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Today’s (18th April, 2015) Nithya Satsang on Ishavasya Upanishad in Living Advaita Series. Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the sacred secrets of experiencing Cosmos and our need to constantly seek for ultimate experiences from it, till we become Shiva. Universe is constantly expanding and so does an Enlightened Being expand into new experiences continuously, in whom the seeking never disappears. Stopping seeking is worshipping ignorance (avidyām upasate). Mumukshatva or Seeking means always searching for Reality and not allowing any stagnation to happen in anything we do. Speaking on human possibility, he explains in-depth that our possibilities do not stop with human values with some charity, compassion, social services etc. These are good acts, but never attempt to kill the traditional Hinduism, which awakens the extraordinary, mystical super-human possibilities in us. He insists to have extreme questioning to the Cosmos for everything and search the Reality, by our bold, intense seeking, which is likened to a tantrum-throwing child, who keeps asking the Cosmic Mother. Isha Upanishad – Verse 9 andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate | tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 || Today’s Vakyartha Sadas, topic for spiritual explorations on truth is – how to keep seeking continuously, how not to allow the worship of ignorance in our life, avidyām upasate? How to keep your seeking alive. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām

vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I will expand on the 9th verse of the Isavasya Upanishad.


andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||


The literal meaning, translation:


Those who worship avidyā, the ignorance that veils the true knowledge of Truth, Consciousness, enter into blinding darkness characterized by the absence of perception; but into greater darkness of ignorance than that, enter they who, considering themselves as scholarly and learned, are engaged in vidyā, the incomplete knowledge acquired for vested interests characterized by the impure perception of Truth, Consciousness.


Listen, the essence is: do not stop seeking. Anything can be given up, not the seeking! Never, searching for the truth, higher, higher, higher. Listen. Universe eternally expands.


I am defining Enlightenment, listen.


Enlightened being is a person whose mind has disappeared so he constantly goes through new, new experience and expanding, continuously seeking, understand! I am using the word ‘seeking.’ In who the capacity not to seek has disappeared is Enlightened Being. In you, still there is a part of your mind which can put you in boredom or tiredness, you can stop seeking at one day, that is why you are still a seeker. If your seeking becomes eternal, there is no part of your mind exists to make you bored or tired, and it becomes sure you will be seeker forever, you are an Enlightened Being.




Enlightened beings, they become one with the Cosmos, that is the ultimate experience, but not final, because Ultimate itself is constantly alive, not carved in stone! Ultimate is not carved in stone, it is a powerful happening. It is a constant happening! Every time I fall into Samadhi, I just know I am pregnant with billions of planets. I am just pregnant with billions of planets. Understand, when I say I am pregnant with billions of planets, means, I am constantly delivering, delivering, delivering. Swallowing billions and delivering billions. Infinity! Cosmos, is a happening. It is not a dead state. It is a alive, living, happening! Understand.


andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||


What Upanishads are trying to declare through this verse, listen, what Upanishads are trying to declare through this verse, I am revealing that sacred secret:


Universe is happening, even all Enlightened Beings continue to seek. See the Enlightened Being seeking means continuous expansion, continuous expansion, so, even if Enlightened Beings are expanding, seeking, happening, then, you should be seeking. Kill all parts of you trying to become stagnant!


Any stagnation is disease. Body, if you are able to bend 40 degree, make it at least 41 next day, don’t stagnate. Mind, if you are able to understand some concepts for five minutes, make it at least into 6 minutes next day. Killing all parts of stagnation in you by the constant inspiration and excitement is seeking.


Understand, I am defining seeking. Above anything, if you are seeking something in the outer world, you will have the gifts of that world–luxury, comfort, name and fame, whatever comes from society. But if you are seeking from the death, you will get what you are seeking.


