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nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari ādiśakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām 
vande guru paramparām ||



I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all of you, all the Sarvajna Peetha Yajaman’s, Nithya Satsangi’s, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, the Devotees, Disciples, Visitors, Viewers, Science of Inner Awakening participants, sitting with us in all the ashrams, centers, aadheenam’s, YouTube subscribers sitting with us all over the world, at this time through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us long list, so, I welcome all of you with My love and respects.



The other day I was talking about how the Kalabhairava took over the administration of the campus and I made a statement ‘if you want hair, better make jatta, otherwise you may become bald’, I think one devotee got frightened, ‘how can you make this statement?’. I said ‘array, you don’t know our relationship, aadheenavasi, see, a devotee and Me, disciple, the devotee and me relationship is completely different, Guru-Disciple relationship is completely different. I wanted to tell that devotee, ‘For you Shaivism is option. For us it is life. For you Agama’s are burgers. For us Agama’s are breathing.’ No in the Facebook she has put a big note ‘How can you say like that?’.  If you don’t have jatta you will lose your hair’. Fool, I am less ferocious. My Guru’s would have told, ‘If you don’t have jatta you will lose your head, not just lose your hair!’. I am too polite, understand. I am too polite. Agama’s are life for us. I think the onlookers, visitors, viewers need to understand I am talking to intensely committed audience. Understand, I am talking to somebody who is following my words. Please understand, this is a very important thing - when I declare some of these rules of the Agama, I am taking to somebody for whom this is life. Agama is option for you, but for us it is survival, breathing, like a breathing. It is a life. And I wanted that devotee to know, when I declare I am Sadashiva, I am not declaring a state. I am declaring a relationship. I am Sadashiva for the people who want me as Sadashiva. That’s all. I can also ask, ‘you declare yourself as wife for somebody, husband for somebody, brother for somebody. Then are you brother for the whole world? No! Who wants to have brotherhood with you, for them you are brother. You may declare you are a friend. Who wants to have your friendship, for them you are a friend. So, when you declare you are a friend, you are not declaring a state, you are declaring a relationship. So, when I declare I am Sadashiva, I am not declaring my state or ego or arrogance or pride. I am declaring for the people who want me as Sadashiva, I will be your Sadashiva. I will cause your reality if you want. So, when I declare I am Sadashiva, it’s a relationship status I am declaring. So, when I declare ‘if you don’t have jatta you may lose the hair, it is not for you. It is for my aadheenavasis who are sincere and committed, who wants to live this life. It’s not that they have given their hair, they have given their head to live Agama.



This need to be understood. When I declare few of these Agamic understandings, like vegetarianism. Some people cannot understand vegetarianism. From where will I get protein? This is a big problem. Once even in the US, I was speaking to a very big guy, a doctor, and subject came about vegetarianism. I said I promote vegetarianism. He asked, ‘Are you a vegetarian?’. I said, ‘Yes, I am vegetarian by birth’. ‘From where do you get protein?’. I said, ‘From where the elephant gets protein, I get from there.’ From where elephant gets protein? From plants, trees, vegetables. From same source I get protein. Anyhow. Many things, No really! Its fundamentally a cultural shock. Nothing else. Its fundamentally a cultural shock. Nothing else. It’s like my Father passed away when he was 50 and next trip after my father passed away, next year when I went to US few devotees from US, from the different cultural background, they said, ‘when will your Mother remarry?’ In India we don’t even think about it!! In India if somebody asks this question, even this question has no meaning! It is a cultural shock. I think this devotee also had a cultural shock when I said, ‘Better before you become bald have jatta. I think ‘she’, it’s not ‘he’. It’s she. And she had a cultural shock and she wrote a big message, ‘How can you say this? How can you utter these words?’ ‘Array, I have not uttered ‘If you don’t have jatta you will lose your head! My Guru’s would have uttered that only. I am very socially polite. I am actually diluted version. I am not a ferocious version really. So, understand, all these declarations are made for some people who are really committing their life, who are really interested in living it. I tell you, as on now we are the largest group in the world claiming extraordinary powers and living together. Understand, as on now we are the largest number of people, we are the largest group living together claiming extraordinary powers and possibilities as reality. Of course, we are giving tons of evidence, we are demonstrating, showcasing, all that is one, even claiming it is possible needs guts and courage. Even to claim, understand you need to break the biggest enemy – self-doubt. Biggest enemy in your life is not from outside, but from inside. Actually, to create largest number of manifestors is not difficult. But to create largest number of people who manifest and claim they are manifesting, that is the most important thing. Means, not only they manifest, they are ready and they are completely confidant enough to declare and show you and make you understand. That is not a joke.



