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In today’s special satsang (5 May2015), live from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, embodying Shiva’s energy, kindles the blissful space of Shiva from Ananda Vana, the blissfilled abode of Shiva Himself. The ‘Shivoham Experience—Divine I Am’ is about to divine-fold in Shiva’s City, which is city of only Gods—with Inner Awakening (May2015). Here, Shiva imbibes, embraces you from all directions as part of HIM, in His love current flowing as Ganga. Shiva’s experience of lifetimes must be physically lived. Mahadeva’s welcoming energy invites you to be here, where Kalabhairava protects you, Annapurni Devi feeds you—such Divine Living Energies are much more intensely alive at Kashi than our existence. Paramahamsa Nithyananda invites all to just be at Varanasi, the city older than legends and never ever forsaken by Shiva. If you have already made it to Varanasi, Inner Awakening—Shivoham Experience of 21-days, you are blessed with the rarest SHIVOHAM experience of Cosmic Consciousness, which makes you a Shiva Gana, embodying and radiating Shiva. He makes himself available to answer Dial-the-Avatar calls whole day to bless anyone who seeks Inner Awakening at Varanasi.
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NithyanandeshwariMadhyamaam |


Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples,  samajis,  satsanghis,  srimahants,  mahants, kotharis, thanedars,  acharayas,  balsants, visitors, viewers, everyone sitting with us in Anandvana and all over the world through two way video conferencing in Sadhana TV,  Nithyananda TV and two way video conferencing having nayna deeksha.

Cities sitting with us in two way video conferencing Ohio Aadinam,  Los Angeles Aadinam,  Kuala lumpur Aadinam, Vancouver, Seattle Aadinam, Chennai Thiruvanmiyur, Guadeloupe Rameshram, Okhalama Aadinam,  San Jose Aadinam,  Mukta Seattle, Oman Aadinam,  Dubai Aadinam, Husoor Aadinam, Bangalore North,  Grace a France, North San Antonio Texas,  Huston Aadinam, Singapore Aadinam, Bidadi, London South West, Hyderabad Guptkashi and I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Some more cities are joining like Milevalley, Kulim Malayasia, so many more cities are joining I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

2:25   And I am telling you really, literally this place is love current of Mahadeva. It is literally love current of  Mahadeva. Mahadeva’s love current can come down to any any lowest need of your life like Vandi in Madurai did not have a labor to do her job. She did not have a coolie, Mahadeva comes down as a coolie. It can be as simple as being a coolie, not having a coolie or as important as trying to know the meaning of the Vedas. The Rishis are little deluded, confused, did not know the meaning of Vedas, he comes down immediately as Dakshinamurthy. Old lady did not get a coolie to do her job, she did not have a labor to do her job, immediately Mahadeva comes down.

3:33   Sometimes I wonder how to spell Mahadeva’s love current in words. I tell you it has to be experienced physically in Anandvana the way he embraces you from all directions, from all 360 directions how Mahadeva embraces you that need to be experienced, that need to be lived, that need to be tasted. I tell you don’t even take my words for granted, don’t even think I am repeating the same. Please understand if I am repeating the same I am experiencing the same that is what it means. Be very clear don’t take my words for granted, don’t think Ohh! This is the way,No.

4:43   Every time the possibilities available. Especially if you have not tasted Anandvana last time don’t even think of missing it, if you have tasted I don’t need to invite you, Varanasi is powerful enough, Kashi Devi is powerful enough to invite you. She is powerful enough to bring you back. If you have not tasted don’t even think of missing it. Even my body feels soo…. well, understand the kind of wellness I feel from the moment I entered. See actually in the flight I was just closing the eyes and resting in samadhi. I can see like a huge light beam, that very border of Varanasi, the boundary of Varanasi was like a huge light shaft. When the flight entered into the shaft I just know I am in the field of Mahadeva. See here Mahadeva is not just Vishwanatha, all Gods put together. As I said, “there is only one God is stupidity”, that idea there is only one God is stupidity, it is stupid theory. It is just autocratic, terroristic, radical minds invention that there is only one God. There is only God is the enlighten minds invention, not only invention, the reality.

