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In this discourse (14 October 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the sacred Raja Vidya - royal knowledge about Cosmology and the multiple dimensions of the Universe. The 11 dimensions of the universe are explained, each one as represented by one face of MahaSadashiva, the ultimate and Supreme Consciousness. Paramahamsa Nithyananda recommended all viewers to read the following research works for more insights on how modern day science is understanding the 11 dimensions: - The Human Brain Can Create Structures in Up to 11 Dimensions - 'Multi-dimensional universe' in brain networks - New mathematical method reveals structure in neural activity in the brain - Mathematicians help to unlock brain function Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari ādiśakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām 
vande guru paramparām ||



I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Samajis, Satsangis, participants, Visitors, Viewers sitting with us all over the world for this program ‘Experience Kailasa’.




First of all, I want to tell you I recommend you take notes. And I also allow anybody to video record, audio record, so all this should make you understand how important this session is going to be. And I also sincerely recommend you watch this like a spiritual practice for next 21 days.




I am going to introduce MahaSadashiva.


Everything possible which can be introduced -  dimension or cosmology, understanding, I will introduce in every possible way. I am introducing cosmology directly from horse’s mouth. Understand, maybe if we want to use this horse’s mouth phrase in a very Indian Shaivite way, we can change it - Nandi’s mouth, directly. First thing I want to tell you – people feeling ‘Oh, these big-big concepts, ideas, cosmology, all these are not for me. This idea is not cute. Please understand, Sanatana Hindu Dharma is very clear, not able to understand is lie, not interested in understanding is the truth. Listen, the word not able to understand is lie. Not interested in understanding is the truth. So, do not cherish with cuteness - ‘Oh, all these big-big concepts I don’t understand. I don’t care. I don’t want all these big-big concepts. You just tell me ‘what should I do’.  I am telling what you should do - ‘Understand’. No. People try to celebrate, feel cute about their decision not to put their listening and integrity together to understand life. Please understand, if you are in this cosmos, you need to understand this cosmos. And you are equipped enough by Sadashiva to understand this cosmos. So, all these sentiments ‘Oh these big-big words, big-big ideas, big-big concepts, I cannot grasp, I am a simple devotee. No! Don’t. Being a simple devotee is not alternative to understanding. You will be a simple devotee only if you understand the cosmos not otherwise.



Ignorance is not celebrated in Hindu tradition. Ignorance cannot be the quality of a devotee. Many time I hear this argument - ‘O Swamiji, I am a simple devotee. You just tell me what should I do. I cannot understand these big-big words, cosmology, cosmos.’


No. If you are a simple devotee, sit with integrity and your simplicity, you will understand exactly what I am talking and you will experience it now. I am introducing Mahasadashiva as He Himself introduces Himself in Vidya Pada of Agamas. And I have some of the interesting articles by modern day researchers.


In the modern day some people are trying to research from the angle of neuro science and brain, possibilities of brain and the universe. I have a bunch of resource, set of articles. I will highly recommend all of you read these articles today after this session. So please read these articles which I am recommending. You will understand many things in the language you cognize. I am not saying these researchers have grasped everything of what Sadashiva talks about cosmology in the Agamas, what Sadashiva introduces. I don’t want to say these researchers have got everything. But I can comfortably say that they are moving in that direction. For example, whatever - let me first give you the reference of those articles. It’s like a science daily ‘Multidimensional Universe in Brain Networks’. There’s article name and I have few more - around 20 articles.


(Ma Jnanatma -

This is the second article ‘The human brain can create structures up to 11 dimensions. And then I am again projecting sequence of articles titles – the next is ‘Multidimensional universe in brain networks. Next you take a screen shot of the screen here. The next is ‘New mathematical method reveals structure in neural activity in the brain’. Mathematicians help unlock brain function’. Multi-scale computational model sheds light on embryonic development, ‘Cold Spring harbor team to use $2.7M NIH Grant to map long range neural projections’. Researchers propose sequencing based approach to map the neuron connections in the brain’.)





Now I want to tell you - first I wanted to appreciate, express my appreciation for these researchers putting their knowledge and intelligence, time, energy and integrity in this line. And I will really recommend to them to spend little time on Vidya Pada of Agama where the cosmos introduces cosmology, Mahasadashiva talks about cosmology. It will really be wonderful that they will be helped in their research. They will know which direction they should look, towards which direction they should look. Ok. Now.



