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In today’s (2nd September 2014) morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Samskara Dahana Kriya and Perpetual Completion. First everyone doing SDK should take an oath to not exploit others who had shared with them during SDK. Secondly all the steps must be followed and thirdly he described SDK as being like a psychological enema. Doing 48 days of SDK is equal to Perpetual Completion. SDK is the easiest method of all the spiritual practices to have an experience of Advaita and it will save your life. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Samskara Dahana Kriya, Perpetual Completion, not exploit others, all steps must be followed, psychological enema, easiest method, experience of advaita, it will save your life.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis, visitors, viewers, participants, all of you, with my love and respects.  People who are sitting through Sadhna TV, Nithyananda TV, two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha, I welcome all of you.


Cities sitting with us in Nayana Deeksha: Ohio-Prayag, Phoenix-Kanchipuram, Scottsdale-Arizona, Washington DC-Sripuram, Los Angeles-Hollywood, San Jose-Madurai, Amersfoort-Netherlands, Warrington-UK, Seattle-Chidambaram, North Carolina, Ohio-Ma Shivananda, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Oklahoma-Somanatham, St. Louis-Tirumala, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Nithyanandeshwara Temple-Pondicherry, Singapore-Singapuram, High Point-North Carolina, Vancouver-Canada, Grasse-France, Jorpati-Nepal, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Sugarland-Texas, Kulim-Tiruttani, Morris Plains-New Jersey, Houston-Kalahasti, Hebbal-Bangalore, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, Nithyananda University-Paris, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad........... 

I welcome all of you with my love and respects. 

Today I wanted to expand on how the Samskaara Dahana Kriya helps you for Perpetual Completion.  I am seeing many reports from all over the world, that in so many Centres, temples, ashrams, the Samskaara Dahana Kriya is happening every day, lot of people are participating. 


First thing I wanted to remind all of you, before the Samskaara Dahana Kriya starts, everyone should take an oath with integrity that they will not misuse or abuse the information they receive during the Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  That oath everyone should take.


Second, the whole Completion, all the steps should be followed, including sharing with five lives and listening to five lives.


Third, forty-eight days it should be done continuously; or, one or two days if you miss, make it like in one day itself two sessions, morning and evening.


I tell you, Samskaara Dahana Kriya will remove the naturally accumulated vengeance.  Please understand, just like naturally, because of what you eat, one part becomes the unnecessary thing which needs to be pushed out of the body, same way, because of your day-to-day functioning in life, in your mind one part gets accumulated which needs to be sent out.  Just like the biology, the psychology has its own excreta which it needs to send out.  Samskaara Dahana Kriya is like an enema for psychological excreta which needs to leave your system, understand?  Whatever physically needs to leave your system, if you give enema, it will leave.    Samskaara Dahana Kriya will make all the psychologically unwanted things to leave your system.  Forty-eight days of Samskaara Dahana Kriya will literally make you live in Perpetual Completion!  Enlightenment cannot be made more simple than this!  I tell you guys, more than this, enlightenment cannot be made simple!  More than this, living life cannot be made simple!  Not only enlightenment, even life needs Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  With accumulated vengeance don’t think somebody else is going to suffer.  Accumulated vengeance convinces you that vengeance is required for you to exist, that vengeance only is giving you the right ideas in the right time to defend you and protect you and save yourself.  That is the way it exists, it continues to have power over you, understand?  Samskaara Dahana Kriya teaches you life.  More than this, life cannot be made simple, life cannot be made easy.  So, whoever wants to live, please do Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  Whoever wants to live, please do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. 


Every day, Samskaara Dahana Kriya for forty-eight days will heal you so much, it will heal you so much!  I tell you your whole brain will feel new; not just your mind, even brain!  Your whole inner-space will feel new.  It is the most easiest process, easier than any other tapas.  I can say, one Samskaara Dahana Kriya is equivalent to at least hundred days of Pancha Tapas.  One Samskaara Dahana Kriya is equivalent to hundred days of Pancha Tapas!  See, when you do it, first ten days only all the incidents you remember with pain will come up.  After that, the deeper pain patterns, which you hold on, the deeper Self-Denial patterns, Self-Hatred patterns, they will start coming out.  Only when those deeper patterns like Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, all that comes out, you will wake up to life.  Till then, please understand, life is not to be lived just to justify your existence.  Most of us exist just to justify.  That is why in justification we do Ph.D!  I have many Ph.Ds in Justification, and they are so intelligent how to justify themselves.  In justifying themselves they are thousand times more intelligent than me.  In that even I fall when I hear their justifications.  Understand, but the existing, existing just to justify you, and the level of justifying you, itself is such a cheap way of existing.  Don’t do that!  Don’t do that! 


