Fri, 2016-09-23 08:00
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Swamiji welcomes the new batch of Inner Awakening participants who start their journey today. He gives a short recap of the basics of the Sacred Secret Science of Third Eye which he has been sharing over the last few weeks. He first explains that the words occultism, mysticism and even the word God are to shallow for Third Eye science. God does not equate Brahman, Sadashiva, because the concept of God only includes three actions: Generation, Operation and Destruction (GOD). In the Vedic tradition, the concept of Brahman, Sadashiva includes the actions of Delusion and Liberation. To talk about Sadashiva in English, Swamiji provides a new word: GODDL - the abbreviation of all five actions performed by Brahman, Sadashiva. The Sacred Secret Science of Third eye - fortunately sacred, unfortunately secret, in reality, a science. There is nothing supernatural about third eye. But for us, there is nothing supernatural about third eye, it was a lifestyle - third eye was naturally super for us. The words we use to talk about third eye matter, because thinking of it as supernatural will make it feel it is not for us, it is above our head. When even our definitions make us feel something is above our head, we give up before even trying. Three simple basic definitions: 1) Third eye is an intra organ. Just like both your eyes, it has chords and nerves. 2) The consciousness which operates your regular eyes is the same consciousness that operated the third eye. 3) The basic introduction to third eye is needed for you to start operating a new part of you, so that you know how to enjoy it's potential fully. Do not get overwhelmed by the science of third eye. It is not supernatural, it is naturally super. It is a simple science where you detoxify the intra organ, the physiological organ called third eye. And detoxify the psychological mental setup you carry, the incompletions you carry. And simply, third eye manifests as reality. It is a time-tested, fool-proof science from Sadashiva's ancient scriptures, and experienced as a reality by Swamiji himself, to share with the world. Swmiji's responsibility is to make it available and user friendly to the world. Do not get overwhelmed, the Sacred Secret Science of Third Eye is for you! Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media: