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In this video (12 March, 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the physics of the Guru-Disciple relationship. Fundamentally, Hinduism is Guru-Shishya Sampradaya. Physics of the master-disciple relationship is LIVING WITH HIM, that’s all. Paramahamsa Nithyananda also elaborates on the organic and indigenous food chain systems in Indian villages and how the global food industry is harming our health and the environment. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara mahasadāshiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||



I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all the Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Devotees, Disciples, Satsangis, Samajis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, everyone sitting with us all over the world and Nithyananda Yoga Teachers Training Participants, Nithya Kriya Yoga Participants, who are here to receive Vishesha Deeksha today. I welcome all of you with My love and respects.


I’ll expand on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Master-Disciple relationship. Of course, I don’t think I can complete explaining the whole physics, chemistry and biology in one day. I’ll start today, maybe it’ll have to happen like a series.

 Fundamentally, Hinduism is Guru-Shishya Sampradaya; that’s all. We are not organized religion, we are organic religion. Understand. Organized religion means there is an organization - ultimate superior structure, then various levels and all the sub-organizations and indirect-direct branches of the organizations come under them. We are organic religion. Anywhere an enlightenment is grown, you will see Sangha happening around. Anywhere enlightenment grows, Sangha happens. And the beauty is - each Sangha is independently connected to the ultimate truth… in their own capacity. There is no organization claiming the supremacy over all the Sanghas. Understand.

Even in Akhada, there is no such thing as Mandaleshwars or Mahamandaleshwars are under Acharya Mahamandaleshwar. No! No! It’s a democratic structure of Mandaleshwars. That’s all. All Mahamandaleshwars….and you need to know, for quite a long time Niranjani and Nirvani had Acharyas getting rotated every 12 years. Every 12 years, after one Maha Kumbh Mela, there will be new Acharya. Even now, Niranjani was following, just as recent as last Kumbh Mela Niranjani was following. The Acharya coordinates all the Mandaleswars and Mahamandaleshwars, that’s all. Acharya is not declaring his supremacy over other organizations. You don’t need to bow down to Acharya and I have not bowed down to both the Acharyas. I am very clear. I have not touched their feet. Neither the earlier Acharya nor…..I have not touched any Acharya’s feet. Neither Niranjani nor Nirvani or Juna. I bow down out of respect, never I was expected to touch their feet nor they demanded or they expected; neither I did nor they expected. Out of My own respect if I bow down and touch some Swami’s feet, that is up to Me; but no Guru expects.


Understand. I wanted to put this on record, because you need to know, we are not organizational religion. We are organic religion. That’s the beauty of Hinduism. Hinduism is nothing but Guru-Shishya Parampara; that’s all. Nothing but Guru-Shishya Parampara; that’s all. Kashi is just a settlement happened around Mahadeva; that’s all. Guru-Shishya Parampara! Over! Thiruvannamalai is a settlement around Arunagiri Yogishwara; that’s all.

Last few days, I am studying, the Kamikagama and Thiruvannamalai - Google Earth. Thanks to Google Earth, really helping us to map….I am actually mapping the Kamikagama into Thiruvannamalai – such perfect Shiva’s City! You see, here Banyan Tree is Sadāshiva, He is MahaSadāshiva. The Linga represents the MahaSadāshiva, accepts Puja. But...Banyan Tree is MahaSadāshiva. Same way in Thiruvannamalai, Arunachala, that Hill is MahaSadāshiva. Because you can’t pour the water and do all the Abhishekam, Alankaram and enjoy, celebrate the kriya… the Linga represents MahaSadāshiva, receives Puja. So the whole temple is centered on Linga, City is centered on Hill. For example, West - the Koshta Murti of Lingodbhava should be installed in every Shiva temple, and South - Dakshinamurthy should be installed as the Kostha Murti, North - Durga and Brahma should be installed as a Kostha Murti. If you see Thiruvannamalai - Google Earth, everything is perfect: The number of tanks should be installed as per Kamikagama, the Deities need to be installed. You see, the South, exactly there is a beautiful huge Dakshinamurthy Temple in Thiruvannamalai. That Dakshinamurthy Kostha Murti size and the hill size if you match, it is matching exactly the proportion as per Kamikagama. And Lingodbhava Murti is the Adi Arunachaleshwara. Everything… and the North - Durga Temple is there, that is what is Pavalakundru. Just near Pavalakundru, there is a Durga Devi Temple, which is a Kostha Murti for…..if you consider Hill as a Linga, the Kostha Murti in the North is Durga Temple is there. I was actually shocked to see and thanks to Google Earth, last few days I am sitting with Google Earth and Kamikagama…. I am sitting with the Google Earth, mapping everything.

