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Published on Aug 10, 2015 Special Webinar by Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivered on the 9th of August, 2015
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||




I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, srimahants, mahants, thanedars, Kotharis, owners of Sarvajna Peetha, balasants, visitors, viewers sitting with us in Nithyananda Nagara from all over the world and sitting in Rajya Sabha from all over the world, sitting all over the world from Bidadi. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.


KUMBH MELA - How will I introduce this word? Please understand, the greatest lifestyle humanity has evolved is Sanatana Hindu Dharma. This lifestyle has 3 major pillars:


1. The spiritual truths, the sacred secrets.

2. Pilgrimage centers, energy centers, kshetras, teerthas.

3. The great festival and celebrations.


The tradition is so vast, so deep, the source book of Sanatana Hindu Dharma is 2 million, 20 lakhs and the commentaries is 20 million, 2 crores. Understand, that is why I am saying, the word “religion”, as per the western standards, the Oxford definition of religion, the Wikipedia definition of religion can never comprehend what is Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Because, in Sanatana Hindu Dharma, if you measure based on the Wikipedia’s definition of religion, my every Gurukul Balasant is the founder of religion.



I am not going to drag Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Kapila, Shankara…No. No, you don’t need them. The definition of religion by Wikipedia, the Oxford definition of religion, the dictionary definition of religion, as per the western standard, any of my Gurukul Balasant is the founder of religion.


I tell you, 2 million sourcebooks, 20 million commentaries and any pilgrimage centres are the Wikipedia’s definition of pilgrimage center, the Oxford definition of a pilgrimage center. We have very easily 1 lakh, very easily. If I start now, I can go on utter the names, where I don’t even need to refer my memory, just I can utter easily 1 lakh teerthas, kshetras we have, and not a single teertha can be defined and comprehended or fixed into the definition of Wikipedia’s pilgrim center. Too vast, too much, too big; because, it is too sacred. Understand! All religions, philosophies will have these three.


-          source book

-          pilgrim center

-          and festivals and celebrations


All the three are too big in Sanatana Hindu Dharma. The source book - 2 million, pilgrim centers - 1 lakh, festival - Kumbh Mela.


How can I introduce Vedas and Agamas? Do you know in Kamika Agama Mahadeva says,one crore-crore verse He has given as Kamika Agama; means, put 1 and put 29 zeros, that is the number of slokas Mahadeva has given as Kamika Agama. It is only 1 of 28 Agamas and 212 Upāgamas as a literature, spiritual literature. Vedas and Agamas can never be introduced.

As pilgrim centers Kashi, Kanchi, Mathura, Rameshwaram can never be introduced. There are 12 Rameshwaram, 48 Madurai, 215 Kashis in India.



Please understand, go to Encyclopedia of Hinduism you will find the reference I am giving. Such vast spiritual literature, such vast pilgrim centers. Naturally, if this religion has a celebration, it will be like Kumbh Mela, it is Kumbh Mela.



How to introduce Kumbh Mela? It is literally, please understand, geographical representation of the truth and celebration is Pilgrim center, philosophical representation of pilgrim center and festival is sacred scriptures, the festive representation of philosophical books and pilgrim center is celebration.



Listen to this 3 more times, only then you will understand what I am saying. Philosophy, place, celebrating both. Philosophy, place, celebrating both. Philosophy- Veda and Agamas, place- 1 lakh, celebrating both – Kumbh Mela.



You can’t introduce Kashi, because it is physical expression of 2 million scriptures and the eternal celebrative spirit of Hinduism. You can’t introduce Hindu scriptures, too vast. To introduce what all is Hindu scripture, I may need 1 full year. Understand! If I speak concisely and precisely to introduce what all is Hindu scripture, I may need one full year. Among the scriptures, Vedas can never be introduced because it is too vast. Among the kshetras, Kashi can’t be introduced, because it is too much. Among the festivals, Kumbh Mela can never be introduced because it is too, too much.


Kumbh Mela is the celebration of 2 million sacred scriptures and 1 lakh pilgrim centers. Two million sacred scriptures means 2 million religions as per the definition of Wikipedia, 2 million religions. Because as per Wikipedia , each religion has one source book, each tradition has one source book; two million religions as per Wikipedia and 1 lakh pilgrim centers as per Wikipedia gather to celebrate their existence, that is Kumbh Mela.


