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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explained how human beings feel that living with consciousness is too much, the happiness too great. This is the reason why patterns are created. The problem is we try to possess everything by eliminating others which itself is a wrong pattern we use to define our identity. We are afraid to own pure consciousness because we cannot possess it. As a result, we put up boundaries to keep others out so we can settle into the body and mind, not consciousness. When we take responsibility to help and enrich others to own, not possess, life becomes a celebration!
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I welcome you all with my love and respects. 





Please listen!  Please come to the space of listening.


Pattern!  Human-being feels living with the pure consciousness is too much, too happy!  Please understand, I am exactly reading out Akashic Records, ultimate truths about why patterns are created. Pure Consciousness is like a vast ocean; it is too much of joy.  I tell you, many of you do not know that Space after the age of three or four, means, when the root-pattern has started in you.  When the first root pattern has started in you, after that you do not know the space of that joy, that extreme joy and living in pure consciousness.  No!  Even now, I have seen people, when they don’t have anything to worry, they either pick up something from the past, something that happened in the past – some rejection, some depression, some violence – they pick up some old fight: ‘No!  Two years before, that lady came and saw me and told me like that.  I did not fight with her at that time because I did not have strength.  I was not powerful at that time.  Now I am powerful.  Come on!  Let me start again.  Let me give a missed call for her.  If she picks up, I will pick up.  If not, I will pick up next call and ask her, ‘why did you not pick up the call?’ 

No, really!  Even if you don’t have anything now, you try to drag something from the past, or you sit and

worry what all worries may come tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow, what all incompletions may happen

tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow, what all powerlessness may happen tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow, in future! 


Please listen!  The pure space seems to be a little heavy, little too much of joy!  Human-beings feel they

can’t afford it!  It is like you don’t want to own the whole ocean, you want to own only the beach,

because only in the beach you can put a fence and ensure that others can’t enter into it!  Ocean you can own, but not possess. Please understand!  “Owning” is different, “Possessing” is different.  All of us can own the whole world; that is not a problem at all; but we can’t possess; that is where the problem starts.  Owning is different, possessing is different.  The whole village owns the village temple, but you possess your house, not only own, you possess; you make sure others don’t enter.  We don’t want to own the ocean, we want to possess the ocean.  When you want to possess, you know you can’t possess the ocean, not only you can’t deny entry to other human-beings, you can’t deny entry to other animals.  There are millions of animals below.  When you want to possess that is where the problem starts.  

 If you want to own, you can own the whole world!  See, unfortunately, only if you eliminate others you feel you are victorious, which is not right.  Which is not right!  Which is a basic wrong understanding.  Please get it!  Please get it!  I want you to know a very important fact.  Never, ever you will be free by your efforts to be free.  Freedom will happen to you only by the right knowledge about freedom, never by your efforts towards

freedom.  Listen!  Never your efforts towards freedom is going to give you freedom!  It is only the knowledge about the freedom, will give you freedom.  Get it! 


So, the basic mistake, eliminating others is the only way you can possess or own is wrong! To own, you don’t need to eliminate others.  But because of this pattern, just because you want to eliminate others, you are ready to settle down with a few acres of beach.  You are ready to forego the whole ocean!  Exactly with the same pattern, only with patterns you define your identity.  Without patterns, it is like you in the ocean. 

I tell you, if you own you and allow everyone to own you, you are a celebrity!  If you own you and allow

everyone to own you, you are a celebrity!  If you possess you, you are a beggar! You are a beggar stuck

in a slum!  Understand, I own me and allow the whole world to own me.  Everyone around me has a

feeling, ‘I have a special place with Swamiji, and Swamiji is some way special for me.’  Even the words

they get, strong chilly words, somebody gets pepper, and somebody gets with masala chilly, somebody

gets green chilly, somebody gets red chilly.  ‘See, I only get pepper.  I have a special place!’  ‘I only get

red chilly.  I have a special place!’  Whatever it may be, I allow everyone to own me. 


Understand, if you own you, allow everyone to own you, you are a celebrity!  In any field!  If you own your body and allow everyone to own your body also, you become celebrity, in the field of beauty or body-related.  It can be Miss Universe, Mr. Universe or actor or actress, whatever.  In the field of flesh you will be celebrity.  If you allow, if you own your mind and allow others also to own your mind, you will become a great teacher.  You will become a celebrity in the field of Knowledge.  If you own your consciousness and allow the whole world to own your consciousness, you become Incarnation! 


