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February 20, 2015 Today’s (20th February, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Upanishads Series - Living Advaita. Isha Upanishad–Verse 3 begins: asuryā nāme te lokā andhena tamasā’vṛtāḥ | tāṁs te pretyābhigacchanti ye ke cātma-hano janāḥ || 3 || In this profound delivery of the Isha Upanishad, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how life gives us what we asked for. When we look in and learn the context for why we asked for something in our lives, we can evolve. Whatever is happening now is because we craved for this one day in the past. Life is painted on the canvas of Tathastu – so be it! The celebration of life is completion; then we are qualified to make updated aspirations into a reality. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||



I welcome all of you with my love and respects.  I welcome everyone who is sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Arra TV, and two-way video-conferencing.


Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing: Canberra-Australia, San Jose-Madurai.......


Australia, I am able to see your Fair.  My blessings for the programme to be successful!  Nirbheda, Paul Sadashivam, blessings for all of you for the programme to be successful! 


And, many more cities are joining.  I welcome every one of you with my love and respects.


Today I am going to expand on just only one word: “ATHMAHANA”.


Let us repeat the Upanishad.  Third mantra, third sutra in Ishavasya Upanishad:


असुर्या नाम ते लोका अन्धेन तमसाऽऽवृताः 

ताँस्ते प्रेत्याभिगच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः 

Asurya naama they lokaa andhena thamasaavruthaah |

Thaagumsthey prethyabhigachchanthi ye ke chaathmahano janaah ||



ATHMAHANA!  Even while you are alive, saying “YES” to death, is “Athmahana”, hell.  Even during the so-called death, saying “YES” is liberation, enlightenment.  Varanasi stands for that principle, principle of saying “YES” to life even when it presents death!  Listen!  Saying “YES” to life even when it presents death!  Saying “NO” to life in any form is “Athmahana”, understand?  If you feel, if you perceive life is doing something against you, life is not letting what you want happen, this feeling – ‘Life is not co-operating with me, supporting me, making what I want happen’ – this feeling is as universal as the universe itself. 


Understand, this truth is from Akashic Records.  Listen!  Listen!  I am colloquially presenting to you; means, in the user-friendly language I am presenting.  May be I will read the original Akashic Records as it is, and then present it to all of you.


“By its own existence, it expands into possibilities.  Because of its existence and saying “Thathaasthu” to life, “YES” to life, life shows you the possibilities which you declare as denied to you.  If life is interested in denying, it will not even show its possibilities to you in the first place.  Its possibilities, by being revealed to you itself, the “YES” is given to you, and your decision, expression to live is accepted, respected, encouraged.  By you claiming life is not co-operating or supporting into what you want, you are denying the very revelations and expressions happened to your very consciousness.” 


Listen!  By its own light, moon shows the black patches inside it.  By its own light, moon shows the black patches inside it.  On New Moon Day (Amavasya), you will never find black patches of the moon.  Only on Full Moon Day (Poornima), you will find the black patches.  It means, by its light only even the black patches are found.  If you are finding the black patches of the moon, the moon is shining, reflecting light, understand?  Because the possibilities are revealed to you, you even come to know about those possibilities!  For example, you think flying is possible for you, and then complain life is not letting you achieve that; becoming a billionaire is possible for you, and then complain life is not letting you to achieve that.  Understand, the very moment life informs you something is possible, it is saying “YES” to you.  The very moment you come to know flying is possible, becoming billionaire is possible, life is supporting you.  That is why it is even making you understand it is possible for you! 


Try to listen to the Akashic Records which I read out just now, again and again, at least five times.  Today, the Akashic Records I read out about this sutra is the subject for Vaakyaartha Sadhas.


Listen!  You feeling life is not letting what you want to happen in your life....  For example: You always wanted health, but life is never letting that happen to you.  You always wanted wealth, and just one day before you achieve it, everything collapses.  Please listen, the very information being given to you, the hope being generated in you that health is possible, wealth is possible, is a solid proof life is supporting you.  Otherwise, even that possibility will not be informed to you!  You will not be informed even about that possibility!  The moment the possibility is informed, life is supporting you; be informed, be very clear!


Reading out Akashic Records is much more easy than making all of you understand with the language you understand.  Reading Akashic Records is just: open the screen and it will appear!  Originally, the Akashic Records appear in Sanskrit, and then it gets translated into English during the process of Seer seeing the Seen and cognizing.  That is why most of the English words which I use, those same words are getting repeated in the Akashic Records, because the Seer, during the process of seeing, translating the Seen.  Because the Seer is the person who is talking to you regularly in English, he uses the same word to cognize and translate the Seen during the process of seeing itself. 