I don’t know whether to introduce the historical significance of Kumbh Mela or the grandeur with which people gather. Do you know? The 4 cities in which world’s largest gathering happens once in 3 years. Incidentally, all 4 of them don’t have airport -Haridwar, Allahabad, Nasik, Ujjain. All 4 don’t have airport. I don’t know Ujjaini, I have to refer, but other three I am sure. Haridwar doesn’t have, Allahabad doesn’t have, Nasik doesn’t have.



Literally for that volume of human beings and other beings gathering…..Please understand, I can’t use just the word human being, OTHER BEINGS. Just because now NASA has revealed the aliens, suddenly the whole world is accepting. Arre, for millions of years we are declaring they are extraterrestrial beings and they are not aliens; extraterrestrial beings, but they are not aliens. Because they are all part of one organism.


Now I have information even Ujjaini does not have airport. All 4 places don’t have airport. World’s largest gathering once in 3 years happens there. If you are born or practicing Hindu, if you have interest and curiosity towards Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the one and only word I can tell – DON’T MISS KUMBH MELA.



I can repeat any number of times; I can repeat any number of times. If you missed reading Vedas, you can give some reason and forgive yourself. If you missed visiting pilgrim centers, you can give some reason and forgive yourself. If you miss Kumbh Mela, you have no reason to forgive yourself. No, don’t, don’t, don’t.


Visibly, you will see all different philosophies of Hinduism being lived in every breath by multiple individuals. You will see a sadhu standing on one leg for enlightenment for 27 years. You will see a Sadhu keeping hands up for last 45 years for enlightenment. In our Akhada, Mahanirvani Akhada, 11 Sadhus keep their hands up for last 20-30 years to achieve enlightenment.



Our akhada has sadhus who can just blow the air and grass will burn. All traditions of Hinduism in all its dimensions, in their peak performance and celebrative spirit, you can experience in Kumbh Mela.


The Puranic story goes, there was a time where the demons and Gods churned the milky ocean and the nectar came and they started fighting for the nectar and Garuda protected the nectar by keeping it in these 4 places and that is how the nectar got spilled over in these 4 places and the Kumbh Mela started; and spiritually I can say that on that particular alignment….now the GURU, Jupiter is moving in Simha Rashi, that is why it is called Simhastha Kumbha. The Nasik Kumbh Mela is called Simhastha Kumbha; because, whenever Guru moves in Simha, the Brahaspati moves in Simha Rashi, Simhastha Kumbha is celebrated in Nasik. Each Kumbh Mela time, Jupiter moves in a special energy. So, during each Kumbh Mela at that part those few days, the huge cosmic energy gets centered to awaken your very bio-energy.


Understand, this is the most closest replacement possible for direct Guru’s initiation available on the Planet Earth, closest possible replacement for a Living Master, book, Kamika Agama; pilgrim center, Arunachala; the festival, Kumbh Mela. Closest possible replacement for the direct initiation, Kamika Agama book; the place, Arunachala Hill; the festival, Kumbh Mela.



How to describe, introduce Kumbha Mela? You will see literally all living branches of Hinduism, be there to shower their fruits on you – Yoga Sampradaya, Vedanta Sampradaya, Shaiva, Shakta, Virakta, Bhairaka, Nirvani, Niranjani, Juna, Agni, Atal, Ananda, Dashnami, Shankara, Madhva, Ramanuja, Ramakrishna, Paramahamsa Yogananda. Every living tradition with our usual festive spirit are available. What to say, Sadhus burying themselves and meditating, burying their heads, breathing through legs, keeping their hands up or standing up on 1 leg. Did not lie down even for sleep for years. You can see sadhus who don’t have even one piece of cloth, loincloth on their body, not in 1 or 2, in thousands. And, you can see sadhu wearing at least 20 kg gold jewelry. There is one baba, golden baba, 11 kg golden jewelry he wears all the time and it is not a joke to carry 11 kg all the time on your body.



You can see millions entering into sannyas life and you can see who have ripened into the sannyas life into enlightenment, you can see people who have come down from the other space to initiate people into Enlightenment as Incarnation.



