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In the morning discourse of 11 October 2016, Paramahamsa Nithyananda looks back on 10 years of Nithyananda Gurukul completed. He tells how Gurukul and the Balasanths are his pride, how he will be known to the world by his contributions through Gurukul, how he is giving Gurukul priority even above building the Golden Temple for Sadashiva. Gurukul is the garden for growing enlightened beings, and the Balasanths are flowering! Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām

vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome you all with My love and respects.


I welcome all the Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Nithya Satsanghis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, Inner Awakening Participants, Devotees, Disciples, Visitors and YouTube subscribers, and Viewers who are sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, YouTube live, and two-way Video Conferencing, having Nayana Deeksha.


I welcome all of you with My love and respects.




Today Devi’s continuing to grace on the Alankara of Mahishasura Mardhini. Adishakti is gracing in the form of slaying the demon, Mahishasura.  Today is very auspicious day - Vijaya Dashami. We celebrate the victory of good over the evil. In Hindu tradition, all victories, Subramanya conquering Taarakaasura and Surapadman, Rama conquering Ravana, and Pandavas winning Mahabharata war, Devi Adishakti destroying Mahishasura, the whole list… and Meenakshi meeting Sadāshiva, conquering Kailasa and getting conquered by love of Sadāshiva. She actually conquered literally the Kailasa. Other then Sadāshiva, she conquered everyone including Nandi. So when she saw Sadāshiva, she got conquered in love. So even that happening, happened on same Vijaya Dashmi day. In….Shiva Leelanarva, describes this happening, happened on Vijaya Dashmi,  and then the... Sadāshiva commands, “Go and prepare all the things needed. I’ll come and marry you in Madurai.” She comes and…. the originally the marriage was…. marriage happened in Masi month, that is the way the Shiva Leela Anarva records. Even now the rituals is done during the Chitra month. During the Nayakar period, the festival got clubbed and then organized in Chitra month. Now the marriage is held during Chitra festival, but in Shiva Leela Anarva, it is recorded in Masi. Masi is the month when She got married. So she comes back in Purattasi. Preparations for marriage happens, Aippasi, then Kaarthigai, Maargazhi.




All the preparations happened for the marriage. Then in Masi, marriage itself takes place. End of the Masi and beginning of the Panguni. That is the time, usually the Nakshatra and date falls. Vijaya Dashmi is a very auspicious day. Let’s receive Adi Shakti, Mahishasura Mardini, Mahadevi, Her blessings by offering 129 Naivedyams. Let’s receive Her blessings and then we will proceed, enter into Satsang.


(6:08) (Aarti performed to Devi)




Today is not only one of the most auspicious day for whole Sanatana Hindu Dharma, it is a historical day for our Nithyananda Sangha. Today is the day, 11 years before I sowed the seed, which is now giving fruits, the best fruits. Today, we have successfully completed 10 years of Nithyananda Gurukul. One of the biggest contribution from Me to Sanatana Hindu Dharma. I have put my efforts in so many directions and so many ways to revive Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Gurukul, Nithyananda Gurukul is the most successful, most successful. 10 years, WOW!  When I look back, the vision with which I started the Gurukul is becoming reality. Creating Enlightened Beings, manifesting, radiating Sadāshiva and his powers. Gurukul is the only one, when I speak about it, I feel like I’m blushing. I offer this Gurukul and its success at the feet of Sadāshiva, Mahadeva, Adishakti as living energy of Sadāshiva. I bless everyone, who made this Nithyananda Gurukul successful, directly, indirectly in any way. Whether by contributing time or energy or using the services we are providing or by making your kid part of Gurukul, whatever, whatever, way. Whoever has contributed directly, indirectly, for the success of the Gurukul, I bless everyone of you. My blessings.  




I have so much to say about Gurukul. First thing I want to tell, from today as per Sadāshiva’s instructions in the Agamas, I’m making not only the Gurukul of Bangalore Aadheenam, all over the world all our Nithyananda Vidyalaya classes, all the services provided by the Nithyananda Gurukul and the branches which are going to be started or functioning, in all extensions  of the Gurukul, Nithyananda Gurukul in Bengaluru Aadheenam and all their extended services, as completely free of cost. From today it is official. Earlier I experimented with the possibilities like the option and all that. Now, I’m making it official. Not only the Gurukuls I’m running, the Gurukuls I'm going to run. All the branches already running and going to start. All the services, provided by the Gurukul like Nithyananda Vidyalayas classes, yogic sciences classes through 2 way video conferencing, whatever, whatever, whatever. All services are provided completely free of any economical commitment. It is completely free of charge. And I am making it very clear, this declaration comes as per the guidance of Sadāshiva in Agamas. I referred at least 6 Agama. All the 6 are very clear, in their instruction about how the Gurukul should run. Even if the father of the child is a king, you cannot ask for any charge. That’s the instruction, that’s the extent Sadāshiva goes.

So, as per Sadāshiva’s instructions we decide Gurukul will be 100 percent free. We will run it by the voluntary contributions. Sadāshiva also gives instruction, if the Guru is not having enough he should go around and beg and feed the students and run the Gurukul. So Sadāshiva has not kept Me in that position, where I need to go around and beg. He’s showering enough wherever I’m sitting, so we will execute His instruction. We’ll make the Gurukul completely free and I also make this declaration and commitment to Veda Mata, Sanatana Hindu Dharma. By the 15th anniversary I’ll make this Gurukul, with at least 1 lakh, 100,000 students. It’s My commitment to Veda Mata. It’s My commitment to Sanatana Hindu Dharma and one lakh children studying, at least 75,000 Balasants.