Existing to justify yourself is the poorest or minimal existence.  Why do you need to justify yourself?  Because of the constant Self-Hatred and Self-Doubt you carry.  When you do Samskaara Dahana Kriya continuously every day, all those patterns will start coming up after ten days.  All those patterns will start getting completed after ten days.  By the thirtieth day, the most subtlest patterns which stop your enlightenment, they will start coming out.  They will be usually the Self-Denial or Self-Blackmailing.  You will know very clearly when you write your patterns itself, the person who is frightening and getting frightened, both are you; it is just your own extension which is frightening you; it is you who is getting frightened. 


Just a few days before one of my sannyasinis came and said that she has so much suffocation about this Indian dress.  I smiled and said, ‘I have no problem.  You wear what you want to wear.  But complete with this pattern as early as possible, because that pattern is nothing but you suffocating you!’ 


When you do Samskaara Dahana Kriya you will understand the deepermost patterns of you suffocating you. 


If I have to declare some ritual as the official ritual of our Nithyananda Sangha, I will declare Samskaara Dahana Kriya as the official ritual of our Nithyananda Sangha.  Means –


The moment child is born, the mother should do this Kriya for eleven days at least. 

The moment the mother is pregnant, throughout the pregnancy, nine months she should do this ritual.  

The moment child is put in the school, the child should do that Kriya for at least eleven days.

The moment the child attains puberty, the child should do at least twenty-one days this Kriya. 

Whenever you are depressed, you should sit and do this Kriya. 


If you are getting married, before the marriage at least forty-two days both the persons who are going to get married, both of you should do this Kriya. 


Before you are planning to conceive, you should do this Kriya at least twenty-one days. 


Before your death, you should do at least forty-two days.  If you are doing this Kriya from the time you are born, again and again, you will know when are you going to die, and you will fix the date and you will simply plan, and do the Kriya, and leave the body! 


Now I am making this as the Smrithi, the Code of Conduct, for Nithyananda Sangha:


Every day, in all our temples, all our ashrams, all our Centres, in the Rudra Homa Agni, in the fire of Rudra Homa, the people’s samskaaras should be offered.  All the people who are practicing the Samskaara Dahana Kriya in Bidadi, if you are doing it late night, next day those papers, those karmas, those samskaaraas, should be offered into the Rudra Homa Agni.  All our temples, ashrams should do this every day sincerely.  I really expect all our temples also should start doing Rudra Homa.  All our temples also should start doing Rudra Homa.  Please understand, all our temples also should start doing Rudra Homa.  Every temple should start doing.  It is possible!  Every day people should come to the temple and do Samskaara Dahana Kriya, tear those karmas, patterns, and put it in a corner where you should keep a box for all the offerings to be put in the Havan, Homa.  Let the people put those papers, their karmas and go.  You take it and offer it into the fire, the Rudra Homa fire.  In places like Bidadi, the fire should be all the time kept so that whenever people want they can come and sit and do Samskaara Dahana Kriya and offer their sheet, offer their karmas and patterns in the fire, Agni, and go. 


And you can also do Samskaara Dahana Kriya with the deities.  You can first share with Ganesha, then go and share with Venkateshwara, then share with Lakshmi, then share with Mahadeva, then share with Devi, then, finally, share with Subramanya, and, ultimately, with Guru.  Offer the Samskaaraas, the patterns into the Agni, the Rudra Homa Agni, and go. 


This should become the official ritual, this should become the official ritual of the Sangha all over the world.  We should be known as the temple removing samskaaraas and patterns.  We should be known as the temple removing all the bad samskaaraas and pain patterns.


Constant, Perpetual Completion happens only by Samskaara Dahana Kriya, only by Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  Please understand, please listen, only when you do this Samskaara Dahana Kriya for twenty-thirty days, you will even understand you are nothing but a collection of your patterns and samskaaras.  See, that knowledge is the basic knowledge, basic requirement for you to decide to do Completion.  Otherwise, as on now, you will be strongly associating yourself with those patterns; you will not give up on them; you will not give up on those patterns!  Even if you give up one pattern you will feel that you have done a great sacrifice and you are growing spiritually.  You have hundred stupid patterns and you are having pride just because you have dropped one pattern?  These pain patterns should be dropped completely.  Whether you are not able to get up in the morning – that is one pattern.  If you sit for a long time in Padamasana and have knee pain, that is one pattern.  Feeling bored?  That is one more pattern.  Feeling tired?  One more pattern.  Feeling frustrated?  One more pattern.  Not feeling enthusiastic?  One more pattern.  Not feeling excited about life?  One more pattern.  Trying to constantly justify your existence?  One more pattern.  You will even understand all this is a pattern only when you do Samskaara Dahana Kriya for at least thirty-forty days! 


