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Today’s (19th April, 2015) Nithya Satsang on Ishavasya Upanishad in Living Advaita Series. Paramahamsa Nithyananda continues intercepting the deeper meanings of worshipping ignorance, advidyām upasate, which is having a ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards ignorance or having something else as your top priority. He insists that in every situation of life, let your ‘first response team’ be Seeking, which is throwing tantrum with the Cosmos to get us out of the delusion. The Cosmic Mother frees us from maya, delusion, when we question the very root of everything—“why pain? Why pleasure? Why is it in the first place?” and not ‘why me?’. But when we lose seeking, we lose the capacity to reinvent ourselves and become frozen, living dead. With the upcoming Inner Awakening Shivoham Process at Varanasi, He is raising people to the ultimate seeking, reinvent themselves, get the response from Cosmos, and experience Living Enlightenment. Isha Upanishad – Verse 9 andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate | tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 || Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām

vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome all of you with My love and respects.

I will continue on the ninth verse of Isavasya Upanishad. Please recite along with me:


andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||


Those who worship avidyā, the ignorance that veils the true knowledge, enter into blinding darkness characterized by the absence of perception, but into greater darkness still enter they, who consider themselves as scholarly and learned, but engaged in vidyā for vested interests, unconcerned with true Consciousness.


Avidyām that is the key word in this verse; I don’t think I am going to give a better definition than My gurukul kid: having a don’t care attitude about the ignorance is worshipping the ignorance.

Usually, whatever definition I give in Satsang they repeat in Vaakyartha Sadas, but today I am going to give repeat the definition he gave in Vaakyartha Sadas, because it is so perfect, so beautiful, so apt!

Let Me be honest, I did not give this explanation yesterday, but today if I define worshipping the ignorance, I can’t do it better than what My Gurukul kids have done!

In Samskrit what is a sutra, how a sutra should be—short, as minimum letters as possible, straight explaining the meaning, as deep as possible, covering all the dimensions of the truth getting explained, that’s the definition of a Sutra.

Definition, how the definition should be given, and My Gurukul kids have caught that spirit! It’s amazing.

Having don’t care attitude about the ignorance, or, having something else as the priority than seeking and breaking the ignorance, is worshipping the ignorance, avidyām upāsate. Listen. Having don’t care attitude about the ignorance or having something else as your priority than breaking the ignorance or your seeking. Other than seeking or breaking ignorance, if something else becomes important or more priority, more important priority to you, than what you do becomes avidyām upāsate, worshipping the ignorance. That is why I insist in every situation let seeking be your first response! Understand, in all the so-called developed countries they have something called ‘first response team’ for any crisis, accident, terrorist attack, first response team, means the ambulance, paramedical staff, police, fire engine, bomb squad, people who rush to the scene and respond to the victims first, who try to attend to the crisis first, first response team. I tell you, let seeking be your first response team for your whole life and all the crisis of life.

Anything, whether you lost some money in some business, or lost your job, any crisis, or even good things, you got married, or wife ran away, no anything can be good anything can be bad as per the person, I don’t want to define what is good or bad, but any situation, good or bad, losing or gaining, crisis or peace, joy or pain, suffering or bliss, let seeking become your first response to anything. When there is a pain, look why. Why this? Understand, what I said yesterday, throw tantrum with the Cosmos! When you have a stomach pain, don’t think “why stomach pain for me?” but think why first of all there is a pain for humanity.

If you think why for me, you will only be buddhu (ignorant fool). If you think why for whole humanity, you will become Buddha.

Just Buddha saw the sick person, old person, dead body, but he did not think, “why did these fellows fall on my eyes, I think bad omen. Why did I see these fellows, I think bad shakuna, bad omen, they are depressing,” he did not think that way! He did not treat them like a black cat running in between! Most of the time when black cat runs across the road, it is not bad omen for you, it is a bad omen for the cat! I was looking into this, actually in almost all culture this cat omen is there, I thought why, then I found out the black cats run around only when they don’t get basic food, and if you are in a society where simple food is not available for animals, it has to run around, then there is something wrong in the society! Actually the black cat will not run around if he gets simple food. Anyhow, let’s stop with this. Listen. Whether it’s a black cat running, or seeing a sick person, Buddha did not look into that as his omen, or he did not think, “oh these fellows came in my eyes and I am feeling depressed,” he asked, “why this for humanity?”  

