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Kathopanishad, Nithya Satsang on 5th July 2015 - Paramahamsa Nithyananda sketches the ideal Vedic lifestyle of community system (jaati, varna) while sketching the character of Vajashravas, the king who, from his powerlessness and insecurity was doing the fire sacrifice from the wrong context, and degrades to a worthless king! As a king, he is expected to only give and not hold, living in powerfulness. A Brahmana (sage) is expected to share knowledge; a Vaishya (business man) is expected to do business. But, here a king soaked in luxuries self-imprisons himself and is in identity crisis, falling into a business mental-setup. Luxury is the sure killer of intelligence, strength and powers, not allowing you to reinvent yourself. Aparigraha, the minimalistic simple living is the ultimate lifestyle, as prescribed by Mahadeva in Agamas, which opens the unending resource of creativity in you and makes our bio-memory and muscle-memory alive, active, brilliant with constant expansion. He tells all to life the cool, simple lifestyle of Mahadeva in minimalistic living. Have wealth, but punishment not yourself, by the luxury. Today's subject for Vakyartha Sadas, spiritual exploration on Truth is -Those who run behind the luxurious lifestyle are the most cheap, who do not have strength and trust over their own life. Luxury kills even when you are alive. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome all of you with my love and respects. First thing, God bless America. Today is July 4th for America. Actually, yesterday was July 4th for India but yesterday at this time it was July 3rd for US so today it is July 4th for US this time I am blessing this great country and I also want this to be on record, it is this country that supported our Sangha to happen in this scale. I wanted to remember this country with all my gratitude it is the giving nature of US and the people who gave from US created our Sangha. The way it is standing, whatever infrastructure we have to reach out to people all the outer world infrastructure I credit it and attribute it the giving nature of this country US. So happy Independence Day, God bless America.


I’ll continue to expand on Kathopanishad. Yesterday I was speaking about the story Vajashravas, King who is feeling insecured and was asked to do a fire ritual from the Vedas, but started doing without understanding the context his son Nachiketa questions. This is the story. I will now try to expand the sacred secrets hidden in this story.

The first thing: king getting into the mental setup of business or bargain, shows the identify crisis happened to him, please understand. The king is the person or at least he is expected to be a person—either lives with powerfulness as a giver, giver, giver or collapses and disappears from us. Please understand, king is not expected to be eternal, but he is expected to be powerful, as long as he is there as king. He can’t afford to get into the mental set up of a Vaishya, businessman. Same way, a person of knowledge he is not expected to be a giver, nobody expects a person of knowledge to be doing charity, but he is expected of a high standard of Consciousness, highest standard of Consciousness. He is expected to constantly share the spiritual knowledge — live, remember, share the spiritual knowledge. He can’t afford to commit even a small mistake. King in the war can kill even those few innocent people who are not directly involved in the war. He won’t incur a big sin because when there is a war naturally there will be innocent deaths, but a person of knowledge, a Brahman cannot even kill an ant. Even an ant cannot be killed by him. So from each persons the anyakara of society, what society expects, the role they need to fulfill in the society is different. So the identity collapse. Inauthenticity entering into the identity, the identity crisis is what Gita describes as jāti naśta, intermingling of castes, getting impure. Please understand, because the ancient time the jāti was based on the mental set-up, not just based on your birth. Vishvamitra by jāti is a Kṣatriya [warrior], but he is always remembered as the highest Brahmana. He is respected as Brahmarishi by Vashistha. Understand, each one need to maintain their role.

Here the first miss, first step towards the free fall — Vajashravas getting into the powerlessness and adopting the mental set-up of a Vaishya, business man instead of his originally expected state of Kṣatriya. If a Kṣatriya falls from the mental state he is supposed to be, he should just die, because too many people’s expectation is on his shoulder. If a Shudra collapses, it is only going to impact him or maximum his family. If a Vaishya collapses, it is maximum going to affect him and his community, means people that are dependent on him for their food, people who work under him. But if a Kṣatriya collapses, the whole society, the whole country is going to collapse. He should not be alive. If he collapses and adopts the mental set-up of businessman, if he falls from his state, he should not be alive. Same way a Brahmana, if he collapses from his space, the whole loss of knowledge happens. He can’t even afford to collapse. Here the Vajashravas has missed the space of Kṣatriya, adopted the mental set-up of Vaishya, give and take; because he has collapsed, he feels deep insecurity. I can say insecurity collapses him, collapsing makes him feel insecurity. Both feed each other, the vicious circle. One of the worst thing is—actually falling is not that worst, but not standing up is really worse. This guy not only fell and did not even bother to diagnose why he has fallen, that is why wrong decision. See if he was feeling insecured, he should not have decided the solution on his own, he should have just reached out to his Guru. You trying to find the solution on your own is almost like you trying to take the across the counter medicines. “Oh, I have a headache, let me go to pharmacy and ask for some headache tablet and eat, without even diagnosing.” After 2 years you will realize you have a tumor in the brain. It is as dangerous as taking across the counter medicine without medical support, or without the proper diagnosis. This guy does the same messing up, he decides on his own what is his problem, without looking into the depth. See if the Guru is not ready to guide, or he doesn’t have enough listening to ask the Guru, because no Guru will say, “I am not interested to guide”, only when they don’t have listening, enough listening, they say then, “all right then what to do”. I don’t know if whether he has enough listening or he did not even approach a Guru, he must have had Rajaguru [Guru of king]. He has decided on his own the solution for the incompletion he is feeling, he diagnosed the problem, as — “maybe I am feeling a little insecure, I have become old. I don’t know whether all these pleasures, joy everything will come along with me.”

