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The Secret of Wealth Creation the Vedic Way

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Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda began by saying life can be equated to 2 things. 1. The ability to achieve what you want in the inner or outer world or 2. Just getting stuck in both the worlds. "Wealth can be equated to the life energy you express. Everyone wants wealth, but they do not increase the life energy in them to the level they want it. So be very clear if you do not have wealth, don't blame anybody. You are not expressing life in you. Life energy is not happening in you. I can tell you wealth itself is not wrong. Your concept about wealth if it is correct and proper, not only it will not be wrong, it will be right." He went on to present first few basic concepts about wealth properly. First when a man decides to create wealth, do not steal. Create wealth. You will have wealth and great fulfillment, and your energy will be towards creating wealth not destroying others. The consciousness attitude which works towards creating wealth makes you non-violent because your whole energy becomes creative. Creating wealth brings tremendous interest in life & non-violence. "If you have at least the goal of creating wealth, you will be creative -- your energy will be channeled properly. The first priority in your life should be for moksha -- enlightenment. Till that happens, the second priority can be creating wealth -- not grabbing, robbing or stealing but creating wealth." "Seekers always justify their poverty as their spiritual quality and innocence. Nonsense. They are stuck with the so called mentality of sick and broke. They are not seekers but sickers." "The new smriti I am declaring very clearly now -- Not creating wealth is sin. Just like grabbing, stealing, robbing, accumulating wealth in wrong way is sin, same way, not creating is also sin." Vedantis missed to give a right understanding about wealth to society. Right understanding about wealth is life. I wanted all of you to understand donating or doing charity is nothing wrong, sharing is nothing wrong -- great. But being cheated is something seriously wrong. Life's flow is work. If you are not creating wealth, all your work is happening in wrong direction. Awaken the creativity in you. Remove the hatred for work and creativity. He went on to give exact techniques and process to create wealthy consciousness. "First you need to create a wealthy consciousness which is ready to take the responsibility to create and sustain, which is ready to take the responsibility of being creative. eN Kriya is a direct technique, method, process for creating a wealth consciousness in you." He is also creating the technique and technology for creating a wealthy consciousness in you. That is the program eN-Wealth. "I will speak about how an enlightened man creates and sustains wealth."