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Today’s (26th February, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Upanishads Series - Living Advaita. Isha Upanishad–Verse 4: anejad-ekaṁ manaso jivīyo nainad-devā āpnuvan pūrvamarṣat | tad-dhāvato’ nyān atyeti tiṣṭhat tasminn apo mātariśvā dadhāti || 4 || In this profound delivery of the Isha Upanishad, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals how the mind cannot move towards the source by the force of hard power, which only suppresses and depresses. Using soft power helps us set the right context for our life so we can understand what is the goal, the path and the purpose. Cognizing each word of Verse 4 puts us into meditation, setting the context for our mind, leading us to the Source. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all of you with my love and respects.  I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Arra TV, and two-way video-conferencing all over the world having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us all over the world having Nayana Deeksha: Melbourne, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, Toronto-Canada, Seattle, Redmond, St. Louis, San Jose, Oman, Ohio, Turkey, Oklahoma, Kulim, North Hollywood-California, Dakota Dunes, Houston-Texas, Vancouver, Madurai, London, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Doncaster-UK, Hyderabad, Trinidad, Charlotte, China, Thiruvannamalai, Singapore, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi.....and many more cities are joining.....Puducherry.....more are joining...........

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today, the Rajarajeshwari Brahmotsavam! Devi is gracing on Swarna Naaga Vaahana, Golden Snake Vehicle.  The Rajarajeshwari Brahmotsava, with Lakshmi and Saraswathi, Rajarajeshwari is gracing all of us, sitting on Golden Sesha Vaahana, Golden Snake.

Let me enter into the verses.  Today, I will be expanding on Upanishad, Ishavasya Upanishad, fourth verse.  Please recite along with me.

अनेजदेकं मनसो जवीयो नैनधेवा आप्नुवन्पुर्वमर्षत् |

तद्धावतोऽन्यानत्येत तिष्ठत् तस्मिन्नपो मातरिश्वा दधाति ||

Anejadhekam Manaso Javeeyo Nainadhdheva Aapnuvanpurvamarshath |

ThadhDhaavathonyanathyetha Thishttath Thasminnapo Maatharishva dhadhDhaathi ||


Listen!  The Upanishad, the ultimate book, “Book of the Books”, declares the definition, the qualities of the Cosmos.  Please understand, the most important instruction human-beings need to be given is about the goal, path, purpose of their life, and setting the context, setting the context for their life.  I tell you, in this fourth verse, Upanishads are trying to set the context for life. 

Whatever you think constantly, you will become that.  Please understand, whatever you think constantly, you will become that.  So, Upanishads are setting the context – what you are expected to think, the direction in which your mind needs to move.  Please understand, mind, by its very nature, goes through the senses, means, to the outer perception, because, that is the least resistant path.  Cognizing the external information is easy for the mind.  So, naturally, it moves in that direction.  If mind is forcibly turned towards the Source by the Hard Power.....  Please understand, “Hard Power” means, by the rules, regulations, it becomes suppression and depression.  That is why, mind hates rules.  But, if the mind can be made to understand with the right context to turn towards the Source, that is what I call “Soft Power”, understand?  Soft Power is not that soft really, you need to know!  Soft Power is not that soft!

Just the other day, one of my disciples was telling.  She is from Croatia.  She said, in their country, in churches, they ban drugs, alcohol, and.....YOGA!!!  It seems, they tell in their churches, ‘We don’t allow drugs, we don’t allow alcohol, we don’t allow Yoga.’  See how they connect Yoga with drugs!!  Because, Yoga is Soft Power!  All the religions based on Hard Power are afraid of Yoga!  I used to wonder, ‘Why should you be afraid of Yoga?’  Because, if you see me, whenever I see something great, unique, in any religion, I immediately try to follow it, try to take it.  Some of the great books that inspired me – “Imitation of Christ” by a very saintly being, Thomas Kempis, and same way, some of the books of St. Francis of Assisi – still I have them and I read them!  Egyptian Catholic Church’s publications.  Actually, when they went and settled in Egypt, they assimilated a lot of the mystical sciences of Egypt into Catholicism.  So, there is so much to learn from them.  So, whenever I see, I only try to learn and raise myself.  God, I thank you, you put me in a religion where it teaches me to learn from all the sources, never to deny!  I thank you just for that!  Only when I listen from my disciples here and there how Yoga is banned, this is banned, that is banned, I understand, Oh God, what a freedom we have!  What an amazing freedom we have!