Understand, claiming is not pride. It is invitation. Claiming is not pride. It is invitation. The ‘Trinetra Tilaka’ is not pride, ego declaration. No, it is not reward, award. It is a invitation ‘Come and explore me’. Come and experience me. Come and experience the possibility. Come and experience the powers. Trinetra Tilak is not pride, reward, award, claim. It is invitation to taste, invitation to experience the possibility, the power. Just yesterday casually I initiated few of my team people into a power. These monkeys come every day to my quarters to eat the grains. I told these guys, ‘eh, give them fruits and feed them. And anyhow our monkeys immediately got up and they all got the fruits and started giving to them. They politely took and ate. I told them, actually they dropped the peeled skin on the floor. I told our monkeys to instruct those monkeys, host monkeys to instruct the guest monkeys – ‘eh, properly go and put it in the dustbin, they will understand. And actually our guys told and they did it. They went and dropped in the dustbin, they actually did! I told them, ‘see, simply understand, they know your language’. And I told them, ‘eh, give them water for drinking. And our monkeys, host monkeys gave for guest monkeys and they drank. I told them, ‘tell them to come properly everyday on time and feed them. And take care of them. They are highly integrated. Actually, just few days before I was talking about the power manifesting zoo’s and I started the enrollment already! First instruction for them ‘Eh, keep the place clean. And actually, you will be surprised. They straight went to the dustbin and dropped the remaining skin everything on the dustbin and went. Even our brahmacharis, aadheenavasis, they will throw near the dustbin. They threw exactly on the dustbin. Very sincere. Next batch of power manifestation for animals starts.



See, one important thing – when super conscious breakthrough is given, even the internal organ gets re-organized because the internal organs are fundamentally produced by intra organs. See, it is third eye which manages these 2 eyes and retina and the whole ENT system. If the third eye is empowered by the super-consciousness, the whole ENT system and the both eyes completely go through a powerful transformation. This is the science, foundation science, I tell you whatever the modern-day medicine is claiming that some parts of the brain which only human beings have, monkeys don’t have. I am going to initiate them into super-consciousness and they will grow that part which they are not supposed to be having as per the medical science. I will show them how the intra organ develops the internal organ.


Listen, let me claim once more the thesis I am proposing. This is the thesis I am proposing, theology I am proposing – Intra organs, intra organ means the yogic organs which the modern-day science does not know, the third eye, vaak, anahata, all these are the intra organs. Internal organs are lungs, heart, kidney, intestine, liver, whatever, whatever. All these are internal organs. What I am claiming as per the Agama and as per My experience, shastra pramana, apta pramana and atma pramana, the internal organs completely go through a transformation and breakthrough when the intra organs are infused with super-consciousness.


If your third eye is infused with super-consciousness, your both eyes newly get built, your whole ENT system newly gets built. If your vak is infused with integrity, your whole breathing system, speaking system, the internal organs newly get built. Listen carefully, I will demonstrate monkeys and other few animals which do not have many of the internal organs we all have. By initiating them into super-conscious breakthrough, they will grow these organs and I will establish it, prove it through a scientific medical test and researches. I am declaring after testing this software yesterday. Yesterday actually casually I tested this software. It was perfectly working. It was perfectly working. It was perfectly working. That is the reason I am claiming now.


Understand, let this be on record, within a year I will establish this. I will develop a proper, phonetic, linguistic capable vocal cord for monkeys, phonetic, linguistic capable vocal cord for lions and tigers. We are going to have bulls and cows which will talk to you very clearly, legitimately in Sanskrit and Tamil.


Understand, it is going to be a large scale super-conscious zoo laboratory where many of the animals have extraordinary possibilities, still they have not lost it, like, a cat can see in the darkness. Those capabilities plus their third eye awakened, they will evolve one of the best eyes and retinas. Understand, those eyes can be transplanted to human body. Once their third eye is infused with super-conscious breakthrough, the internal organs they develop can be shifted, transplanted to human beings. This whole software, last few days I was downloading along with this amrutattva aushada software. Very casually only I started testing with those monkeys, ‘C’mon let me see whether at least, they listen to Me. And they were so clearly listening to My instructions. They were very sharply listening to my instructions and doing it properly, executing it properly. I always know the super-consciousness can be given as a command to animals, but yesterday I was trying not just as a command, but as initiation. Whether the power goes and settles in their system and I saw it was successful. It was successful. And when the super-conscious breakthrough happens, the whole new set of internal organs gets built. That new set of internal organs getting built and demonstrating it medically and when they leave the body naturally, transplanting them for human beings. This is going to be one of my important contribution to humanity. Understand, just like Gurukul, this is going to be next one of my important contribution to humanity. I am not claiming anything. I am putting it on record what I am going to do. Why I am putting it on record? Because many things which I am demonstrating now, it all started opening up when I started doing 6-7 years before. But unfortunately, I did not put it on record. If I have put all this on record at that time, now I am demonstrating, it would have had their history, its history. We missed many history because I did not put it on record. I don’t want to miss any more histories. Now the software to give a super-conscious breakthrough to animals, through that super-conscious breakthrough growing a new set of intra organs and internal organs in animal body, making them manifest extraordinary possibilities and powers, when they face a natural death transplanting them to human beings and making human beings also manifest those same extraordinary possibilities and powers, the science is already downloaded and available for humanity. Soon you can see all this manifesting and getting recorded and becoming part of the day to day practical life of humanity.



