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In this discourse (11 November 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda states how life manifests with maturity and how mature cognitions and conversations are they key to manifest powers immediately. The video includes a powerful Kalpataru initiation process to manifest powers and desires instantly! Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari ādiśakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām 
vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Samajis, Satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, Visitors, Viewers, Disciples, Devotees, Science of Inner Awakening participants, YouTube subscribers and viewers sitting with us all over the world at this time through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.



So, from today, officially the Yogitva World Tour starts….. the next team going to go round: first team from Yogic sciences, second team from Yoga, Yogitva team. The third team is going to be Nithya Kriya. Understand, it is not just going to be pranayama and kriyas… all the rituals also. Acharya, who will be a power manifesting Balasant, will connect with everyone’s breath current, breathing. By making them do certain pranayama, he will connect with all their breathing current into his current and he will connect with Me through certain homas and rituals and the result will immediately be showered and shown PHYSICALLY. Balasants who received Acharyabhishekam will be coming to perform this Nithyananda Sadashiva Kriyas and they will also be able to make Aushada and share it with you all. Fundamentally, it will be a session where they teach you certain kriyas, through that they tune all of you to their breathing space and then they conduct certain ritual and connect their breathing space with Me, through which now all of you will be connected to Me and end of the ritual you will experience the result. And they will finish the Homa and do the Aushada and share it with you all.


Putra Kameshti Yajna, Ashwamedha Yajna, Swarnakarshana Bhairava Yajna – all these homas will be performed. Soon, Acharyas, the future of the Hinduism, Balasants are coming to your home. Get ready for the next whirlwind tour which will be starting in January.



Fundamentally, for everything we are doing, we are going to be doing, the foundation is, you coming to the conclusion about you… as Sadashiva… who is the source of life. Understand, if the life is still happening in you – in Sanskrit we have a beautiful word, Spurana – if your Atma, soul, life… is still happening, if the Atma Spurana – Aham Aham Aham, that spurana, if it is still happening in you – if you still are able to recognize you exist, and you remember you exist, if the Atma Spurana is still happening in you, understand…. you ARE Sadashiva, Mahasadashiva – infinity infinity immediate – that is the right conclusion you need to come about you.


Understand, anything which exists and perceives it exists and wants to exist… understand, you will want any state only if it is blissful. If you are still wanting to live, your life IS blissful. You may say, “no, no, no, no, no, it is not like that”. No! Understand, as per the calculation of how much suffering, how much bliss you feel, it is 51% bliss side. That is why you are still alive! Otherwise long before you would have decided to commit suicide. None of you are selfless sacrificing fellows who feel ‘oh, I have to exist for others sake’. No, it’s all ‘me, me, me, me, me’ only. And if your calculation… if you are convinced it is more suffering, then you would have planned for suicide long before. You might have failed but at least you would have tried.  Understand, if you have neither tried, nor committed suicide, hope none of you have committed suicide in this birth! If you have committed suicide you can’t be here.



Understand, if you know you exist and you perceive you exist, you can have any upadhi - Upadhi is the title, means you exist as a man, you exist as a woman, you exist as a human, even any of those upadhi’s are okay. If you know you exist, if you remember you exist… and if you want to exist, understand, you are pure reflection of Mahasadashiva. The conclusion you need to come about you is - ‘Mahasadashiva’. I tell you, the moment you come to the conclusion you are MahaSadashiva, you will look at the life large. All suffering is when you look at the life very short. You want wealth, that is not at all a problem. But you want it in next 24 hours, that is where the problem. Why you want it in next 24 hours? Because you strongly believe you have only few more years to live.


Understand, time is your servant. You have enough time. I tell you, what I am talking is not consolation, it is a strategy. When you know you have enough time, don’t think when I am saying ‘you have enough time’, I am going to console you and finally I am going to conclude ‘live in this poverty, its ok’. No! I am not the guy to tell you that.  I am not the guy to tell you that. I am not peace Guru. I am power Guru. Come, settle down to this understanding – you have a large chunk of time in front of you… nothing to be hurried or worried. I tell you, your very breathing and the vibration of the life and frequency will become intense. You will start having matured conversation with you and with life. I tell you, having matured conversation with you is creating satya sankalpa. Having matured conversation with life is right prayer. Prayer is nothing but having matured conversation.