If you see my first book, “Guaranteed Solutions” – which is our first programme, Nithya Dhyan Yoga – I have taken meditation techniques from various religions.  I have taken meditation from Christian traditions, Islamic traditions, Buddhist traditions, the Hindu Advaithic tradition, and Shaiva Aagamaas.  I was wondering, ‘Why are they banning Yoga?  Why are they afraid of Yoga?’  Now I understand!  It is Soft Power, and Soft Power is not that soft!

See, the authority your dad has over you is Hard Power.  The authority your uncle has over you is Soft Power.  Because, these uncles always give you candies!  See, they don’t have responsibility about you.  They just fulfil some of the wishes you have.  That is why all the time you run behind uncle, not behind father, and you fulfil whatever the uncle says.  Because, it is Soft Power, please understand.  And, Soft Power is not that soft! 

Setting the right context and turning the mind towards the Source through Soft Power is what Upanishads are trying to achieve in this verse.  Through Hard Power it is not possible.  Please understand, just because you have huge buildings and religious infrastructure, don’t expect people will follow you.  No!  I know how many Hindu ashrams, monasteries, vast structures, lying empty!  And I also feel, other than a few exemptions, all big structures remain unused.  All huge structures remain unused.  That is the reason, here I have not put up any big structures.  I want first the people who will use it; then let us put the structures.  People who will use it; then we can put the structure.  Without people to use, putting the structure is stupid! 

I tell you, Truth has authority, but authority does not mean Truth.  Through Hard Power, trying to push the mind towards the Source from the senses is only going to lead to suppression and depression.  But, the good news is: Soft Power is enough to push your mind to the Source and realize its divinity. 

I tell you, this verse, each word of this verse is setting the context for your mind to enter into the Source.  Each word in this verse leads you to meditation.  Sit and cognize!  Intranalyze! 

अनेजदेकं मनसो जवीयो नैनधेवा आप्नुवन्पुर्वमर्षत् |

तद्धावतोऽन्यानत्येत तिष्ठत् तस्मिन्नपो मातरिश्वा दधाति ||

Anejadhekam Manaso Javeeyo Nainadhdheva Aapnuvanpurvamarshath |

ThadhDhaavathonyanathyetha Thishttath Thasminnapo Maatharishva dhadhDhaathi ||


My pronunciation is as I heard from my gurus.  My gurus were born and brought up as Tamilians.  So, you will see a thick Tamil accent in this Sanskrit pronunciation.  But, as a respect to them, I am not changing the “Paatta Bheda”; I am just retaining it as it is.

Understand, “Anejadh” (अनेजद्): “Unmoving”.  Sit.  When you sit and contemplate on “Unmoving”, you are setting the context for your mind to reach its Source and purify itself, complete itself.  Cognizing each word in this verse, meditating on each word in this sutra, will lead you towards the Source and lead you towards Completion, lead you towards fulfilment.

Anejadhekam (अनेजदेकं).  Listen!  Yesterday I asked you to meditate on the word Anejadh” (अनेजद्).  Now, today, we will work just on this one word – “Ekam” (एकम्).  “Ekam” (एकम्) cannot be translated as “One”.  It can only be translated as “Oneness”.  Please understand, if something is “Unmoving”, and it is only “One”, then it should be the largest!  Then nothing else can happen!  It will be a huge one stone!  So, the word “One” for “Ekam” (एकम्) is not the right translation.  “Oneness” is the right translation.  Because, in “One”, internal evolving, expression, is not possible; but, in “Oneness”, internal expansion, evolution, everything is possible.  Understand, “One” is dead; “Oneness” is alive!  The very word “One” means “dead”!  “Oneness” means “LIVING”!

The Soft Power, Soft Power, using the Soft Power and moving towards the Source, Completion.  So, each of these words set a context for you to experience Consciousness.  This “Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”, if you sit and contemplate on “Oneness”.....  Please understand, the tiredness and boredom cannot be entertained when you are trying to go towards the Source.  See, your mind was always pushed towards the Source by the Hard Power; means, whenever you see failure, rules, regulations, laws outside, your mind, out of powerlessness, turns towards the Source.  That is why, turning inside, you hate it.  You hate turning inside.

