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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks about how different religions ultimately have the same goal but it is only the path that is different. The uniqueness of what he is sharing is that not all paths have the same speed or comfort. Living with the best context and authenticity is the key that makes Nithyananda Sampradaya unique.
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Master’s Bouquet 04/11/14

Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us through two-way video-conferencing: Harris Plains New Jersey, Surrey-Canada, Los Angeles-Hollywood, Nithyananda Nagar-Rajapalayam Aadheenam, Kuala Lumpur-Palani Aadheenam, Nithyananda University-Paris, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, San Diego-La Jolla, Indrani-New Jersey, Seattle-Chidambaram, Toronto Aadheenam, Surrey-Canada, Colombo-Sri Lanka, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Houston-Kalahasthi, Amersfoort-Netherlands, Premayananda-Dubai, Warrington-UK, Los Angeles Peetam, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Oklahoma-Somanathan, San Jose-Madurai, Ohio-Prayag Temple and more cities are joining.

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Last few days I am just soaked in Cambodia temples!  

Before entering into the satsangh, let me remind all of you today is Maha Parinirvana Day, the day my biological father achieved enlightenment and left the body.  I think as per the Hindu calendar, “Thithi”, “Punya Thithi”, we are observing this festival, this ritual.  “Punya Thithi” means, the day they left the body, that day is called “Punya Thithi”.  So as per the Vedic tradition exactly on that same “thithi” we are observing this Maheshwara Puja not only for my father, all the devotees, disciples, who lived Jeevan Mukthi, who were striving for Jeevan Mukthi, initiated disciples who lived Jeevan Mukthi, for all of them today we give “shraaddha”, we give “pinda tharpana”, and we are doing Maheshwara Puja.  The best place on Planet Earth to give “pinda tharpana” is the stomach of a sannyasi.  That is the “jataraagni”, the hunger fire of a sannyasi is the best fire on which you can offer the “pinda tharpana”, the “shraaddha”, which reaches the “pithrus”  directly.  It is thousand times more greater than offering any “pinda” , any “shraaddha”, in any river, any water-body, any tank, any lake, any holy land, any holy place.  Offering it in the stomach of a sannyasi is the best, best form of “pinda tharpana” and “shraaddha”.  

I can challenge, in this whole world you will never find this many number of authentic Sannyasis anywhere!  I guarantee you with my name, this many Sannyasis authentically, authentically living!  I am telling you, I have lived in all monasteries: I have stayed in many Christian monasteries, I have stayed in many other religions’ monasteries, I have stayed even in Hindu monasteries. With all this authority I am telling you, this many number of Sannyasis, authentically living Advaitha, you will find only in Dhyanapeetam. We are the place where the largest number of Sannyasis are living the highest possible authentic Living Advaitha.  And the way they handle their each problem and solve it just only by Advaitic understanding!  Understand, I am a too powerful perfectionist, task-master, trainer. That’s the right word I have to use!  “Too, too, too perfectionist, powerful, task-master, trainer”!  Even the same result I want, I will not allow them to achieve using some other method or technique other than Living Advaitha.  Not just the “goal”, even the “path” I won’t compromise!  

See, for example, living a simple life.  If somebody is living a simple life because of their poverty consciousness, it is stupidity.  From a very young age they believe they are poor, and their life is going to be poor.  Out of that pattern, if somebody is living the poverty, I will not accept that as a “simple life”.  You will see automatically the situation will happen in such a way their desires will be aggravated, their greed will wake up.  Only if they come to the conclusion and decision of a “simple life” because of Advaithic understanding – || तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् || thena thyakthena bhunjeethaa, maa gridhah kasyasvid dhanam” – “By renouncing everything, celebrating everything.”  This is the Advaithic context of renunciation.  By renouncing everything, celebrating everything.  I will let them rest in peace and live even  humbleness if they understand this right context,  not till then!  Everything they do, even if the goal is as we want, as desired, I will not keep quiet or tolerate and accept or adjust.  I will see to it even the understanding, path, the reason why their perfect, is also perfect.  Only then that perfection will be perfectly perfect and be eternal.  If that perfection is achieved by wrong reason, it’ll never be eternal.  If somebody achieves “simple life” out of poverty consciousness, I challenge the moment he gets easy money, all his “simple life” will disappear.  If somebody lives a “simple life” because of this grand understanding – || तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् || “thena thyakthena bhunjeethaa, maa gridhah kasyasviddhanam” – “Celebrating everything by renouncing everything”.  