Listen very carefully. I am giving you the principle of Shuddhaadvaita, pure Oneness unit, foundational principles. Once you start having matured conversations with you, with life, with others, you will see life just makes everything as reality. All struggle starts with immatured conversations with you, with others, with life, with Principles of Existence. I am not giving you consolation. I am giving you strategy. If you think I am giving you consolation, you missed the whole game. I am giving you strategy. There is a big difference between consolation and strategy. All power based traditions are strategies. Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Vaidika Saivam, Vaidika Shaivite traditions Shuddhaadvaita tradition, Shuddha Vedanta, Shuddha Agamanta, Shuddha Vaidika, Shuddha Saiva sampradayas are all power based traditions, not peace based traditions. There was a time I was also peace based functioning because of too much of harassment from non-seekers. Now I am able to handle even the people who say their soul is lost! I mastered the art. I am a power based tradition, understand, not peace based tradition. Understand, if faith is demanded from you, peace only they can deliver. If integrity is demanded from you they will deliver powers. I demand integrity, I will deliver power to you. Allow Me to shift your inner space; just support Me. Decide – “eh, my existence cannot change. My upadhis can change. I exist as woman can change, I exist as man can change, I exist as human can change, I exist as young can change, I exist as old can change, ‘I exist’ cannot change”. Upadhi can change. The pratyagatma chaitanya jagrata, the individual conscious awakening cannot change.



Come to the restful awareness - your Consciousness is the most superior authority in everything that exists…. in everything that exists. Your consciousness is the most superior authority - with that understanding decide to have a matured conversation with you. That is called Completion.


Matured conversations with others – that is called ‘make the life happen’.

Matured conversation with God – that is prayer.

Matured conversation with nature – that is sankalpa, command, ajna to prakriti.


Let me define what is matured conversation. Understanding the principles and deciding to live with it. Understand, a kid comes and says ‘wow, this looks so nice like a sugar cane, let me eat’. That is not a matured conversation to have with this stool, with this furniture. What is a matured conversation we can have with this furniture? “Wow, very nice; let me keep it and keep what I want” or “I want only sugar cane and sugar cane juice, let me sell it and get the sugar cane and sugar cane juice.” That is the matured conversation you can have with this table. You can’t say, “Oh, it looks like a sugar cane, I am going to eat this.” No. that is not matured conversation. That is fundamentally immatured relationship.


Come to this conclusion and start aligning all your conversation with you… matured way; start behaving matured, start thinking matured. I am not saying you are not going to have what you want to have. I tell you, you are going to have much more than what you want to have. That will stay with you stably with this matured relationship and cognition. Whether you are connecting with the friends, family, life, items, products, people, situation, society, money, luxury, anything… do not plan for hit and run relationship. You think with money you will have a hit and run relationship? “Just let me get a lottery, I will grab it and lock it in a bank and slowly fleece day by day and live as I want!” No hit and run relationship can be stable, fulfilling.


Whether it is money or honey, do not plan for hit and run relationship. That is immatured cognition, immatured conversation. Whether it is with money or honey or even Shani, try to have matured conversation. Try to have matured conversation. If you try to have matured conversation, even Shani will shower you with money and honey. If you don’t have matured conversation, even if you have money and honey, it will be like you are caught by Shani! J Fundamentally, matured conversation turns the table around. The behavior of life towards you drastically changes.



Understand, in every situation when you start having matured conversation within you, many of your fears, guilt, immaturity melts down. A man who continues to have matured conversation within himself is a Sanyasi. The Being who started having matured conversation with all the tattvas of life: jala tattva, vayu tattva, prema tattva, love is a principle, it’s a unit, it’s a tattva. With various powers and principles of life if you start having matured conversation that is what is power manifestation. That is all is power manifestation. Whenever you have a matured conversation, each of the power reveals its secrets to you. See, if you have tried to have a matured conversation with this furniture, it will tell you, ‘eh, you don’t need to eat me as a sugar cane. You sell me and you can get large amount of sugar cane and sugar cane juice. It will reveal the grey area. I am giving you one example. Like this everywhere having matured conversation. Sleep is immatured conversation with your life. Matured conversation with your body, with your mind, need to be taught even for the kids. Understand, with matured conversation immediately powers manifest.