Understand, this concept of “Life is not supporting me”, is like “My breathing is not letting me breathe”!  It is like, “My eyes show some parts as dark”.  Arrey, even you recognizing some parts are dark is because your eyes are functioning!  That is enough proof that your eyes are functioning!  So, if you feel you want to be a billionaire, and you are denied entry into the Billionaires’ Club, and it is not happening, be informed, the very concept revealed to you that you can become billionaire is enough proof life is supporting you!  Only when you understand the tons and tons of ways life is supporting you, you will also decide to say “YES” to life.  As long as you think life is denying you what you want, life is keeping you away from what you want, you will also start saying “NO” to life. 


Listen!  It is like this:  Your office provides you a beautiful house, car, everything needed for you to live and work.  One day morning, while you are trying to drink your cup of coffee, the coffee tumbler fell, and it was too hot, and your feet got a little burnt.  Immediately you sue the office, you complain about the office!  ‘See!  They are responsible!  They didn’t provide a carpet for me.  Otherwise the coffee would have been absorbed; it would not have spread and reached my feet and burnt it!’  How illogical and adharmic this action is!  That is exactly, that is exactly the way you need to be handled when you say ‘Life is denying its possibilities for me!  Life is denying what I want from me!’


There was a lady that was a habitual grumbler and was constantly complaining about everything.


One day her preacher thought he had discovered something that she could be happy about, because her farm crop was the best one for miles around.


When he met her, he said with a big smile, ‘You must be very happy!  Everyone is saying how healthy your potatoes look this year!’


She replied grimly, ‘True they’re pretty good, but what am I going to do when I need some bad ones to feed the pigs?’


You have a reason to grumble!  I tell you, even you have a reason to grumble is the compassion of the Cosmos towards you!  Really, I am telling you!  Even for you to grumble, it finds some reason and gives you, so that you don’t feel too bad about yourself. 


Understand, I am revealing the layer and layer meanings of this verse.


Hope happening in you is just because life has hope in you, understand?  Hope happening in you is because life has hope in you!  If you are feeling some desire of hopefulness, hopefulness, be very clear, life is giving you that experience itself, because, it has still hope on you!  It still has hope on you!  Don’t think having hope is your birthright!  Birth itself is not your right!  This word is a stupid word!  This “birthright” word is a most stupid word!  Birth itself is not your right!  Then how can you use the word “birthright” as if birth is your right?  No!


Somebody asked Ramana Maharshi, ‘Bhagawan, how do I know I received God’s grace?’


He says, ‘The very effort you are putting to reach God is nothing but God’s grace!’


Listen!  The disciple asks, ‘Should I try doing spiritual practices?  Or should I depend on God’s grace?  How do I know when I achieve God’s grace?


He says, ‘Even you thinking that you should try, or, you trying, itself is a solid proof you have His grace!  Only if you have His grace, you can even think or work, plan to move towards Him!  To move towards Him!’


Saying “YES” to life, not doing “Athmahana”.  Understand, this word “Athmahana”, when it is translated into English, it is literally “Kill the Athma”!  But how can you kill the Athma?  Because Gita defines “Which cannot be killed is Athma”! 


नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावक:

“Nainam chindhanthi shashthraani, Nainam dhahathi paavakaha”



“Which cannot be made wet by water, and burnt by fire, and dried by air, and cut by the sword, is Athma”.



“Which cannot be killed” is Athma.  Then how can you literally say, “Kill the Athma”?  “Killing the Athma” means, saying “NO” to life!  Don’t ever say “NO” to life!



Listen!  Whenever you perceive life is denying you something, just look at it from this angle.  It is silver lining that makes you see the cloud.  You cannot say, ‘Oh, what a big cloud!’  There is an end; only then you are seeing the cloud.  Even the energy which you get to say ‘life is denying you something’, means, you want something, so you say life is denying.  The very idea you want something, itself is enough proof life is supporting you!  Understand, I have a great news for you today:  ANYTHING YOU WANTED EVEN ONCE, YOU HAVE TO ENJOY IT!  You HAVE to enjoy it!  That is law of life.  Anything you wanted even once…..  If you had a subtle greed for this seat even once, in any one of the future janmas (lives) you WILL BE MADE TO SIT IN THIS and go through all the responsibilities you need to take for this; only then you will be liberated, understand!  Only then you will be liberated!  If you decide for liberation, then if this seat happens, it will be so beautiful.  Just like how I am enjoying!  But, if you act for greed, nothing wrong; it will not be denied to you; but you have to live it, you have to enjoy it! 



