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In this Q&A session (December 2014) from the Shivoham program held in Cambodia, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals insights about the Shiva Yantra which is infused in the bio-memory to reailze the truth of Shivoham. He also answers questions on the origins of the Prakrata language, Akashic Records, vibrant silence, muscle memory and the Sri Chakra. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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Swamiji: Before Devi got married to Mahadeva, Nandi was his disciple. Nandi is a senior actually. So to Nandi Mahadeva teaches… how to achieve that space of Shivoham. So this Yantra was taught by Mahadeva to Nandi. So God is Mahadeva, Rishi is Nandinatha - Nandi. Nandi is the Rishi for this Yantra and see each Yantra has a God and Rishi. For example: Gayatri Mantra and Gayatri Yantra - Gayatri is the God...Goddess. Vishwamitra is the Rishi - because he received it and shared it with the world. So this Yantra - Nandi received it and shared it with all of us, with the world. So it’s called ‘Tirukailaya Parampara Yantra’.  This Yantra is called ‘Tirukailaya Parampara Yantra’ and originally it is described in the Upanishads, which is in Prakrita language. Actually, don’t think it is Tamil or Sanskrit. If you know Tamil or Sanskrit, you can’t read this. It is Prakrit. It is Tamil, Sanskrit before….before Tamil or Sanskrit; it’s a Prakrit.


It’s a powerful Mandala to invoke the energy of Shivoham. In the center “Aum Shivoham” is written. The centre what is, is “Aum Shivoham”. That is what is written in Prakrit - “Aum Shivoham”. “Aum” you can read, but “Shivoham” you can’t read. Now is the main part - working with this Shivoham Yantra, and Nithyanandeshwara - that Spatika Linga… that will be next.


Shiva Yantra - Shivoham is the mantra - you will not be chanting ‘aum’, actually you will not be chanting anything. I’ll only be chanting. I’ll not be chanting ‘aum’, I’ll be chanting only ‘Shivoham’. Any questions you have? Oh, you can actually hold any side, because it is a….it is not male - female, it is a combination of male - female. You can hold any side you want. There is no specific side.




Participant: Swamiji, I have been eating left - right and center and it’s really making me feel very queasy. Swamiji, I am just not able to….I don’t know?




Swamiji: That’s wonderful, why? As much as possible eat, don’t worry; because you see, so much of heat is produced in your body, so much of energy is awakened, it needs lot of things to digest. You understand. If you eat a lot, you will not have the heat giving any other side effects. That is why whenever….even when we do Prana Pratishta - invoke a deity in a God, first thing we will offer is food. Because the moment….see I am actually doing Prana Pratishta in every one of you, in every one of you, means putting the God’s energy in every one of you. So eating is very good. Enjoy the food and be happy.




Participant: Swamiji, you...earlier in India when lectures were going on, you had said, “Sri Yantra is the inner space of Mahadeva”, this is Mahadeva Yantra, so how is this?




Swamiji: See, what I am saying, it is not that something is higher or lower. Mahadeva when He taught the process to Devi, He gave Sri Yantra. When He taught to Nandi, He gave this Yantra; that’s all. And in that Yantra both Mahadeva and Devi, both energies work. Here it becomes like almost one with Shiva and here that specifically Mahadeva uses the word ‘Shivoham’ in this Yantra. The specifically when He teaches this, He uses the word ‘Shivoham’ and the science of Shivoham and in the Yantra itself the centre word is ‘Shivoham’ - ‘Aum Shivoham’ - it’s Prakrit, that’s why you are not able to read - ‘Aum Shivoham’. Yantra itself is centred on the concept - Shivoham. I can say, this can be called as ‘essence of Sri Chakra’… because this was prior. You see as per the record, it is after the Mahadeva’s marriage, He teaches the Sri Yantra to Devi… but this is much before marriage.




Participant: What is the difference between Soham and Shivoham? Is there any difference?




Swamiji: In Soham, you experience as you understand the Cosmos. In Shivoham, you experience as it IS.