You need to understand Arunachala…..see in Kailasa, Mahadeva resides on the top, but in Arunachala - Hill is Mahadeva!! Hill is not His residence - His body! Understand.


Whole Hinduism is Guru-Shishya Parampara. I’ll explain physics of Master-Disciple connection. Understand. If you want to become a doctor, practicing doctor, you have to be in hospital, no other way. If you want to become a practicing lawyer, not that the lawyer who tries to get the jamin from ocean. If you are really interested in practicing lawyer, you have to go to court everyday. Where you sleep does not matter, during your waking hours you have to be in court. If you want to be a doctor, where you sleep does not matter, but when….while you are awake you have to be in hospital. Understand. Each purpose needs specific vatavarana, ambience. Ambience where R&D is mastered, research and development is mastered.

I am telling you, go to any PhD in any big, top 100 University - Harvard, Oxford, any University, go to any PhD in oriental philosophies, religion, modern day religious organizations, ancient knowledge wisdom, talk to any of those doctorates, spend time with them - I challenge - they will be 100 times duller than My Gurukul kids, My Balasants!!! Understand, Internally I will train My Balasants is different. Internally I will work on them to become more and more complete, but externally, for the outer world they are much more than perfect; much, much more than perfect.


Understand. Vatavarana, ambience is required for any excellence. If you want to become a doctor, you have to go to medical college and hospital. If you want to become lawyer, you have to go to Law College and court. Understand, anything you want to do, you have to go that ambience, you have to master, expertise that ambience. You have to grow in that ambience. All of you need to understand, Adi Kailasa is created not for comfortable life to compare and see - how your life is outside and  inside; it is created for right not for pleasant. Yes, naturally alcohol will be more tasty than neem juice. “Oh, that is so beautiful after taking this neem juice….” Then get lost and drink that, who says no!!

Adi Kailasa exists for right not for pleasant. This very comparison is stupidity - absolute stupidity! Life in the Adi Kailasa is not for the people who are expecting pleasant, but for the people who are expecting right and of course, it will be the most pleasant, without giving priority to pleasantness. This place and this ambience is created for the people who want to do right thing in their life, not for the people who want to do pleasant things in their life. I am not….I have not put a board - “Bar Dance Club”. I have put a board very clearly - “Adi Kailasa - Bengaluru Aadheenam”J. Let’s check the board once moreJ J. It is “Nithyananda Peetam - Bengaluru Aadheenam - Adi Kailasam”. It is very clear, I am running Kailasa. Understand… it is for right not for pleasant.


PHYSICS OF MASTER - DISCIPLE RELATIONSHIP IS LIVING WITH HIM, that’s all. ALL other answers are compromised answers. It is straight - “living with Him” - over! Understand. That ‘living with Him’, that word makes world different. Means what are you going to eat? Amazing best organic food. From there it starts… how living with Him prepares you.

Listen. Food is the first idea, concept, with which exploitation on you starts. It is through food, society enslaves you. Now literally, all the major cities are food deserts, means nothing to eat is available. Understand. They all have food like products, not food. Food like products, not food! When I grew up, I’ve never seen non-veg being sold so openly. In whole Thiruvannamalai, one non-veg hotel used to be there and people use to treat that like a….like a red light area. No one will go there. If somebody goes there, very secretly they will go and there will not be any crowd and all around. Secret parcel, pack it and run away and sit outside, somewhere outside the city and eat. Now I am seeing everywhere. I think soon they’ll sell Ganja and Marijuana openly. Still they have not put shop, but I don’t think it’s going to be long time; because how long you can get vote by opening only alcohol shops. Now people are tired of alcohol. “Eh……How much you drink, nothing is happening.” Because, nowadays the kids, by 10 they start drinking alcohol and by 15 the alcohol is no more helping the system. System has become immune to alcohol. Now you need next dosage. What will happen? What will happen? Next dosage means Ganja, Marijuana, Heroin, all the other drugs, that’s all! How Government gave a logic, “Oh, if we don’t legalize it, lot of illegal arrack shops are coming. So let’s legalize the alcohol.” Same way tomorrow, somebody is going to declare, “If we don’t legalize Marijuana, Ganja, Heroin, so much of illegal black market is going on, let’s legalize it.” That’s all!! That’s where you are heading. That’s where you are going.


