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In this video (23 December 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda initiates viewers into the Nirvana Deeksha which is a very subtle process to infuse the state of Turiyatita into the core of the body and mind. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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Understand.  States of Consciousness as per Agama, is not states of mind as per Freud. Power manifestation is not telekinesis. Telekinesis is not equivalent to manifestation. States of mind as per Freud is not equivalent to states of Consciousness. G O D - God is not equivalent to Sadāshiva. Western idea of enlightenment is not equivalent to Hindu jeevan mukti. Western idea of heaven and hell is not equivalent to Hindu Kailasa or naraka. Please understand. You can’t do in telekinesis all these. Third eye reading is not equivalent to mid-brain activity. Those are all small things stolen from Hindu tradition. That is why, they do not have a logic of connecting everything. They can’t connect everything. So do not try to have wrong understanding Sadāshiva is God - No! He is GODDEL.


God means G O D - generation, operation, destruction. Here is He has two more extra responsibility - Lord of delusion and liberation. In Agama, the activity of Mahadeva is five - Shristi, Sthiti, Vinasa, Trobhava, Anugraha - manifestation, maintenance, withdrawal, delusion and liberation. Five aspects is not equivalent to three; don’t even think 60%. No! There is no percentage in it. Same way, 25 states cannot be equated to 3 states. The very understanding is different. Same way, so called West, knows only….Western science knows only 4 dimension - length, breadth, depth, time - they don’t even know fully about ‘space’. I am going exper….give you experience of 11 dimensions.


So understand, don’t try to map it with the Western words. I am not against it, I am only saying it is too poor. It is like you describe, “lot of drops of water put together is Ocean”! J “You know water…na…in that Like this lot of glasses put together - Ocean”! J You think this is the description of Ocean. No! There is totally….it is totally different dimension.



See, I am going to stitch the most subtle part of you, with My spiritual umbilical cord. See, the most subtle part of you is where you feel you exist, I am going to touch that part. This initiation is called Nirvana Deeksha, where… you stand with Guru literally naked; not without this cloth, not that ‘naked’. You very Being naked. Your core Being touched. Only then that Turiyatita can be infused into your body and mind; in your being aspect and doing aspect.


You see, morning when I was explaining, I was giving 2 words - mind and body; it’s for you to roughly understand. Much better word is, the body can be considered as Being aspect, mind - Doing aspect. Understand. You may be thinking I’ll give the! No! Body is the ‘Being’ aspect of you - mind is the ‘Doing’ aspect of you. Mind does first - body always follows. Anything your body does, mind has finished doing. You cannot say vice versa. You can’t say vice versa. Anything your body is doing, mind has finished. Can you say anything your mind is doing body has finished? No! ‘Doing’ aspect of you is represented by mind – ‘Being’ aspect of you is represented by body. That’s the 2 words I used, which is again roughly equated….roughly equating. Doing-Being can be much better word.


Now, your core existence… I am going to connect with it. The initiation is going to be very soft process, almost like breeze, no music, no dance, no jumping. It’s going to be almost like stitching. How the surgeon stitches you, when you have some injury - I am going to just stitch it; stitch your Ananda Gandha with My Ananda Gandha. Just go and sleep. Actually you can’t sleep, you will see… your body, your Being aspect is in Turiya and the Doing aspect just settles on the Turiya. It’s like you will be skating on Turiya. You will be just skating on Turiya.




This is not hypnotism, mesmerism - what you are doing, not telekinesis, no Western equivalent word exists for this. It is not even Siddhi, it is Shakti. Understand. Siddhi is stepmother - ‘Chitti’. Shakti is mother! I’ll tell you the difference between siddhi and shakti. Siddhi - the powers you gain while you are travelling towards enlightenment cognition. Shakti - your...due to Shaktipata, the enlightenment cognitions shifted in you, from that whatever grows is Shakti. Listen. Because of Shaktipata, the transmission of lamp happens. From that cognition whatever grows is Shakti. Shakti is mother, Siddhi is stepmother. Shall we start?


Listen. Listen to the instruction. I am going to chant Mahavakya… as an intense vibration. So whatever sound releases from your system, allow it to release. Just try to in-tune with Mahavakya. You’ll not be able to catch up to My breath actually. Please understand. The body I use in Kailasa, the body now I am using with you - is different. The language I am using in Kailasa, the language I am using with you - is different, but the breathing I am doing in Kailasa and breathing I am doing here is same. This breath now goes to Kailasa and comes back. Only in PRANA, I am connected. All of you are getting what I am saying? So I am going to mix the Mahavakya into the prana and breathe in. You will not be able to cope up with My frequency… but when you are trying to cope up, many sounds will get released like a cough or yawning or many patterns will get released through various sounds, allow it to get released. Allow it to get released - clear!

So I am not asking you… to chant loudly with Me, I am asking you - try to tune with Me, means, when I am chanting, just try to hum along with Me. Capturing My chandas, not sound. Listen. I am not asking you to repeat what I am chanting, I am asking you to catch the rhythm of My chanting. You understand the difference between the word and the rhythm? I am going to chant the Mahavakya - Aum Nithyananda MahaSadāshivoham. I am not asking you to move your tongue and chant along with Me. Keep your lips closed, hum along with Me. Capture the chandas, tune of the rhythm I am chanting. Don’t try to capture the word I am chanting. If you try to capture the word I am chanting, you will be very gross - physical!

But I am...I want to you to be very subtle. So just hum along with Me. I am going to be chanting, but you are going to hum along with Me. So many things will be cleared. You will see many pains in many parts of your body will get released. That is nothing but when these 25 states of consciousness opens up in your system, tremendous healing happens.




Listen very clearly. Now I am going to open all these 25 states of consciousness in you very clearly in your Being aspect and Doing aspect. So problems becomes power. Shall we start? Just hum along with Me. You see, after today’s initiation, go and sleep… whole night you will be humming, automatically. You don’t need to try. You will be humming. Tomorrow onwards whenever you do power manifestation, you don’t need to chant the Mahavakya - hum the Mahavakya. You will see power manifests. When you chant… the way you manifest powers, when you hum… you will manifest 10000 times more, because the intensity is different. Till now you were running on battery, now only you are getting hooked to the grid - Kailash Grid.




[Initiation starts]


“Aum Nithyananda MahaSadāshivoham”…..




Don’t chant - just hum. Only then that...all the patterns will be released. Only then the intense sounds will be broken in your system.




“Aum Nithyananda MahaSadāshivoham”. Just keep your lips closed like….see do…..Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm


Lips should be closed, only the frequency should be happening in you. Capture My chandas means - My tune, My rhythm. See, My rhythm is connected to the breath. My sound is connected to your listening. Listen carefully.

Moocha pidicha siddan Pecha pidicha pittan

It’s’s a statement from a Siddha – “When I am making, if you capture the word, you’ll only become mad. If you capture the rhythm, the breath, you will become enlightened.” Understand. Moocha pidicha siddan Pecha pidicha pittan. So capture My breathing, My rhythm. Tune yourself for that.

A great Siddhar called Bogar, who has established Palani temple, He has written a beautiful book called, “Karukidai Negandu” – means, how the thought current can be impregnated into an herb. Negandu means dictionary, thought current. Karukidai means making it, putting the thought current and making an object pregnant with that thought current. In that he describes – Pecchai pidika pittan Moochai pidika siddan.

 So capture My rhythm along with Me. I’ll repeat now.




“Aum Nithyananda MahaSadāshivoham”