ईशा वास्यमिदँ सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत्

तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ।। ।।


कुर्वन्नेवेह कर्माणि जिजीविषेच्छतं समाः |


“Eeshaa vaasyam idham sarvam, yath kim cha jagathyaam jagath

Thena thyakthena bhunjeethaa, maa gridhah kasyasviddhanam”


“Kurvan-neveha karmaani jijeevishecchatham samah”


“Whatever is, by renouncing celebrate”

“By renouncing the idea of “I” and “Mine”, celebrate whatever is”


Not just the end result, even the context, again and again and again, I bring it to Living Advaitha.  That is why I am telling you, you will find so many Sannyasis all over the world, no doubt, who are living the same result, who are as simple as my Sannyasis and as dedicated as my Sannyasis, as pure as my Sannyasis; but I tell you, this one thing, with a lot of bliss, I can challenge, not out of ego or arrogance, with a lot of bliss I declare. No need even to challenge, I declare, you will not find Sannyasis who will have so many right reasons for what they are, and who they are, why they are the way they are. That I can be very sure because the amount of understanding given to them, the amount of knowledge transferred to them, the amount of experience transmitted to them, the amount of right things shared with them, the amount of the right knowledge showered on them, with that, almost spending fifteen years on this Sannyas training and thirty-seven years of me being directly trained by my gurus and by my great disciples – I have a training and reverse training, both – after being trained thirty-seven years in Sannyas by my gurus and by my disciples, by various organizations and traditions.


I have to tell you guys, I don’t feel shy at all to tell this, I have trained, I got training and initiation in various Sannyas sampradhayas of Hinduism.  In so many Sannyas sampradhayas of Hinduism I had a training and initiation.  ‘He doesn’t belong to Advaitha, he doesn’t belong to Shaiva, he doesn’t belong to Siddhantha, he doesn’t belong to Vedantha, because he did that also, he did this also!’  But, history cannot be hidden. History is history.  I have had initiation and training in multiple Sannyas sampradhayas of Hinduism, because I had so much of passion, intensity to explore every sampradhaya and collect all the best things from every sampradhaya.


I tell you guys, all the best things, whether it is the way my Sannyasis dress, or the things they eat, or the way they live, whether the lifestyle practices like kriyas, yoga, mental understandings, knowledge, the way they solve their problems, the way they approach themselves, others,  world, life, human-beings, the Sangha members, everything. I tell you I have collected the best flowers from all the Sannyas traditions and made a beautiful bouquet – that is my Sannyasis!  That is my Sannyasis!  All the best understandings, for example, the extreme love and devotion of Ramaaya Sampradhaya and the extreme purity, and fire, Advaithic fire of the Shuddha Vedanthis, Shuddhaadvaitha Vedanthis, and the extreme renunciation, the way they handle their body, purely from Aghoris, and the way they sing the kirtans, bhajans, music, the way the music and dance is celebrated is from the Gaudiya Sampradhaya, Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradhaya, and the way they constantly repeat and maintain the space of Shivoham, from Shiva Advaitha Sampradhaya.  Rama belonged to Shiva Advaitha Sampradhaya.  Shiva Advaitha Sampradhaya originates from the Shiva Gita given to Rama by Mahadeva. From that the Shiva Advaitha Sampradhaya originates. The bhakthi and prema of the Ramaaya Sampradhaya, the music and dance of Gaudiya Sampradhaya, food and clothing style of Shaiva Sampradhaya, I have taken the best flowers from all the gardens, great gardens, and made the bouquet – that is my Sanyasis!  


