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This discourse delivered on 5 Aug 2017,Paramahamsa Nithyananda starts a new series, where the future on this day [i.e., 5 Aug 2018] what will be the sangha. He explains that the life of an incarnation's script is written frist then it is enacted that is why it is called Leela, drama in the Universe. In this discourse he reveals many truths about the Kailasa, the Sadashiva's Banyan Tree. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:`
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nithyānandeśvara Sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari Adi Shakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Samajis, Satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, Visitors, Viewers, everyone sitting with us all over the world. I welcome all of you with My love and respects.




Just like we have started new series, ‘Autobiography of the Avatar,’ Nithyananda history, like today August 5th 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, all these past years on this same day, the available photographs video graphs of the incident, whatever has happened, the past we are chronicling.


I am personally starting a new series – ‘the future the next year on this day what will be the Sangha,’ I will start. You guys match and publish how it is unfolding and becoming reality. The 5th august 2018 – with 5000 Aadheenavasis in Bengaluru campus, as Āchārya of Niranjani Peetha and with 700 branches all over the world, Sangha will be. Let it be on record.




So now, every day, I will give the glimpse of what will be the next year on this day. So, let’s start a new series. Understand. Ordinary man’s history is written after he lives. An incarnation’s script is written first, then it is enacted. That is why it is called leela. It is called leela, drama in the universe. Sometimes these fools scream, ‘I think he is acting, he is acting.’ Arre, fool, not only I am acting, I am making this whole universe act.




Nadipavanum, Nadagam Nadathubavanum, Nayaganum , nane 




I do have some more beautiful, mystical news to share with all of you, which will be proven in course of time with enough of supporting evidences. Today the moment I saw the Kailasa, I just remembered these few facts from the cosmic archives.


See, whenever you see some person, place, you remember about that person and that place and all that from your memory. Whenever I see a person or place, I remember it from MY memory. The moment I saw the Kailasa, first thing, how many of you have not seen the Kailasa there? I am not talking about the Kailasa here. Kailasa there physical eyes. Raise your hand. Soon we will have to do something, I will organize.




I commit with you guys, I will make arrangements and everything. Either I will accompany you guys, may or may not be, but I will organize the physical darshan of Kailash. Only thing if your health doesn’t permit I can’t do it. So prepare your health. Doctors need to certify. Your health need to be sound enough to go there. If your health is okay, I will not deny you for any other reason. We will organize and I will now start working on it. I will start working on it.


If your eyes have not seen the Kailash in the physical world, see when I say eyes in the physical world, that real Kailash’s reflection is this. Kailasa in Tibet, if you have not seen that Kailasa, when you come there, you will not even have your eyes functioning. Understand, so, don’t miss seeing this Kailasa, It is too important. Only if your eyes see this Kailasa and settle with it, when you come there, for that grandeur, your eyes will be able to even cognize.




Kailai katshy Karim pozuthu kan koosamal erupatharkae tan kailai boomidhanil kati namai ellam uruvakkum Idam antha thirukailai 




Understand, when you actually come to the Kailasa your eyes should be not be frightened overwhelmed. Your eyes need to be trained for that only. HE made the physical Kailasa here, so your eyes will accustomed, in tune, when you come there. You will not close your eyes, you will not freeze. Anybody wants the space in the Kailasa, don miss seeing this Kailasa at least once when you are in the body. It is too important. It is too important. If my health permits I will join with you guys because I have decided to work and came down. Or you can use Me to give you the initiation and conduct the spiritual process. If you don’t do that, I will do that also because I cannot leave that. If you do that then I will only the initiation part then I will have more time and I will be able to….So, finally it boils down to you guys, collective responsibility. If you guys feel or still you always feel, ‘O, still I am responsible,’ these various mental setup. I tell you, this cunning criminal mental setup, ‘O, I am responsible. Nobody is supporting me.’ That nobody is nobody other than you. Whenever you become responsible Sadashiva Himself supports you.