All these research is all about your brain.


Understand, this is like a mirror. This is the mirror in which the cosmos reflects and this is the organ, I can’t even use the word ‘organ’, it is little more than organ. This is the system through which you are perceiving the cosmos, universe, existence. These researchers have done research on what all is being perceived here, means in the reflection, based on that they are projecting, assuming, trying to understand what must be there. All of you are understanding? This, what is being perceived, reflected in this is presumed as photograph or reflection of what is out there.


So, by studying this, what is going on in this, with a very evolved mathematics called algebraic topology, I don’t know if I have pronounced the word properly ‘algebraic topology’, whatever, So with that they are trying to study, project, understand, what is going on in this. With that they are trying to understand what must be out there. Now, the good news I have for the researchers is – you are heading in right direction. Because we have a description of what is out there already by the person who is out there. We have description, a very elaborate, very detail - Bhur, Bhuva, Tapa, Satya, all the lokas and dimensions. We have description by the person who is out there about what is there. Your algebraic topology which they are trying to use, which acts like a telescope and microscope together. Understand, algebraic topology is like a telescope - can project into the space to study the big bang and black holes and it can be microscope. It can be zoomed into, inside a forest a python hiding in the hole of a tree and the blood group of that python, whether the python has some bacterial infection. It is like it can zoon into the networks. Understand, this algebraic topology is a very sophisticated maths they use which behaves like telescope and microscope together. And with this they are studying what is happening here, what is happening here. Roughly I will equate this as a Pindanda. And what is happening there is Brahmanda. By studying the Pindanda with algebraic topology scientists, researchers are trying to understand multi-dimensions of the universe.


Listen, sorry if I am presenting too complicated things. I will try to map it down to your language and the way you can grasp. Fundamentally the researchers are trying to convey the various dimensions - 1D means rod, 2D means plank, 3D means cube and the 4thD is the spatial dimension called time. The scientists are trying to explain, researchers are trying to explain through this algebraic topology which works like a telescope and microscope together. It is not just this 4 dimension alone our brain is perceiving. Our brain is able to perceive higher dimensions, multiple dimensions. Because of that they come to a conclusion - multiple dimensions exist. Because the reflection shows the multiple dimension perceptions. Not only the possibility, but as a reality. They are saying that many of this algebraic topology data they have discovered, they tried to map it and see its effect on the rat’s brain and the researchers are confirming many of this data is very realistic.



Understand, this is where I wanted to suggest to them –


One. Please study Vidya Pada of Agamas. You will have lot of input, support and direction. That is one.


Second. If you are really interested only in research, if you are not interested in any vested interests, come. You don’t need to waste your time on putting your algebraic topology projects on the rat’s brain and study. I will give you live brain. You can study mine. I will reflect these whole 11 dimensions, what is out there in here, purely. Study all the 86 billion neurons and its activities simultaneously. I am not interested in any of the pride, all this- that. I am saying, ‘let’s do something good to the world’. Not only me, I can recommend and request many of my disciples also to support you in your research. We can live reflect. Understand, scientists are equipped with a algebraical topology which functions like a telescope and microscope together for microcosm, brain, Pindanda. We are equipped with third eye penetrated by Oneness, third eye opened by Oneness can be used same way algebraic topology is used in microcosm.


We can use the third eye penetrated by the Oneness in macrocosm. Understand, scientists with their algebraic topology which can function like a telescope and microscope together study the multi-dimensional happening in the brain. We Shaivites empowered by MahaSadashiva whose third eyes are penetrated by the Oneness can show precisely what is out there in here. All of you are able to understand? In the microcosm, brain, algebraic topology helps like a  telescope and microscope to study what is going  on in this. With that only they are coming to many understandings. I am telling them, please come here. We have cosmic algebraic topology, third eye penetrated by Oneness, which can function as a cosmic telescope and microscope together. I can project and tell you precisely what is happening in the sun now, the precise temperature change or precise happenings of the sun and precisely what is happening in your eardrum when you hear these words from my mouth. Understand, microcosm’s telescope and microscope is algebraic topology. Macrocosm’s telescope and microscope together is third eye penetrated by Oneness.