See, one of the biggest problems of human-beings…..  Please understand, I am giving you the Why, What, Where, When, all you need to know about human frustration.  Listen!  First you ask for the chair of CEO.  Then you think, ‘Even CEOs are under politicians.  Let me ask for the seat of politician.’  Then you find, ‘No, even politicians are falling at the feet of these Swamis.  This (Swami’s seat) is the best seat.’  Then you ask for the seat of a Swami.



The other day I was reading a joke:



·         “Eighty percent” (who scored 80% marks) MBA (Master of Business Administration) graduates, pick up the file and become officers. 


·         Just “Pass” (who scraped through with the minimum marks required for passing the exam), pick up the files and get a government job and become bureaucrats. 


·         “Failed” (who have failed in the exams), somehow, for survival, get into politics and rule the bureaucrats!






·         90% (marks) become officers;

·         Less (marks) than that – just “PASS” – become bureaucrats and rule the officers; and

·         “Failed”, become politicians and rule the bureaucrats.

·         “Never went to school” becomes a Swami and rules the politicians!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!



No, I am not literally accepting this joke.  This has a lot of implications.  It has to be taken just as a joke.  Understand, the beauty of Hindus is, only we can laugh at ourselves; we have no problem about it.  We can make fun of us, and we can laugh.  We can enjoy!




Listen!  Your possibilities being revealed to you, itself is a solid proof life supports you!



I was telling a story:



First, you aspire for the CEO seat.  Then, you aspire for the politician’s chair.  Then, you aspire for the Swami’s seat.  But, when you are aspiring for the Swami’s seat, by that time your first aspiration will become reality, which is CEO chair.  That is what is the source of your frustration!



Listen!  When your aspirations are right, the happenings are not able to catch up, it is “frustration”.  But you need to understand, happenings are because of your aspirations earlier.  It has to come in the queue as you aspired.



Listen!  Listen!  Because your aspirations have changed, don’t be frustrated about life.  Everything you aspired HAS to be enjoyed.  I tell you, this one law of life if you understand, you will never curse the happenings of life!  You know, every happening now, you aspired at one time; you craved for it at one time.  This is the best news, greatest news I can give you.  With this, you can say, ‘Wow!  I craved for this one day.  So I am enjoying!’  Anything you crave for HAS to be lived!  Yes, now your aspirations have changed; that does not mean what you aspired can be dropped.  It has to be lived so that you grow further, you grow further, you grow further. 



Listen! Even your aspirations getting matured is, life saying “YES” to you!  I tell you, if your aspirations are not getting matured, and what you wanted is happening, that place is called “Deva Loka” (World of Gods).  Yes, what you always wanted, you will be enjoying; but your aspirations never get matured.  I tell you, even if it is nectar, if your aspirations are not getting matured, you will be tired and bored!  Even if it is heaven, if your aspirations are not evolving, you will be sick and tired!  The greatest happening of life is aspirations getting matured. 



Please understand, if you are frustrated, I have a great news for you: YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!  And I have a good news for you: YOU DON’T NEED TOBE FRUSTRATED! 



Great news: You are on the right track!  Because, the very frustration, the formula of frustration is: “FULFILMENT OF YOUR EARLIER ASPIRATIONS + ASPIRATIONS GETTING MATURED = FRUSTRATION”.  Listen!  Fulfilment of your earlier aspirations + Aspirations getting matured, brings Frustration. 



In law of life, your earlier aspirations, however silly it was, cannot be denied, because YOU ASPIRED FOR IT!  Life is painted on the canvas of “Thathaasthu”!  Whether you visualized the scene of eating a pizza or rolling on the ground, or sitting in the CEO chair, or sitting in the politician’s chair, or sitting in the Swami’s chair, all visualizations are painted on a large canvas which is a huge “Thathaasthu” of life.  So, the canvas on which the painting of life is done, visualization of life is done, is “Thathaasthu” – “So be it!’  The whole universe is moving with this sound of “Thathaasthu”, “Thathaasthu”, “Thathaasthu”.  By the time you have moved to the politician’s chair, you already received “Thathaasthu” for the CEO chair.  So, that cannot be destroyed.  You HAVE to sit in that chair as per the interest and intention and intensity of “Thathaasthu”.  Then you HAVE to move to the chair of politician as per your interest, intention and intensity of “Thathaasthu”.  By the time you move to politician’s chair, you might have already started desiring for Swami’s seat.  But the “Thathaasthu” received is the “Thathaasthu” received, and it HAS TO BE EXHAUSTED. 









So, understand this secret of life.  Understand this secret of life. 