Throwing tantrum with the Cosmos! Whoever throws tantrum with Cosmos will be free from the laws and rules of Cosmos! Laws and rules are for the stupid fellows who don’t know how to throw tantrum; seeking is such a powerful way of integrating you. The moment you start seeking, all laws, rules, regulation gives way and says, “you are the favorite inheritor of the Cosmos,” and you live like Paramahamsa. I am telling you, dharma is for the fellows who are interested in artha and kāma, if you question dharma, start seeking the depth of dharma—why it is, why, what is it, what’s the source of it, how can I go beyond it, if the why can be looked in, if the why can be looked in, with your whole being if you question why, immediately Cosmos frees you from all the laws, rules, regulations. All the laws, all the rules, all the regulations, you become free from it. You become a liberated being!

I tell you, if you don’t throw tantrum with the Cosmic Mother, question–why, why, why–She will let you be in your māya, delusion, understand. Delusion is not throwing tantrum.

If a child is just sleeping, or playing with the small toys it has, or eating his candy, or drawing on his urine, mother will do her work, she will continue to do her work, she will be engaged. Only if the child decides to throw everything and start screaming, she will try to give better toys and candy, but if the child decides no, I do not want anything and throws tantrum, only then she will just lift him up to her lap. Same with the Cosmos, as long as you are in delusion, playing with your small toys, candies..what is your small toys? Your relationships, family friends; what are candies? Your salary, car house, and drawing on your urine, what is it? Means, brooding over your incompletion. It’s true, if you are a Mother you know that. I know only! Kids do even on number 2! Number 3 drawing is making more and more incompletion out of your old incompletion! So whenever you brood over incompletion imagine you are drawing on your number 1, and whenever you create new incompletions out of your old incompletions, be very clear, you are drawing on your number 2! And, projecting your incompletions on the Master means putting your fingers in your mouth! I don’t think I need to describe more detailed. And then the Cosmic Mother will come and give more candies–better house, better salary, a lottery ticket, one extra fitting. She will try to give everything and divert your attention; if you are back to that, She will continue with her life. But, only when you decide, “No, I am really, really going to look into everything, question everything, what is pain, what is pleasure, what is life, what am I,” when you feel pain, let your first response team be seeking; when you feel bliss, seeking, “what is this bliss, what is this pleasure, exactly what happens in me when I am having pleasure, when I am having pain?” I tell you, having your first response team as seeking, or seeking as your first response team, is the highest, best security you can get from Cosmos.

Throughout your life, if the seeking becomes your FRT, even when death comes, that will be your first response team. When you can seek into the Death, you will be Enlightened, that’s all! I tell you, if your first response team is seeking, ordinary cup of tea can make you enlightened! When you sip, just see, what is happening with this liquid touching my tongue—what is happening, why this response to this, why am I responding to this?

A tea or a cigarette is never just a sip or a smoke, every time you sip a tea, same patterns are cherished, every time you smoke, same patterns getting cherished. If you are addicted, you will know, look in, every time with those activities, you will have the same patterns. Even shower, every time when you stand under the shower, same patterns. I am telling you, if seeking becomes your first response team, you will break tons and tons of patterns, just an ordinary sipping a cup of tea can lead you to Enlightenment. As mundane activities as you claim, your tea, just you reading a newspaper, every activity you are addicted, you will be going through that same pattern more than the same action. Listen, listen. If you are going through more in the same action, it will never be addictive. If you are going through that same pattern more, only then any action will be addictive, because addiction belongs to mind, not body. Please listen, it is the thought currents you go through every time you sip a tea or smoke, you are addicted for that, for that sake you want the smoke again and again, not for the action itself, but for the pattern you go through, even reading newspaper. I tell you, you don’t read from the paper, you read from the mind! If you read 10 line from the paper, you will read 200 lines from the mind! It is what you go through in the mind that you enjoy more, that is the reason many cannot go for 1-2 without the newspaper in hand.

Listen, I am defining addiction.

All addiction is the mental patterns you go through more than the physical actions you do, when you start enjoying the mental patterns you go through than the same physical actions you do, you get addicted to that.

