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In this video (21 April 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda answers questions from disciples about the science of power manifestation - the expression of extraordinary and supernatural abilities by human beings. He answers questions about experiencing Oneness while manifesting powers, effect of power manifestation on addictions, how to manifest powers consistently, why kids manifest powers so easily, taking power manifestation science to the global scientific community, manifesting powers through Yoga, and the space of Hiranyagarbha. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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Question - I am manifesting powers but unable to feel any internal subjective Oneness or Samadhi experience. Why?




Swamiji - You see, fundamentally you work with multiple fractured softwares. When you work with your Dad, you have a separate software. When you work with your Mom, you have a separate software. When you work with your ….the friends, you have a separate software. You are multiple fractured softwares. Now I am putting one software of Oneness, to do power manifestation. It is too small compared to the load which is around you. You are so comfortable in playing with all those softwares, it takes little time for this new software. After it manifests powers, it starts influencing all the other softwares. Then in few days it makes all the other irrelevant, redundant. Then this over powers and makes you… that Oneness becomes your fundamental cognition, where you park yourself. Till then, I go on supporting you, holding you in Me. Understand. That is why, even if you don’t feel are made to manifest powers so that you will have confidence on the software, so, that virtuous circle starts happening.


See, usually what you do? You don’t have confidence on this truth, so the confidence does not manifest as power, it’s a vicious circle. Here, I am infusing the energy and make you manifest the power, that gives you confidence on the software and confidence gives more power, more power gives more confidence, it becomes virtuous circle. Pushing your life from vicious circle to virtuous circle is the job of the Guru. That’s the job of the Guru. And supporting you, holding you, during this push and making sure you are successful, is My job.




Question - My nephew is manifesting powers but still plays video games and watches movies all day, What can I do?




Swamiji - When the power manifestation evolves, he will lose taste over those silly fellows. You see, I am not against them. He will understand their...what they are showing as them is only a skin deep. If he starts reading their mind, he will never watch them. They are all completely depressed. I am telling you, if you enjoy them too much, you will grasp their depression. Now, when he starts….now only he started manifesting the powers is manifesting. The powers will become powerful cognition in next few weeks. Then he will lose taste over them. You will see, he will not see anything other than Me. See, no, no, it’s not pride, please don’t understand….it is all about your depth. If your depth is only about the superficial, this ‘Fair & Lovely’ game, you will enjoy those things. If your depth is ‘Wow’ then you will enjoy only the deeper level beings. It’s all about depth. His depth will start changing, maybe in next 2-3 weeks and suddenly he will lose taste over all of them. He will understand all of them are depressed.


Screen is different. Depth of the Being is different. You understand?  His depth of Being is increasing now. His frequency is increasing now. He is ferociously manifesting powers. Now, you will see, suddenly all this he will find irrelevant and redundant. That takes few days. You will see suddenly all of them….he himself will lose taste for all of that. I tell you, only if your tastes are superficial, you will be enjoying that Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, all those things... all these things. When your depth….when you start developing the depth, only Hanuman, that Ramayan, Mahabharat, those things you will start enjoying. They try to claim ours is myth, but I will prove, they are...they are the myth. Theirs is the fairy tale.


That depth increases the taste of what you enjoy. His depth will increase now, change now. Then, his taste will start changing. And till then, don’t disturb him. Don’t make him feel that something has been snatched from him. Let him enjoy, he will start deleting one day, “Aaah, stupid fellow, what is there; too shallow.” No, really! Things will look too shallow for him and he will start making….he will start feeling all of them are irrelevant, redundant. And you guys don’t forcibly try to snatch away from him, he will drop it on his own. When his higher identity grows, he will feel all these are irrelevant and he will throw it. Allow organic growth. Understand one thing. Let organic growth happen. You see, even in you, ferociousness does not mean destroying you. Ferociousness means infusing intensity… but organically moving; not creating conflicts. Not creating conflicts. Actually ferociousness will never create conflict. It’ll only grow organically. Ferociousness is nothing but intense completion. It cannot create complication. Any of you, do not do anything un-organic. Allow ferociousness… but in a very organic way - evolving with more and more understanding,  more and more powerful cognitions, more and more power manifestation, more and more of organic way of building.




Question - Does touching others or massaging have any effect on our Consciousness?




Swamiji - It’s a instruction for all of you. Do not get touched by any common, low level, human energies. Especially when you are going through this process. Permanently itself if you avoid, it is good. You see, you being successful outside with your clients may be different, because maybe they are lower energy than you; but here the huge work I am doing on them, you may be ….you may be interfering with them, which is not required. Understand. Better to avoid here, that is one. Even in the regular life, any physical touch with the person who is not...if you are very sure the other person is in higher consciousness, okay. It’s good. If you have...even if you have a doubt, better don’t allow; because that person’s energy is going to enter into you. Why do you want to damage you?  