6:35   Understand, here anywhere you see, there is only God. One side you will see so much of orthodoxy and cleanliness, the other side you will see so much of dirt and dead bodies being burnt left and right but I don’t see any conflict between these two in this city. There is no conflict at all, both co-exist so beautifully, so nicely. City of Vishwanatha, understand he has allowed, he has accepted, he has imbibed, he made everyone part of himself, that is Mahadeva !  Mahadeva, a large welcoming energy in Anandvana. No one goes without food in this city even now. Please understand, anybody enters this city, Kalabhairava is there to protect them, Annapurni is there to feed them. They are all living energies in this city. Not mythological figures, not some technical figures, not some ideological representative idols NO! They are all living energies, much more living then the way you think you live. They are more intense than your very existence.

8:28   So understand, life started here, living started here, life continuous to happen here. This city is older than Legends, older then the Puranas, older than the stories, older then everything that exists. I can say atleast older twice then anything exists or you can imagine. The city Anandvana is older than Ganga itself. Even before Ganga came to planet earth, landed on planet earth, the Anandvana existed. Ganga came to have darshan of Anandvana-Kashi Vishwanatha because the city is not geographically natural flow of the water. Please understand, if the water flows naturally, Ganga flows naturally, it would have never come to Varanasi. It’s a conscious effort to turn, going against the usual the geographically defined directions. She touches Vishwanatha, bath Vishwanatha, worships Vishwanatha and then continuous her journey.

10:02 So understand Gangas journey is so beautiful, coming from the head of Bhagwan Mahadeva going and washing the feet of devotee of Mahadeva- Kapila Maharshi. Actually Ganga comes down to Kapila Maharshi’s ashram to wash the ashes of Bhagiratha’s ancestors and liberate them. So Kapila Maharshi’s, she goes and washes the feet of Kapila Maharshi’s ultimately end in the Ganga sagar, that was Kapila’s, Kapila Maharshi’s ashram. So understand from the head of  Mahadeva she comes down to wash the feet of a devotee. The devotion of devotees is so powerful and so important sometimes it is revered, worshipped much more then God himself in vedic tradition. Anyhow, this city which celebrates Ganga, Vishwanatha, Annapurni, Kalabhairava, Tundi Ganesha, Karthikeya and what not, almost all the Gods, this is the city of Gods, city of Gods and I can say every pore is pouring bliss out. It is so much inside it is pouring bliss out and especially this time, Mahadeva city and Shivoham process. I don’t know what is going to happen, what is going to happen to this city and to all of you. I am really wondering because first time I am holding Shivoham process in Shiva’s place.

12:07   Say I went and did Shivoham process in Varanasi for one day sorry Pondicherry one day, eight earlier installed the Garbhas awakened. There was a temple in Pondicherry, thousands of years before where our ashram is at present. The energizing Garbha which usually installed under the deity, it just got awakened, eight of them,and here I don’t know how many Garbhas are installed all around. Atleast I can comfortably say 200, in Varanasi all these will be awakened, Shiva and his bhootas, ganas, God! I don’t know what is going to happen …. (laugh)… but I know for sure one thing only good will happen. Mahadeva’s energy is auspicious, most auspicious, causeless auspiciousness, Shiva is just he, that’s all, it’s just he and so all I can say is, it is going to be atleast the Shivoham process in Varanasi going to be atleast 200 times more intense and more powerful because when Pondicherry Garbha got awakend, the Shivoham process was atleast eight times more powerful because the eight Garbhas were awakened. Here atleast 200 Garbhas are going to be awakened with the Shivoham process and this process will be atleast 200 times more powerful.

14:04 Understand not 200 percent, 200 times more powerful. So literally each one of you are going to become Shiva Gana, Shiva Ganas, radiating the Shiva Bodha, the joy of Shiva.

I can go on and on and on but the essence of what I am trying to say pack your bags as early as possible, just come and be here and enjoy the Shivoham that’s all it means, that’s all it means. Enjoy the love current of  Mahadeva, enjoy the Shivoham process, enjoy the Shivoham experience and ..(Video cut)


14:55 My blessings let you all radiate with integrity, authencity, responsibility, enriching, causing Living Advaita Nithyananda.