And, listen, listen, I am giving you the key to get out of frustration.  Listen!  Any situation you are in, when you are frustrated, look in and find out ‘What must be the best thing in this situation for which I have aspired this situation in my past?  Let me look from that context at this situation.’  You will see you are enjoying exactly what you wanted! 



Understanding the original context for which you aspired the present situation and happening of life, and celebrating life, is “Completion”.  Understanding the original context for which you aspired the present situation, and looking at the present situation from that very context, and enjoying, celebrating, is “Completion”.  The moment you start celebrating the present happening, you are now qualified to make your updated aspirations into reality.  If you celebrate the CEO chair, quickly you can jump into the politician’s chair.  If you celebrate the politician’s chair from the context why you asked for it, you can quickly jump into the Swami’s seat.  If you celebrate that from the very context which you asked, understanding, you can quickly jump into the SWAMIHOOD itself! 



Understand, even Karma is not binding if you understand the context.  You feel Karma is binding, because, your context has become matured, your aspirations have become matured.  Aspirations getting matured should be celebrated, not to be cursed, not to be dealt with frustration. 



Listen!  I wanted every one of you to listen to this satsangh again and again.  Only then you won’t miss a single point and catch it.  Just catching this satsangh will free you from all the wrong concepts of Karma and you will say the real “YES” to life! 



Even your Karma is not a curse on you.  No!  Even your frustration cannot frustrate you any more if you understand the frustration is caused by your aspirations getting matured.  Listen!  You want CEO chair; you achieve it before your aspirations got matured towards the politician’s chair or towards the Swami’s seat.  Your life may look heaven, but not enlightenment.  Aspirations not getting matured, but your past aspirations getting fulfilled, is “Heaven”.



I tell you, it is only Bhuloka, Planet Earth is the only loka where the aspirations getting matured is possible.  That is why even gods and goddesses have to come to this plane for evolution.  Evolution is possible only if your aspirations are able to get matured. 



Analyze your whole life with this one truth; no frustration can frustrate you anymore.  Frustration frustrates you only if you are from the wrong context.  Frustration frustrates you only if you are from the wrong context, understand? 



What I am talking in today’s satsangh is the intense truths.  You need to listen to this satsangh four-five times.  Only then you will understand the layer by layer by layer what I really mean by these statements. 



When you aspired for CEO chair, you must be having some context.  But when you sit in that chair, you forget the context and start aspiring for the politician’s chair.  Again, when you sit in the politician’s chair, you forget the context why you aspired for it, and aspire for Swami’s seat.  That is why life continues to be frustrating.  Nothing wrong in your aspirations getting matured.  Something is seriously wrong in you forgetting the context of why you are having what you are having. 



One more great news I have for you is: Your aspirations getting matured does not necessarily need you forgetting the context with which you created your present.  You can continue to celebrate your present and make your aspirations getting matured.  That space is “Nithyananda Loka”, understand?



Your aspirations getting matured does not necessarily require, frustration is not pre-condition, you forgetting the context of your earlier aspirations present life.  Aspirations, when you forget the context why you aspired for it, will become perspiration even if you achieve it, because the context is forgotten.  And forgetting the context is not a prerequisite for your aspirations to get matured.  Knowing the context of the present, why you are having what you are having, why you aspired for it, remembering that right context, and celebrating what you are having, and your aspirations getting matured, can happen together.  That is what I call “Completion”. 



“Completion” is, celebrating your life happening as it is now from the context of why you aspired for it, and your aspirations getting further matured.  A Shudhra aspires to be economically independent so that he can have his time for himself. 






·         A person who sells just his time is a “Worker”. 

·         A person who sells products made out of his time and intelligence is “Businessman”. 

·         A person who sells certain concept of security and protection is “Politician”, “Kshatriya”. 

·         A person who sells the concept of ultimate realization is “Brahmana”.



Listen!  A worker always aspires to be a businessman so that he feels his life will be freedom, he can work whenever he wants, and he can relax whenever he wants.  So, with that context, he aspires to be a businessman.  But the moment he sits as businessman, he forgets the context why he wanted to be a businessman, and his greed makes him forget he can take off (“off” means “holiday”) when he wants.  Too many workers’ hands are held by businessman.  So, from this side, the worker’s side, he thinks if he becomes this hand (businessman), he can withdraw whenever he wants and be free.  But, after he becomes this hand (businessman), he realizes his greed not only does not let him withdraw, but now he has too many hands holding his hand.  Earlier he was only one hand holding one hand.  Now, too many hands are holding his hand, or he is holding too many hands.  So, when he becomes Vaishya, businessman, if he forgets that he wanted to become a Vaishya, businessman, just to have the freedom of his life, that being a businessman becomes frustration for him.  But, if he continues to remember he wanted this seat just to have time for himself as he wants, he will be celebrating this seat.  Remembering the context why you wanted what you are having now, leads to Completion.