You can use Me in any level you want, but I have decided to be useful as much as I can in whatever way I can. These various cunning mental setup – ‘O, I am taking responsibility. Nobody is supporting me.’ That is the first cunning responsibility. Then next – collapsing, ‘no I can’t do anything, that’s all, I am useless, I am useless.’ Yes, if you say you are useless, ok, you are a patient. You need treatment. You will no way be useful for the Universe, world. Then naturally I will have to take the responsibility on My shoulder. Understand. It is simple black and white. Intense activism, involvement and deciding to make it happen. Nothing else is useful. Nothing else is required. The stamina, energy in the guts to make it happen. – will persistence.



Do you know in how many places the oppositions I am facing, but I don’t cognize even once ‘nobody is supporting Me.’ I am very clear ‘because I have taken the responsibility Sadashiva Himself is supporting Me. He Himself is manifesting. He Himself is doing everything.




Understand. You will have in your inner space ten choices. One thought current – O, I am trying my very best. Nobody is supporting me. Loser. Losers don’t sacrifice. Losers are the arrogant, abusive fellows. Out of arrogance and abusiveness no sacrifice will happen. This is another one thought current.


One more thought current - Oh if I take responsibility I am only questioned. I am not supported. You are given everyday food. That is a support. You are given all your basic needs. That is a support. You are given all the survival needs. That is a support. But nobody bothers about all the support available. They think, ‘O all my work everyone will do and I will put my name.’ That is what is called support. So, if that is what you are defining and expecting as support, you will have Bhouta Ganas taking care of you. All these thought current will run in you. It is you who need to decide to which thought current you are going to give life. To which thought current you are going to give life. You are an adult, decide to which thought current you are going to give life. Your life is to going to be like that, that’s all. To which thought current you are going to give life, your life is to going to be like that, that’s all.


Understand. Somebody decided to have a Ganga snan and started his journey from Rameshwaram. Today he may not have Ganga. He may only have the streams on the roadside to take bath, but only if he does not dilute his vision, goal. At least after one year he will reach Ganga and have Ganga Snana.




Today you may not be as you really expect you to be or as I really want you to be. You may not be, but only if you keep my vision for you alive and moving towards it, at least in next 1-2 years you will be settled, radiating and manifesting that vision. Understand. Life happens to you when you decide to make it happen.


If you are sitting saying, ‘’let things automatically come.’ Automatically only one thing comes, that is problems. Life happens to people who consciously decide. That is actually a good news. It comes to you only the way you consciously decide. Means what - You develop, you decide, you design. Habba, that is such a good relieving news. I know there will not be any unexpected problems, that is a freedom, feeling empowered, It is we who decide and design the life to what you are loyal that will be your life, to what you are integrated that will manifest in your life.




So the first thing I felt when I saw the Kailasa ‘everyone should go and see’. I will make sure and I take the responsibility that all the Aadheenamvasi’s get the darshan of the physical Kailasa with your physical eyes, so your consciousness is ready, its able to handle when you face the real Kailasa, that radiance, your eyes don’t shrink or withdraw and its able to handle the radiance. That’s first.


Second - The real Kailasa of the 11th dimension of the universe or I can say that beyond the 11th, there is no 12th,  it’s like a beyond the 11th Dvadashanta – the dimension of the Kailasa has reflected in few places. The hill form reflected on the Kailasa, which is in Tibet. The Kalpataru under which Sadashiva is sitting is reflected on this banyan tree, as this banyan tree.


That is why Kamika Agama clearly describes ‘Southern side of the physical Kailasa, under the Banyan tree Sadashiva sits. Including Kapila all the Saptarishis were around. Near there is a hill where seven huge rocks representing Saptarishis. On those huge rocks those Sapatarishis were living and meditating. Sadashiva revealed the Agama under this banyan tree to all those Rishis and Kapila Mahamuni.


That Kamika Agama dhyana shloka describes this scene. Understand, and during the Treta yuga), sorry, I think Dvapara, when Sri Ramachandra came to south, He was living with Sita and Lakshmana during the exile in this Ramanagara, this is where the Kakasura vada [killing of demon named Kakasura] happened.




