Mon, 2018-04-23 21:29
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In this video (23 April 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the Trinetra Kumbhaka breathing technique, as revealed by Mahadeva - Sadashiva. This breathing technique helps us to receive the state, space and the powers expressed by Mahadeva.
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Sri Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda, Swamiji, Sadāshiva, MahaSadāshiva, MahaSadāshivoham, Mahadeva, Trinetra Kumbhaka, breathing technique
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See, Mahadeva is giving a beautiful process of breathing… to receive the state, space and powers of Mahadeva. It’s called ‘Trinetra Kumbhaka’;the Kumbhaka name itself is Trinetra Kumbhaka. I Myself will lead. Let’s spend few minutes. I’ll intensely breathe that space of Sadā intensely inhale and it’ll literally like a explosion… it will happen in your brain like a explosion. I’ll give you the precise technique. Listen. It is not even technique, it’s a special breathing.




Inhale as...listen carefully. Inhale as slowly as possible - as much as possible - and hold the breath on your third eye, and.. as long as you can comfortably hold. Then again don’t exhale - inhale through the right nostril as much as you can and hold the breath in the third eye… as much as you can. Again don’t exhale - inhale through both the nostrils and hold the whole thing in your third eye, as much as you can. Then, slowly exhale through the left. Understand. Inhaling through left - holding - inhaling through right - holding - inhaling through both - holding - then exhaling. Only 7th action is exhaling.


But do the whole as much as you can, don’t pressurize yourself, especially if you have high blood pressure or any other serious heart conditions, don’t do.




So 7 step - inhaling through the left - holding on the third eye - inhaling through the right - holding on the third eye - inhaling through both - holding on the third eye - then exhaling through the left. Clear?


Only 7th step you are going to exhale.