Please understand, in any field, having more than what is required, the opulence lifestyle, luxurious lifestyle takes away your strength. Please understand, in any field having more than what is required to run your life, whether you are a Brahmana, or Kṣatriya, Vaishya, Shudra or anything. Luxury is the sure killer of your power, intelligence and ability to reinvent yourself. Somebody commented, when I spoke about poverty in the Facebook, that I am talking about poverty sitting on the throne, golden throne. You need to know, first of all it is not gold, it’s gold painted. And second, traditionally the knowledge, the Sacred truths I am sharing is respecting with this kind of seat. I am not promoting poverty forever, I am only saying, at least one year, because it will re-kindle the inspiration to reinvent yourself. And I have spend 9 years and have reinvented myself.




Anyhow, let me come back to the subject. I tell you, poverty is not forced upon Me, either at that time or now. I tell you, imposed poverty or minimal living awakens many of your possibilities and capacities to live the life to its peak possibility. I tell you, self-imposed poverty or minimal living, the aparigraha lifestyle is most luxurious thing, you can have. Even now, I can comfortably sleep happily on the floor, live just a few handful of simple vegetarian food, nothing else from outside is needed to entertain me, excite me, keep me alive, active, my simple breathing is enough for me to enjoy my Existence and celebrate my being. I tell you the lifestyle of aparigraha, means living with minimal things, is the most luxurious thing you can have, because that will constantly keep you active in your peak possibility, your mind will be active, your body will be active. I have seen in very close quarters, many Sannyasis of different Sampradayas, different orders, different religions, some of the most active, powerful Sannyasis, if I have one more chance I would take up —of course I don’t have that is different—if I have I would take up life as a Jain monk. I tell you the kind of activism, active, alive they are, because of their aparigraha lifestyle, even the Madhva Sampradaya Sannyasis, many Madhva Sampradaya Sannyasis I have seen in very close quarters, the aparigraha lifestyle they maintain and the way they are being active, is amazing. In My experience these two Sampradaya, Jains and Madhva Sampradaya, the Swamis live the most active, most energetic lifestyle, most possible simple, living with minimal things.


Here this Vajashravas, unfortunately, punished with so much of luxuries. That is the right word I will use, punished with so much of luxuries, lost the knowledge and sense of how to be alive and active. I tell you, luxury when it becomes lifestyle, kills your possibilities, kills your possibilities. Takes away your inner strength, takes away the strength of your body and mind to reinvent itself with the flow of life. I have seen even when I am training My Sannyasis. Actually, I have all Sampradaya Sannyasis with Me in My order. Means people who live like Jain monks, really, really austere, and people who live much more than a king, punished with luxury. I have all types, all variety. When I train them, I always observe people who live like Jain monks or Madhva Sannyasis with austerity, tapas they are always healthy, active, alive, brilliant, powerful, don’t fall into incompletion even in their day to life they are very light people, they don’t get hurt. You can’t hurt them, they are very light people, they can run the life anywhere, they can accommodate any number of people in their inner space. They can work with any number of people, but when you are punished with the luxury, please understand, it is a punishment. If you are living a luxurious life for 12 years, all of your good qualities are killed, I am telling your 100%. All your good qualities, you become such a heavy person, not only physically, even mentally. You can’t accommodate people in your inner space. All possibility for your expansion; whether it is your business, or your career or your profession, your personal life, everything is dead. I can challenge, you can only have more and more divorce, not any more expansion. You can fire your subordinate, you can fire your general manager, you can fire your CEO, you can have only divorces, in personal life and professional life. You cannot expand or you will be stuck with the same ol’ few fools who can’t reinvent themself. You are stuck with them because of your insecurity; they are stuck with you because of their insecurity. And I also thoroughly studied; people who shared their wealth, give away, those people continue to be active, that is why many of the multi-national companies encourage their staff to contribute, donate, do charity, they also match up. And the companies which are doing, matching programs, please understand, they are doing good to themself, creating active people as part of their company. I am really telling you, a person who gives up, gives up is the most active person. 12 years, if you are habituated to luxury, even if you are enlightened you collapse. Please understand, because you become so rigid, heavy, the possibility of reinventing is completely forgotten. Vajashravas, this fool must have been at least 40-50 years, soaked in luxury, soaked in alcohol, once in a while only come out to have women, again went back to that same bottle. That fellow must have lost the originality, ability to reinvent, which is needed for a king.

