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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda revealed the truths behind the origin of the Cambodian Temple, Angkor Wat, which he will visit with Inner Awakening participants this December. Much older than the 900 years that western historians have believed, this temple originated from Tamil Nadu in southern India! How was the largest temple in the world moved all the way from India to Cambodia? And better yet, why? Watch this Satsang to find out more!
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, visitors, viewers, sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us all over the world having Nayana Deeksha: Ravensburg-Germany, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, St. Louis-Tirumala, Tallahassee-Florida, Indrani-New Jersey, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Ohio-Prayag, Houston-Kalahasti, Seattle-Chidambaram, Charlotte-Srisailam, Singapore-Singapuram, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Los Angeles-Hollywood, St. Louis-Tirumala, Jorpati-Nepal, Houston-Kalahasti, Amersfoort-Netherlands, Toronto-Kailasam, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Los Angeles-Hollywood, Scottsdale-Arizona, Scottsdale, San Jose-Madurai, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles..... Melangkot-Nepal(?), Nithyananda Nagar-Tiruvannamalai, and Nithyananda University-Paris...........

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

I was seeing Cambodia....when we were presenting about the Inner Awakening, the moment I started the subject of Cambodia, I think many people who are watching the satsangh relaxed.  Many who are watching the satsangh relaxed: ‘Oh, God!  He is going to talk something about spiritual subject.’  Arrey, I am a spiritual guy!  I do only my spiritual work; sit and be chanting Shivoham, Shiva Rama, Krishna, Govinda, and doing my work, and whatever I know as Advaitha experience, spirituality, enlightenment, yoga, Puja. I will be doing myself and I will be teaching to people, and I will live my simple, humble life.  That’s a big freedom actually!  Not having the vengeance, not having the violence, not having the revenge is a big freedom!  You can live your future so beautifully!  Actually, vengeance binds the way you think and proceed in your life.  It curtails the opportunities and possibilities for you.  When you don’t have vengeance, that is the biggest freedom.  That’s such big freedom, such great freedom!  I am not even looking at non-violence, and not having the revengeful quality, from the angle of morality.  Of course, morality is one; I am looking at the angle of the tremendous freedom it gives you.  When you don’t have revenge, when you don’t have vengeance, what a freedom it gives you!  Kind of a unimaginable free space it gives you!  You can go on be doing what your life’s purpose is.  You can go on be fulfilling your life’s purpose.  And you can go on carrying on with your life. And that is a fulfilment, that is a joy!  There is no distraction.

Come on!  Today I will expand on Cambodia.  I wanted all of you to know, please listen, as some of the western historians are claiming, Cambodia temples are not nine-hundred or thousand year old.  They are far more older!  And the information now I am going to reveal will be the shocking!  Please understand, whatever information I am revealing to you all, it is all from Akashic Records.  Now, may be, the historians have not found out what I am saying, but let me put this on record.  Later on some historians will prove what I am saying.  First thing I want to tell you, many of the temples in Angkor Wat was not carved and built in Cambodia or Angkor Wat!  Please listen!  Many of the temples exist in Cambodia are not carved and built in Cambodia!  You may be thinking, ‘What are you talking, what Swamiji is talking?’  I want you to know, many of them were carved in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. In Chennai many of them were carved and taken by ship, including the elephants! 

Please understand, when, at first, the Pallava king – Pallava Kingdom is the Kanchipuram, Chennai, Mahabalipuram; that whole area is Pallava Kingdom – when Pallava kings were in their golden period, when they were travelling through the ocean and discovered the Cambodia route and the place, first it started more like trade relationship, then marriage relationship.  The Pallava king married the Cambodian tribe’s head’s daughter.  That time they were tribes.  And, then, they were impressed by the culture of Pallava lifestyle and kingdom.  Please understand, we never used weapons and conquered, destroyed the people of the land and snatched land from them.  We never did that.  It was a beautiful way of cultural spreading, or, I can say that cultures merging.  So, when whole Cambodia was celebrating, whole Cambodia started celebrating the Pallava culture, they requested Suryavarma (the Pallava king) to settle down there and build a kingdom.  Please understand, Cambodia at that time did not have craftsmen and the whole technology of creating.  So, at least the initial few temples, completely carved, assembled in Mahabalipuram, numbered, and dismantled.  Please understand, when I am talking, I am talking with lot of sense and responsibility.  I will give you some of the tips for the people who are in this field of archaeology and people who are doing research how these monumental temples are built. 