Hands, are the way, your energy is given or taken. That is why this blessing, to release. Understand. That is why when you come for receiving energy darshan, you are asked to raise your hand. Even here if you see, only Rudras and Rudrakanyas, who are celibates, are allowed to touch you, while you are doing Yoga. If they are married, even if they are Yoga teachers, they are not allowed to touch your body, touch you. See, observe. Even if they are Yogacharyas, if they are married, they are not allowed to touch you. Only the celibates are allowed to touch you and correct your postures, while you are doing Yoga. It’s too important; especially when we are working on bio-energy. You see, after we establish and you go, you may not need to follow this so many things so strictly and all that. But while we are working, it is required.


For example, some of these powers, not some, almost all of these powers are diet free. I recommend not to take non-veg, so will be healthy and all that. But even if you eat the non-veg, the powers will not go away from you; once it is established in biology. But while I am working, if you take non-veg, I will not be able to install it in the biology; it disturbs. During this 31 days, your diet has to be this, because I am just like a making it root in your system. Even sleeping and breathing in My breathing space has its own power: it has its own power… that energy field.


One good thing, by the end of this program, you will be established permanently into the Higher Consciousness and every day before morning going for your work, apply little bit of vibhooti or aushadha in your hand, so that you only give higher energy, you don’t receive lower energy.




Question - I am able to manifest the powers of Consciousness over matter like moving coconuts and objects, but other powers are going on and off. Why?




Swamiji - This on and off is nothing but your….it is already gone into your muscle memory, it has not yet gone into your bio-memory. Just little more ferocious understanding and little more ferocious Oneness, that’s all. You see, don’t try to force; force is different, completion is different. Find where ….what kind of a thought current is disturbing your Oneness continuously… and complete them. Then, the intensity of the Oneness will increase.


For example - constantly if your mind is stuck in some insecurity while you are doing the power manifestation, hitting that thought is not the solution - find what is the pattern that is sending these thought currents into me; like a water bubbles in the fish tank… catching each water bubble and collapsing is not going to work. Stop the source, which is releasing the water bubbles. That pattern … catch it and complete, drop. You will see, suddenly the intensity of the Oneness increases.




Question - If that is the case, how come some powers alone manifest successfully?




Swamiji - Sometimes few powers manifests. That does not mean all your ...the whole space has become clear.




Question - I am amazed to see some kids at the way they manifest powers. How can I manifest powers like them?




Swamiji - Understand. Fundamentally, when you are young, your third eye is not eroded and corroded and not energized also. I need to only do only the energizing process and put My software. Over! When you are grown up, it is eroded and corroded and not energized. So energizing is a single second job for Me. Electric connection, I can just….I just put My thumb - Over! But removing the old software and putting My software only is doing this whole detoxification and this work. Understand what I am saying? That is what is taking few days time, but I commit with you, I will do it for you.




Question - How can the science of power manifestation be taken to the global scientific community?




Swamiji - You know scientific community is spending billions of dollars even to do one small breakthrough in the field which we are working; where we are casually playing. Making them all understand it is possible, very clearly… with a chastity towards Hinduism. Many of these fellows have come to Me.They all tried to tell Me that, “Make it little more secular, that we can take it to the world.” I said, “Get lost.” I am very clear. You have to apply Jnananjana only then it will manifest. You have to put Kanta Rudraksha only then it will manifest. I am very clear… that be uncompromised way integrated to Sanatana Dharma, then I am ready to share with them. 4-5 years before itself, this scientific community has smelled Me and take this science, leaving the lifestyle. I said, “I will not, I am not interested.” I am very clear. see, lot...lot of disrespect has been done to Hinduism. They stole our knowledge and disrespected the source. This time I am very clear, only for fanatic Hindus I am going to give. I expect all My disciples to be fanatic Hindus. Hinduism has no fanaticism. Fundamentally, if you follow all the principles, you will become amazing Being.


This materialization, all this, demat, this anti-matter; stupid fellows, they are spending billions and producing anti-matters. I can just like that produce full cup of anti-matter to them in two minutes and give them. What is anti-matter? Anti-matter see, during the materialization the thing has to disintegrate and move to time and then after that move to wherever it need to go - length, breadth, depth - and then it need to get assembled. That moving through the time, it becomes anti-matter, then gets assembled into length and breadth and depth. This small particles to teleport, they are doing so many experiment, this - that, everything. Maybe if you get in the controlled conditions, I can do it and give this science to them. Let the world have this science. I am only fanatic about Hinduism and retaining this lifestyle. That’s the reason, I am...from the beginning I wanted this to be like this; otherwise all these are possibility, we can take it to the world.




See, once the powerful cognition starts manifesting and powers starts manifesting, after that it’s all about your creativity. That’s all. It’s all about your creativity. Ultimately powerful cognitions have their own self intelligence. They do not let the destruction of the Universe happen. You see, Ashwatthama, Arjuna, both had Brahmastra. But Krishna made sure that Universe is not destroyed. All of you are getting what I am saying? That Mahabharata story… even though both side had Brahmastra, Arjuna…..Krishna made sure that Universe is not destroyed. So the powers are always given with that kind of a powerful cognitions, where end of the day, it is not destroying the Universe. So end of the day, it is always expression of the Universe.


You see, it is actually...Krishna see, Krishna was the best DNA. He was the breakthrough of His time. He wanted out of His DNA the whole Bharat to flourish. That’s the reason, His own sister and His own… it is Krishna’s DNA into Arjuna’s body, gave birth to Abhimanyu, but the unfortunately the Abhimanyu experiment was intensity but not continuity. So that is the reason, Abhimanyu’s DNA was taken. Subhadra, her...sorry, his Uttara...his son and Krishna adds continuity into it. To check the continuity only, He uses the Brahmastra to test it - whether the baby is able to withstand the Brahmastra. Then He delivers; from Him only the Bharata, the whole Bharata Vamsa. That is why I am saying, India cannot be destroyed because our DNA is Brahmastra tested. In the whole test tube, He has tested it with Brahmastra. If you know the story, you can understand what I am explaining. You understand what I am saying? This is what exactly happened. So we are intensity and continuity… Brahmastra tested. We are all Yadavas. The whole India is Yadava; because there is nobody left after the Mahabharata, other than now the Bharata Vamsa. Parikshitu, Janamejaya, Bharata. Nobody left. We are all Yadavas actually.




See, this… how you guys are moving the matter and playing with all these, scientists are spending billions of dollars and years on it. I think, soon I’ll make all these biology, circuits, make it more and more available. Like today how I said - With a little bit of organizing and these machines, we can demonstrate it. We can demonstrate it. The matter creating, anti-matter creating and more over these guy says na that “no energy can be created”. No, only in the length LBD zone, length - breadth - depth, no energy can be created, it can only be converted, it cannot be destroyed and all - not in time zone. Because he never experienced time zone, only the LBD zone laws have become Universal law. You see, all the ideas generated about God, generated about physics in the West, they are all so incompetent because they have tasted only LBD - length, breadth, depth dimensions. They have not tasted the time dimension or space dimension. So all these conclusions, theories, proposals, researches, had to be based see, all hypothesis has to be based on space-time… because their dimension itself was not open to them….


No, energy can be created. Energy can be created. Energy can be manifested, manipulated, played with… anything. That is what I am proving. I am claiming and proving. Understand. Energy can be generated, maintained, manipulated, played with, destroyed, deluded and distorted and liberated. May be with little more work, I can show it to the world, these are possible. See with initiation I am… with few of you I am showing; in a very small scale now we are working. Maybe we can… long as you guys can come up with a structure to take this to the world, without compromising on the source, I’ll be happy to share. And I am very clear this time, we need to hold on to the original Truth.


See, all these fellows, these foreign going NRI Gurus, they….the moment they get one or two small, small things from our tradition, immediately they just negate the whole tradition, take this and they know how to package it and sell it and never bother about keeping the source alive for the future. This time I am very clear, I wanted to keep the source alive and source gets the credit... source gets the credit and that’s My first priority. That’s My first priority. So with this we can demonstrate it to them that antimatter creation and all is just a few dollar work not few billion dollar work.


I think, they don’t know...I feel they are too poor, by not knowing the Vedic tradition or not knowing the possibilities of the Vedic tradition. Only when I am reading, what they are doing in every field… the same way parallel Universe, such a boondu theory.




This whole parallel Universe, what they are doing, completely missing the fundamental realities. You see, it is never a parallel, it is multi level. It can never be parallel. Parallel means two. You always think in a duality, in the binary….you see, darkness does not make light dual. In thinking only, you try to equate light - darkness - dual. No! But in reality, darkness does not make light dual, it makes light multiple, because the darkness the moment it comes to exist, it makes the light space into multiple, not dual. I don’t know you are...catching what I am saying?


You see, intense light. If a darkness comes to exist, do you think only two exist? Multiple exists!! You are catching what I am saying? In reality, it is multiple, but in logic you always think in binary. Whole dark you generalize it and put it as darkness, whole light you generalize and put it as light and you continue to do the stupidity of light and darkness - dual! In reality it is not dual. In reality it is multiple, in actuality. I don’t know how many of you are catching what I am saying.