Please understand, luxury at the most can be at the rare; celebrative, occasion, a celebration or which gets added as festival. Once in a while, ok, but if that becomes a lifestyle you even loose the basic things required for what you are. I think by now this Vajashravas would have lost all the ability to wage war, take decision, conduct court, fellow may not even be able to hold the sword up, because king entering into the business mental set-up means, he must have been getting degraded, degraded, degraded for years, it doesn’t happen in one moment. Please understand, all collapsing happens through the years, not in one moment or one day or two day. That is why I always tell people if you just don't miss satsang that is enough, you’ll be liberated. Nothing else is required because, in Satsang I will make sure I hit you whether in your pain point or bliss point or some point, and I’ll wake you up, at least 1 in 2-3 days and once in a week. One of my Swami was complaining; because of this Satsang we cannot even afford to be in depression for more than 2 or 3 days. However much we try, we are not even allowed to be in depression. 

Understand, it’s only with a long gap, of not being reminded of your identify, not being asked to become authentic, you collapse. Unfortunate, Vajashravas collapsed. Otherwise he should not be doing such a cheap thing. King, when a king not only in a sacrifice or a jajna a spiritual or religious ritual, even normally when he gives, neither his hand or the receivers hand should be able to hold what is given. That is giving, understand.


Giving means a person who gives and a person who receives, both hand should not be able to hold what is given, is giving.


King should have been giving in that way in that scale. Actually, to be giving you need only one thing – powerfulness, not any object. It’s a powerfulness that is required. If you see Mahabharat, Karna, the greatest giver is only a king of a small kingdom, Anga Desha, which may be 100th of Duryodhana’s or Pandava’s. What Pandavas had or Duryodhana had it must of have been 100th, but why is he able to give, give, give? He discovered the sacred secret of Giving. Giving makes you active to make more. When you are active and you need to create more, you will become more creative to create more. Creativity is unending resource; opening up unending resource in your life happens only for a person a person who gives, not for the person who holds. The most un-creative people I have seen are these Wall Street fellows, Yakshas the people of Kubera, they only know how to hold. The most creative people I have seen are who just create something and sell for their life and again who has to create something else to live their life. Those kind of people are the most creative people I have seen in my life. I have seen hundreds of different painters, sculptors, the metal sculptors, artists, poets, only the people who live without accumulating their creativity the peak possible expression, because they have to survive they open the door of creativity, the endless resource.

Human being should live exactly like this — rich, because you touched the endless resource which is creativity. Rich because you reached the endless resource called creativity, not because of remembering the zeros in your bank balance. If you feel yourself as a hero because of the zeros you have in your bank balance ,be very clear you are a Vajashravas. You are just Vajashravas, you need Naciketa or you will have Yama. This guy Vajashravas, because he has been numbed, he has become insensitive because of the punishment, self-punishment of luxury. Self-imposed prison is luxurious lifestyle. I tell you best part of my life was when I lived with that self-imposed poverty. Good, because of that I have continued to have that lifestyle. Continue to keep that ability alive, retain that ability alive. My ability to work 20 hours a day, I’ll attribute it the lifestyle I developed, the re-invention I did of myself, due to the when, during the period of that self-imposed poverty. Ability to face a crisis, ability to manage a crisis, ability to manage a new situation, ability to manage a change in the situation, all this is lost, all this is lost with the continuous luxurious lifestyle.

Please understand, if you are rich, don’t punish yourself with a luxurious lifestyle. That is the biggest punishment you will give for yourself. Just because you are rich don't destroy yourself. Even your muscle memory and bio memory, once they are accustomed to luxurious lifestyle, lose the ability to re-invent themselves, loose the ability to be active, alive, lose the ability to do the crisis management, loose the ability to expand. I have seen some of the most successful, big rich men, they keep their personal life away from the wealth they have. They have not punished themself with a luxurious lifestyle. Please understand, I have seen some of the richest people in the world, in very close quarters, I tell you from my experience, people who have punished themself with their wealth, people who have not punished themselves with their luxurious lifestyle, only they are able to continue to keep their spontaneity, crisis management abilities and creativity alive. Only their muscle memory and bio memory is active, to live, run the life, expand the kingdom they have built. If you want to destroy somebody, somehow make them addicted to luxurious lifestyle, after that you do not need to do anything, they will destroy themselves. Somehow make the luxurious lifestyle glamorous for them. That is the best way you will get rid of your enemies. Any fellow, who is caught in the mental set-up of a luxurious lifestyle, I tell you don’t be afraid of him, he will be destroyed. He will destroy himself, don’t be afraid of him. I wanted to remind this one truth today, how your identity collapses, when you get out of this aparigraha lifestyle.