I will prove now. I will just spend next few minutes with all you guys giving you all initiation. This is just the fundamentally two concept. One – Decide, if you are alive, you are Mahadeva, MahaSadashiva. And with that conclusion and maturity you will talk to your third eye, you will talk to the rain or sun or moon or the air, with any energy that exists.  Maturity is the unit with which you will relate with them. Listen carefully, decide to have a matured conversation. Tell the air, ‘I am Sadashiva. You are established in me, and there is a diamond which is there within your reach. Just bring it and put it in front of me. Know very clearly, everything, the whole matter, prakriti, is established on you. Nothing to be begged, nothing to be stolen, nothing to be cheated.


Only people who have a low inner image plan for hit and run relationship - ‘Just I will cheat and tonight I will use and tomorrow morning I will disappear.’ It is cheap fellows who don’t have right self-respect; womanizers never will have a self-respect; because they feel themselves so low… by the attention they get from others they think that is the love and they try to feel good about themself for a time being. Life does not work with hit and run relationship principle. Life works with a stable, matured, long-term relationship. With Surya, with Chandra, with Vayu, with Mitra, with Varuna, you cannot plan for hit and run relationship. No.


Plan for a matured conversation – “I AM because I am alive, I exist as Mahadeva. All of you are established in me. Prakriti functions in me. Because you function in me, we are connected and related. Please do this.” Even if you need to be corrected some place, Mitra will correct you, Varuna will correct you, Vayu will correct you, but they will not deny you. They will say, “yes we will bring and deliver what you want, just this part you have a small blind spot. Alter yourself and align. We are bringing. It is already parceled there. It will reach here and handed over to you. Please align it before the luggage comes.” Understand maturity makes you manifest life.



All consolations can give only peace. I am not consolation Guru. When you come to me, I give you consultation, not consolation. I give you strategy, not status quo. So, just these two point. Now, to support you guys, I will create that space - the breathing space of Mahadeva here. All of you sit first, write in a paper clearly for you to remember. “Because I am alive and I remember I am alive, and I want to be alive, Sat Chit Ananda, I am Sadashiva.” Sat means I am alive, Chit means I remember I am alive, Ananda means, I want to be alive because I enjoy being alive. Because I am Sat Chit Ananda, I am Sadashiva, I am Mahadeva, I am MahaSadashiva – Write this in one paper, come to the conclusion and sit on it. With that decision and conclusion, have matured conversation with anything. You will start manifesting powers NOW. This is the most matured powerful initiation, understand. You should manifest powers from the right context, only then it will be permanent. If you manifest just because of Aushada, just because of Jnananjana, once in a while, ok, to give you confidence. But if you are doing only that, then it is hit and run relationship only. You should manifest not just because of Jnananjana, not just because of the aushada, but because of the cognition. This is the real Prasada. This cognition is most used Prasada from me.


Why this throne becomes divine? Because I used it many time. So, most number of times I used is this cognition which I am giving you now. So, this is the best prasada than even this throne. Sit on that. Sit on that.


Pen down in our own mother tongue, in your own language, the way you understand, the way it clicks with you. Pick up a paper. Pen down… for you to remember. I asked you to pen down because only then you will remember. See, if you don’t pen down you do not remember it in a matured way. If you remember matured way only you are Sadashiva, otherwise you are Saadharana Shiva, you are Saadaa Shiva, not Sadashiva.


Please pen down and sit on that paper. Cognize very matured way - because you exist, you perceive you exist, you enjoy your existence, Satchitananda, you ARE Mahadeva. You ARE Sadashiva. From that center start having matured conversation with anything you want, anybody you want. You can even command somebody, “eh, you remove your cooling glass and give it to me and go. Because you are me. I want that cooling glass on this body.” You can command anything with this matured conversation and you will see it is manifesting now.


Pen down and sit. Sit straight because I am going to create that space of Kailasa, The Sadashiva’s breathing space. This is the real Kalpataru process.



[Time give to pen down]



Yes. Now sit with your command with this authority. I am going to create the breathing space of Mahadeva, Sadashiva here. Breathe His inner space; so your declaration – you are Sadashiva – will become reality. From that space, start having matured conversation. Close your eyes and sit straight because you may need all your energies inside to create the sankalpa. So don’t keep your eyes open. Sit straight and close your eyes.


[Kalpataru Process begins]




Now make whatever you want as a matured conversation with those energies. If you want to have a wealth, command the wealth energy. If you want to have a relationships, command the love energy, in a matured way from the matured cognition have matured conversation.


[Process continues]




You can all open all your three eyes and manifest the powers. I bless you all. Start manifesting from now. You will see you are manifesting so much.


I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, living Shuddhaadvaita Saivam, Sadashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda.


Thank You.

Be Blissful.