Understand, seeking should become your very being. Mumukśatva means constantly looking for Reality. Don’t allow any stagnation; all stagnation is stupidity. Stagnation is stupidity. If somebody is stuck, that is hell, the most cursed space. Hell! Nothing, nothing less than hell.


andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||


Being stagnant, stuck, is worshipping ignorance. Whether trying to understand the good, bad, right, wrong, the laws of the Universe, or the laws with which your self functions, laws with which life happens, go on seeking it. Understand. You will never get an answer, but you are not supposed to stop seeking, because the reward for your seeking is experience, not answer. If something is told to your very being, it is experience; if experience is limited to your logic, it is answer. Response from the Cosmos to your seeking, if it is limited to your logic, your seeking is also limited to your logic, Cosmos will reply to your logic, it is answer. If your seeking is from the depths of your being, Cosmos will reply to your very being, that is called Experience.


Thousands of My experiences, please understand, I am revealing one important sacred secret, thousands of My experiences came to Me just by My seeking, not practice. Let Me put it in open: I never did any practice. Let Me be very clear, whoever believes, let it be on record: I never did any practice in My Life! I teach meditation to millions, never sat with closed eyes to meditate. I know, it is very difficult for you to believe, we have so many photos of You meditating... Never I sat for meditation, I always searched for “what is” at the time; sometime eyes automatically closed. When I was sitting to seek, to search, eyes automatically closed, so those moments you can call it as meditation, but I am telling you, always I was in search with My whole being, I was seeking with My whole being, so all responses to Me came from Cosmos to My whole being which was experience, which was experience. Never, never ever, I did any spiritual practice or meditation separately; all My experiences were gift to Me as a response to My seeking. I am telling you, if at all you need to do something, you just need to sharpen your seeking. Blessed are those who have seeking in the life! Stupid are those who lost seeking in the life, or never had it. Some of the best people whom I love are all sincere seekers, still.


Please understand. Just like money, wealth, car, luxury can make you forget your seeking for a time being, even Sangha, the coziness, love of the Master or the positioning in the Sangha, even that sometime makes you forget your seeking. Whoever continues to keep his seeking alive, even basking in the glory and My love, I continue to love them, understand. My love comes to you as a gift if you continue to seek, it will be continued to shower on you.


At any cost, don’t stop seeking! The moment you stop seeking, you start worshipping avidyā; you start worshipping ignorance. You start worshipping ignorance. Whatever is become stagnant in you, sometimes the pain makes things stagnant in you, not suffering, understand, suffering never makes you stagnant, only pain. I will give you the difference: the exact actual happening of your life is a suffering, never makes you stagnant, but constantly remembering you had suffering and making yourself painful makes you stagnant. A remembrance which puts you in emotional turmoil, that makes you stagnant, understand.


Do not allow any form of stagnation in your life, for any reason. I am not here just to make you guys as good human; no! I am here to make you guys as super human! It is a possibility! And, maybe for “the communist, anti-Hindu media” this quotation will suit in a big way; “oh being human itself is super,” ah, this will suit who? Goodie goodie, anti-Hindu, middle class, poor fellows who get’s cheated. All the anti-Hindu forces use the human values as a pseudo-Hinduism to cause the death of traditional Hinduism. This could have been possible before 1978, not after that. Being human is great, human values are great, no doubt, but don’t say that itself is super. No! If you say that is super, you are a duper. Don’t try to kill the mystical possibilities, the super human possibilities, of traditional Hinduism! All this modern day human value organizations, see, I appreciate human values, great; do charity, love, be happy, all these are great, but don’t say there ends life. God has not created you to run a charity organization...




...are responsible for death of traditional Hinduism, I am telling you. I wanted all of you to be doing lot of service, charity, being good, all that, but don’t stop there. Where you will stop? Becoming Shiva. It is only after you become Shiva,



...but you can’t stop! See, because I am sitting in such restful awareness, don’t think I stopped! You can sit in restful awareness in your flight seat, but you have not stopped. You can run as fast as you can in a stagnant bullock cart, you are not moving anywhere. More than what you are doing, where you are matters for your life progress. You can be doing all types of kriya, yoga, pranayama, chichichiggachigga, sitting inside a bullock card, where bullock is not even tied, you are not going to go anywhere; you are not going to go anywhere. You can be as restless as possible, as active as possible, you can be as pulling and pushing as possible, you will be only there. You can be even lying, resting, after sipping a cup of juice or anything you want, but if you are lying in the flight, you are moving, you are flying! Understand, My sangha is a flight! What you do does not matter; where you are matters! What you do does not matter much; where you are matters. The human possibilities does not stop with human values, understand.


