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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome you all with My love and respects.


I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Samajis, Satsanghis, Nithya Satsanghis, Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, Visitors, Viewers, Subscribers, YouTube Subscribers, Everyone, sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, two way Video Conferencing, having Nayana Deeksha all over the World.


Today, Maha Ganapati is gracing all of us, on Svarna Gaja Vahana, golden elephant vehicle, in Sarva Alankara. Sarva Alankara means, the kavacha, jewelry, mala….please understand, the kavacha, jewelry, mala, head to toe fully jeweled, sandalwood, perfume, everything – sānkaaya, sayudhaya, savahanaya, sabārshdaya with all the paraphernalia, when He graces, it is called sarvālankara. Today, He is gracing in sarvālankara, I think sandal and incense….sandal and perfume, need to be done, almost sarvālankara. Let’s have his blessings, then enter into the Satsang.


(2:38) (Arti performed to Ganesha)


Today, we also have, Gajamukha Asura Vadha, in the form of elephant itself. One demon comes and tries to attacks, Gods and Goddesses. So, Ganesha kills the demon and saves the Gods and Goddesses. Today we will have the celebration to re-enact the leela [divine play] of Ganesha.




Let me, enter into satsang. Recite the fourth verse, along with Me. Actually from today, I also….I am also going to start something new. I am going to prepare everyone, for Sadāshivoham from now itself. Not only on just Sundays, on Living Shuddhadvaitam Process, even everyday. All the days, I come for Satsang, I am going to supporting and preparing, all of you for Sadāshivoham 2016. So, actually Sadāshivoham is all about Third Eye. The whole work is going to be making, Third Eye completely available, with all its powers, literally making your Third Eye, as  Sadāshiva’s Third eye. Actually, it is, on your Third Eye only you feel, You. That is why, the Third Eye Chakra is called ‘Ajna.’ Ajna means in Sanskrit – two meaning, Third Eye and WILL. Will is also called as Ajna. Third Eye is also called Ajna in Sanskrit because Third Eye is the seat of the Will. So, the ‘aham’ your Will, will become  Sadāshivoham, Cosmic Will. So, the whole work is to make you experience the aham, your will into Sadāshivoham, Cosmic Will.




Almost, all the spiritual traditions on planet Earth try to work on Third Eye, but only I can say, not out of any arrogance, pride, or anything, simple fact – only Shaivaite tradition, Adishaiva Sampradaya only is successful in developing the powers and opening of the Third Eye, as a science. In some other traditions, there were some accidental openings. People stumbled upon, accidently it opens to them partially, little, or a flickering, but Adi Shaiva Sampradaya, Sadāshiva not only opened it completely, He developed clearly this whole thing as a Science and presented it to us. He made the whole thing. He revealed the whole thing as a science and presented it to all of us. The most authentic, original source of the Third Eye, source of the Third Eye awakening science, Sadāshiva – from all the Agamas revealed by  Sadāshiva  – Sixty-four, which is popular in the North, twenty-eight, which popular in the South, other seven, which is popular in the middle, the Madhya Pradesha area, of India. All this, Complete Works of Sadāshiva, from the Complete Works of Sadāshiva, whatever methodology, science, available for Third Eye, on Third Eye, about Third Eye, you will be experiencing it in Sadāshivoham. It will be like a, ‘Complete works of Sadashiva on Third Eye.’ Everything He has done on Third Eye, revealed on Third Eye, I am bringing it, into experience.




First time, I will be giving jñāna-anjana means the bio-energy of Sadāshiva’s Third Eye to all the participants. From the Day 1, you are going to work on jñāna-anjana. Actually the first Darshan itself you are going to have only after having jñāna-anjana. Only with jñāna-anjana you are going to have to have first darshan of Sadāshivoham 2016. Jñāna-anjana is the powerful way of transmitting the bio-energy of the enlightened Third Eye to the…. to your Third Eye, so that your Third Eyes can open up. It is like a transmission of the lamp…transmission of the lamp and jumping of the flame. As long as jñāna-anjana is on your Third Eye, it is equal to continuous energy darshan. It is continuous energy Darshan.



Experiences, expressions, powers, experiencing the Cosmic Oneness –  SADĀSHIVOHAM, expression means SATCHIDANANDA – consciousness, knowledge, bliss – all these are simple expression, casual expression of that  Sadāshivoham, Shiva Sayujya Anubhuti and the powers, the multiple powers of Sadāshiva. Sadāshiva, is described with thousands of countless heads and countless hands. Each head represents a power, each hands represents a power. Radiating, all those powers. Fortunately, Sadāshiva is opening the door for everyone, directly by HIMSELF. If you think, nothing will work for you, “How much ever Swamiji may give, I have to be prepared to receive na” If you think, nothing will work for you, then this program is for you, because this is going to be a challenge between you and Sadāshiva. More thicker the pattern is, more thicker the power is going to be. More THICKER your pattern is, more grander the power is going to express, because the whole science is from ‘Pattern to Power.’




Power means what? - “Pattern Over is Power”, P Over is Power.


Unless the Power manifests, pattern is not completely complete. Only when the fruit, with the seed happens, the original seed of the tree is complete. When you put a seed, it has to give a fruit with the same seed. Only then the seed is complete. Same way, all pattern will be complete, only when it expresses as Power, not before, not before. Power! I have a question from YouTube Viewer.