That time the Swayambhu Linga under the banyan tree now, which we have in the name of Nithyanandeshwara Sadashiva, this was the Jyotir Linga available in this whole area. So He used to do puja everyday here. This was His Ishta Linga. Understand. He installed one more Linga after killing, Kakasura vada. After killing Kakasura, he got the, He has to install Shiva Linga and do puja to remove the dosha. That Rameshwara is there in Ramanagar in that temple itself. That is the first Rameshwara. The Rameshwara in Rameshwaram is the 2nd Rameshwara. So the first Rameshwara is this. This was installed by him, but here this was Swayambhu Linga which was there before. He used to worship this Linga every day. He will come and offer worship, and under this banyan tree Sadashiva revealed Vedas, Agamas and Upanishad’s to Sri Ramachandra.


Listen. I will collect enough of botanical and all other evidences and establish this truth, and I will do all the carbon dating and establish this truth. I am not making some random statement. Soon I will establish this truth.




And Sadashiva revealed Veda, Upanishads and Agama’s to Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana once more under this banyan tree. Then again after Sri Ramachandra went back to Ayodhya, victory, killing Ravana and winning and going back, Hanuman asked Sri Rama to teach the essence of the science of moksha. Then with this whole team Bharata, Shatrugna, Lakshmana, Sita and Hanuman, Sri Ramachandra goes into Nirvikalpa state and comes out under this banyan tree and explains all the 108 Upanishad’s as he received from Sadashiva and chronicles it. Understand, one of the important dimensions of Sri Ramachandra – He is the first organizer of Veda’s. Nobody is talking about this dimension of Sri Ramachandra. Vyasa organizes much later. The first organizer is Sri Ramachandra. It is Sri Rama who talks about all the 108 Upanishad’s and 4 Veda’s. The names of the Veda’s and the Upanishad’s of those Veda’s, the whole thing is organized and presented first time in the Vedic literature as Muktikopanishad, 108th Upanishad. That was done by Ramachandra Prabhu to Hanuman. To Hanuman He reveals, you need to know in Hindu tradition, the Shruti, the original scriptures, Smriti is remembered. Only till Rama the recognition and respect of the Shruti. Even for Bhagwad Gita, it is only Smriti. It is only the part of Mahabharata, Itihasa, Purana. Only Muktikopanishad is respected and revered and accepted as a Upanishad, apart of the Vedas.


Understand, Sri Ramachandra is the last compiler of Shrutis. After Him no compilation has been accepted as Shruti, means Shastra. It is all only the Smriti, remembered not revealed. In Hinduism two types of scriptures – revealed scriptures and remembered scriptures. The revealed scriptures are Shruti. The remembered scriptures are Smriti. Understand. The last revealed scripture is Muktikopanishad that was revealed by Sri Ramachandra Prabhu to Hanuman under this banyan tree. That is why monkeys always live around our banyan tree. Understand. Never disturb those monkeys. They are here for pilgrimage to see where their master Hanuman, Hanuman achieved enlightenment. This place Devi experienced Oneness, Saptarishis, Kapila and all of them were revealed experienced Oneness and Sri Rama, Sita Lakshmana, they all have been revealed Agamas and they experienced Oneness and Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmi, Lakshmana they have all been revealed and they experienced Oneness and Hanuman experienced same Oneness from Ramachandra Prabhu. It’s a pilgrimage center for all their followers. Understand. Just like followers of Shiva, followers of Devi, followers of Kapila come here for pilgrimage, darshan, all the followers of Hanuman including all the monkeys, all of them come here for darshan. Darshan of this place to see their where Lord Hanuman became enlightened.




 The Kamika Agama very clearly says..


kailsadakie śṛṅge nnāścarya samanvite | 

~ (Kamika Agama, Purva Pada, tantravatar patalah)

On the southern summit of the Mount Kailasa associated with multifarious wonderments, there
is a seat under the full-grown vata-vriskha, which seat is thickly covered by its shadow and which is exceedingly wide….




The Vata Vriksha should be translated as banyan tree. Actually, I will describe this whole scene and carve it. Soon I will authenticate all this information with more evidences, which you can relate with and understand, which your logic is able to cognize. Of course, if you are a disciple My word is the pramana for you, your cognition, your depth immediately cognizes. If you are yet to be disciple, understand, this is the definition of disciple:


If I utter something and your being immediately cognizes it, if your depth immediately cognizes it, you are disciple.