You can see everyone, A to Z, alpha to omega, and what not. KUMBH, the very word infuses the spirit of excitement and joy. I tell you, please, please, please - Do not miss KUMBH. You don’t know what you are missing if you miss KUMBH. First of all, so many millions of people gathering for one purpose and act itself creates such vast intense group energy. Especially, when it is created for the sake of Enlightenment, how can you miss it? If you are a disciple, follower, sympathizer of Nithyananda, you are follower of the philosophy of Enlightenment, then you can’t afford to miss Kumbh Mela. You can’t, you can’t, you can’t.



In Sannyas Paddhati, there is a beautiful description, Kumbh Mela is the time Masters have to give sannyas for anybody who asks. That is why this Naishtika Brahmacharya concept was invented. Whoever asks we cannot deny, then sometimes people take sannyas and drop and become patitas (fallen ones), means worst situation. Without being sure of themselves they take it and then they fail. To avoid this accident, self-inflicted pain, the Naishtika Brahmacharya initiation was invented so that they can try to find whether they really want it or not.



Kumbh Mela you can see Sannyasi of 2-year-old to 200-year-old, I mean. Please understand, in Hindu tradition in India, still, still, I am responsible for what I am uttering, at least we have 10,000 people who are living beyond 200 years, even now. Forget the stupidity of…Oh! then why we don’t know? where are they?



Come to Kumbh Mela, you will see vegetarian wild animals. One sadhu had a lion, completely vegetarian. In Autobiography of a Yogi, you can see about that sadhu. I have seen a tiger, which is vegetarian in those days, you can see sadhus, whose jataa (twisted hair) is 10 times longer than their height, Enlightened Beings, Sadhakas from various stages of various traditions.



I tell you, only if you see Kumbh Mela, your ego will come down. you will understand there are millions of people who know more than me, who are living enlightenment more than me. You will understand, have the right idea about Vedic tradition. Till you see Kumbh Mela, be very clear, you don’t know the ABC of Hinduism.


Simhastha Kumbha is an amazing opportunity for you to experience Kumbha This place is the place Rama lived. All of you need to know, with Rama the Upanishadic Era ends. Krishna’s words are not accepted as Upanishad; be informed, it is only as Smriti, not Shruti. With the Muktika Upanishad, taught by Rama, Upanishadic Era ends. Rama is the last rishi accepted as per the Vedic Tradition. By Krishna, it becomes Smriti, no more Shruti. Means, human beings are already contaminated and corrupted. It is only remembered, not just heard.


When there is no gap between listening and remembering, that era is called the Era of Shruti, listening. When there is a gap, incompletion, between listening and remembering, that is era of Smriti, remembrance.  No incompletion between listening and remembering, that era ends with Rama.  Rama lived in Simhastha, in Nasik. Rama lived there.



All the cities all over the world, if you are able to see me, hear me, please raise your hands. It is too much to miss. If I have to describe the Hindu shastras, scripture - knowledge covered by knowledge, covered by knowledge, covered on the heaps of knowledge, covered on the heap of knowledge, knowledge heap covered by knowledge heap.



If I have to describe the Hindu pilgrim centres – devotion, covered by devotion, covered by devotion, covered by devotion.


If I have to describe Kumbh Mela - excitement covered by excitement, covered by excitement, covered by excitement.


If I can, I will stand on the rooftop, or the mountain top, or the top of any tallest tower and only _______(28:25) scream — DON’T miss Kumbha Mela.


The spiritual significance, understand, the modern researchers like Masaru Emoto, all of them have proved clearly how one word from one person for few days can change the quality of the water. Millions of seekers, thousands of Enlightened Beings, and one great Incarnation. What can they do to the water, the quality of the water? Why do you want to miss enjoying the nectar? Feel blessed it is happening when you are having the human body, and it is happening after being informed to you.


Kumbh Mela never given invitation. It is only order, it is happening, come, warning, don’t miss it. No invitation, order, happening, come, warning don’t miss it. No, actually, I am too excited that is why I am searching for words, how to introduce Kumbh Mela? Literally, all Gods of Hinduism will be present. All Masters of Hinduism will be present. All traditions of Hinduism will be present. All practices of Hinduism will be present. All sacred sentiments of Hinduism will be present. Everything about the Sanatana Hindu Dharma will be present. Everything about Sanatana Hindu Dharma will be present.