Participant - Swamiji, when you say He gave the Yantra, what does it mean exactly? I mean not like this. So what when…




Swamiji – No, now when I am doing the process I’ll be putting this Yantra itself in your brain and realigning your brain’s groove to this Yantra; that’s all. This line will become your bio-memory. That Shivoham will become your muscle memory. Sound gets stored in muscle, line gets stored in bio-memory. So this Yantra and Shivoham, both will be inserted into your bio-memory and muscle memory, that’s all. And for that, it will be very useful for Me, if I energize and give it to you and you hold it, that’s all. See because I am not working with your mind. I am automatically telling, “Whatever is in the Yantra, let it get into the bio-memory.” If I ask you to visualize, you will visualize one triangle not the other, one letter not the other...and you will mess up half and half and you will tell one is lighting, another one is black, all this confusion. So straight I print it and give it to you and enter it inside the system - enter - tak! - Solved.




Participant - Where did this Prakrit language come from? Did Mahadeva create it? Did He speak it?




Swamiji - I don’t know why the Prakrit language was created by Mahadeva. But a pre-Upanishadic period, the oldest language is Prakrit only. These are the sounds we used...human beings first started using to convey the ideas. It’s like a ...Prakrit means tribal language. Samskrit means well done, organized language.




Participant - So is this like an enlightened language or just like a primitive?




Swamiji - I can even use the word primitive language, nothing wrong in it.




Participant - After the program, after we go back, I would like to get some technical details on the Yantra. Is there any reliable resource on the internet we can get….




Swamiji - Yes, yes. I have, I have. There is a book called “thirumantra munnooru” means 300 verses on the Yantras. And there is a English translation also available, this same book and the... In the Upanishads there is a clear description how to draw it and I can get that Upanishad also – “112 Minor Upanishads” the book is called.




Participant - I just want to know, what will be the correct position to hold….the readable...readable?




Swamiji - No, this….see this Yantra has no masculine-feminine-napunsaka component….top long letter is just to...for our own housekeeping purpose I told them to print. So there is no direction. The triangle, this direction is always the masculine - the urdhva, and the triangle this side is always feminine. Like that there are some structures. You understand? And… but here there is nothing like that. There is no Sthri Linga, Pullinga, Napunsaka Linga. All the….so any way you can hold.




Participant - Swamiji, the decision by mind and decision by Being - what is the difference? Decision by Being… if I take next birth…...




Swamiji - Those things are decision by Being.




Participant – How the soul chooses….




Swamiji - The soul itself doesn’t choose. The closest part of the soul – bio-memory chooses.




Participant - No when the soul decides to….let say….




Swamiji - Based on the best intelligence it collected in this body, it chooses the next body. See if you think in this….tell Me... in this janma, what you think is the best joy you experienced in your life?




Participant - With you Swamiji.




Swamiji - So next, when you have the opportunity to take one more body, you will see, if I am in the human body, you may assume the human body and come as a Gurukul kid or if you feel, “No I have already left the human body, I am not having human body” - you may just decide to be with Me in the Akshardham, that’s all.




Participant - Swamiji, when we pray for others, who does it help? Does it help the person…




Swamiji - Both. It helps both. You and for that person towards whom you pray.




Participant - Swamiji, you used the words ‘vibrant stillness’, I was wanting to make sure that I understood it correctly.




Swamiji - You see, the silence… not like a dead silence which is in the graveyard, where because nothing is there – silent. But because everything is there, it is silent. Like the silence is in the space, beyond the Sun and the Moon and the Planet Earth, there will be a kind of a silence. That is not a dead silence. So many Planets are there. Whole Cosmos is there. The silence of vibrance. If you are dead, the silence which will be in your body is the dead silence. You are alive, you are consciousness is there but still there is a silence. That is vibrant silence.




Participant - What is the method to access the Akashic Record?




Swamiji - It is just purify….you see, during this whole process, do you feel your eyes are getting pressured? How many of you feel the pressure in the eyes have increased? So when the pressure in the eyes increases and heals, means the eyes will be purified. Then you will be able to have access to the Akashic Records. Anybody who is having pressure in the eyes developing, raise your hand?  You are all going through the right process in a right way. It’s really working on you. That is one of the important symptom of kundalini in the yogic tradition. Yes...




Participant - Swamiji, that eyes pulling inside with lot of pressure, is that…..




Swamiji - Aah, that is what. Pulling inside or pulling out, anything is okay. If there is a high pressure on the eyes, then be assured you are on the right track; because Patanjali describes this as a one of the important symptom of third eye awakening.