Seek about everything, you have a right! You have a right to question the whole Cosmos! I am giving you a simple secret, simple secret, listen: if you have a stomach pain, don’t try to think “why there is stomach pain, what did I eat, is it indigestion, gastric, what is the reason, why am I having?” Don’t think that way. Try to ask, “why, first of all, this very habit of eating and digesting?” Start questioning the roots, you will be declared as rebellion by Cosmos, all your needs will be met. It is a child cries loud gets attention first! If you think, “should I do this pranayama, that yoga, take this herb,” yes, you may get your stomach pain cured, you will have a headache tomorrow. But question the very root, always go to the extreme of questioning, when you question the very root, “why this question of eating, digesting, getting energy from food,” when you go to this, you will be the child crying louder, Cosmos will reply to you, not only get rid of the pain, but get power to become Nirahari! The child who cries louder gets not only candy, but keys to store room, “whenever you feel, go eat, don’t cry, don’t create a mess!” Understand, if you cry, “ohhhahhhhhh,”



...learn how to throw tantrum with the Cosmos. No question the very root, source, why first of all this body which has a possibility for disease? Why? So let your whys go to the depths; understand, just one child, Naciketa throwing tantrum, Yama Deva has to sit and obey Naciketa! Learn to throw tantrum with the cosmos, because you have a right over it! Cosmos cannot just brush you aside, push you aside, saying, “you throw tantrum, I will do my job,” if you read the Vedic literature, so many reference will be there, Rishi sitting in one corner of the forest meditating, Indra’s throne burns!




...exploited our wealth, they all lost spiritual seeking! You don’t need to curse them at all; losing the spiritual seeking is the biggest curse! If you have not lost the spiritual seeking, don’t worry, nothing is lost! It means, you know how to throw tantrum and make the Cosmic Mother open the treasury, godown, for us. Seeking is nothing but your ability to throw tantrum and get the attention of the Cosmic Mother. Hare, I am telling you, just sit under one tree with that depth and decision of seeking, simply Kailasa will shake! Don’t try to be Ravana, trying to shake Kailasa, you will be caught under. Just be a yogi, Vishnu cannot sleep there! Vaikunta will have a tsunami! He has to come down and attend to you! Because, after all, Vaikunta, Kailasa and all is a parallel universe of your Anahata chakra is Vaikunta, of your Ajna is Kailasa, if you shake your Ajna, Kailasa has to wake up and Mahadeva has to appear in front of you! Don’t be arrogant out of your seeking; when you are seeking, arrogance will not even happen. Very pure, clear, confident and the straight guidance I am giving you, not arrogance; when you open your third eye, Kailasa will open, I am just revealing some of the very deep sacred secret to you. If you sit and open your Anahata chakra with a depth of seeking, simply the Narayana has to wake up from his yoga nitra and appear before you, “My son, what do you want?” Indra’s throne will burn; have you not heard the stories? There are not stories, they are Truths. They are truths, pure truths.


Understand, any moment, if you stop seeking, you start worshipping ignorance, avidyā. Today’s subject for Vaakyartha Sadas is how to keep seeking continuously, how not to allow the worship of ignorance in our life. Avidyā upāsate, worship of ignorance, how it should not be allowed? Understand, I am not here just to make you guys goodie-goodie, no! I am here to make you intense! Powerful! Beings radiating miracle powers! I am from the country and tradition which exports 70% of the spice to the world, so Me and My tradition, My country, everything is spicy, not just sweet sweet; spicy, understand.


These human value promoting organizations are okay, but don’t think of replacing the traditional Hinduism! Keep up, do your work and stop there, don’t declare that is the ultimate. You may be useful to you and society and I am happy about it, but don’t try to claim that is the ultimate. This fight continues from the period of Daksha and Mahadeva. Prajapati Daksha, making people live comfortably with human values, what should be done based on Manu Smruti, right, wrong, human values, but stop with it, don’t try to claim...