Understand. The layers of addiction in food, things which completely destroys you - Tamasic - like Marijuana, Heroin, Ganja, all the other addictive items. You see, Ghost means – which eats its own body parts. That is the definition Mahadeva gives for ‘ghost’. A person who is addicted to these illegal drugs are eating his own parts - like you are eating your own intestine, you are eating your own liver; that’s all. To be in the ‘kick’… eating little, little everyday. That is why, you are not understanding; otherwise it is eating. You are ghost, once you start getting addicted to the illegal drugs. Tamasic - utter tamasic!!

Then Tamo-Rajasic….the tamo-rajasic is this non-vegetarian. Understand. It is such a big anti-social. All of you need to know, largest carbon footprint released on the Planet Earth is neither by automobiles nor by army industry. It is by non-veg dairies - dairy industry! It is not by atomic weapons, it is not by automobile industries, it is not by anything else - it is by dairies and leather industry means non-veg production industry. Understand, when a grain grows, directly you eat that, is organic lifestyle. But you feed that to a life and grow muscles and do not care about that life and cut that into pieces and eat…. What logic?!! Where are we heading?!

Human beings are allowed to own Planet Earth not possess. Not possess!! Mark My words - If we don’t shut down animal husbandries, dairy farms - which are functioning for meat, I don’t see 2060! I don’t see 2060! I am not talking something 100 years after. If you are below 40, you need to think about your future. Fortyish… when I say below 40 - fortyish. You need to think about your future. If you are already above 90, above 70, then who cares? You yourself may not see 2060, then what is there? J Whether 2060 is there or not, who cares? But if you are fortyish, below 40, below fortyish, you to need to think about your future. You are going to face that disaster.


Understand. Global warming is true and it is because of non-veg industry. I am not saying this... Google, go to the internet, there is enough statistics!!

go brahmanebhya shubhamastu nityam lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

Go - means animals and brahmana – who does not eat animals and protect them, both need to be happy and blissful, only then future is going to be there for us. Fundamentally, it is food. You are exploited. Understand. It’s not joke. 73% of the carbon footprint released…..animal industries… when I say animal industry - three major industry - animals grown for meat, animals grown for leather, animals grown for other medicinal and cosmetic products.

Understand. Animals grown for meat - food purposes, animals grown for leather, animals grown for medical and cosmetic purposes: these industry forms 73% of the carbon footprint, responsible for global warming. That is what I call Rajo-Tamasic. Not worst like a alcohol...sorry not worst like a Marijuana, Ganja, Heroin; little better but collectively kills everyone. Ganja, Marijuana, Heroin, all that...the person will not see even 2025J. With animal husbandry industry, 2060!


Then comes ‘Rajasic’.  Rajasic is all plastic food. Understand. Tamasic, Rajo-Tamasic and Rajasic. Rajasic is plastic food. Plastic food means food grown out of altered seeds and grown with pesticides and fertilizers. If you see pesticides spraying, they will cover the whole body. It cannot touch your skin but it can touch some food, which you eat!! Adappavi ada!! Something which should not touch your skin, can touch your intestine!!  Aahah, what a logic!! And you need to know, all the countries which send fertilizers and pesticides to India, they do not buy our vegetables and products back. They send all the chemicals here. When you grow vegetables, rice, anything out of what they sent, they don’t buy back from you. They are sending it to destroy you. Large amount of impotency happening is because of the plastic food. Sexually you are made overactive to destabilize the society, but infertility wise, you are made inactive, impotent. Understand. There is a big difference between these two. Libido is increased, shoots up, potency is destroyed - impotent. It’s a unique programming going on. It is from food, exploitation starts. You are hooked. Understand, no city in the modern world… food is available.

Kamikagama says….I have seen not only Kamikagama saying, I have seen My grandfather…..Kamikagama says, 10 trees - bamboo stick...sorry, drumstick tree, papaya tree, 10 trees He says - should be around...MahaSadāshiva says, should be around your house… and the cow; you will never be hungry, you will never need to sleep in hunger. How He says, exactly like that I have seen houses existing in Indian villages. Means, each unit is complete self-sustaining for all the fundamental needs. I have seen My grandfather carrying bags of cotton, cotton seed, giving and taking the clothes and coming back. For all basic needs, a small unit becomes self-sustaining.