Understand, if you own your body and allow the whole world to own your body, you become like a Miss

Universe, Mr. Universe or whatever. If you own your mind and allow others to own your mind, you become a celebrity in the field of Knowledge.  If you own your consciousness and allow others to own your consciousness, you become Incarnation, celebrity in the field of Consciousness!


Listen!  In any field, own and let others own.  Don’t be stuck with the possessiveness.  Don’t be stuck with the wrong idea that eliminating others is the only way you can be safe.  No!  If you eliminate everyone, you will be all alone and you will be suffering with loneliness.  Life will be boring.  I have seen people having large houses, eliminating everyone, sitting all alone.  Poor people’s huts are more joyful and rich; overflowing number of people live and celebrate life than in some of the so-called rich men’s house.  It is actually whether you “own” or “possess” that decides whether you are rich or poor.  Man who possesses everything will always be poor.  Man who owns and lets others own will always be rich.  I own this ashram and let the whole world own this ashram.  That is why this place is eternal celebration, Nithyothsava! I tell you, if you want some place to be in joy, celebration always, this is the secret: Own and let others own!  Own and let others own! 


Listen!  One of the primal mistake you do even in your consciousness you think only when you

eliminate others you can own your consciousness.  Just to eliminate others you want to create

boundary in your consciousness.  Unfortunately, you don’t understand that boundary can be done in

the beach, but not in the ocean.  So you settle down in the beach which is literally dry part of you. 

When you settle down, the fence you create is what I call “patterns”.  The fence you create is what I call



Listen!  Now I am defining pattern:


Process through which the needle of your consciousness moves again and again and feeling stuck without progress or completion is “pattern”.  Process through which the needle of your consciousness moves again and again, stuck without progressing or feeling complete is “pattern”.  Why drinking alcohol becomes pattern, but drinking water is not becoming pattern?  Both you drink every day.  Water you drink more!  Why drinking alcohol becomes pattern, drinking water never becomes pattern?  Because, drinking water gives you completion and you are not stuck.  After drinking water, you are out of thirst, more energetic, you are not stuck in thirst, or you are not stuck in anything else; you move with your life.  But unfortunately, all alcoholics are either stuck with elated mood, or belated mood, or depressed mood.  It is the mood associated with alcohol, makes you stuck, not alcohol itself.  Please understand, when you drink alcohol, if you feel elated or belated, you wanted that mood again and again.  That is why you start drinking alcohol.  Sometimes, even the self-sympathy, the victim mood, depression, you start enjoying even that!  Even for that reason you start drinking alcohol!  It is the pattern, it is the mood, feeling stuck, incomplete, that makes alcohol as an addictive pattern.  If you don’t have mood of elated or belated or depressed, after drinking alcohol, you will not be having addictive pattern towards alcohol. 


How do you think I liberate so many people from alcohol and smoking just through meditation, through the Inner Awakening or the meditation program?  Because, first I attack that mood pattern.  I make sure neither they feel that elated pattern nor they feel that depressed pattern.  When you break the pattern, they don’t feel inspired to drink.  Then addiction disappears.  Addiction disappears!


Please understand, I have thrown so many concepts today.  I want you to get the essence.

First, you are afraid to own your pure consciousness because you cannot possess it.

Second, just like the example of because you cannot fence and possess the ocean, you decide to settle down in the beach, because beach you can fence it and possess it, not allow others to enter.  Same way, consciousness you cannot fence it and possess it.  But body and mind you can fence it and possess it.  You

settle down in body and mind as yours.


Listen!  Listen!  I want all of you to listen!  This information is very important for all of you. When you practice Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, many a time you will get the space of blessings; if you bless somebody, immediately it will become reality!  But, if you don’t teach others how to achieve that space, you will lose that space, because that space is the ocean; only if others also own, you can own.  If you try to possess by excluding others, suddenly you will see you are in the beach, you are no more in the water, you are not in the ocean!


