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This discourse delivered on 11 Aug 2017, Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks on the deeper sciences of creating space. It is Responsibility that makes shava into shakti, ultimately shiva.The vatavarana of responsibility makes shaktipada happen in you and makes you experience the ultimate shiva. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām  vande guru paramparām ||



I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome everyone sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, YouTube Live, Twitter Live, Facebook Live and 2-way Video Conferencing, having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome every one of you, with My love and respects. 


Let Me enter into the deeper sciences of ‘creating space’. Yesterday, I was giving a explanation – the example - “State is the bow, the action of putting the arrow, on the string and pulling it back, is creating space and releasing it to go and manifest the reality you want, is manifesting powers. Understand, in Hindu tradition, archery was never all about aiming an object or killing an object or attacking an object. It was very primary; even if you want water. Bhishma, in his deathbed, wants Ganga water, to quench his thirst. Nobody is running with a pot or vessel, sombu or bucket. Immediately Arjuna picks up the bow, calls for Varunastra and water comes up!!

So understand, in Hindu tradition, archery has a different purpose. It’s called Dhanur Vidya. I am actually looking out for somebody, who will spend their time, so I can manifest this whole Dhanur Vidya through them. No still, I have not found the right person; maybe I will evolve from my Gurukul itself. Understand, Dhanur Vidya does not need Dhanur. Only in the initial level, you need to have the bow, string, arrow, all that physically. Once you master the science, none of that is physically touched.


If you are a regular Satsangis, many of My gestures and sounds, many concepts, I don’t need to utter a word….. [Swamiji makes some gestures and the satsangis have a hearty laughJ]You know what I am saying. Same way, in Dhanur Vidya, Cosmos understands what you are gesturing. Immediately Cosmos responds. Just like regular Satsanghis, Nithya Satsanghis are already in tune with what I am trying to convey. See, only in those moments that ‘Saami Onnada’ happens. Actually, if you listen to that word – Saami Onnada – no meaning, because 99.99% has happened, through the body language transmission.

Understand, body language transmission ability is “Romance”. Romance means both of you are able to convey, through your body language, the innermost corners of your heart to each other, understand everything else is lust, not romance. Relationship is totally different from sexual exchanges. Understand. Romance is the foundation of relationship, not sexual exchange. That whole ‘Saami Onnada’ moment… is extraordinary romance, where he is able to convey, the highest Vedantic Truth, in such an ordinary colloquial village term, which does not have any meaning, if you….if it is taken out from that scene. Like “Tat Tvam Asi Swetaketu Tat Tvam Asi”.  When… Master uttered that word “Tat Tvam Asi”, immediately Swetaketu became enlightened. From that time, in every Veda Patashala, every Acharya… I don’t know how many 1000 times they are uttering – Tat Tvam Asi, Tat Tvam Asi, Tat Tvam Asi.



Understand, there is so much snow in the Himalayas, so much ice, but the ice which decides to melt and flow, only becomes the sacred Ganga, not all. There is so much ice, but the ice which decides to melt and flow, only becomes sacred Ganga. There is so much of Sadāshiva. Understand. The raw material, the source material - Sadāshiva is everywhere. But the raw material which decides to melt down and flow as Shakti, only manifests in you as power. There is so much ice in the Himalayas but the ice which decides to melt and flow only becomes sacred Ganga. There is so much of raw material - Sadāshivatva - in all of us, but only the raw material which decides to melt, the Sadāshiva which decides to melt and flow only manifests as powers, which decides to melt and manifest only manifest as Shaktis.

Like sun creates the vatavarana, for the ice to melt and flow, understand, sun itself does not melt. Then all the ice should have melt. No. Sun creates the vatavarana, so any ice which wants to melt can come up and melt and flow. Sun itself cannot melt all the ice. Even after the sun comes, you decide not to melt and hide somewhere, you can’t be melted. Sun only creates the vatavarana, for you to melt. Same way, the vatavarana, the Sadāshivatva in you to melt and flow, manifest as Shaktis is Responsibility.