And when the British studied Indian system, that was shocking for them - every village is self-sufficient unit. That is why, we made road only for pilgrimage purpose. Kashi to Rameshwaram, Rameshwaram to KanyaKumari - only for pilgrimage purpose, we made road! We did not make road for any transportation of goods because every...every village is self-sufficient! We don’t need food transportation or any other transportation. All other items only needed for luxury was transported. For day to day running you don’t need any transportation. For life to exist - food, medicine, emergency services, you don’t need transportation; self-sustaining units. They want to break that. That is why they destroyed our Goshalas, they destroyed our agriculture, they destroyed our schools.


Food like products… not food. All altered - human intervened and altered seeds, human intervened and chemically pumped and chemically producted….sorry, protected; chemically pumped means fertilizer, chemically protected – pesticides. Altered by human beings… the seeds, DNA altered seeds... a fruit should have a seed. How can there be something called ‘seedless grape’? By nature a fruit should have a seed. How can there be something called ‘seedless pumpkin’, ‘seedless grapes’?! God! Eat seedless grape, you will become a seedless man. That’s all!

Understand. Mahadeva says in Kamikagama, “A village should have naturally formed honeycombs. The drainage - hen, duck - should drink that water and survive.” I was thinking, “What is the meaning of all that?” If the drainage water, drunk by ducks and hen and they survive means the whole thing is organic; there is no chemical in that… in your cooking, in your day to day living. If the natural bees are growing honeycombs, means that air pollution… understand, for a bee to survive, four things are required. The ground cannot be polluted. In polluted ground, if a flower grows, if the bee drinks that honey, it’ll die in few seconds. First thing, the land has to be pure. Second thing, from that land the flowers which come up, they have to be pure, means, air has to be pure. Third, the water source has to be pure, only then the honey which comes in that flower, will be pure. So the bee can drink that honey, flourish and build honeycomb. Understand. Bee does not fly more than 1 ½ kilometers in their whole lifetime; they live in 1 ½ kilometer region only, maximum 1 ½ kilometers. Moving them beyond 1 ½ kilometers is a big job. It’s almost like they lose their balance if they fly continuously more than 1 ½ kilometers. So within 1 ½ kilometers only they will settle down. “If there is a place, natural honeycomb forming” Sadāshiva says, “That is a blessed ground, start living there, I reside there.” Now I understand, why He says what He says.

Look around our Campus and count how many bee….natural bee combs, honeycombs!! And He says, “Hang Mango flower”, understand not fruit… flower...Mango flower; before becoming fruit the mango will give a flower, small flowers. “Mango flower, neem flower, rice paddy - hang all that in your door frame. Sparrows should come and eat them, only then you can live in that house.” Means sparrows have very sensitive lungs. If the air pollution level in that area is very pure, only then the sparrows will come and live there, survive there. If the sparrows are not living or chirping, that place air pollution is not conducive for human lungs to breathe. Go to all cities. Show Me a single sparrow in Chennai or Bangalore inside. Single sparrow! Forget about Delhi. Delhi, even you cannot survive! No Delhi, actually you have to develop a new lung to survive. Tons of articles are coming out in the modern day. The Chemtrails, chemical trails are infused to keep human beings dull, sober, sick, under control.


Every ingredient needed to build the subtle grooves of power manifestation in you, will be revived, alive, at the feet of the Master. That is why if you want enlightenment and power manifestation, you have to be in the vatavarana of the Master’s feet. You maybe crorepati but you eat only shit. Understand. No, I am very straight. You may have 10000 crore wealth, but in the plate only shit! What is the use then your 10000 crore?! And you breathe only poisonous air, then what is the use? You live in a place where the sparrows cannot exist! Adheenam, everywhere honeycomb, from Nairuti - Banyan Tree, near the Banyan Tree now especially with the new temple construction - so many, and till Ishanya, that whole diagonal, our 1000 bed dorm.  This whole diagonal, you can see honeycombs, means the whole area - water level, ground, air - all three are pure. You can see ducks, all of them, squirrels, drinking our kitchen waste out...wastage water. From our kitchen the wastage water comes out. Early morning you can see, they will all be drinking. Cranes, doves, squirrels, all of them drink that water and survive. That shows our whole kitchen is running in the organic level, which can be handled even animal’s intestine.