Mahadeva in his description of Niyama and Yama, please understand, from now onwards, whenever I talk about yoga and I use the word ‘Yoga’, I mean the ‘Yoga’ taught by Mahadeva in Agamas. I am not disrespecting Patanjali, I have a high regard and respect for Patanjali, whatever he speaks is directly taught by Mahadeva to him, but fortunately now we got the original direct words of Mahadeva. What he taught to Patanjali. So from now onwards, I wanted to put this on record; whenever I speak about yoga, Yama and Niyama and the technical terms, you should adopt the definition given by Mahadeva in Agamas. In Agamas, Mahadeva speaks highly about this aparigraha lifestyle. The context of aparigraha, the reason to live with minimal things is to keep you alive, active, to keep your muscle-memory and bio-memory brilliant, bright. See the luxurious lifestyle makes you insensitive; above all it makes you life negative. It just makes you life negative. It destroys your metabolism, it destroys your ability to enjoy, finally it destroys your very approach towards life. I tell you, luxurious fellows are the most frustrated people on planet earth. Much of the problem of developed countries is not depression, frustration. Is one of the biggest problem the developed countries are facing, because they have not understood with their own wealth they are torturing themselves. Having wealth is not wrong, but torturing yourself with the luxurious lifestyle is wrong. Don't punish yourself with a luxurious lifestyle. It’s an old way of living. It is not cool, it's not modern, it’s not fashionable. Living luxurious lifestyle like kings and queens is the old stupid way of living. Don't think it is fashionable, fashionable—cool is living simply. Understand, lifestyle of Mahadeva is most fashionable, modern and cool lifestyle. Catch it. The modern should accept, adopt lifestyle of Mahadeva, cool, that should become cool. That is cool. Create when you want, celebrate the way you want and don't punish yourself with luxury. That is the biggest punishment will you be giving to yourself. Why do you want to be a fool? Don’t you see and the kings, queens……duh duh duh….destroyed themself. Come back to lifestyle of Mahadeva, which is fashionable and cool. No, I am really telling you, going around with your hormonally imbalanced mental set-up, picking up on your own a boy or a girl, dating and then marrying, falling into depression and divorce. All this is old lifestyle. Come back to the fashionable lifestyle of arranged marriage by matured parents. That is the cool trend now, allow the parents who are very balanced who can look into your life, end to end and pick up a right person for you, that is the most fashionable, modern, cool lifestyle. Forget this stupid old fashion of don’t be in 80 or 90 Bollywood Hollywood, Tollywood movie star. And that stupidity is outdated, and all these fools are teaching, running around the same tree and singing the duet and picking up your husband or wife, your own trial and error method of dating, mating, is stupid and it’s a failure lifestyle, failure system. It’s all over. Come to the matured, most successful lifestyle of letting your parents who are cool, balanced; choose the boy or girl for you, that’s the most fashionable, and modern lifestyle. I’ll make all these things into modern and fashion.


Understand, the essence of today’s satsang: luxury kills you while you are alive. Luxury makes you insensitive and puts you into identity crisis. Luxury is the source of your strong SDHD. Continuous luxurious lifestyle creates deep self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-denial in you. Not only you develop SDHD, but you develop SSDHD which means strong SDHD, is SSDHD. Have wealth, I am not saying don’t have wealth, but because you do have wealth, you don’t need to abuse yourself with luxurious lifestyle. You don’t need to abuse yourself with luxurious lifestyle. Remain as simple as possible so you retain the freedom to reinvent yourself.

Essence of todays satsang: fellows who run behind the luxurious lifestyle are the most cheap fellows, who don’t have strength, trust on their own life. Luxury kills even when you are alive. This is the subject for Vaakyartha Sadas today. I request all over the world, all the Sangha, temples, ashrams, mutts, monasteries, Aadheenams, centers to revive the Vaakyartha Sadas trend again, Vaakyartha Sadas should become popular again. All of you should involve yourself again in the Vaakyartha Sadas. So with this I move to the next segment of the morning satsang.


Bangalore Mahant Atmapoorna, birthday blessings, with all the auspiciousness you will be with me, I will be with you. Blessings. I already blessed you on the Facebook. Blessings to all of you and blessings to the whole Bangalore Sangha. Blessings. And Guadaluope Kothari Mireal Lamothe birthday blessings, with all the auspiciousness you will be with me, I will be with you. Be blissful.


So with this, I will move to the next segment of the morning satsang—today the Inner Awakening participants have blindfold reading again practice and you guys have a long day today. Let’s get ready.



I bless you all: Let you all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing Living Advaita, the eternal bliss. Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.