If you say, ‘No, no, you are saying I understand. But I think I am waste, I am not able to cognize it.’ Then you are a waste only. Who says ‘No’? Then no doubt, you are absolute waste and you are not going to get consolation from Me, and you are not going to get any consolation from Me. Consolation is not completion. Completion is for courageous people. Completion is for courageous people.




All thought currents runs are front of us, we decide to which thought current we should give life. We decide to which thought current we should give life. Be adult and give life to the thought current, which will give life to you.


Understand. For anything you give life and that gives life to you – is Dharma.


dharmo rakshati rakshitaḥ |


The statement has two meaning:


One - If you protect dharma, dharma will protect you. Dharma is which will protect you when you protect it. It is definition of dharma also. It is not only the quality of dharma explained. It is a definition of dharma also.


Understand. The word  - dharmo rakshati rakshitaḥ  - means when you protect it, it protects you, and definition of dharma is ‘when you protect which protects you only is dharma. When you give life to a thought current and that thought current brings life to you, that is dharma. That is the right thought current. If you give life to the negative thought current, that is not going to bring life to you, that is going to kill you, destroy you.


If you say, ‘Ooo I am a failure. Ten years I am here. Nothing could be done. Let Swamiji...” You don’t have to sacrifice your seat and behave like a sacrificer.


(30:28 )


If you give life to this thought current it is not going to give life back to you. So, it is not dharma. You are giving life to adharma. Any thought current if you give life to it and it gives life to you, that is dharma. Instead if you give life to ‘Aye, yes, I may not be completely as Swamiji wants but surely a lot has happened, I am going to make it happen keeping Swamiji’s vision continuously, I am not going to waste time, and energy and life empowering the wrong thought currents. I am going to empower only the right thought currents, which is going to give life. So, when you empower that and that gives life to you, is dharma.




 Understand. Losing is not cute. Losing is nothing but lazing. New word – lazing with your life is losing. Taking your life for granted. Taking everything given to you by Sadashiva for granted and waiting for some more things to be given to make it happen is laziness.


All compassion, all support will be given to you when you give life to the thought currents of dharma, because My love, my attention is energy. Understand. It’s pure energy. I should empower you when you are empowering the right things. When you are empowering the wrong things if I empower you that’s it. That is your destruction. It is like giving boon to Bhasmaasura. Sadashiva gave boon to Ravana, He gave boon to many people. At least all others lived for quite a long time, only then died. This Bhasmaasura within few seconds of the boon he destroyed himself, because he got support for completely wrong thought current. Absolutely wrong thought current, but what can be done. That is what he wanted. Be Bhasma Deva, not Bhasmaasura.



It is you who need to decide to what thought current you need to give life, and actually that thought current, which you choose, gives life to body and health. Don’t think your health chooses your thought current. No! Your thought current choses your health. Body is matter. Thought current is little more living matter, not consciousness, but living matter.


Thought current is the salt that decides the taste of your life. What kind of a thought currents you chose, that kind of a taste you will have in your life. Don’t expect Me to support your life negative thought currents and that will be curse on you.


If you entertain Dharmic thought current, even My curse will be blessing on you. Because I can never curse. I can only wake you up.  I saw a Facebook posting, some of our devotee, he has put a posting. If you say, ‘With oppositions and problems you can never survive and grow, I can never believe because I am Nithyananda’s disciple.’




It is criticism, opposition, all the atrocities done to us has become a manure and fertilizer for us to grow. I buried all of that and made it into fertilizer and growing, manure and growing.




Powerful patience of Bhumaataa [mother earth], not lazy patience, active patience of Bhumata is the power of changing the opposition into manure. Understand, all the criticism, oppositions attacks, slander, everything you face in your life, face it with the powerful patience of Bhumaataa, you will convert the whole thing into manure and fertilizer for your growth. You are Nithyananda’s disciple.


Essence of today’s satsang:

We don’t believe criticism, oppositions, scandals, attacks; slanders stop us from reaching where we want, achieving what we want, because we are Nithyananda’s disciples.

Powerful patience, patience without losing the integrity towards our authentic identity is what I define as powerful patience, will persistence. So, the hashtag for today is #nithyanandadisciples


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So with this. I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, living Shuddhādvaita Shaivam, Sadāshivoham, the eternal bliss Nithyananda.


Thank You. Be blissful.