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The following elements will be discussed in this webinar: Understand the components of the Maya Matrix How to “test” your own reality to confirm that you are indeed under the Maya Matrix. How to tell whether you are in control, or the Maya Matrix is in control of you. What is 'Sadashivoham', and what does it have to do with the Maya Matrix? How to break open the Matrix, and become The ONE. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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I welcome you all with My love and respects.

I welcome everyone of you sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, You Tube live and two way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world especially Rajiv Malhotra ji welcome to san Jose Aadheenam. I welcome you with all My love and blessings and respects. Thank you for coming to Aadheenam and delivering a speech. I welcome everyone of you sitting with us all over the world.


There is so much going on, I am full of Sadashivoham now. The time, space, energy, everything is full of Sadashivoham. The Kurma Asana is ready, means the Meru Stanḍila need to built where this process is going to happen, so the Kurma Asana is already ready. More and more the next level spiritual alchemy process is happening. I feel the whole Cosmos is preparing. See the 2012-2015 that Conscious Shift it happened beautifully with Cruise and Shivoham and Nithyanandoham, Inner Awakening in Bali, beautifully it has happened. Now after that energy shift is completed, all together in a different level this whole process is getting ready, I can see very clearly. Even this Kumba Mela, whatever efforts I was putting in this Kumba Mela; Shuddha Advaitam process, I am seeing all that is flowering. I tell you, the seeds put during the Kumba Mela is sprouting and bringing results. I can see, now actually now in this Sadāshivoham I am not even putting the seed. I am directly planting the sapling, the seeds which are already grown which has become sapling I am planting the sapling so the success ratio will be too high literally 100%. Understand, it is actually a lot of, lot of understanding and a lot of manifestation.


In next few days, you will get to see an important ritual; ploughing the land and planting the Garbha for Sadashivoham preparations. If you are an Inner Awakening graduate, Sadashivoham is your right, don’t miss it— and if you not an Inner Awakening graduate, Sadashivoham is your responsibility, don’t miss it. If you are an IA grad Sadāshivoham is your right, don’t miss it. If you not an IA grad, Sadāshivoham is your responsibility, don't’ miss it.

Actually I feel like manifestation literally for Me, the thousands and thousands of things manifesting even inside Me, the most powerful, subtle spiritual vibrations and frequencies, see even though I have all that inside the body, now only I am opening like a box by box and taking it out, and start preparing for Sadāshivoham, I am seeing thousands of multiple usages of these energies. For example; I have opened a new energy inside Me to energize this land and plough the land and plant the spiritual Garbha and suddenly I realized this is exactly the method, system through which the intra- planetary travel was being done.


See actually I am literally establishing a powerful high frequency zone, where all the high frequency beings can land, a kind of Cosmic airport, a kind of Cosmic airport. Then I understood, this is exactly the science through which we had the higher-level beings, what West calls aliens, we don’t call them aliens because we know them very well. Actually we live with them and they live with us so we don't call them aliens. We call them ‘Alliance’ not aliens they are our Alliance not aliens. Rishi, Muni, Siddha, Gana, Gandharva, all of them are Alliance for us, not aliens for us, our alliances the way used to come and go was exactly based on this same technology and at least 20 earlier I said 10 now I am telling at least 20 powerful spiritual alchemy products most of them are directly hand done by Me, because most of them I have to do Myself. Nothing can be done. I have to just throw myself in the highest state of Samādhi and either write or energize or infuse energy into it and the Sri Yantras hand carved, and the other various mandalas like Chidambara Chakram, which I Myself directly received from Arunagiri Yogishwara and what not. The whole lot of preparation, the whole lot of action happening.


Somebody asked Me I think from Seattle only, can I come in next year the next Inner Awakening- will you give, share all of this? I said, “No it is impossible.” Please understand. See after Shivoham the Shivoham process I delivered in the further Inner Awakenings. After Nithyanandoham the Nithyanandoham process I shared with you all in the next Inner Awakenings. But, please be very clear, even that is only the essence if Shivoham, essence of Nithyanandoham not the whole Nithyanandoham process or the whole Shivoham process now, even the essence is not possible because it is all about spiritual alchemy products. I don't think I have time to create that spiritual alchemy products again and again.