Listen!  Whenever you experience miraculous powers, mystery field, unified conscious field, enrich others to experience it.  You will continue to enjoy it.  If you don’t, if you don’t enrich others to enjoy this experience; enjoy this experience, listen, if you don’t own and help others to own, you will see you are standing on the ground!  You may be thinking, please listen, you may be thinking, again I am bringing marketing in the name of enriching.  No!  Sometimes it is so unfortunate to teach human beings. They have their own interpretation for everything! They have their own abusive interpretation for everything.  If you don’t give food they ask, ‘Why this Swami can do Annadaan?  Why is he not giving food to people?’  If you start giving food, they say, ‘Oh, by giving food he attracts people and makes them all his disciples and makes them all his students and followers.’  What is your problem if they become my followers?  ‘No, no, no, no!  Why, why, why people should become his followers?  Why people should wear his mala? Why people should bow down to him?’  People have so many foolish things!  If you don’t give sannyas, ‘What is this?  How can you differentiate, discriminate?’  And if you give sannyas, ‘See he is breaking families.  He is making all the young boys and girls who are supposed to get married and live, he is making them all sannyasis!’  If you don’t give sannyas to anybody they say, ‘See, he is living the sannyas life happily!  He is enjoying!  But he is not sharing that with others!  He is not helping others to experience that enlightenment!’ 


Poor fellows! When they are filled with so much of incompletion, they do not know what to do!  They just do not know what to do!  Usually, during those moments, when people judge me because of their incompletion, I actually wait.  Any explanation, they will have their own interpretation for that.  If you are really complete and pointing out others’ incompletion, you will not try to have support from others.


I want you to understand this story; one guy goes to doctor and says, ‘doctor, I have pain in the shoulder, I have pain in the chest, I have pain in the stomach, I have pain in the knee, I have pain in the feet, I have pain in the calf muscle, I have pain in the neck’. Doctor thoroughly diagnosed, he did not find anything wrong. The same guy came to me, I looked at him and said, ‘you have a fracture in your finger; because you have fracture in your finger, wherever you put your finger you feel the pain and unfortunately you attribute that pain to that place!’  Sanjay Chari, you just need to heal, but unfortunately when people are incomplete and when they don’t have the space of listening, anything you tell they will not listen! They will only become more and more incomplete, arrogant and aggressive!


 Usually, when I see this kind of people, I just wait.  ‘Alright, let these guys have more completion, settle down.’  Because you want to own you and eliminate others and possess you, just wanting to own you is not wrong.  I own my healing powers and make the whole world to own my healing powers.  I own my Vaak Siddhi and help the whole world to own my Vaak Siddhi.  If you only own, nothing wrong.  But when you want to possess, something seriously wrong starts happening.  When you possess, you land up in the body and mind.  You don’t live as the consciousness.  I tell you, one of the worst things in life is ‘possessing’.  Aparigraha means ‘non-possessiveness’.  Not that you will not own; you will own, but you will not possess.  That is what I call “responsibly owning”.  Responsibly owning means, owning, but not possessing.  Means, you own, but that does not mean you eliminate others.  I tell you, when you own and help everyone to own, your life becomes a celebration! 


In the sannyas vratas (pledges) you take, the vrata (pledge) of Aparigraha – non-possessiveness, means, not that you will not own, no! You will own, but will make everyone to own.  You will own the best things of the world and make everyone to own.  You will own a beautiful land, but you will not possess by not allowing others inside.  You will make everybody to own.  Means, you will have everybody coming there.  You will have all the best knowledge, best lifestyle.  That does not mean you will not show it to anybody, you will not share it with anybody, you will possess it!  No!  You will share it with everybody.  You will share your lifestyle with everybody.  You will share your knowledge with everybody. You will share it with everyone!

 Understand, anything you possess will dry up.  Anything you own and make others own, others also own, will flourish.


 Many times, the spiritual powers, when you start possessing them, dries up.  I have seen in my life, whatever powers I made others also own, continues to flourish in me and flourish in others.  Whatever powers I did not make others own, always dried up.  Whatever may be the role you are playing in life, lawyer, doctor, engineer, housewife, leader, team leader, whatever may be you possess, decide from today you will own it, not possess it.  Even your house, decide you will own it.  Anyone who owns and not possesses is Sannyasi, is Jeevan Muktha.  Own the building you are staying in; don’t possess!  Own the knowledge you are having, don’t possess!  Own the lifestyle you are having, don’t possess!  Own everything you have, but don’t possess!  Let the world own.  Make the world own. 


Understand, I only started defining “pattern”.  Still I have not completed defining pattern and I will complete in next, next satsangs.  I will also expand on why pattern, how pattern, what is pattern, why completion, how completion, what is completion in further satsangs. 


I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching with eternal bliss!


Nithyananda! Thank you.