One man, one word, few days can change the quality of the water, millions of seekers, so many days continuously, and 1000s of Enlightened beings, tonnes of sadhus and an Incarnation — what transformation they can cause to the water. I already decided, the bare minimum number of people who need to run the ashram, only those few will be left to take care of the campus, everyone else be there in Kumbh Mela.


I told our Sangha already, we have very limited slots for participants because more than 150 slots I took it for our Ashramites and Mahants. For the organizers, ashramites, Mahants, we took more than 150 slots. It is only remaining few 100 is left out.


You can see Sanatana Hindu Dharma celebrating itself in Kumbha Mela. You can see Sanatana Hindu Dharma teaching in the scriptures. You can see Sanatana Hindu Dharma living in Kashi, but if you want to see Sanatana Hindu Dharma celebrating itself, come to Kumbh Mela. Such large gathering, no crime, and in the whole Kumbh Ghat nowhere food will be sold, nowhere food will be sold. No crime, for that large crowd literally zero crime, and no food will be sold because for everyone food is free. You can literally live Hinduism.



The WOW facts of Kumbh Puri, Mahakumbh Puri – world’s largest, happiest city; please understand, world’s largest, happiest city in population. Whenever Kumbh Mela happens that city, the 4 places, the Kumbh Puri, that becomes world’s largest populated city because the population crosses simply 3-4 times of Delhi or any largest populated city. The entire city accommodates something like 30-40 million people, and 100 million visits. Last Prayag Kumbh Mela - 100 million visited.


The main Mauni Amavasya, Shahi Snana day, 30 million took the dip, means 3-½ times population of New York. Crime rate is less than 0.004th of global average. No communicable disease in any of the Kumbh Melas in spite of the large population gathered in small area. To celebrate Kumbh Mela is the national pride.




Recorded inscriptions of Kumbh Mela available - more than 1000 Kumbh Melas for last 12,000 years – means world’s oldest spiritual celebration and festival.


You can’t introduce, you can only give glimpse of Kumbh Mela.  


So, as Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Akhada, the oldest apex body of Hinduism, I welcome everyone of you for Kumba Mela; and as an Incarnation, I welcome all the beings of the Cosmos to be in Kumbh Mela. And, as the founder and spiritual head of Nithyananda Sangha, I tell you - DON’T MISS KUMBH MELA.


So, before the last segment of this webinar, I invite Ma Anupamananda to share a few things with you before coming back to me. I will come back and share some more about Kumbh Mela in Nasik.



(Ma Anupamananda talks…)



What to address after the address has been given? Giving you all the address is the only address I can give. Now the address is given…where, when, how, what? So, just pack your bags or don’t pack your bags, it is up to you, but be there. Whether you want to pack your bags or not is up to you, but be there, that is UP TO ME. That’s all.



You are going to enjoy Samaya Deeksha, various rituals, homas in Nasik Kumbh Mela. You will be literally seeing the who’s who of the Hindu Spiritual Cosmos – all the stars will be there in our camp. And, literally we are building our own building for Kumbh Mela, understand. We are literally building our own infrastructure because it is heavy rainy season. We are building our own infrastructure for this Kumbh Mela. Its just, we are going to be rocking. Be there, don’t miss.



And all the cities, you can understand the way how I am excited about Kumbha Mela. I did not even read your names.


Cities sitting with us… Houston Aadeenam, Singapore Aadeenam, Toronto Aadeenam, Vancouver, Rotterdam- Netherlands, Ponca City-Oklahoma, Sun Prairie-Wisconsin, Seattle Aadeenam, Hyderabad-Guptakashi, Dubai Aadeenam, Dakota Dunes, Washington Aadeenam, Trinidad Tobago, Warrington - UK, Philadelphia,Guadeloupe Aadeenam, New York Aadeenam, Los Angeles Aadeenam, Oklahoma Aadeenam, Kuala Lumpur Aadeenam, Ohio Aadeenam, St. Louis Aadeenam, Oman Aadeenam, Porterville- California, San Jose Aadeenam, and Ma Prabha, so many centres, Winnipeg-Canada. So many centres did not put your names on the screen and many more have joined.


And, I welcomeall of you, not just to this webinar but to Kumbh Mela. And, I think the essence of today’s webinar — DON’T MISS KUMBH MELA.


So, with this, I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Advaitha, the Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful!