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Prepare the Body for Sadashivoham 2016 with Spiritual Alchemy Products. "In morning Satsang today, October 10, 2016, Paramahamsa Nithyananda excitedly announced the arrival of sacred components to be used for making the Spiritual Alchemy Products for the blessed Sadashivoham 2016 participants. These potently powerful products for enlightenment are energized by the Avatar to aid participants to stay in a high frequency, continuing to manifest powers, long after the program." Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, visitors viewers, Samajis, Satsanghis, SriMahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars everyone sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, two- way video conferencing, Facebook live, YouTube live.




Today Navaratri 9th day, of course 9th day by tomorrow, 10th day Dashera festival will be concluding. As I said the first day itself 10 days and 9 nights. Today is the 9th night, we will be celebrating the Navaratri.  Devi Adi Shakti is gracing in the form of Mahisasuramardani slaying the demon in the form of Buffalo. Buffalo demon, the demon who came in form of buffalo. She is slaying with Lakshmi and Sarasvati serving Her. Every day Chandi Homa is happening in the  temple. Today there will be Kanya puja, Sumangali puja, Suhasini Puja, kumari puja, vataga puja, all the rituals will be done in a grand way, and Venkateswara  Brahmotsavam Srinivasa He's gracing on the horse vehicle, He’s riding the horse. Let's receive both their blessings and enter into satsang.


(3:22 Aarti)




Yes. Today I came to Satsang just to give you guys the update about the alchemy products getting ready for Sadāshivoham. I am pushing and day and night I am sitting and doing the energizing process to give it to this Inner Awakening participants itself and all the products we need has arrived but the alchemy process means energizing and all that, that is going on last 2 days. I hope surely I’ll be able to provide many of the Yantras and many of the alchemy products, which I’ll be sharing in Sadāshivoham for this Inner Awakening participants itself.




Actually there will be two products energized with Adishakti and Sadāshiva’s energy, which will be kept in this and sealed, which is getting ready. To create the space of making what you want as reality the process, which you are doing from yesterday. So it's actually named in the Hindu tradition as Kulisamandala. Exact word is the Kulisamandala, means the alchemy product which keeps you in high energy to manifest whatever you want as reality and these are the Yantras of the 7 Chakras. The Gods and Goddesses who reside in the 7 energy centers you have and this is the Cosmic DNA, the DNA of the whole Cosmos – Sri Yantra, this forms the basis, meru sthandila on which the Adishakti and Sadashiva will be invoked in another one product and kept here, which is not here now once it is ready I will keep and seal it and then share it with all of you today, today or tomorrow, sorry I don't…today or tomorrow, because see after energizing I have to test it whether the energizing is completely done. Like a Jnananjana even though I complete the procedure as per Agama I finally test it. So by today I’ll finish the testing and then share it with all the Inner Awakening volunteers by tomorrow.


So each of the Yantras of Muladhara, Svadishthana and Manipuraka, Anahata and Ananda Gandha and third eye. Please understand. Even though Ananda Gandha is placed here it is connected to third eye. So Muladhara and Svadishthana is pair. Manipuraka and Anahata is pair. Visuddhi and Sahasrara is pair. Ajna and Ananda Gandha is pair. So these two, Ajna is a Third Eye, Ananda Gandha is between Anahata and Manipuraka. So all these Chakras, they are represented here with their Gods, and even if you just keep it near your bed where you sleep, or where you spend more time—I’ll try to give two pieces for everyone so you can keep one in your bedroom, one in your office. So…


Does it work if you have a doubt. I guarantee with all my Integrity IT WORKS. It works. Fools ask – natta kallum pesumo nadanul irukaiyil


Natta kal pesum naadan thottal…naadhan thotta kal pesume.


People ask how can stone speak when God is inside?

I say, “Stone will speak if God touches.”


Fools are those who ask - natta kal pesum naadan thottal…naadhan thotta kal pesume. 





If you just keep where you’re sleeping preferably under pillow or at least near your bed, constantly you’ll be kept in high frequency and the tiredness and boredom will be sucked away, removed from your bio-memory that naturally manifests the higher energies and systems. Your bio-memory and muscle-memory will be capable of higher experiences.




Last two days, the energizing is going on. Yesterday I started and I have some more Yantras to give you. In Yantra itself there are 2, 3 varieties where the deity represents in the lion form or in the actual form like a visual form. So various types of those mandalas I am collecting the whole procedure. The system is from Kamika Agama. From Kamika Agama I am following the whole system, the whole procedure. First all the Inner Awakening participants who are here will receive. Then all the Inner Awakening volunteers and then all the Nithyanandoham participants and all the Sadāshivoham participants I will send it to you now itself. So prepare, keep it where you are sleeping and prepare your body and mind before you come itself so work will be easy for me. When you come here please bring it with you, don't, don't miss it. When you come here bring it with you, because we’ll need this during the process but I will send it to you now itself.