Please understand, there are lot of dilapidated stones, means, the temple stones fallen.  Take out every stone, on the top you will see the number, the identification number, not in the present Roman letters (Roman numerals), in the original Tamil Prakrit number.  It is like few lines, this modern-day....what you call....‘coding’ is done for all the products in the malls and for, exactly the science of bar-coding.  Please understand, the science of bar-coding was used by the Pallava kings.  You can see on the top of every stone that bar-coding, that symbol is there.  So, based on that only, the assembling was done.  And, the whole Cambodia temple, many temples first got built here (in Tamil Nadu), dismantled, they have taken it through the ship.  Please understand, they took the craftsmen to assemble, their families, all the tools required, and elephants to drag!  In the initial level, the tribes in Cambodia, they were not that sophisticated that they were able to make the elephant work.  They had some elephants just for riding; and the simple, tamed elephants they might have had.  But they did not have elephants specially trained for assembling temples. 

Please understand, for assembling temples, a special type of training is given for the elephants, because the way they will have to move, the whole movement should be without damaging the stones; and few elephants have to pull in the front, and few have to push in the back.  Elephants have to work as a team for building temple.  Please understand, cutting wood, transporting wooden logs, elephants does not need to work as team.  But for building a temple, elephants need to work as a team.  Elephants have their own language, you need to know.  For each elephant there is a language.  But these temple-building elephants, as a whole team they are trained in a single language.  See, the mahout who brings up the elephant, in course of growing together....  Usually, in Kerala and all, they grow together.  A child will be given to elephant and elephant will be given to a child; both of them grow together.  Both of them grow together; that’s the way usually in that field.  Very rarely, after growing up, either the mahout dies or the elephant dies, the change of guard happens.  Otherwise, they grow together.  So, when they grow together only, the language gets developed, the command and the communication, the whole thing gets developed.  Usually, all the elephants which does the work like moving the log, moving the wood, cutting the tree, all this kind of work, one elephant will have one mahout and one language, communication system.  But in temple building, group of elephants are brought up with a same language and communication system.  So, temple building elephants need a separate specialisation, that team needs a separate knowledge, because, in the temple building, one elephant cannot drag a stone; two-three has to drag in the front, and two-three has to push in the back.  So, one command only they will give, the whole team has to work together.  It is very systematic training the elephants need to be given.  So the Cambodian elephants did not have this kind of team work training.  So, the Pallava king has to carry even elephants, trained elephants, from here all the way to Cambodia. 

And, one more important thing you need to know.  Not just tons and tons and tons, I don’t know how many, billion or trillion tons of material was transported those days, based on the available travelling technology.  See, to travel in the ocean there is a separate science and technology: you need to know the season, you need to know the direction, you need to know the mood of the ocean, mood of the wind, you need to know everything!  So, with the available technology and the available methods, the reaching ratio was only sixty percent!  Please understand, the reaching ratio was only sixty percent.  So, if hundred elephants, trained, gets into the ship here, only sixty will reach Cambodia.  So, the whole temple has to be carved twice, understand.  The whole temple has to be carved twice!  Only then one set will reach Cambodia! 

And, whatever I am saying is not only from the Akashic Records; I will give you the references and evidences.  Now whatever I described, the whole thing is carved in one wall of the pillar (temple pillar in Angkor Wat).  Please understand, the starting port, and the work done in the starting port, those days it was called ‘Mylapuram’, Mylapore.  Pallava kings used Mylapuram as the headquarters, Mylapore, and Mahabalipuram as the port, and sometimes they used Kanchipuram also as the headquarters; whatever.  Please understand, how Mylapuram and Mahabalipuram looked, they have carved!  After the skilled craftsmen reached there, after they assembled the temple, one wall they dedicated to describe and depict how the temple was built.  Beautifully, they have described the whole Purana, how Suryavarma reaches, marries, and then orders to build the temple, and temple gets built, the basic structure gets built in Mahabalipuram, and gets dismantled, gets loaded into the ship.  There are clear scenes, temples getting loaded into the ship.  How the ships looked in those days, all the clear descriptions are there, including the information the elephants are transported. 

Please understand, it took almost sixty days to anywhere around six months!  Minimum sixty days, and maximum six months it took for them.  Please understand, I am not talking about directly reaching Cambodia.  They were stopping in place to place.  Because elephants need food, large amount of materials needed to feed elephants need to be stored in the ship.  So, on the way, they have identified few islands where they will load the fuel.  ‘Fuel’ means, not for the ship, but for the elephant, the elephant food, and the food and water for all the human-beings, and everything, loading and whatever is required.  So, between sixty days to six months.  May be the journey would have taken six months, but every sixty days, they have identified some islands where they will stop and load the things.  And, you need to know, every island they stopped, they built a temple!  It is clearly recorded in those temple walls where they are describing, they have built a temple!  They assembled a temple, left a few hundred people there, whole year working, gathering the food and other material needed to support when the ships cross.  It is unimaginable task!  And, finally, eating.... 