 Now you see I took 3 months off literally. No programs, no personal interviews, no work. I am just sitting and constantly making. Please do not expect the essence of Sadashivhoam after the December; it is literally impossible to make all those spiritual alchemy products. Actually the process I can share but the spiritual alchemy products; making them, energizing them, the pure copper sheet is coming from Bombay, because no where else we are able to get the highest pure copper sheet. So to that detail, the whole organizing, getting, procuring, energizing, planning, it’s lot of fun and a lot of energy. So please understand. It is not like Shivoham, after the Shivoham process in the next Inner Awakenings you had, even that is essence of Shivoham. Of course in a way it is possible because it is all about spiritual process.


But here Sadāshivoham not only a spiritual process lot of spiritual alchemy products involved as alchemy process. So, I don’t think anyway we will be able to give you the essence of Sadāshivoham in the further Inner Awakenings. So make your urge urgent, make your question quest.

I tell you, postponing is the most cunning way you are kept inside the Matrix. Even saying straight ‘no’ it hurts you, so saying later on, you feel very comfortable and in the Matrix 1, the traitor is your postponement. The villain traitor character is your postponement. Understand. Postponement, finding some reason to postpone; postponing is literally like a cancer which will continue to keep you in Matrix and continue to keep you in the dull space. See, actually Sadāshivoham 2016 does not demand your money or time, it needs you waking up and looking beyond the Matrix, actually that’s all it need. The will persistence to look beyond the Matrix, how the relevant realities are mistaken as the Existential reality. See your inner space is so much occupied by the relevant realities not the Existential realities. In existence your relevant realities are irrelevant. I always tell people; whatever is useful for you, your wealth, your age, your beauty, your body, your health, your skill sets, your time, your life, nothing is useful for Me. Please understand. You have something in you, which you don’t know, which only I can awaken, is only useful for Me, that is Consciousness. Only that will be useful even for you in Existential Reality. Actually if I am sitting and asking for money, I will have too much. Especially the powers I am manifesting.


See usually if a school or college they develop for first few years, once they are successful they will only raise their money, they will only raise their charges, they will only make themselves more expensive. See Me, I made My Gurukul successful, ultimately in 10 years, now I am making it free. Understand. Anybody who has done this process of growing it and making it successful will make that school a high paid school.  Here I made the whole thing successful, establishing the powers are manifested very systematically not just spiritually alone, scientifically and ethically. After all that—suddenly one fine morning I am declaring the whole Gurukul is free for all. No really a few people asked Me, “why Swamiji this is the time to make money.” I said, “Relax, this is the time to make Consciousness. This is the time the saplings are planted in thousands of people and real enlightened based education happens.”

Actually I want this as a tagline: Nithyananda University. Tag line - We Enlighten. That’s all. One word tagline: We Enlighten.

It is time we do the job for which we happened.  Understand. The whole Sadāshivoham is just to make you wake up and look beyond the Matrix. Look beyond the Maya Matrix. Look beyond the life, you understand as life. Sadāshivoham is the ultimate incoming call from Kailasa.


We have a long day today preparing for Sadāshivoham. All the spiritual alchemy products and making the whole spiritual alchemy science as reality. Making you experience it. Maybe in further satsangs I will explain more and more details of this whole science. How the energy is installed in the ground, how the spindle the sthanḍila is built. How the Garbha, the various energies are placed to create and energy field. It is literally like almost a spiritual atomic power station getting built. For a atomic nuclear reactor how much care the same way, this is the spiritual atomic reactor, new and clear.


And every time we energize and make every spiritual alchemy product I am seeing clearly, whoever is inside the campus, all their energy levels are going up. All their integrity level is going up, energy level is going up. I am seeing hours together, actually the number of working hours of Aadheenamvasis [adheenam residents] has drastically increased. One, the Adhikāra Nandi’s courtyard office and another the spiritual push happening. In various levels the further satsangs I will explain the more deeper details.

With this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate, with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Shuddhādvaita Shaivam, the eternal bliss. Nithyananda. Thank you. Be Blissful.