I was shocked actually, Mahadeva gives instruction to….in agriculture. In the Vasanta time… vasanta is Chitra month, Chitra Masa. In Chitra month, if the dogs don’t mate in the street, go and sprinkle neem oil in your agriculture ground - paddy, He is telling. Spray neem oil in your agriculture land if the dogs in your streets don’t mate on Vasanta month; means something is wrong in your grain, because they are going to eat only what you left, what… those days there was no separate dog food store. What you eat, the remaining you feed the dogs, that is the way the pet dogs are grown or the street dogs also. If you keep the food inside the house, they are called pet dogs. If you keep food outside the house, they are called stray dogs, that’s all!

This is what I call ‘organic life’. Understand. Physics of the Master - Disciple relationship is very important and… if you are serious about power manifestation and enlightenment, if you feel, “Aaah….hmmmm….hmmmm.” Then no problem. Then you don’t need Mysore Road. If you are really serious, if you cognize, “It is very rare you get human body”, if you cognize, “It is very rare Sadāshiva also assumes human body”, if you cognize, “It is very rare, both happening and matching in right time”, and if you cognize, “This is not the chance to be missed, I have to manifest powers and I have to become Sakshi Pramana for Shastra Pramana and Aptha Pramana, because Atma Pramana is available.” Understand. If there was only Shastra Pramana and Aptha Pramana, Atma Pramana is not available and you not being here is not crime. When Atma Pramana is available and if you are interested in Sakshi Pramana, the only way is - be in Kailasa. “No, no, no, I am your close devotee, I worship you everyday, I do Guru Puja.” Okay, you do Guru Puja, great, no doubt; but I am not able to send organic food from here to there for you. I am not able to package this pure air and send it to your home, what can I do?!! You are breathing that air. It is a….you can’t deny it. You are eating that food - plastic food, either tamasic or rajo tamasic or rajasic. You can’t deny it, what can be done?!! That’s the way it is. Even in Kailasa, to retain the purity, how much we struggle, only we know!! And whatever somehow gets mixed impure, to remove that from your body and detoxify your body, from neem juice to haritaki and cleaning up.


Mahadeva says, “Walk on the ground without shoes, without chappal, Bhuma Devi will take the body scan of you and whatever vitamins, minerals, the important ingredients required for your body which you don’t have, She will add it in the food which is growing in that area, so eat that food, that is medicine.”

He says, “Biology...” please understand, Geography is Biology in Hinduism. Earth is not Geography for us, it is Biology - Bhuma Devi - conscious, alive. So when you walk on the Earth without chappal, She scans your body and documents all the vitamins, minerals, required for your body which you don’t have for healthy life and She adds them; because She is conscious, She can produce anything by will. She adds them in the food, fruits, flowers, vegetables, trees, happening in that area. Eat them, you will be healthy. Understand. In human life 80% of your priority should be given for right food; because it is all about right food. But unfortunately we don’t think even about 10 minutes a day about what we are eating. Society is cheating you. Through food you are made sick. Once you are sick, you are slave to society because you have to earn to get medicine, to keep yourself alive. Then you are slave once for all to the social structure.

Understand. Those days when I grew up, till teenage we were all able to have healthy, natural organic food. Only twenties, it becomes our freedom to eat any junk you want. Now a days, they put so much medicine into that food, it will taste very great but poison, that’s all … ‘tasty poison’. And I tell you, it’s a international mafia. Understand. People who supply food for you, are not interested in your health. They are interested in their wealth. Their priority is not your health. Their priority is their wealth. Do you know, in many of the American states, coke is cheaper than water? How many of you know that Coke is cheaper than water - drinking water. Drinking water is costly than the coke; especially if you get the large size. In this whole business, whose body is getting destroyed? You! Your body is your life, your body is your ability to manifest consciousness.


Beautifully Tirumoolar says, "Udal valartane uyir valartanae" It is your ability to grow the body, your ability to grow Consciousness. Denial of body is not going to lead you anywhere other than the graveyard. Denial of body is not spirituality.

A new kind of bodies are getting produced, by the alcohol, drugs and non-vegetarian toxic plastic food. High sexual activism, high libido and impotent; high sexual drive but impotent. New dangerous bodies are getting created. They are very dangerous for society’s stability. In those days, you will not see so many infertility clinics; actually too much of kids. Every house will have dozen! You will not find infertility clinics. Now the whole problem is other way.