One of my sannyasinis, she has this big fear of injections.  When she fell sick, she went to hospital.  The moment they picked up some injection, she started crying!  When I heard this, I started laughing – ‘What is this?’  But, finally, when I spoke to her, she said, the young age experience, as a child her experience with the injection.  See, as a child, parents will actually threaten the kids, ‘If you don’t listen, I will take you to the doctor and he will put you injection!’  Injection itself is so small and designed to cause very less pain for you, but it will appear in your mind like a crowbar!  Because, constantly repeated! 

Understand, whenever, out of powerlessness you turn inside, the turning inside becomes such impossible job.  See, for her, the first experiences about injection was so difficult, or made to believe so difficult, or she started believing it as so difficult.  So, even now, it remains.  ‘Injection means, doctor is going to take a crowbar and hit at you!’ 

Many times in your life, when you were young, only when you were powerless you turned inside.  When you didn’t get the mark which you expected in the examination, you sit with you.  When your friend says “No” to you, you sit with you.  When you don’t get what you want, you sit with you.  When you propose your love, he or she if they reject, only then you sit with you.  If they accept, the next scene is duet!  See the mind, it is always....the moment acceptance happens, it is only extrovert, going externally.  Only when it is a failure, the hero will be sitting like this (in a pensive mood).  Going inside to the Source, intranalyzing, was always described as some act done only when you are powerless.  Please understand, that is why, even when the Soft Power tries to turn you inside by setting the right context, the first thing that will come up is boredom, tiredness.  ‘Why am I doing what I am doing?  Am I wasting my time?’  As if he is going to go and change the whole Universe and everyone is going to listen! 

This “wasting time”, that concept is a stupid concept, I tell you!  Whoever does not want to waste time, you just need to do only one thing: Maintain your breathing as slowly as possible, as deeply as possible; you will never waste time; you will have time as much as you want in the Planet Earth, understand?  Whenever your breathing is chaotic, be very clear, you are wasting time!  Understand?  If you have seen the machine from which they make thread – Gandhi uses all the time – they will put the cotton on one side, and the thread will be taken out.  Spinning Wheel!  Same way...  See, cotton is put and thread is taken out; that Spinning Wheel.  Same way, putting the life energy and making time, years, for your life, longevity.  I am giving you the technique to spin more number of years for you from the life force.  Life force is infinite.  So much is available!  That is the raw-material out of which you can spin the number of years you need for you.  The process of spinning is: Maintaining your breath as slow as possible and as deep as possible.  That’s all!  Understand, that is spinning of number of years for you.  So, when your breathing is chaotic you are wasting time.  When your breathing is deep and soft, you are gaining time.  And don’t believe this stupid western concept of “wasting time”!  There is no such thing as “limited time” available for you. 

First thing you need to know, when you turn inside the Source to achieve meditation or Completion through this Upanishad verse using Soft Power, means, setting the right context and turning towards your Source.....  Please understand, your mind can be turned towards Consciousness through two ways: Hard Power and Soft Power.  “Hard Power” means, with the rules, laws, regulations, you can be pushed; but that will always be suppression and depression.  You will hate it.  One of the biggest successes of Sanatana Hindu Dharma is, it is VOLUNTARY!  Nothing is forced!  VOLUNTARY!  Come....come!  Don’t come....don’t come!  Come....come!  Don’t come....don’t come!  It is voluntary, understand?  That retains its beauty.  This voluntariness retains its beauty and its glory.  Without using the Hard Power of rules, regulations, just using the Soft Power, turning your mind towards the Source, Completion, Consciousness, is the job of this verse. 

Each word in this verse, when you meditate on it more and more, when you think about it more and more, when you internalize it more and more, your mind will move towards Completion.  Don’t entertain tiredness and boredom, because earlier tiredness and boredom happened, because through the Hard Power you have been forced to go into Consciousness.  Now, it is Soft Power.  So, you don’t need to entertain tiredness and boredom. 

“Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”!  “Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”!  Go on meditating on it.  Today’s subject for the Vaakyaartha Sadhas is the word “Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”, not “One”.  God is “Oneness”, not “One”.  The moment you utter the word “One”, it has become complete political structure; only one person can be authority!  The “second” always threatens the “One”, “first”!  So, insecurity between these two!  It goes on and on and on.  No!  “Oneness”!  It is because of the “Oneness”, Sanatana Hindu Dharma can live with any number of gods and goddesses!  “Ekam” (एकम्), meditate on “Oneness”. 