Please understand, the description also says elephants cannot be just allowed not to do any work in the six months; then they will become lazy and they will forget.  So, even while they were getting transported, in the ship they are made to do some work, and exercise kind of a thing, so that they are constantly kept active and they don’t forget the whole communication method, whole communication system.  And they are also describing some of the major accidents happened.  When the elephants are kept in the ship for a long time, sometime they get agitated and start fighting with each other, kill the mahouts, and jump into the ocean.  Those were some of the major accidents they faced.  And sometimes some disease spreading in the whole ship, the other ships are forced to sink and kill this whole team!  No other way!  Because, they don’t want the disease to spread to other ships!  When some disease catches one ship, when the animals and the human-beings, if they are suffering in the disease, the commander of the whole, may be usually they travel at least in few hundred ships together, so, the commander of the whole team makes a call, and then they decide to sink the ship.  It is like sacrificing!  Nothing can be done!  Otherwise the disease will spread to other ships and other animals, other human-beings.  Sometimes they are left in the nearest island to take care of themself. 

I could not comprehend when I was studying the whole history, how they built the temple; especially when I started looking into the Akashic Records. You see in Akashic Records I get the original live audio video and 3D veiw.  Literally I can walk into those ships and come out!  Please understand, in the Akashic Records, when you get them back, you get the freedom to get into the time and walk into that whole scene and come out!  I can see some of the internal fights, some of the disease, and what not, and the way the whole thing reaches Cambodia.  And, one more thing you need to know, after reaching the Cambodia, only then they realize now only twenty-five percent work is done.  Because, assembling is the real work!  Assembling is the real work!  Then they make foundation, find the proper land and assemble.  After assembling, the final carving, the fine carving.  Always the fine carving was dedicated to the local tribes, the local kings.  Means, the dress, hair-style, lifestyle, jewels, everything was honouring the local lifestyle.  Otherwise, if you see the whole carvings.... 

See, when the Ramayana, Mahabharata was described, those scenes are described in those temple walls, all the carvings are just like typical Pallava carving of Tamil Nadu – the face, the way they look, the size.  Pallava people are little short.  Pandya people are too tall!  Pandya guys are around nine feet tall.  Please understand, average height was eight to nine feet; but in the Pallava it was average height was more like five to seven; that was the Pallavas height.  So the height, weight, Pallavas were heavy people.  Pandyas were little lean people.  Pandyas were very beautiful people; all that so-called ‘anga lakshanas’, and the well-built, masculine, that muscle, all that cut; Pandyas were that kind of people.  Pallavas were more like village, and, naturally grown body; body which is not tuned, or toned or well-built consciously; a naturally grown body, usual big belly, that kind of a people.  So, the whole body structure, jewellery structure, and the way they are described, everything is typical Pallava style.  But when the human-beings are described – like dancers, priests – everything was in the honour of the local Cambodian people, their dress, jewels, everything was as per the Cambodian lifestyle.  So, Suryavarma was able to amazingly merge, bridge both the people by giving them amazing respect, understand. 

Here you will see beautiful way; even though those tribes are not powerful enough to fight, or powerful enough to stand Pallava King, the kind of a mental setup and personality, Pallava accepts all their culture and lifestyle and honours and they take the best of both and enjoy; taking the best of both and enjoying.  Life is with choices.  The more choices, more life!  That was the principle with which the whole Cambodian civilization evolved.  May be, after one generation, thirty years, in Cambodia itself they started developing the intelligence; means, the craftsmen who went from here they started training and teaching; and the elephants which were taken from here, through those elephants the native got trained. By one generation, they are all well settled and prepared.  After that only the temple building spree started.  They were just enchanted, enthused, excited!  The whole Cambodian population started building temples!  And, it must have been a amazing thriving civilization!  Because, there is one temple wall dedicated to market life, city life of Cambodia, the whole purchase, selling, literally one full wall the whole shops are carved – the grain shop, food shop, clothes shop, footwear shop, and the ornament shop, how the market was happening, giving and selling was happening, the whole thing is carved in the walls! 

And, I tell you, apart from a spiritual feast, Inner Awakening, the Cambodia will be just a cultural feast!  It will be a cultural feast for you guys!  How it is going to be a spiritual feast, I will explain, I will expand, in further satsanghs.  Today I just wanted you guys to understand, with so much of struggle what was the inspiration for these kings to do this work, unending enthusiasm and excitement and inspiration.  Arrey, we are building one small temple; even though I should not use the word ‘small’, it is our own temple, of course, with all due respects, it is not small as far as spirituality is concerned, but as far as the size is concerned, I can’t even use the word ‘small’, I will have to use only the word ‘tiny’ if I have to compare with Cambodian temples, based on the size I am saying.  And, we don’t have to carve somewhere and bring it by ship and all that.  Just under our nose it is getting carved, above our nose it is getting built!  We know how much struggle we have.  Some workers ran away.  And even if they are working, they are demanding that they will drink every day.  And in the ashram we cannot allow them to drink.  They go out and drink.  And if they come and just sleep silently that is also ok; but they don’t do that.  They go out and drink, when they come they are completely different people!  And you don’t even know, is this same fellow who was working for us in the morning! And when he comes back in the evening, the way he shouts, fights!  These fellows fight and shout with every fellow whom they see!  See actually once they drink and come, we will know whether they are drunk or not, based on the, before even entering the gate they will start the fight with the watchman! 