At least 70,000 manifesting multiple powers of Sadāshiva and 50,000 fully Enlightened. When I say, I mean. When I say I mean. Now I know I just need to build infrastructure, and Sadāshiva is gracing us with His Visvakarma energy. We will be capable of doing it. We’ll be able to do it. We will do it, and I am keeping the Gurukul, as far more important priority than even the Golden Temple. Understand. Gurukul will also be providing its services from the age of 7 to 21. The kids will be in the Gurukul between 7 to 21. That is the age Agama supports, Agama prescribes, the children should be in the Gurukul, the principle is till 21, help the kid to completely consciously be awakened. You see, between the 14 to 21, that is the age where the child is physically matured but not psychologically matured. So all his moves will be only forced by hormones, so it will have a tremendous instability. You can see the teenage kids, even their text message, is based on the hormone level in their body. The hormone level is high the kind of text message will be different; when it’s low the kind of a text message will be different. At this period, til the psychology matures, the kids should be protected. See even they don't know how to handle themselves. So protecting them and handing them over to them back at the age of 21, saying, “Now you have you and decide what you want to do.” Understand. Between 14 to 21 when you’re protecting them, you are not denying them their life and their right. I always tell my Balasants, “Hey I’m not sadist. We are not denying your pleasures and your joys and your life to you.” Understand. Now you will be driven only hormone based.  So you will hurt others. You will not know to create relationship. You’ll be just jumping around. Even you will not be able to handle yourself. Any relationship starts before 21 will only be a wound in you. It’s a law of life. So supporting….you see it’s like a…. when you become a big Banyan tree, even a elephant tied on the Banyan tree cannot destroy you. But when you are a small sapling, even a goat can eat the leaf and kill you. Enjoy the fruit, not the sprout. Enjoy the fruit of your life, enjoy the fruit of your life, not the sprout of your life. So Gurukul is to protect and help you to mature physiologically, psychologically, Consciously. Once you are ready, naturally you are given back to you. Now it is time, you decide.




Please understand. Gurukul is not Sannyas Training Center. I am making it very clear. Sannyas Training Center will be separate. Gurukul will be for both. People who want to become….not even both, for all. People who want to become Sannyasis. People who want to become Grihisthas. People who neither want to marry or nor want to take Sannyas, just live as they want. For all category Gurukul is open. Gurukul is open place for preparations for all Varna and Ashrama and Dharma, and we are also tuning ourselves more and more and more to Agamas, Sadāshiva’s instructions, more and more of Vedic and Agamic traditions. The more we tune ourselves to Sadāshiva, more He manifests through us. I’m discovering very clearly, this whole thing. Now next thing I’m only wondering, “Where can I install 1 lakh Shiva Linga for Somavara Abhishekam, Rudrabhishekam for all my Balasants?” That is My next plan, and really I mean we are going to have 1 lakh students in 1 lakh Balasants in Bengaluru Aadheenam Gurukul. 1 lakh means 1 5 0, and everyday this will be part of my routine—initiating new, new powers to new, new batches and making them to manifest new, new, powers and new, new, energies. As I declared long before, I’ll be well known to the world positively, for my contribution as Nithyananda Gurukul.




There is so much, so much to tell about Gurukul. I think with this one word, I am making everyone understand. I’m keeping the Gurukul as a higher priority than the Golden Temple itself. It’s not that I’m not going to build. The first priority I am keeping - Gurukul, expanding infrastructure, things needed, everything, and I’m also making it open, even if you are a citizen of other countries. If you are from outside India, if one parent stays here, any number of your kids can stay in the Gurukul, it’s free. One parent has to be here as the legal requirement, till we need, till that remains as a legal requirement and any number of your kids can study in the Gurukul— and I sincerely thank everyone, anyone, everyone who contributed in the form of whether money, moral support, or multiple things, people who did good to our Gurukul. Even making your child study in Gurukul, all that In every from directly, indirectly I am thankful to all of you. I thank all of you, and bless all of you for making this Gurukul a great success. Next I have one more exciting news. Today I’m releasing a new YouTube Channel. The Channel name is ‘Ma Nithyananda Mayi.’ So, Sangha understand Akka is on YouTube, and she is also going to be taking your live questions. Every day there will be show. She is going to share the way she understood Swamiji’s teachings and… enjoy her Channel and her sharings. Today we have now  Darpan Visarjan, means having the Devi back in your Ananda Gandha, in our Ananda Gandha and leaving the idol into the natural water source. The ritual will be done. Formally Devi will be back to our Ananda Gandha, to reside there eternally. We’ll be going to the temple now, to do the Darpan Visarjan and then today the Inner Awakening Participants are going to receive the first batch of the Spiritual Alchemy Products. It’s ready, it’s ready. If you’ve missed Me in the yesterday evening Darbar and Puja in the temple, this was the reason. I just have to rest to finish all the energizing processes, which was successfully completed. Today this Inner Awakening Participants, this batch is going to receive the first set of Alchemy Products and the Atma Murti also. Let’s get ready, today we are going to have fun and long session and evening the Visarjan Procession, and let’s walk to the temple straight. Already we’re a little late for Darpan Visarjan.  Let’s move to the next segment.




I bless you all, let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Shaivam, the eternal bliss - Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.