The deepest level of Existence is “Oneness”.  So, there is something really, really, is same between you and even your worst enemy or the best person towards whom you have love or greed or possessiveness or lust, whatever you want.  Please understand, the beings, persons towards whom you have love, respect, lust, reverence, possessiveness, keep all those list.  Sometimes it will all be separate, separate, on different, different persons.  Sometimes, something will be mixed up.  And, the other side, the person about whom you have fear, a little fear, more fear, terrible fear, horrible fear, the moment you remember, you are terrorised. 

I used to wonder.  My mother, the moment she hears her mother-in-law’s name, she will be terrorized!  She will fall sick!  No, I have seen!  Please understand, it is not that only when she was living with her, but even after she left the house and came to the ashram, and settled here, took sannyas!  And, the funny thing is, even after her mother-in-law died, the moment she remembers the name or hears the name, she forgets mother-in-law is dead, first she will get terrorized.  After that, she will remember mother-in-law is dead, and settle down.  First she will get terrorized.  After half-an-hour she will remind herself, ‘Oh, I think she is dead.  So no problem.’  And she will settle down. 

So, all the beings about whom you have fear, terrific fear, horror, horrible fear, whatever, see, with all these beings you have some kind of oneness.  Try to dig out what is that.  Because, as a pure truth, Consciousness is “Oneness”, and everyone has Consciousness, whether Indra who is enjoying the peak of heaven, or the demon who is in the depth of Paathaala, or the Kinnara, Kimpuruda, Gandharva, Gandhara, Yaksha, Rakshasa.  All Jeevas are called Jeevas, because they have “Jeeva”.  All beings are called as beings, because they have a “being”, understand?  There is some oneness between you and the beings you have greed, and the beings with whom you have fear.  Whether it is Shani who is trying to attack you, catch you, “Saadey Saathi”, or the Guru who is trying to protect you.  Guru is the only graha (planet) in Navagrahas (the nine planets), never gives any bad results.  Wherever he is, he will always be protecting!  He will always be protecting!  Neither directly nor indirectly he will be harming.  Shukra, by giving the pleasures and wealth, he can create indirect harm.  He will shower you so much, you will lose your sense, and fall prey to Rahu!  I will tell you, what is Rahu you know?  When you are doing your actions, you know you are inauthentic and hypocritical.  Knowing that, you skip, you jump the gun.  That is exactly Rahu!  Because, he knows he should not be standing in the line of gods and receiving the nectar; he should only be standing in the line of demons.  But he jumps the line and stands, quickly grabs the nectar and swallows it.  Swifter than Vishnu, understand!  The person who is serving there is “Mohini” – Maha Vishnu himself!  Swifter than Maha Vishnu!  Grabs!  Your “buddhi” (intellect) which protects your life is Maha Vishnu.  So, this hypocrisy can take over you sometimes, giving all justifications swiftly, and make you jump the gun, or jump the line.  That is Rahu!

Meditate on “Oneness”.  There IS oneness between you and the beings you are afraid of, you and the beings you have greed, or you and the whole.  When you try to smell that “Oneness”.....  Understand, you cannot catch it; you can only smell it.  It is so subtle!  It is so subtle!  You cannot catch it.  You cannot say, ‘I have caught hold of Ganga!  I have caught hold of Ganga!  Come on!  Come and take it!  Come and take it!’  No!  The moment hands are closed, Ganga is not there anymore in your hand!  As long as the hands are open, only then Ganga is flowing in your hand.

This “Oneness” is so subtle, so subtle, listen, you can only smell it.  You cannot grasp it.  You cannot grab it.  You can neither grab, not even grasp.  You can only smell it.  But, the moment you smell the “Oneness”, the greed and fear, both buildings will just be bulldozed!  Not brick by brick getting removed.  No! 

Just today morning, in the Nithyananda Times, how one of our IA (Inner Awakening participants) said – ‘Oh, he did not remove brick by brick.  He bulldozed it!’  I am bulldozer, because I sit on bull!  I don’t believe in removing brick by brick.  When?  How long?  No!  No!  No!  Somehow, in the West, the word “bull” has become a wrong word.  Here it is so sacred!  It is a very sacred word! 