Understand, when Sadāshiva takes responsibility, he flows as Shakti. In all of us Sadāshiva is there, but in which form? Morning the great asana you like - Savasana, in that form. Only when the responsibility sun rises and you decide to take the responsibility, the vatavarana, the ambience of responsibility, decision to be responsible, melts that Shava and flows as Shakti - makes you Shiva. Understand. It is Ganga makes Himalaya great. If the Ganga, does not flow to the plains, we don’t care about the Himalayas, even the Himalayas has how many...billion tons of ice, who cares? Poles have 100 times more ice than the Himalayas, but who cares? Because Ganga is not flowing from Poles. North Pole and South Pole has million times more ice than the Himalayas. But why Himalayas is revered, respected, worshipped? Because it flows as Ganga. Even if you have million times more ice and you don’t flow as Ganga, nobody will care. It is Ganga makes Himalaya sacred.

Understand. If you flow as Shakti, that makes your Sadāshivatva sacred. You are as much as Sadāshiva as Me. The only difference is, I have created the ambience of responsibility and melt Myself and flow as Shakti. When I flow as Shakti… because of the Ganga, understand, Himalayas is respected. You are like North Pole and South Pole. North Pole and South Pole is like Shava. Yes, they have raw material to be Shiva, but only when they melt and flow as Ganga, they will be Sadāshiva. Till then, they are only in Shavasana. You being in Shavasana, used to whom?


Listen, responsibility is the ambience, you can melt and flow. I tell you, every opportunity in the Sangha, is to melt yourself and flow as Shakti. Every opportunity, every opportunity, is to melt and flow as Shakti. People who flow for the sake of electronic zeros in your bank computer, reach the same place after your death – Kubera, Kubera Loka. In Kubera Loka, the only work you have is, there will be huge gold mountains and huge diamond mountains, you will be sitting as a God - Yaksha, “This mountain is mine, this mountain behind me - mine, mine, mine, mine.” J What is the use? Whoever comes that side, “Aye, come here, come here, come here, do you see? See other’s mountains, mine is 3 inch is taller. 3 inch means calculate length, breadth, depth, so much diamond, diamond, diamond.” J That fellow, poor Sadhu, he doesn’t understand. “Diamond means what? We can make a begging bowl for me in that?” Because he knows only one thing, that begging bowl, Thiruvodu


Enna sami Vairam vairam gara, Thiruvodu panna mudiyuma athula?


Athuku antha yakshan, "ada pikkali payalae, Thiruvodu panna mudiyumanu? kettu Manatha vangitaye da.


Ethula oru katti eduthu, oorukullae vithena, marketula, erukara panatha vachu kalamellam, janmamellam sapadalame da…"


sami nee kattiya vikarathukum, market ponum, nan picha edukarthukum market ponum, rendu perum market ponum, athan lifu, ada enga utkanthu eduthuku kalatha waste pannara, vada market polam.

Kattiya vikanumnalum, picha edukarthunalum, marketuku than poi aganum appu!



Whether you want to realize the value of the diamond or you want to beg, both have to reach the world, both need to take the responsibility. So even wealth is wealth only if you take responsibility to make it current. Yaksha is not Lakshmi. Kubera is not Lakshmi. This whole story, beautiful story of Venkateshwara borrowing from Kubera for His marriage, is an amazing concept. He is making Yaksha into Lakshmi. He is making Reserve to RE-SERVE. Understand. He is making the Reserve to Re-serve. Dam has no use, if you can’t produce current out of it and reach it to people. It’s an amazing Truth.