Whether for alcohol, marijuna, newspaper, sleeping pill, or making accidents! There are many people, accident addicts. At least a small scratch should happen to their car or two-wheeler; it can be as complicated as accident addiction, or as simple as morning can’t go to the restroom without newspaper. Whether it’s your drinking pattern, eating pattern, or womanizing pattern, it’s all pattern; actually a womanizer needs to be healed, not punished. A drunkard needs to be healed, not punished. A smoking addict needs to be healed, not punished. Because it is getting caught with a pattern, I tell you, if your first response to anything can be a seeking, no pattern can get rooted into you. All patterns will be routed, it can never get rooted in you.

Seeking is giving earthquake to patterns. If patterns are plants and trees, seeking is giving a small shake or big shake; all your patterns will collapse, whether it is yesterday started or 2000 years started, everything will collapse. Everything will collapse.

Understand, having seeking as your first response team means Living Enlightenment. Not having seeking as your first response team means worshipping the ignorance. Shivoham process is just all about making seeking as your first instinct response, understand.

I am using a new word: first instinct response, FIR. Having seeking as your first instinct response is all I need to do, giving you the eternal seeking is the job of Mahadeva. WIth the seeking, naturally comes solution; with the seeking naturally comes solution.

Understand, anything can be given up, not seeking. Whichever part of you has stopped seeking, look into it, it will have become a frozen part of you, whether parts of the body, mind, logic, emotion, wherever you stopped the seeking you lost the art of reinventing yourself. Whenever you lost the art of reinventing yourself, not only you are stinking, you are rotting to death; you are stinking to death, rotting to destruction. Emotionally, if you stop seeking, you lost the capacity to reinvent yourself.

Physically, your body continuing to seek its original state is Yoga. Your logic continuing to seek its original state is Liberated Thinking. Your emotion continuing to seek its original form of existence is Devotion. If your being, Consciousness, seeking to its original state is Enlightenment.

Seeking keeps you alive with the possibility of reinventing yourself. Whenever seeking is lost, you lost the capacity to reinvent yourself, you are frozen, you are dead! Dead fellows are not that dangerous to humanity, but the living dead are most dangerous to humanity. The real danger to Sanatana Hindu Dharma is not other religious groups, it is non-practicing Hindus; it is non living human beings, greatest danger than aliens or animals or anybody else; no alien, no animal, nobody else, nothing else, can be such worst danger to human beings than the non-living human beings to the living human beings. The live dead human beings are the biggest threat to the living human beings. If you see the reality, ghosts have not done so much of bad things to humanity, never the dead people, it’s the living dead, they did all the crisis to humanity that are living.

Please understand, don’t be afraid of dead, but always be away from the living dead people, who are frozen, who don’t know to reinvent themselves, who don’t know realigning, reinventing themselves, who lost seeking.

There is a beautiful verse by Manikkavacakar, he says, “I won’t be afraid of seeing a snake or a wild animal, but I will be afraid to see the foreheads which has no holy ash, sacred ash, on it; which has no bhasma on it! I am afraid to see the people who don’t take Mahadeva’s name in their being, in their heard.” Actually, I wanted to sing in that same tone. The fellows who don’t have seeking, if you see them, all the bad things you are going to get, let Me be afraid of that! Let me be afraid of seeing the fellows who don’t have seeking and the dangers they will call us if we see them; if you see them, hear them, talk to them, it is danger; because just talking 5 minutes with you they can put some stupid idea in your head! It’s like some guest comes does 1-2-3 in your hall, and you are cleaning it for 10 days, that is much better than this! Giving you the ultimate seeking and teaching you how to throw tantrum with cosmos and making you experience liberation is all the Shivoham Process! If you have to get the attention of elephant, just being an ant will never be successful, you’ll have to come at least to the level of bird; same way with the cosmos, as ordinary broken human being, you can never get attention; raise yourself to the level of seeking, you will see, cosmos responds to you! If you question “why me” you will be punished more and more, if you question “why is it at all for human beings” you will be liberated!

Seeking means having basic questions, first things first, is seeking. Having seeking is not worshipping the ignorance, andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate, worshipping the ignorance.

Putting the seeking as your first response team is what I am doing in Shivoham process; making the seeking as your first instinct response is the process of Shivoham. Inviting and welcoming all of you for the Shivoham process in Varanasi.

I will move to the next segment of the morning satsang, Dial the Avatar.