All the ashrams, all the temples all over the world should have this Nithya Agni, Eternal Agni, where people come and do Samskaara Dahana Kriya and drop their samskaaraas and go.  When they drop their samskaara paper, they should tear that paper to the extent that nobody should be able to read what they wrote; they should tear it completely and drop it in the fire and go; and the priest should burn that whole thing when he does Rudra Homa in the evening.  Every day the Rudra Homa should be done, burning our patterns, burning our patterns and samskaaraas. 


Understand, even devotion can happen to you only if you remove all the pain from your heart, from your being.  See, if the food goes inside you and never comes out, it can lead to constipation and all the sicknesses.  Same way, all your pain patterns, if they don’t come out, it will lead to frustration and just desperation, not liking anything, does not want anything; it becomes that tantrum-throwing child inside you, just wants to demolish everything, break everything and run away somewhere.  Where will you go?  After going there, from there you will run!  Running from place to place due to desperation cannot be called Parivrajaka Yatra, understand?  Many fellows running from one place to another place because of desperation think they are doing Parivrajaka Yatra.  No!  Parivrajaka Yatra happens, Parivrajaka Yatra happens only when you move out of joy.  I tell you, I was moving like a banyan leaf in the breeze.  When a leaf falls from the tree, in the breeze how it moves, that is the way I moved in my life.  That is why my Parivrajaka, even to remember, it is a joy for me!  But, in desperation if you travel, even if you remember, it will be a pain pattern for you.  Understand, even to know what is pain in you and what is not pain in you, you have to do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. 


Forty-eight days if you do Samskaara Dahana Kriya, it is equivalent to one Inner Awakening!  I tell you, wherever you are, if you just learn Samskaara Dahana Kriya and do it forty-eight days, it is equivalent to you attending one Inner Awakening!  Now you have a method, free Inner Awakening technology!  Freely you can have the benefit of Inner Awakening!  Anybody who has the pattern – ‘Oh, how can I pay for Inner Awakening?’ – do at least this: Forty-eight days do Samskaara Dahana Kriya in your own Sangha wherever you are. 


I wanted all the Mahants, Kotharis, to facilitate more and more people doing Samskaara Dahana Kriya in your cities, in your ashrams, in your temples, in your Centres, in your houses.  Till you are enlightened even you should do, and you should go on insisting, encouraging people should do the Samskaara Dahana Kriya, because, this is the time you will get to look into the depths of your being.  See, till you realize that the Self-Doubted and the Doubter are one and the same, the Self-Hater and the Hated are one and the same, the Self-Denied and the person who is denying are one and the same, the Self-Blackmailing, who is blackmailed and blackmailer are one and the same, you should do Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  When you know both are one and the same, the Complete Completion will happen in you, Complete Completion will happen in you, the Perpetual Completion.


I tell you, unless you solve all the problems of your life from the space of Advaitha, you won’t be stable, you won’t be stable in life.  So, you solving all your problems from the space of Advaitha is required.  If you want your husband to be stable, wife to be stable, son to be stable, brother to be stable, your teamily members to be stable with you, help all of them to do Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  I want all of you to be stable with me; that is why I am so insisting on you all doing Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  Whoever you love, make them do Samskaara Dahana Kriya, because, only then your love will be stable with them, their love will be stable with you. 


Whether birth or death, for all the dasha samskaaras, dasha karmas of Hinduism, we should do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. Whether it is Garbha Dhaana, Anna Prashna, Naama Karana, Vivaaha, any ceremony, any samskaara, the person should be made to do Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  Every samskaara in life, you should do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. 


All the spiritual practices, all the techniques, all the methodology that ultimately leads to Advaithic experience, after analyzing all these thoroughly as much as I can, I am offering you the most simplest, straightforward, powerful lifestyle to live Complete Completion.  People saying, ‘I don’t want to have Completion’, they don’t even want to have Completion, is the worst situation people can be in.  Sometimes I am seeing people saying.  They are so incomplete even with all Completion techniques, they have so much incompletion about Completion!  They don’t even want to do Completion!  They don’t want to get out of their suffering.  All they want to do is they want to prove their point is right.  Trying to prove their point is right, they are ready to destroy their whole life. 


Samskaara Dahana Kriya will liberate you from this painful existence.  If something or somebody can save you, it is only Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  Listen!  It is only Samskaara Dahana Kriya.  It is only that that can save you, that that can save your whole life.  Do Samskaara Dahana Kriya. 


Ultimately, I give you all my blessings, let you all be inspired, excited, and do it intensely wherever you are, the Samskaara Dahana Kriya, every day, at least for forty-eight days, and be freed from all the pain patterns, pain samskaaras in your life!  Let you all be liberated!  Let us all be liberated!  Only when you do it, you will also feel excited to enrich others.  When you enrich, you will be more excited to do it. 


I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!