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This beautiful video was filmed in His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji's home town, the place where He incarnated, Tiruvannamalai, on the anniversary day of His first enlightenment experience. In it, He explains how an Ambiance of Spiritual Integrity is essential for manifesting powers. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adishakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām  vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Sarvajna Peeta Yajamans, Nithya Satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, everyone, sitting with us all over the world, at this time through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us through 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha, long list. So, I welcome all of you with My love and respects.


Today, Nithyananda Purnima. 28 years over since the full enlightenment blossomed in this body….20 May 1989. 28 years over, 29th year starting. Almost a generation is over. The generation is over. Today also, we are starting the Jnanasamandar Utsavam by 11:30 morning. Today, His birth will be celebrated. Tomorrow the Jnana Paal, He having Devi’s breast milk, will be celebrated. Day after tomorrow, His becoming One with Sadāshiva, the Vaikasi Utsava of Jnanasamandar is going to be celebrated. Nithyananda Purnima, I can precisely give you an understanding, what exactly I mean by that experience of enlightenment - Nirvikalpa Samadhi.


See, at the age of 11, I had the great opportunity of having sweet, beautiful relationship with Arunagiri Yogeshwara. Oneness with Him is much more than enlightenment. Then what I mean by the word, “something happened at the age of 12.” I mean, whatever Arunagiri Yogeshwara gave, Oneness with Him and the knowledge and Nirvikalpa Samadhi and everything, become permanently established in the system. So system became a permanent pure channel for this great happening of Oneness to radiate. Understand. Making more and more Beings to manifest this Oneness, you need to be established. Your Length, Breadth, Depth, Time, Space, need to be established in that Oneness. So today, Nithyananda Purnima, Vaikasi Visakam is the day, My Being established, got established in this experience. I should say, today is the day actually Nithyananda Sangha is born. Whatever I did after today….listen…..whatever I did after today, was nothing but Sangha. It was only Sangha work. The intelligence, energy, knowledge, creativity, space - in length, breadth, depth, time, space - every….in every aspect, the enlightenment got established, settled, in the system. Enlightenment got complete in the system. Today, is also Vaikashi Visagam, suppose to be the birthday of Subramanya, where from the Third Eye of Sadashiva, huge light manifested and Subramanya came out of it.


Understand. I was reading a very interesting article few days before, where NASA confirms at certain time in the history of the Universe, on this very nakshatra, Vaikasa Vishakha. Actually, all the Vedic calendar months is the nakshatra on which Purnima falls. Chitra month means Purnima falls on Chitra nakshatra. Vaikasha means Purnima falls on Vaikasha nakshatra. So, on...the nakshatra on which Purnima falls, that same nakshatra name is given for that month. On this very Vaishaka peak, there was a huge light explosion in the Universe, of course more than that NASA cannot record. When I was reading that article, it was very shocking - how so many things our Shiva Mahapurana, Skanda Purana, describes is collaborated by this modern day discoveries. Subramanya’s birth is described elaborately in both the Puranas - Skanda Purana and Shiva Mahapurana. Both Puranas describes Subramanya’s happening elaborately. Once in a while, understanding Cosmology, will be great. Talking about Cosmology, thinking about Cosmology, contemplating about Cosmology, is good because it shifts your attention from the selfishness to Sadashiva.


Listen carefully. Thinking of Cosmology, remembering about Cosmology, trying to understand principles of Cosmology, shifts your focus from selfishness to Sadāshiva. From Shava to Shiva, from Aham to Sadashivoham.


Understand. If you are too much worried about rights and wrongs of the narrow, small, short life of you, you are polluted, corrupted. When you understand the larger happenings of the Cosmos, where your ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, becomes irrelevant. You experience Vikasa. Understand. Narrowness is pollution, expansion is purification. More and more you get narrow with good and bad, right and wrong, pain and bliss, more and more you are polluted, more and more you are corrupted. More and more you expand the Vikasatva happens more and more you are free, more and more you are purified. The definition of corruption, pollution or purification is all about expansion - Vikasatva. Vikasa is the basis from the root...from which the word ‘Vaiskasa’ comes out. Vikasa, Vaikasa, is Visaka. Today, is the day where the expansion of the Universe happened. Actually, Sadāshiva expanding Himself to celebrate Himself, is Subramanya. Sadashiva expanding Himself to celebrate Himself, is Subramanya. That is why we can’t even say, “Subramanya is Putra.” No! He is Kumara. Understand. Kumara is different, Putra is different. Putra can become Kumara. Kumara is Putra also. Putra means born. Kumara means extension.


I don’t have Putra or Putri, I have thousands of Kumaras and Kumaris. Understand. I don’t have Putra or Putris, but I have thousands of Kumaras and Kumaris. Putra is different, Kumara is different. Whoever carries the name Nithyananda in them and integrated to that name, are all My Kumaras and Kumaris. Subramanya is Kumara not just Putra. He is the expansion. I am not even using the word ‘extension,’ I am using the word ‘expansion.’ Fruit can be better than the seed, if the atmosphere is supporting. Fruit can be better than the seed, if the vatavarana is supporting. Understand. Everyone who carries My name in their name, being integrated to it, are all My Kumaras and listen, I am repeating - Fruit can be better than the seed, if vatavarana supports. You can be better than Me, because you have a Sangha. When I blossom…..I had a different type of Sangha, but when you are blossoming, you have a consciously created, built Sangha specially for this. Sangha is the highest advantage for all of you. So you can be the better fruit than the seed. Better fruit than the seed. thousands and thousands and thousands of fruits are going to happen, I know….I should say maybe millions, not just thousands. Fruits are going to happen. That is why I am creating a Vatavarana, Sangha with such high integrity. Understand. Highest integrity is required for the spiritual ambience, Vatavarana. So much of healing has happened because of that Environment Meditation. I am putting this on record - “I’ll prove it, by next year, this whole year, is going to be amazing rains for India.”