When you smell oneness between you and the persons about whom you are always afraid, the moment oneness is smelt, suddenly the whole fear is bulldozed!  If I have to use a better word: “BOMBARDED”!  Same way, the moment you smell oneness between you and the people with whom you entertain, cherish greed, love, lust, possessiveness, all that, suddenly all of that will be blasted, bombarded!  I am not saying you will become a dry, insensitive being.  No!  From sensitivity you will move to sensibility.  Your sensitivity will be very sensible!  A sensible sensitivity!  Out of the powerfulness of “Oneness”, whether you show love or anger, it will become power for the other person who is receiving.  Out of powerlessness, whether you show love or anger, whatever, it will lead the other person to powerlessness. 

If you want to be established in powerfulness, the best technique is – meditate on “Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”!    There IS “Oneness”!  The good news for you is: There is oneness between you and Mahadeva.  The great news is: He is waiting to make you, give you that experience, understand?  The good news is: There is oneness between you and Mahadeva.  The great news is: He is waiting to give that experience to you!  When you cognize Mahadeva, don’t cognize him as your competitor.  People think, ‘If I say I am Shiva, maybe he will be hurt.  He will ask: What?  You have become that qualified or what?  You have started telling “Shivoham”!’  No!  He will say, ‘Dear, start telling “Shivoham”.  I will make you qualified.’  He is not going to demand Entry Ticket and qualification certificate to give you the experience of Shivoham.  He is only going to say, ‘Start.  I will give you the qualification.’ 

So, cognize always Mahadeva as a person who is sitting, encouraging you to start, and he will give you the experience.  Don’t cognize him as a rough person, sitting, ‘Oh, you have become qualified?  You started telling “Shivoham”?  Even Narayana has not yet achieved that experience!  You think you will achieve?’  No!  He is not there to tell that, and he is not that type, I am telling you!   I am telling you the truth as it is.  When you say “Shivoham” and unable to maintain that powerful space and fall, he will only come and tell, ‘Don’t bother.  Repeat more and more, cognize more and more, behave, act, live, more and more like Shivoham.’  There will be some part hypocritical.  There will be some kind of hypocrisy in the initial level.  Don’t bother.  Start.  That will be aligned! 

So, understand, he is here to make you experience him, because oneness between you and him is Consciousness, understand?  He is waiting to have you as part of him.  He is waiting to receive you to be with him.  He is waiting for you.  You don’t even need to knock on the door.  Go near the door; it is open!  He is standing to receive you!  The very idea “door is locked and you need to knock” is a stupid idea given to you!  And you started believing it, because, you never went near the door!  From a distance you assume the door is locked, you have to knock.  No!  Go near.  It is open!  He is standing there to receive you!

And I also wanted to tell you, I am going to speak on Kathopanishad on all twenty-one days when I am in Varanasi.  On Death!  Kathopanishad is Death introducing itself!  You say in English, there is a proverb – “From horse’s own mouth”.  So, from here I can say, ‘From buffalo’s own mouth!’  Because, buffalo is the vehicle of Lord Yama.  So, “Death” from Death itself!  “Death” from Death itself!  In the city where death is liberation and celebration, come to learn about Death.  The morning satsangh will be on Kathopanishad.  “Death” by Death!  The book will be titled as “DEATH by Death”.  “What is Death?” by Death!  It will be live relayed in Nithyananda TV as usual....if the Vision Department blesses all of you!  My blessings are there, but you need the Anga Devatha, Aabharana Devatha, Chamcha Devathas’ blessings also to receive my blessings!  So, better you all pray to them also once in a while and say, ‘Hi! Hi! How are you?’  See, when you go to the temple.... that is my style.  I will not miss a single god.  I will say ‘Hi’ to everyone.  Who knows the blessings are coming through whom and coming to you?!  Even if one person is incomplete and says, ‘You did not wish me?!  Okay.  Let me see the file stands with me!’  And, better to wish anybody you see!  You can expect Kathopanishad to be relayed, live relayed in the satsangh.  I invite everyone to come and experience Kathopanishad.  If you are not able to physically come, at least keep your time to listen through the satsangh.  The series will come out as book as “DEATH by Death”. 

In Varanasi IA also, last one week is going to be Shivoham process.  And the IA kids’ programme, kids also will join the Shivoham process for the last one week.


With this, I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Advaitha, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!  Be blissful!