And, a Vaishya always feels jealous about Kshatriya.  ‘See, they don’t need intelligence.  But they are ruling me!  They are just giving some false sense of security, and they are ruling me!’  So, a businessman aspires to be the power centre, the power seat.  He aspires, ‘Hey, these fellows don’t do anything, but they are ruling me!  I should get into that seat.  Then I will be so powerful!’  Yes, get into that seat.  Then, so many enemies trying to attack you and take over your seat makes you forget the context you wanted that seat to feel powerful.  And you are so powerless in that seat now!  Understand, the powerful seat always brings enough enemies which a businessman does not face in his life.  Businessman may be a trillionaire; he will have small, “chota-chota” (small-small) few enemies.  But, if he becomes a power centre, even if he is a millionaire, he will have multi-million enemies!  So, once he forgets the context why he wanted this Kshatriya’s space, the politician’s seat, or protector’s seat, or power seat, he feels frustrated – ‘Why did I get into this mess?’  Because, now he forgot the context why he wanted this, and his aspirations have become already matured.



To be ‘Paah, just let me sit quietly, and teach, share knowledge, which is a harmless job’.  By the time he reaches this seat, seat of sharing knowledge, if he remembers the context that he wants peace, great!  If he forgets that context, again he will feel empty.  ‘What is this?  Till yesterday so many people used to come to meet me to get their work done when I was a politician.  Now I am a Swami; and nobody comes to listen to me!  Who listens to my knowledge sharing?  Earlier I will just pass one order and execute what I wanted!’  Habituated to “Hard Power”!  Can’t know the science of “Soft Power”.  Understand, “Soft Power” is built on patience; “Hard Power” is built on passion.  “Soft Power” stands on patience.  “Hard Power” stands on passion.



Understand, meditate on Formula of Frustration and realize even frustration cannot frustrate you!  And, understand, your present is handed over to you because you got “Thathaasthu” from life; it is not forced upon you for any other reason.  You are not a sinner!  You are not a sinner!  The reason why you are having what you are having is not because you are a sinner, but because you wanted it from a different context.  Remembering that context – why you always wanted what you wanted – will bring you Completion.



Listen!  Not letting the frustration happen towards the present happening of your life, at the same time letting your aspirations getting matured, is saying “YES” to life.  You are always given a very wrong advice – ‘Only if you feel frustrated about the present, your aspirations will get matured’ – which is wrong advice.  You don’t need to be discontented about the present to develop higher aspirations about the future.  You don’t need to be discontented about the Second Standard (Second Grade in Indian schools) you are studying in to reach the Third Standard, understand?  You don’t need discontentment about the Second Standard to reach the Third Standard.  If you have been taught – ‘You need to be discontented, you need discontentment; only then you will grow, your aspirations will get matured’ – it is a wrong teaching.  That is what I call “saying NO to life”, “killing the Athma”, “Athmahana”.  Believing frustration about the present is required for the aspirations to get matured is “Athmahana”.  Not knowing the context of the present created by you when you aspired for it is “Athmahana”.  Feeling frustrated when the present happens to you by forgetting it is your own request which was granted is “Athmahana”. 



In every situation, whenever you perceive life is denying you what you want, don’t give up.  Wait and look in: ‘What is being denied?’  Look into your Perception; it will become Fact, it will become Truth, it will become Reality.



So, the Akashic Records Mahadeva read out, Kaalabhairava read out, is the centre point of today’s Vaakyaartha Sadhas.



I will continue on this one truth – “Athmahana”.  But I am feeling job satisfaction!  At least this one truth I am able to put it in words through multiple ways.  Thanks to Maatha Saraswathi for sitting in this tongue and oozing out, uniting the Ganga and Yamuna.  Understand, the tradition describes:  Ganga is River of Knowledge, Yamuna is River of Devotion, Saraswathi is River of Enlightenment which comes unseen underground.  Where Knowledge and Devotion unite, it comes and joins there and expresses itself as Enlightenment.  Knowledge is Head, Devotion is Heart.  When these two meet in the Throat, Saraswathi, Vaak, she expresses herself as Enlightenment.  Thank Mother Saraswathi for her beautiful, literally playing the Veena, poetry in words, dancing, expressing the concepts to all of us.  Be very clear, don’t think only you are sitting and listening.  I am also sitting and listening whatever Saraswathi is teaching, whatever she is explaining!  Namo Saraswathi, Sarasa Vaani!  Let you radiate!  Let you continue to reveal yourself!



And, with this, I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Advaitha, eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!