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Krishna: the Ideal conflict free idol


DATE: September 2nd 2010


LOCATION: Anandeshwar Temple, in front of the main sanctum, Bidadi ashram


Sadashiva samarambam shankaraacharya madhyamaam
Asmadaacharya paryanthaam vande guru paramparaam.


I welcome you all with my love and respects. Today’s a day of celebration. Today’s Krishna Janmashtami. Krishna’s birthday celebration. One of the greatest happening happened to the human consciousness on this very day. The day, monkey’s started walking with two legs, breakthrough one of the major breakthrough in human consciousness happened. The human beings have started evolving. Same way the day Krishna happened greatest breakthrough in spiritual consciousness happened. Krishnstu swyambhagavan. Krishna is very God himself. Purnavatara. Today’s subject is Krishna, the ideal conflict free idol. I don’t know how I’m going to describe Krishna. Krishnastu swyambhagavan. Krishna is very God. God himself landed in the human body. Purnavatara. He set a trend for incarnations. Understand? Like how in each field, when people in that field give a breakthrough set a trend, he set a trend for how an incarnation should land and express, exhibit and make themself available to the human consciousness. What to describe whether it is, whether his multidimensional human personality or extraordinary energy expression, or the playfulness, or all these things expressing itself in one six feet bio memory without conflict.


He escaping from a war and his courage, both has no conflict. His romance and his knowledge has no conflict. The Radha Krishna and Gita Krishna no conflict. You cannot imagine a guy that is having so much romance, outrageous flirt, the most outrageous flirt that happened on the planet earth. Standing in the war field and giving Gita. The most comprehensive, unabridged dictionary of the world philosophies. Both can happen from one brain without conflict. I know for sure, if Radha had the doubts of Arjuna, Krishna would have delivered Gita to Radha in that very romance mood. Or Arjuna had the romance mood and devotion, he would have flirted with Arjuna during the deliverance of Gita. He doesn’t need even two different time to deliver the different dimensions. If you need two different time to deliver two different dimension you have conflict inside. Here is a personality like Krishna because there is no conflict, he can deliver Radha Krishna and Gita Krishna at the same moment simultaneously. Radha and Arjuna was there next, he would have been playing the same, the both games at a time. He is capable.


Because he is conflict free, he can let Yashodha bind himself in a small stone, in the rice grinding stone and he can break the madyar trees, liberate the gandavas. He can be doing the both, powerless, innocent, baby, could be bound and expressing extraordinary power of breaking two madyar trees, not a joke! And liberating two gandavas. He can show the whole cosmos in his mouth to Yashodha. And same time, steal butter and eat from Gopika’s house. There is a story Shiva himself came down as Gopika to enjoy the Krishna leela. I can vouch for it, it would have happened. If he has not come down, at least he would have been jealous of Gopika’s. He’s the master who expressed all dimensions of an incarnation. There is no dimension which he has not expressed during his physical happening in the planet earth. Sharvamangalatva all the auspicious qualities. He is an architect, engineer, amazing strategy planner, unimaginable yogi, incredible intelligence and outrageous romance, he’s just indescribable. Unbound energy happened with utmost innocence and simplicity.


In a conflict-free way. That is why we call his life as Krishna leela. Krishna’s leela. It’s a complete conflict free and unimaginable expression. How much ever I try to tell the words have no capacity to tell what I am really feeling. His love, his care, his grace. Every incident in his life, every happening in his life. I can say he’s the one single man influenced maximum the whole planet earth, maximum number of people in the whole planet earth. Nothing like Krishna, nothing compared to Krishna. One whole country still celebrates his birthday, after we don’t even know how many thousands of years. And still he is a beloved for millions. Still millions live with him. That is why I say he is eternal. Untouchable. Indescribable. You can’t define him. Even one dimension of him, I won’t be able to describe in words. Because all dimensions expressed in him so beautifully. Conflict free. He is the ideal idol of conflict free. From his birth to return to the goloka, everything is a mystery. Everything is unimaginable. Everything is indescribable. All the human and divine qualities expressed itself in its peak form in that 6 foot body. The extraordinary happening.


I think bowing down is the only thing we can do to honour him and imbibe him in our bio-memories. Any words which I utter looks so dull. Saraswati cannot sing his glory. Vedas cannot describe his greatness. Putting our head at his foot, offering our respects is the only way to imbibe him. Let this great incarnation, the conflict free ideal, conflict free idol, bless us all. Let us offer our humble devotion at his feet. Let him bless us all to imbibe the conflict free life and imbibe his very presence in us.


vasudeva sudaam devam


gaamsatcaa numaaradharnam


devaagi paramaanandam


vande krishnam jagadguru