There is a village folk story, where Venkateshwara borrows from Kubera for His marriage and He is still paying the debt. Array, don’t you understand, it is an amazing truth. Fellow who has Lakshmi on His chest, need to borrow from Kubera?  It’s one of the important truth revealed. Venkateshwara takes the responsibility of Reserve to RE-SERVE. And the story ends with a beautiful line - “Till the end of Kaliyuga He’ll be paying only the Interest, in the end of the Kaliyuga only He will pay the whole Capital.” If He pays the capital, the current will stop, economy will stop, whole thing will become part of the Reserve and life is over.


Understand, responsibility makes reserve into current. ALL the great things standing today, are not because of the wealth those owners had, reserve those owners had. No!  Many kings had more reserve than Raja Raja; but whatever is standing on the Planet Earth now declaring their name and glory, is not the “reserve” they had, but the responsibility they took. There were many more kings in the history, who had 100 times more reserve and resources than Raja Raja. It is not the reserve and resources you have will be celebrated, the responsibility you took only will be celebrated.

Stupid are those who work for Yaksha, dead economy. The danger of dead economy is, always Ravana will capture it. Ravana captured the whole...just like that, in one declaration he captured the whole thing from Kubera and made Kubera pauper. Listen carefully. Responsibility makes you current, living, rich, not the so-called “resource”.


From the beginning I want my Balasants to know - in your advent on the Planet Earth, the responsibility you take matters here or in other planes, not the dead zeros in your bank computer. It is not even a zeroes in a paper. In those days, there used to be a passbook. So in that book, the zeroes will be there. Now it is not even that. It is only the computer generated numerical zeroes. That is why in somebody’s account, suddenly sometime few 100 crores appear and somebody’s account everything disappears. Computerised numerical zeroes swallowing your life and that dictating what you should be doing, how you should be living is - being a slave of not even knowing to whom you are a slave. I tell you, even if you know that you are slave to somebody, it is Maya and being a slave to something, without even knowing to whom you are a slave, is Maya Matrix. Even if you are a dog, slave, held by your owner, I can say little decent. Because owner cannot hold all the dogs, he puts them all in a prison and you are there rotting, that is worse. Dog in the hands of the owner, is at least under Maya. Dogs which are in the prison are in the Maya Matrix. All of you are in Maya Matrix, if you are working for electronics zeroes, in your bank account.


Understand. The responsibility you take and how much of your Sadashivatva melts down and flows as Shaktis, is your achievement in the Universe. Because this melting and flowing, will be useful for you, whether you have the body or not. Understand. Learn to melt and become Shakti, when you are young, when you are able, when your life is available, when you are bubbling, overflowing with life existence; learn to flow, melt down, before the fat settles around your waist. Learn to melt into Shakti, before the fat settles around your waist, before your mind cognizes tiredness and boredom, by common collective misunderstandings.


Understand. A great recipe for depression! No, the more and more of common collective life negative cognitions are eaten by you, common collective negative cognitions, you become old. Old means common collective negative cognitions becoming part of you is you becoming old. There is always a big riot goes on in our Sangha - Who is old and who is young? Somebody claiming, “I am your younger sister” and somebody claiming, “I am your younger brother.” 45 claims, “I am your younger sister” and 95 claims, “I am your younger brother” and 85 claims, “No, no, still I am not born.” Nan unum porakavae illada. No, there is a big riot going on. I wanted to finish this problem once for all, and answer. The depth of common collective life negative cognitions in you, decides your age.

I tell you, many common collective negative cognitions will be so freezing, you will not even feel like moving your hands and jumping, “ehh what is there to jump? What is there to celebrate?” Fool! What is not there to celebrate?


Stomach is full with His prasada.

Eyes are full with His form.

Heart is full with His love - what more is there not to celebrate!

Let the depression be enjoyed by the atheists. Why are you guys asking for their lifestyle and their share? Don’t steal from them; it is their property. Aparigraha - don’t steal depression from atheists. Atheist have not only first right, sole right over depression. You guys trying to grab, is Asteya, disturbing the vow of Asteya. Appadiyellam thirudaptathu. Depression ava sothu athellam todapidathu.