Actually, I just need to initiate all of them and let them live as they want for 2 years. Within 2 years they will develop the whole set of new intra organs and internal organs. If you medically scan, x-ray, scan or analyze them, people will be shocked, doctors will be shocked. Because these animals are not supposed to have these internal organs. How come they developed these internal organs? That is the power of super-consciousness. Actually, it is going to be completely new breed of animals, new breed of human beings, new breed of animals and new breed of human beings going to be evolved. It is not genetically altered or genetically developed. It is consciously altered and consciously developed. With this I will start answering your questions from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and social media. Let me start e-sarva darshan with this. Start.



Q: Vishwadeep has asked, ‘Swamiji, why other Gurus are so strict and refuse to give any secrets or access to powers whereas you on the other hand, so compassionately showering initiations to access the powers?’



Vishwadeep Mattey, let me read out your question - ‘Swamiji, why other Gurus are so strict and refuse to give any secrets or access to powers whereas you on the other hand, so compassionately showering initiations to access the powers?’


Vishwadeep, understand, I am not Guru. I may be using the human body but I am not human being. I may cook once in a while but I am not a chef. I may do the job of the Guru, teaching, but I am not Guru. C’mon. Vishwadeep, if you call me as Guru, it is faulty generalization. It is faulty generalization.


First thing I want to tell you, ‘Qualified disciple receiving initiation and the secrecy maintained by the so-called Gurus to withhold the knowledge, powers and the information, these two need to be thoroughly understood. Understand, if there is a wild river, you need to build bank, not the dam. If you feel ‘oh, too many people will misuse these powers. Then plan and develop a system where people cannot misuse, not that you will develop a system where people cannot use at all. If you are afraid there may be misuse, abuse, create a system to stop that, or minimize that. You can’t say the science itself should not be available to planet Earth. No. Build embankment, not dam.



Somebody actually asked me, ‘Swamiji, if the other country army people come and get trained by you about these remote vision, body scanning, all the power and go there and misuse all these powers?’. I said, ‘C’mon, then I will evolve a system, already I have evolved a system, nobody can misuse. But you can’t say ‘just because of that risk this very science cannot be shared with the world. Build banks if you think river is wild, not dam. This idea of not giving the secrets is justified saying people may misuse. No! Today one of our Naga sadhu from JunaAkhada came. Through his male organ he pulled the car. How many of you saw? Understand, it is a power actually. It is a big possibility. He has mastered it, the yogic power.


Actually, a very strict, very powerful, physical, mental, psychological, emotional brahmacharya is required to master that power. He mastered that. He has mastered his whole system. Naturally now he can go to the next level and manifest other powers. Understand, all these great sciences, powers should not be killed in the name of secret and secrecy. Everything should be made available to the world. And not only available, people should be given the intelligence to practice it with maturity. That’s all. Right solution for right problems. Not wrong solutions for right problems. Understand, so if at all the so-called Gurus are afraid that people may misuse, you should evolve a system where people don’t misuse. Not that you will never teach and keep it as a secret.


And I give you one secret, Vishwadeep, ‘Anybody says – Oh, I know, but it’s a secret, it’s not for you. Then be very clear he doesn’t know.’


He doesn’t know. And at least one thing be sure – he doesn’t know to transmit. Somehow, he got one cup of tea but he doesn’t know the science of making tea and serving you. From somewhere he got one cup of tea. But he doesn’t know the science of making the tea and serving you. From my side I am ready to initiate you guys into all 400 powers.


See, only these 2 is required.

1.    All the powers you are already initiated, you should start enriching others, you should start causing others reality using that power. You should start getting grounded in those powers. I can just raise you to the next power casually, very casually. You just need to get enriched, strongly manifesting the powers which you are already initiated. I am ready for all 400. Ball is in your court. Ball is not in my courtyard. It is in your court. I am also getting ready to initiate the next set of powers to balasants - Jalasthambana, Agnisthambana. I tell you, actually, if you manifest all these powers only you will be able to live happily brahmacharya.



See, brahmacharya is such a creative energy, you can’t just seal it and suppress it inside the box. You just need to manifest as powers and play with it. That is when you will be a real brahmachari. So, with this I bless you all.



Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, living Shuddhaadvaita Shaivam, Sadashivoham, the eternal bliss Nithyananda. Thank You. Be Blissful.