Just in next few days I will be preparing batch-by-batch, batch-by-batch. The priority will be first batch, this Inner Awakening batch and then Inner Awakening volunteers, then Nithyananda Yogam participants. Then all the Sadāshivoham people who have enrolled for all of you I will be sending it, and I will also send the detailed procedure of how to use it or maintain it. There is nothing else need to be done just keep it in the place where you are sleeping or working, and do not disrespect it— like don't put it under your feet, don't let the pets walk on it or jump on it or do susu on it. Just do not disrespect, that's all. Nothing else is… no other puja is not is required. You don't need to do any special puja and maintenance.




 Actually it represents your body, it represents your body, and it's a very systematic science of infusing the higher energy and preparing your body and keeping it ready— capable of holding the higher energies. The Kulisha which is supposed to be the Source, the Soul, Consciousness in this body is getting ready and by today or tomorrow it will be ready and once it’s ready I will show you all. The science and the system is based on Kamika Agama. Kamika Agama elaborately explains and some of the great siddhas like Agastya and Sattamuni, Vamadeva, Kapila, some of the great Munis and Siddhas explain this sciences in a detailed form in a scripture called Vaalai Pusai vidhi. Vaalai means Baala, Devi, Adishakti Puja vidhi means the methodology of worshiping and invoking Adishakti in your body and mind and I’ll also give you some more details. This is not black magic, and lot of wrong understandings spread about us black magic, witch craft all that is a lie. It has nothing to do with black magic or witchcraft. It is purely spiritual alchemy sciences from original Agamas and Vedas, from original Vedic Agamic Traditions. There are some more things getting ready.


The Inner Awakening participants I will try to push it and get it done before you leave, but even if you leave I will see to it that its dispatched but I will see to it that you get it before you leave, that is what is My priority. A few of you, last few of you because and I also commit with you, I will not compromise on integrity, the quality—even if it takes little time allow Me to have My time but I will not compromise on the power of this product. The integrity to the power of the product I will not compromise. I will do it very systematically and personally I am a very orthodox person. Personally I am very orthodox person and all these very detailed, very systematic and I’ll not compromise on this things, even if the the leaf in which the Naivedyam has to be kept— if you actually see in the stage this leaf we separately buy. It comes from all the way from Salem, the leaf in which we keep the naivedyam—see the leaf, this leaf is not available anywhere here, but Agamas says on this leaf only you can keep the naivedyam. We transport all the way form Salem to here. Even the leaf, we don't compromise on it.




So I commit with you, the quality and power of these alchemy product with all My integrity and the last few of you last maybe 10, 20 of you if I am not able to push it by before IA ends I will send it to you guys. Don't be incomplete about it. I am really pushing the time. See the multiple things I have taken it up. One: the Inner Awakening sessions. Second: I’m continuously training and energizing and Initiating the Balasants to the next level of powers and training them and then Nithyananda Yogam and then Sadāshivoham preparation and of course I’m not talking about running the Cosmos, so that is actually automated and whatever is not automated where I have to intervene is taking too much of time.




I came today morning to the Satsang just to introduce the various things getting ready for Sadāshivoham, and it’s actually a combination of masculine and feminine principles Brahmanda Yoni and Brahmanda Linga, means the male energy from which the whole cosmos originates is called Brahmanda Linga and the female energy from which whole cosmos originates is called Brahmanda Yoni. These are the principles based on Brahmanda Linga and Brahmanda yoni which is united and stored in a product which can radiate same in your system and especially if you keep this near your bed, all incompletion between the spouse will disappear. So without even telling your spouse you can complete. Suddenly for no reason so much of joy and peace and bliss will be there in the bedroom. In the space where you sleep and even in the office it will bring lot of sacredness, a lot of space inside.




 I tell you, what is wealth you know? Having enough of inner space to take life and celebrate it is wealth.  In your office having enough of inner space take the life play with it, celebrate it. Don't feel suffocated or cornered by it.  Same way in your home having enough space – having it, celebrating it, living it, radiating it. Not feeling cornered by people suffocated by situations nothing. That is what is exactly life. These alchemy products are energized program to create that in you. Actually that is the real wealth. I am telling you. Having enough space and taking life joyfully and actually when you are in that space, you’ll be hundred times more productive, hundred times more productive even productivity wise.




So, get ready to have a spiritual blast, with all the spiritual alchemy products. Today is also very auspicious day. Tonight and tomorrow till evening, very powerful presence of Adishakti falls on the planet earth, and we worship all our weapons, Sarasvati is worshipped, Aayudha puja is done. Today the caturmasya ends formally. Now a days Swamis end the caturmasya much early, but traditionally in Akhada and all from Guru Purnima to Navaratri is Caturmasya. Tonight it ends, tomorrow is the day where the weapons are worshipped and assume the weapons back. See from Guru Purnima to Navaratri the Sadhus cannot touch weapons they have to study Sastras  and be in Samadhi and do all the spiritual practice. So from tomorrow they can pick up the weapon and start the defense, travel, yatra, Parivrajaka, everything they will start by tomorrow. So that's a tradition.


With this I bless you all. Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Shuddhadvaita Shaivam, the eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be Blissful.