Enlightenment, because larger society is always unconscious, superficial, they just stop with the human value, charity, the feel good feeling, but that cannot stop the depth of Hinduism! That should not stop the depth of Hinduism. Fight continues between the Brahmanical tradition and Shaivite traditions, from time immemorial, started between Daksha and Mahadeva, still continues, continues, continues, Soham or Shivoham? It continues! When you stop seeking, you settle down for just little happiness, charity, being good, little love, compassion- all these are great, but not greatest. All these are great, but not greatest. Experience the depths of your being, awaken the Shiva in you, let Shivoham be your reality! In Varanasi, so much of charity happens, but, Varanasi doesn’t stop there. You can’t brand Varanasi as a city where charity happens; no. In Varanasi, nobody needs to beg, just sit on the bank of Ganga, you’ll get food, shelter, money, whatever you want, including bong, but Varanasi doesn’t stop there, it doesn’t end there, there is so much of spiritual depth to Varanasi, it is Shiva, that is Shivoham! Varanasi itself represents Shivoham! There is so much of extraordinary powers in every street corner of Varanasi. The other day, one devotee staying there said she saw a man who could sit in Ganga underwater holding breath for over one hour! There are thousands like that in Varanasi, consciousness is a reality in every street corner of Varanasi. Be a seeker and feel blessed you have a Guru who constantly deepens your seeking, never just puts you in some social charity and makes you forget your seeking; even My charity work is based on seeking, making more and more seekers, I will do charity only in that line! Other charities, we will do, but we won’t tell the world, because we aren’t interested in any award, reward.


Stop the worship of ignorance, never stop your seeking for any reason, let your seeking be continued. Keep your seeking alive! Awaken continuously! If you are incomplete, I am asking you to enrich, understand, by that action I am keeping your seeking alive; I could easily have put you in some human value charity work, you would have forgotten your seeking; feel blessed I have not diverted you, abused your trust on Me, by just putting you in some social service, to build My glory, “see what My organization is doing?” and destroying your life; I am not that irresponsible! Even our charity should be Jnanadāna, enriching. I could have easily put you in some social service, humanitarian work, because the whole society runs behind it! Yes, I ask you to do, but I am very clear, it is not the end of your life, or My life, or anybody’s life.


Grabbing lifestyle creates charitable religions. Grabbing lifestyle creates charitable religions. Listen. When you grab in trillions, you do charity in a trivia. When you grab in trillions, you do charity in cents and a few dollars and keep that in the front to justify your grabbing, like Sun TV does one crore charity per year, and they will show that for so many days in their channels. Understand, life doesn’t end, nothing should stop your seeking, that’s all I am trying to convey to you, not just your wealth, name and fame, even your good charitable activities should not stop your seeking or make you worshipper of ignorance! Avidyā should not be allowed, that is why I am so clear: charities stopping seeking is the reason for the death of traditional Hinduism; or I should say, attempted murder of Hinduism. Anyhow, the people who attacked, we can’t file on them, because Hinduism is not dead, it’s only attempted murder, only attempt to murder.


Come to Varanasi to revive your seeking, tasting Varanasi with the Shivoham experience will just revive your seeking, reclaim your seeking! Make yourself alive again! The Shivoham, the very experience of Shivoham, will make yourself so alive and seeking. Age old tradition. Varanasi will give you the taste of Shiva and depth of your seeking. If you have become the worshipper of ignorance, you need Varanasi IA to get out of it; if you feel stuck, you need Varanasi to start flowing again. Even Daksha Prajapati, after getting the sense, by Veerabhadra, went away to Varanasi for Enlightenment. Daksha Prajapati spent his last years in Varanasi searching for enlightenment; Mahadeva’s blessings, because just human value based lifestyle is not ultimate. Some of the brutal anti Hindu forces killed and converted, but even from them we were able to save ourselves; but the cunning sweet anti-Hindu fellows using charity values and trying to replace the depth of traditional Hinduism, they are the most cunning, we fell prey for them. We fell prey for them. Anyhow, it is over, it’s all the era before 1978, not after that. We will not allow the death of traditional Hinduism! We will not allow the death of traditional Hinduism.


Today’s subject for Vaakyartha Sadhas is: how not to allow the worship of ignorance, avidyā upāsate, how to keep your seeking alive.


With this, I will move to the next segment of the morning satsang, Dial the Avatar.