stupid electronic gadgets.  Each house has a huge electronic waste, which was used may be once, or not even once.  I am giving you one small example.  I can give you tons and tons and tons.  One fellow, working for forty years to pay his house bank loan to wipe the few zeros appearing in the electronic screen of a bank, claims he is free and his country is a country of freedom!  I am just questioning the whole civilization, understand!  


Understand, the first thing we need to do is not revolution, putting somebody else instead of our businessmen, putting somebody else instead of our rulers.  No!  Awakening our businessmen and rulers, helping them to see the deeper parts of themselves from the superficial skin level mind of them!  Just helping them to get into their own inner-space, give them a dip in their pure inner consciousness!  Then simply they will understand that their fear and greed which decides for billions of people on Planet Earth is completely false; it may look factual, but is not real.  See, just a few people’s fear and greed.....  It is one king’s fear the other king may kill him that makes him generate a huge army and sacrifice so many lives in that stupid concept built called “nation”.  The concept of देश” (“desha”) has nothing to do with the concept of “nation”!  And I know, I am touching too many subjects!  And I have tons and tons of questions which need to be answered.  I will!  I will!   The fear of the king to protect himself, he claims he is the protector of tons of people, and in that he makes thousands to sacrifice their lives to protect himself.  And one king’s greed to expand his kingdom goes and kills thousands of lives.  All he needs is neither sacrificing thousands of his people’s lives, nor killing thousands of other country’s soldiers; he just needs one Inner Awakening!  He needs to dive into his depth and understand that his fear and greed may be factual, but are not real. 


I am telling you, whenever you see incompletions in your life, if you understand it may be factual but not real, you will reinvent yourself, understand?  A person gets back pain.  If he thinks it is real and the incompletion is real, he can literally just collapse, I tell you!  Ordinary back pain has collapsed so many people!  They lost confidence on themselves!  Ordinary back pain!  ‘Oooh, if this continues, how will I go to office?  If I don’t go to office, how will I make money?  If I don’t make money, will my wife stay with me, will my husband stay with me, will my son stay with me?  How will I educate my daughter?  My life has collapsed!’  Over!  Ordinary back pain has collapsed millions of people!  When you think it is a real incompletion, you are gone!  If you understand it may be factual, but not real, you will approach the back pain with clarity: ‘This incompletion is imaginary’.  That same back pain can help you to reinvent yourself.  It can just support you to reinvent yourself.  ‘What is the reason for my back pain?  Whether it is my sitting posture?  Or my way of perceiving me?  Or my thinking about myself?  What is it?  Let us look in.’  It can lead you to reinvent yourself.  Ordinary back pain can make you enlightened or just collapse you!  Both can happen just by ordinary back pain! 


Same way, a simple fight between husband and wife, if you think it may be factual but not real, you will look in” ‘What can be done to go beyond it?’  You can reinvent yourself!  Or, ‘I think this fight is never going to end.  Come on, divorce is the solution!’  A simple fight, verbal fight – it may not even be a fight, just a strong exchange of a few words; even the words may not have wrong meaning, just the tone was a little loud; it was not a “meaning” problem, it was a “decibel” problem, simple decibel problem – if you look in, ‘Hey, this may be factual, but not real.’, then that incompletion can help you to reinvent yourself.  It is just “decibel” problem, not even the “meaning” problem.  Or, ‘No!  I cannot stand this torture!  This is going on forever and ever!  From my birth, my father shouted at me.  From the time I got married, this fellow is shouting at me.  And after some time my son will start shouting at me.  What, my life is just listening to shouting, shouting, shouting or what?  I can’t take it anymore!  Call it off!’  How is your husband responsible for your father shouting at you?  Is there no logically logical way of logically analyzing the logic?  Should we not have a basic logically logical system to analyze the logic logically?  Anyhow.....  Whether it is a small headache or a “decibel discrepancy problem” – I will give a new word: “decibel discrepancy problem” – or as serious as cancer, whatever may be the problem, I tell you, it may look like factual, but it is not real.


Really I am telling you, the only thing you need in the whole life is stamina to stand up till you see the victory; nothing else!  Your victory is guaranteed, understand?  Your victory is guaranteed!  The real problem is: Your fear about the failure making you powerless is the real problem; nothing else.  Your victory is guaranteed!  Just you need to know, these incompletions may look factual, but they are not real.  They are not real! 


I am telling you, my victory is the victory of Upanishads!  My victory is victory of Bhagawad Gita! 


Somebody asked me, ‘Swamiji, why is Mahadeva having poison in his throat?  Neelakanta (the blue-throated one)!  After all it did not affect him, it did not go inside.  Can’t he just throw it out?  Why is he keeping it in his throat continuously?’


Understand the secret: All medicines are poison!  That is why in Siddha Tradition, we have a word “paashaana”; means, “medicine”, “poison”; for both, the word is “paashaana”.  The “Haalahaala”, the ultimate poison is the ultimate medicine for all diseases!  He (Neelakanta/Mahadeva) keeps that in his throat.  Just by his words which come from the throat, or the breathing air which comes from the throat, he heals everyone.  Because, when it is with Mahadeva, it is no more the “poison- paashaana”, it is the “medicine-paashaana”, understand?  In the hands of murderers, even medicine becomes poison.  In the hands of Mahadeva, even poison becomes medicine!  He did not want to spit it out because these fools will gather it and use it as poison.  So, he feels, ‘Better be there (in his throat), so it will be used only as medicine.’  The most safe locker to keep the poison is His throat!  So he keeps it there and makes sure nobody misuses it, and it is used always for the good of the society, humanity.  Neelakanta, Mahadeva, keeps the poison just to use as medicine. 


I opened up a big subject of – “Zero”, when it was revealed, was not “nothingness”; it was “everythingness”.  And, today, I opened a big Pandora’s box of – “desha” is not “nation”.  So, now I have to explain so much why “desha” is not “nation”, what is the difference between “desha” and “nation”.  I will expand.  I HAVE TO!  Because, these explanations are my vision for the future of humanity.  And, I should be very clear, not “my vision”; I should not use the word “my vision”; I should use the word “the vision of the Vedic rishis” for the future of humanity.  “Desha” and “Nation”, we will explain.  I will expand on how our rishis visualized Bharata Desha should be, and how they were keeping it.  I will reveal it step by step, step by step. 


This whole Vedic Civilization’s core truth: “Completion remains Complete even when Completion is removed from Completion.  Completion remains Complete even when the Completion dissolves into Completion.”


I will continue, I will continue in the further satsanghs.  All we need is fearless, greedless businessmen, fearless, greedless rulers; that’s all.  Then Vedic Civilization will be revived.  The decision-makers should be from the space of Completion.  The more decision-makers achieve Completion, the more human beings will start living based on the space of Completion. 


With this, I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, and Causing Living Advaitha, eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!  Be blissful!