You see, intense light shaft, let’s imagine.. and dark patch. If you bring the dark patch into the intense light shaft, logically you think, light - darkness - dual. No, it does not need to be cancelling or complimenting and all that - dual. Once the dual comes, then plus or minus or adds beauty or it’s a curse to each other, all that is…..I am not looking….I am not going for the equations derived. I am looking at existential change. The existential change is not light - darkness duality, the darkness makes the light into multiple existence. When the darkness comes to exist, in the intense light every side of the darkness, the light manifesting is independent. Understand. So in reality, it is not one and one, it is not one and minus one. How you logically try to understand, darkness and light forms duality. No! The binary thought current is stupidity. Life is not binary! Because of binary thought current only they are developing a theory of parallel Universe in Physics. It is not parallel, it is multi level, multiple. The moment the second existence came, it is no more dual, it is multiple. 2 does not make 1 into 2. 2 makes… the moment existence of second comes, it becomes multiple - never 2. The reality….now you are getting? In everything, every level, this is the truth.


They can be….if they read little bit of Agamas and Upanishads, with the….with the mood to learn, they will catch it. See, I think with that zero compromise integrity only I am going keep this science truly alive. See, I am not looking at making some big buildings here now and all that. Array I am looking at leaving few million Enlightened Beings carrying this torch forever and continuing it with integrity. So for them the important thing I need to drill is Integrity. So for that I have to be demonstrating the life. My next generation also will not be able to corrupt. You see, now all these kids whom I am bringing up, they all know how dedicated I am and then it gets inscribed into them, into their DNA. So they also have to maintain it. Understand. That is what is My biggest responsibility. My biggest responsibility is not just giving them power, giving them power is 2 minutes job for Me; giving them responsibility and powerful cognition…that is where 80% of My time goes.




Question - What is the ‘Shivoham’ material? Where is it in our bodies and how can we access it at any time?




Swamiji - It is like a Consciousness. It tastes like a metal rubbed on your tongue. When you meditate on Oneness, in this region [gestures towards heart/ananda gandha region], your tongue will feel as if metal being rubbed on it. If when you feel that, then you can be sure that is ‘Shivoham’ material is manifesting. It’s actually a kind of a super matter. I can’t say, it’s a matter or anti-matter. It is super matter. That is what actually I give during initiation to you. After initiation, why that honey and bael leaf is given to you, you know… to soothe your tongue; otherwise you will feel like as if you chewed the metal, as if you swallowed the metal; because this ‘Shivoham’ material is a super matter.




Question - How can power manifestation be used in Yoga? Are Shivastambha Yoga (Pole Yoga) and Kundalini Rajju Yoga (Rope Yoga) forms of power manifestation?




Swamiji - Mahadeva gives 5 types. One, in the intense heat, like a all around fire and under the Sun, you guys are not immediately able to do that, that’s why I am not teaching you that. And the second, in the air and the pole yoga is on the Earth and on water and on levitation. Of course, the levitation, your body needs to happen, needs to be trained, that is why we are not doing. So these are the methodology to train you to that. So master these two; these all the same sutra. What you are doing sitting on the floor, the same thing you are expected to do on both. All of you are understanding? So, do the same on both, once your body is ready, I’ll make you do the same on water. Then without even water - on the air, on the levitation...levitated body you can do the same thing. That’s all. It’s called Akhada. In Varanasi, if you go to Kashi Varanasi, even now in the Akhadas they practice this Mallakhambha and Rope Yoga. The original name in Agama is called Shiva Stambha, in the modern day they call it Mallakhambha. And few hundred years before in the Shivaji’s time in Maharashtra, central India, it became very popular; but otherwise it is from original scriptures.




Question - How can I take my manifestation of powers to the next level?




Swamiji -  It is all one... like a downloading of the software, that’s all. Just your system need to be detoxified to receive Me. That’s all; nothing else. Increasing the depth of your cognitions, the cognitions with which you are playing and operating, thinking - increasing the depths of that cognition. In every level of your personal life, thinking, business, for all your business problems also try to find solution, from this powerful cognition itself. Then you will see, you manifest powers intensely. Do not think these powerful cognitions are spiritual and your business and relationship problems need to be dealt with some other principle. No! These principles are capable of solving everything. Start dealing with everything with these principles, you will manifest powers, because they will occupy much of your inner space.




Question - What is the space of Hiranyagarbha?




Swamiji - The space from which the idea of origin originates, the space where Will realizes its manifestation. For example - when you are manifesting power, you are giving instruction, but you don’t believe it is going to happen, but suddenly it happens. For that one second, you touch Hiranyagarbha.


Participant: So this can be applied to the power manifestation.


Swamiji -You see, you are giving instruction, but you don’t believe it is really going to move, but you see suddenly it starts moving. For that second you touch Hiranyagarbha.


Participant: But you can’t think about it.


Swamiji -It cannot be remembered, it cannot be mem….you cannot catch it by memory; you can catch it only by your breadth. Your breathing is the rope to catch, not your memory. Memory is too shallow. Memory is too superficial, breathing is more solid.