It’s going to be really Heavens showering. I recommend all the state governments to prepare, to receive this huge Heavens showers and store it, retain it, for regular use. It is going to be at least twice more than regular season, regular every year. Regular every year’s rain, it is going to be twice this year. Let Me come back to spiritual integrity. Understand. Spiritual integrity, is a powerful vatavarana, atmosphere, ambience, energy, for the fruit to become better than the seed. I am not interested in claiming My superiority. No! I am not interested in claiming My authority. No! I am interested in super conscious breakthrough. If you are a beautiful….beautiful fruit, better than the seed, I’ll be the first person to be happy. I am interested to be authentic, not authoritative. Understand. My interest is to be more authentic. Means, I’ll be very happy to produce more beautiful fruits than the seed itself. So those fruits produce much better fruits than those seeds. I am not interested in being an authority, I am interested in being an origin. I am interested in being beautiful Adishiva not Parama Shiva. I am interested in being a beautiful origin, breakthrough for super consciousness. Understand. Ultimately, expansion is all is the purpose of Sadāshiva. The Sangha is the Vatavarana. Sangha is the vatavarana, for beautiful things to flower. Sangha is the vatavarana, in which beautiful enlightenment can happen. Sangha is the vatavarana, in which better fruits than the seed can flower.


Understand. Today is the day, Sadāshiva Himself had Kumara, better fruit than the seed Himself. Today is the day, the Ultimate settled down eternally in this body, in length, breadth, depth, time and space. Understand. This Mudra I showed - Length, Breadth, Depth, Time and Space. Enlightenment got established in this body, in all these dimensions. Today, on this very day, evening 4 to 6, 4:30 to 6, on this very Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai, this experience happened. So much, so much good has happened to the world from that day till now. 28 years, so much of wonderful things happened. So many Kumaras, Kumaris happened. Such beautiful vatavarana is getting manifested everywhere. Understand. Wherever the vatavarana, spiritual integrity manifest, I will call our Sangha is happening there, not just the properties, ashrams and buildings. It is more and more people understanding spiritual integrity. More and more people practicing spiritual integrity. More and more people living spiritual integrity. More and more people creating the vatavarana of spiritual integrity. I’ll call that as Sangha. Sangha is a space than a place. Place where the space is practiced is Sangha, not just the place where we possess. Place where the space is practiced is Sangha, not just the place we possess. It can be a bedroom of a devotee who is ‘gupta,’ hidden in one corner or remote cave where a devotee is sitting and practicing. Understand. It is practice of the space, manifestation of the space, that makes a place - Sangha, not just huge properties we possess everywhere. It is practiced, manifestation of the space. Manifestation of the space.


Manifestation of Oneness happens, when the integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching opens up. It is on that 4 pillars the Oneness is sitting. The 4 pillars of My throne is Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and the slab is Causing, on which the Oneness is sitting and giving the experience to the whole world. Oneness….so today, I wanted all of you to take this vow of spreading, making more and more people practice this spiritual integrity, Vatavarana. More and more people should practice the Nithyananda Yoga, more and more people should practice Nithyananda Pancha Kriyas, more and more people should practice Nithya Puja, more and more people should practice manifesting Shaktis, more and more people should p be listening to Satsang and manifesting Oneness. That is what I call Spiritual Integrity. Let’s create more and more Beings enjoying spiritual integrity. More and more Beings enjoying spiritual integrity, is creating a space, vatavarana, from which these seeds automatically become beautiful fruits. Nothing else is required, this is more than enough.


The whole mission is nothing  but creating more and more people manifesting the spiritual integrity. More and more people manifesting spiritual integrity is life. More and more people manifesting spiritual integrity is Sangha, that is Dhamma, that is the reason why I exist, cause why I exist. The cause and effect of My existence is creating the vatavarana, ambience of spiritual integrity. Creating the ambience of spiritual integrity.


Understand. Essence of today’s Satsang - “Create the ambience of spiritual integrity, in and around you, as much as possible and even if you think it is impossible.” Create the spiritual integrity, vatavarana, in and around you, as much as possible even if you think it is impossible, is the essence of today’s Satsang. So today, exactly on the time, same time, I had the enlightenment. Evening 4:30 to 6, we will be having special Pada Puja and Satsang. All of you can tune into Nithyananda TV, to enjoy the special Nithyananda Purnima celebrations - Live from Thiruvannamalai and I also want all of you to tune in around 11 o’clock on Nithyananda TV to enjoy Jnanasamandar Utsavam, the beginning of the Jnanasamandar Utsavam.

So with this I bless you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, the Eternal Bliss – Sadāshivoham, Nithyananda.

Thank you.

Be Blissful.