Don’t try to steal depression from atheists. That is the only thing they are left with. They neither have Sadashiva, nor have Incarnation of Sadashiva or have a juicy Incarnation of Sadashiva. Eating breakfast in the morning is different, eating Prasad in the morning is different. Prasada can be breakfast. Breakfast cannot become Prasada. Prasada can be breakfast, breakfast cannot be Prasada.


Understand. The depth of collective negative cognitions in you, decides whether you are old or young. Alive, active, living… no complication, confusion messages every day. “I am completing with you Swamiji. I am not doing this, this, this…..I am not doing this, this, this….I am completing with you.” J Why don’t you make it as a standard email and every night it automatically goes? There are many softwares - Auto Email Softwares. Why don’t you do that? Just only change the problem you created that day. If you read your completion emails, even you will feel sick. Reading everyone’s completion emails and not feeling sick is the definition of Incarnation. J

Listen. The complication confusion completion pattern is the permanent marks left in your consciousness, as a symptom of old age. I’ll repeat, complicated confused completion patterns, are the permanent marks of the symptom - you are old; the permanent wrinkles and shrinks – wrinkles left in your consciousness due to the old age.

Life is filled, stomach is filled with His Prasada.

Eyes is filled with His form,

Heart is filled with His love,

Ears are filled with His teachings.

Mind is filled with His cognitions,

Space is filled with His initiation.

Life is filled with His bliss - is SANNYASA.


It is responsibility that makes Shava into Shakti, ultimately Shiva. The vatavarana of responsibility makes Shaktipata happen in you and makes you Shiva.


Understand… the horses in the army which runs in the front, always wins and comes back. Which are in the behind and gets pulled, dies before even going to the war field. Horses in army which runs in the front, goes, wins, comes back. The horses which are behind, gets dragged and pulled, does not want to come, dies before even going to the war field. Are you going to be the horses in front or in the behind getting dragged, pulled?

I tell you, life is Kurukshetra. If you decide to be responsible, you are the front line horses – go, conquer, win, achieve, be victorious, manifest Shaktis or be there getting dragged, dragged, dragged, naturally rope is in the neck ….pulled, dragged! Death before even reaching the war field.

Unit of life is responsibility; based on the responsibility you cognize, powers are manifested in you…. understand, not a cheating. In responsibility also you have a inner image responsibility separate, outer image responsibility separate. Outer image responsibility is – “Everyone should become Sadashivatva.”!!! tchtchtchtchtchtch J Inner image responsibility, “Let’s have a big beach house and vacation house and sleeppppp [swamiji makes gestures of tired look]. Taking rest is a preventive method to stop being affected by the disease of chronic fatigue J “So before the tiredness disease attacks me, let me take preventive measurement of taking rest.”

“Why are you sleeping whole day?”

“Tiredness disease may come to me, what will happen? Let me take rest and stop tiredness coming to me.”

[Photo of Swamiji – Sannyas quote photo is projected]


Tongue filled with His name and

Nose filled with His smell,

Skin filled with His hug,

Emotions filled with HE-motions.

Nyasa means purifying, that is why Anganyasa, Karanyasa. Sannyasa means purifying everything. Sarva-nyasa is Sannyasa. You invoke the sacred sounds, to purify the ‘Kara’ and ‘Anga’ - hands and parts of your body. You need to invoke the Divine itself to purify everything.

Your Will filled with His responsibility.

Third Eye filled with His vision.

Two eyes filled with His vision; Third eye filled with HIS vision.

Two eyes filled with His vision.

Third eye filled with HIS vision.


Understand. Essence of today’s Satsang - Responsibility makes Shava into Shiva. When Shava flows as Shakti, it becomes Shiva. Flow as Shakti - is hashtag for today’s Satsang and put the Satsangs essence with the hashtag - #FlowAsShakti - tag Me.


So with this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadashivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.

Thank you.

Be Blissful.