Swamiji, how do I open my Third Eye?


First thing, I want to tell you, Third Eye can be opened. Second thing, I want to tell you, for the sake of God, please open it. Third thing, I want to tell you, do not believe the stupid fellows who say, ‘it cannot be opened or it should not be opened.’ Do not believe the stupid fellows, who say, ‘it should not be opened.’

In Indian nursery schools, there is one story.

Fox goes to a grapes garden. The grapes were little high, the fox jumps, jumps, jumps, could not reach the grapes, then, finally he declares, “I think these grapes are sour”, and went away. That is exactly, the frustrated fellows who declare, ‘for the sake of God, don’t open it and it is not necessary.’ I tell you, it is necessary. Second, it is possible. Third, the science is available. Fourth, I experienced it. Fifth, I already shared with a set of disciples and established the authenticity of the science. Sixth, I can give you.




For the heaven’s sake, don’t believe the fellows who say, “It is not possible, who say don’t open it, who say it is not necessary, who say, no, no, no, you will get Siddhis and you will get caught in it.” Not only, some of the tubuku Gurus, even some of the jukujuku followers, the stupid fellows, who have no credibility says, “If you open Third Eye, you will get extraordinary Siddhis and you will get stuck and you will not get enlightened.”  Okay, okay. Even, if we take that statement as true, if somebody is stuck in the level of Siddhis, that is much more forwarded stage, than being stuck in…. without having anything. Only, if you had a Siddhi and renounced it for the sake of Enlightenment, you have right to talk about having Siddhi and getting stuck. Otherwise…... All My disciples should be equipped, with the right answers. If somebody says, “Oh!... you will get Siddhis, and you will not progress further in Enlightenment.” Answer them, “Yes,”… we are not taking you, to the next level….. Actually the question need to be dealt….the doubt need to be dealt, in four, five ways. One, first of all, what Swamiji is teaching, is not Siddhi, it is Shakti. Siddhi is mother’s sister, Shakti is Mother.




Listen, that’s the first thing. Second thing is, let’s talk to you… in your logic, because I don’t think, you’ll be able to come to our logic. We will talk to you in your logic. Okay, have you had Siddhis and experienced that stopping you from Enlightenment and pulling you with the other side, like Rambha, Menaka, Urvashi in front of Vishwamitra?  If you have really faced that situation, then come and talk. Oh!, I had Siddhis and I gave it away, I gave it upon it, to have Enlightenment,” the come and talk Siddhis and gave it away.’ then come and talk. Otherwise…….

First thing, I want to tell you, what I am teaching, what I am helping you to experience, what you guys are manifesting, this whole science, is from Yoga Pada of Sadāshiva, which is Shakti, not Siddhis. It is not the Siddhis described by Patanjali, in Patanjali Yoga Sutras. The methods of Ashtanga Yoga is different and the methodology of Shastanga Yoga is different. In Shastanga Yoga of Sadāshiva, the very basis, context, understanding is different and the way we begin the journey is different, the way we manifest the powers is different. Listen, I have to remove many weeds to plant the right seed. Lot of stupidity, myth, wrong information, false information, lies told about the Third Eye. The fellows, who neither know the science nor interested to know the science, nor are capable of knowing this science, go on saying, “Oh, the grapes are sour.” I tell you, I have very good, sweet, seed grapes. Don’t get cheated by somebody who says, ‘that grapes are sour.’ The Science is available for the whole humanity. I tell you, it’s a gift I give it to My disciples for the love they carry for Me. If they feel, ‘two eyes are too little to hold me, two eyes are too little. How can I hold you, just in this two eyes, it is getting overwhelmed.’ Then, I say, “Alright, then have, divyam dadāmi te chakshu.”  




It’s a gift. Maybe I can show the people who have been receive…..who have received as a gift from me, I can make them show it to you. It is given to the disciples, who come with love, surrender, devotion, ‘who feel these two eyes are not enough to hold you, even if I hold your feet, in the dry eyes, it may get  little hurt, let it be little wet to hold your feet.’ People who hold the feet, with two eyes, which is wet, with the bliss tears and feel the two eyes are not enough, then it is given as a gift, “divyam dadami te chakshu.” Have it, enjoy it and I am declaring it, whoever wants to learn, experience Third Eye, from today, I am starting a series of sessions on Awakening Third Eye and manifesting Sadāshiva, through your Third Eye. With the grace of Sadāshiva, the various experiences, expressions, and powers of Third Eye, will be shared with all of you, as a science. I request whoever wants to experience, express, manifest, powers of Sadāshiva, through your Third Eye, become a YouTube Subscriber.

Every day learn, the secrets of Third Eye, Sadāshiva himself will be revealing the science of Third Eye, making you experience the science of Third Eye. I invite all of you, I welcome all of you, already more than ten different powers, explained by Sadāshiva in Agamas, scientifically established, reproduced, manifested, tested, validated, by us, initiating many of the disciples. So I am ready. Anybody comes with curiosity…..if you are a seeker - welcome, if you are a poker - get lost. I am ready to play the game of the seeker but not poker. Yes……



With this, I bless you all, let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhādvaitam Shaivam, the Eternal Bliss – Nithyananda Thank you. Be Blissful.