I don’t know why this whole field is suffering with this alcoholism!  No, I want to tell you, these temple arts people, not even eighty, I can say almost ninety-five percent of people, whether it is wood carvers or the stone carvers or metal carvers, I feel deep sympathy for them; why they are getting addicted and why it is being passed on from generation to generation.  BAPS – Bhagawan Swaminarayan’s organization, they are successful in making their temple carving staff addiction-free.  Hats off to their great work!  No, I went and saw their workshop.  Please understand, I am not lying; I am telling you the truth.  Each team is around three-thousand people working.  Three-thousand people working!  At any given time, they are building sixty to seventy temples.  Each team, three-thousand people working!  And the first thing I asked, because this is the biggest problem I am facing, first thing I asked that in-charge Swami, that Mahant Swami, ‘Swami, how do you manage these fellows drinking? How are you managing?’  He said, ‘No, Swamiji, my staff don’t drink!’  I said, ‘Okay, staff don’t drink, but what about workers?’  He said, ‘Both together!  Come on!’  He was so sure!  ‘My staff and my workers’, he said, ‘to the last person who is whole day in the fire, beating the iron, making the tools, sharpening the tools, till the last person to the top guy, nobody drinks in our unit, Swamiji!’  I was shocked!  Oh, God! Is this possible?  They made it possible!  No, I am telling you the practical problems we face when we build temples.  I also came back and tried with our workers.  I told them, ‘See, why do you need to drink?  All the money you are given, I will directly send it to your wife, your family. Whatever you need, food, clothes, everything I will give you.  Don’t ask for money.’  They said, ‘No, no, Swamiji, unless we drink, we cannot work; because, whole body will pain.  Next day we can’t work.’  They give their own reason.  But still I am not able to hundred percent stop them drinking. Few people who are little sincere, having little spiritual understanding, devotion, few of them stopped.  But few still secretly will go out, drink, and when they come back if they don’t fight, they don’t get caught, if they fight they get caught.  And, what to do?  Nothing can be done.  This is their lifestyle.  Anyhow we don’t allow them to drink inside; that’s all we can feel little satisfied. 

It is not easy to handle such vast craftsmen, artists, skilled labour.  It was too much!  And I am really surprised, what was the way their wages were paid?  If they fall sick, what was the way they were treated?  And if there is some dispute and problem among them, how was the court and what was the judiciary method to solve their problem?  How did they get married?  What was their social structure?  How was the housing done for all those thousands and thousands of people?  God!  Because, almost at least sixty days they have to be in the ocean, bit by bit, even bit by bit if they travel.  What was the entertainment for them all that sixty days?  How did the elephants not go mad being confined to just one ship?  Thousands and thousands and thousands of questions!  Surprises, if not shocks, when I was visualizing – I should say ‘visualizing’ is not the right word – ‘seeing’ the Akashic Records file by file, how they built the first few temples.  See, after the first few temples, then the people in Cambodia, they learnt the whole science.  How the tools were created?  How the transportation was done?  How the stone was assembled one upon the other?  The amount of ropes required to move the temples, how was it made?  The tools and accessories.  God! I can go on and on and on for days to sing the glory of Suryavarma.  All the major temples were built during the period of Suryavarma I and Suryavarma II! 

I think today is over just by describing what is Cambodia, introducing Cambodia.  And the IA in Cambodia I will introduce in the further satsanghs.  It is just mind-boggling, please understand!  And, still, nobody is able to break the record!  Still this (Angkor Wat) is the world’s largest religious structure!  This structure was built before even the religions today which they claim world’s largest religions were even created!  Before even these religions were created, these structures were built!  And, even now, this stands as the world’s largest religious structure!  World’s largest religious structure!  (Video of Angkor Wat is shown).  You are now seeing world’s largest religious structure, understand?  No, you can’t understand.  Even I can’t understand. So don’t worry! Forget about understanding.  Let’s see and enjoy!  Let’s see and enjoy!  It’s mind-boggling!  It is mind-boggling!  Mind-boggling!

So, with this, the essence of today’s satsangh:

Nothing called ‘impossibility’ exists in possibility!  Life is ‘possibility’!  Universe is ‘possibility’!  There is nothing called ‘impossibility’ exists!  This is the essence of today’s satsangh.


With this, I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!