I am telling you even my Sannyasis do not know they have had so much training. I have collected the best flowers from almost all the sampradhayas. The best flowers from almost all the sampradhayas!  Shaiva, Vaishnava, Madhwa, Shuddhaadvaitha, Shuddha Vedantha, Shankara, Siddhanta!  The best things from all the sampradhayas I have collected  because, I myself personally went through training in most of the sampradhayas and even had a formal initiations in many of these sampradhayas and saw the extreme experience, the goal of those sampradhayas from those contexts.  With this clarity I am telling you, what Ramakrishna said: “Yatho math, thatho path” – “As many faiths, so many paths” – is true.  I just want to add only one line: “As many faiths, so many paths”, no doubt.  But there are some paths in which you can only travel in bullock-cart speed.  There are some paths in which you can just take off like a jet.  That I want to add, understand. That is why I am saying that all paths lead to the same goal, but not in the same speed or the same comfort.  All paths lead to the same goal, but I don’t want to say all paths are same.  Sampradhaya, Order, each Sampradhaya is created with one context and one goal.  I tell you, our Sannyasis are living the best context and the best goal and best authenticity.  


Today we will be having Maheshwara Puja, giving “shraaddha”, “pinda dhaana”, to all the disciples, devotees of our Sangha who lived, strived to live enlightenment and lived enlightenment, who lived these great teachings and left the body. For all of them, today we will be offering “shraaddha” and “pinda tharpana” in the form of Maheshwara Puja.  


Today we also have Nithya Yoga Teachers’ Training.


And I tell you, when Vedanthis see my Sannyasis’ body flexibility, they can never accept our sannyasis as Vedanthis, because, Vedantha is somehow identified with a big belly and very inflexible body.  It is unfortunate. It is not that all Vendanthis have big bellies.  That is not true.  There were many Vedanthis, great Yogis.  But commonly.  And Shaiva Siddhanthis can never tolerate when they see the joy radiated by my Sannyasis, and they can never understand or accept my Sannyasis radiating so much of joy.  Because each Sampradhaya is created with a different context and different goal. Here I have collected all the best contexts and the best path and the best goal, made it into most user-friendly, easy to live, easy to radiate, because putting the context first. Once the context is understood, the life is simply lived. No teaching should be “practiced”. What is the meaning of the word “practicing”? Means you wanted, understood this is right, but still you are striving, struggling to live that completely.  That is what is “practice”.  “Practice” is a decent word to show your irresponsibility to live the truth as it is, your stupid failure to live the truth from the moment you understood it.  That is why I don’t believe in “practice”.  I believe in understanding the right context. The moment you understood the context, you are living it.  And you are loving it.  That’s all!  The moment you understood the context, you are living it and you are loving it.  That’s all.


Authenticity, “Authenticity” means: “What you like in your private Facebook page, liking the same thing in your day-to-day life, and showing it to the world as your like” is “Authenticity”.  


I am giving a new definition of “Authenticity”: “What you like in your private Facebook page, where you changed your name and you kept a secret profile, in that private Facebook page what you like, in that private profile what you like, liking the same in real life also” is “Authenticity”.  This is the definition of “Authenticity” for the modern-day youth.  


Today we will have the Maheshwara Puja.  I have so much to tell about Cambodia. Time only is so short!  I am full of Cambodia temples now and I have even started picking up some of the designs from Cambodian temples and started inculcating in to our temples which we are planning and building all over the world in our Sangha.  To that extent I am full of Cambodia temples now!  


And we also are going to have a. See in Cambodia there is a special temple built only to give “shraaddha” to ancestors.  We will plan and have one Maheshwara Puja in that same temple.  And our Swamis are already sitting in Cambodia, organizing the event to make it as a grand celebration of Shivoham, celebration of Shivoham.  Already all the arrangements are done, the basic arrangements.  Now beautifully expanding and doing.


Understand, I am getting overwhelmed when I remember these Cambodia temples.  I don’t know which one to speak and which one not to speak.  There are some carvings which are seven-zero miles, seventy miles long!  Please understand, seventy miles long!  Seven-Zero miles long!  I am not able to understand how did these guys do it.  Because we are also carving seven feet, some seventy feet, and all that. How did those guys manage seventy miles?


Alright!  It is really important we revive Cambodia temples.  As I said, already we started working with the Cambodia Government, committing with them that we will install deities and bring the temple back to Cambodia.  Please understand as on now it remains to be just a monument, tourist attraction.  It is not a living temple.  We are working with Cambodian Government; at least few temples we will install deities and revive it, make it as living temples, and show what a living Hindu temple means to the world. It’s our responsibility.  We will do it. Our responsibility and we will do it!


So, with this, I bless you all  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you.