Understand. Declaring your freedom from the poison food cycle, means, saying Yes to Nithyananda Annalaya. In 2002, on exactly Karthikai Deepam Day, in Pavalakundra Adi Nithyananda Peetam, I started cooking with My own hands and serving. We have photographs of that day happening. From that day, I inaugurated Nithyananda Annalaya. Now it is evolving, evolving, evolving, aligning more and more to the ideology of Sadāshiva - Vedagamic compliant and expansion. We have few photographs of the first feeding in 2002 - Karthikai Deepam - I don’t know the date. [Photographs are projected] The official beginning of the Annalaya. Of course 2001, Erode Ashram itself we started, but I should say that ‘large scale’… like feeding the public, 19th November 2002. Large number of…..I should say like feeding the people in pilgrimage centers. Even though we started feeding in Erode itself, in Erode Aadheenam itself, this is like a feeding - going to the places and feeding, where the Utsavas, functions, festivals, are happening… opening to the next level. Now we are growing more and more with knowledge and understanding - how food is used to enslave you.


Understand. The cities have become like a large open prison, that’s all. Just few people decide, what you should eat and what kind of medicines you will be forced to take, what you should think; your gossips are decided just by 2-3 people… just by 2-3 people! They decide what you should gossip. Cities are nothing but open prison, that’s all. Large open prisons, that’s all; where you think you have the keys in your hand. Food, control of food chains supply… is the method with which you are enslaved.

Kids who grow up tasting blood and non-veg are victims of the conspiracy to lose human Conscious possibilities. Understand. If you keep your body vegetarian, at least one day, something can happen, your third eye can be awakened and you can manifest powers. Once you destroy it with non-veg food - sealed! Sealed, especially now the modern day, that plastic food has become equivalently damaging to non-veg food. When I say ‘plastic food’ - all food packed in plastic. I don’t see any grandmother making Muruku and all those snacks in modern day. First of all, I don’t see grandmothers….where is Muruku and snacks!

Liberating yourself from the conspiracy to enslave you through the food chain supply. That declaration is what I call - Declaring yourself as Shaivite. Telling - “From today, I declare my freedom. I am not going to be used by this food chain supplying conspiracy. I am not going to be victimized by the international food chain supply mafia. I’ll free myself.” First step, that declaration is what is declaring yourself - “I am a Shaivite. I eat only Shaiva food.” Shaiva food does not mean only vegetarian food … organic vegetarian food. Plastic vegetarian food is not vegetarianplastic is non-veg.


The first step of the physics of Master-Disciple relationship is deciding to live with Him. It is food, live in His breathing space… and how many millions of wrong things are avoided by deciding to live with Him, you will understand only if you come and live here.

I have not yet finished physics of Guru - Disciple relationship. I’ll continue on physics itself, then I have to talk about chemistry, then I’ll have to talk about biology. In physics I have touched only food, now then comes cloth, jewels, shelter, breathing, exercise, activism; all these are physicality, physic, physics of Guru-Disciple relationship. I will document… why I am doing what I am doing to the world and the benefits. It’s not that I am going to just speak and leave it. I will document and bring it out with evidence to the world.

Mahadeva says, “If the bees are attacking you, take care of your cow food”, means if the bees sit on the cows and drink their blood, they will attack human beings. They will be violent. If a cow does not eat any artificial food, eats only the organic, organically grown, that blood will not have a salt enough for the bee to sit and drink. Its artificial things you add in the cow’s food, makes their blood drinkable for the bee. So if cows are grown organically, the bees in that area will not attack human beings. All these bullet points from Agama, I’ll release it to the world. I’ll put all of them as bullet points and release it to all you guys. Why we are doing what we are doing - why we are doing what we are doing. I’ll continue on the physics of Adi Kailasa, physics of living, physics of Master-Disciple relationship.


And I also want to tell you - anybody who is inspired by this idea, wants to live with us, I am opening My doors free. Living in Kailasa does not cost you any money. It is your Will Persistence towards manifesting Sadāshiva’s powers. Kailasa doesn’t believe in currency - Kailasa believes in contributing. So Kailasa does not demand your currency, it only requests you to enrich, contribute, constantly being alive, active, contributing; contribute to the world, that’s all. Anybody interested in constantly contributing… Kailasa’s doors are open for you; not for the fools who think, “Oh, why he is not contributing, he is contributing…..he is not contributing but he is enjoying the life here, let me also try...hmmm.” People who want to contribute, for you Kailash is open, Kailasa is for you. We are opening our doors officially, formally, with Sadāshivatva 5th Batch - May 1st to 21st - Celebrate the Physics of Guru - Disciple relationship - join us in Adi Kailasa to become Adi Kailasavasis.

You are welcome to be in Kailasa forever.



With this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Mahasadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.


Thank you.

Be Blissful.