As long as third eye is not penetrated by Oneness, it is not opened. It is not yet initiated. The moment it is initiated if the third eye is penetrated by the Oneness, it acts as telescope and microscope together for cosmos, Brahmanda, what is out there. I can provide two help to these scientists. By giving the documentation of what is out there by the person who owns everything put there. It’s a owners document. Who created and who is sustaining, His own internal document. That is one.


Second - I can provide direction and evidence of whatever is out there by making the pure reflection of that in here, live human brain. You don’t need a rat and rat’s brain. We have now enough of powers, empowered human beings who can just through their brain show you precisely what is going on now in Kailasa, what is going on now in Tapoloka, what is going on now Bhur, Bhuva and Suva, what is going on now in all the different lokas. Understand, you do not need to use the rat’s brain to map the data you collect through algebraic topology and verify them with the reality. We can provide. Not only I am open, and many of my disciples whose third eye is penetrated by the Oneness. I have not even entered into what I am supposed to share today. I am only introducing the fundamental understandings.



Sanatana Hindu Dharma is rich man’s religion. Means, who is really rich in everything! It is not created to control the mass with certain ideas and concepts and like a mental prison. No! This Dharma teaches you - mind is a prison. So, it never was generated. So, whatever I shared now, I will give the essence in few line. What is out there reflects here. Some of the scientists and researchers who are studying the reflection have found the reference - what is out there is not just 4 dimension, at least 11 dimension. And the methodology they used, algebraic topology and the informations they have, they even tried to map it down on the brain of the rat and confirming many of the informations they have makes sense. So, I am giving them my support in 2 way -  you are only working on what is reflecting here. Unfortunately, a normal brains reflection is not complete. That’s first. Second, we actually have a documentation of what is out there by the owner who is out there. And it is available in here. We can provide you the documentation. Next to the documentation, we can provide you a live laboratory where you can see the reflection, a pure reflection of what is out there in here to take your researches further. So, you can try to understand what is in here and what is out there Pindanda and Brahmanda. Like your algebraic topology which can function as a telescope and microscope together for Pindanda, refection, our Oneness filed third eye can be used as a telescope and microscope together for cosmos. You have a live microscope and telescope together for cosmos. So, the live telescope, microscope together for cosmos is inviting you all to support you all in further researches you want to do on these 11 dimension aspect. So, with this this let me start the program.



I started the program saying I am going to introduce MahaSadashiva. I only prepared you to introduce Mahasadashiva. I need to convince you why such complex understandings about cosmos and life need to happen. Understand, if you have complex understandings, you will not have complex problems. If you don’t have and if you are avoiding complex understandings, you will have complex problems. Decide whether to put your energy towards the understanding and problem free life or avoid putting energy towards understanding and live with problems. In any field if you want to be successful, you need to put your little time and energy to understand the logy of that field. Even to operate a cellphone, you need to pick up the cellphone, understand where is the number, how to press and all that and where to keep, you cannot keep it somewhere and talk, you have to keep it in your ears and near the mouth, no, you need to understand the logy. So, if you want to understand and manifest the powers, want to experience Kailasa, you need to decide you should understand Kailasa.


You can’t say ‘O, I am a innocent devotee and I am a simple person, just’ No! Your ignorance is neither cute nor welcome. And you are not created for ignorance. Be very clear. Be very clear. All you need is your decision to complete with the pattern of celebrating your ignorance as cute, as if something right, as if its ok. No! It is not ok. It’s not ok.



Seeker is a person who is trying to understand cosmos. So, you have to understand cosmos. You can’t say ‘I want to go to Kailash. I want to experience Kailash. I want to understand the whole cosmos. I want to manifest all the powers. But I am very innocent, little ignorant, very innocent, old devotee. That’s not cute. That’s not cute. Complete with the pattern of celebrating ignorance. Because I am going to introduce some of the very important truths of life. We need to understand cosmos because we are working and living, functioning in the cosmos. Making it as simple as possible and mapping it in such a way your inner space grasps it, experiences it, is my job. That is my job. I will do it. But not even interested in entering holding My hand to come along with Me is not right. So, hold My hand and come along with Me. It means sit with integrity and listening and come along with Me. I will take you to Kailash now. You need to understand Kailashpati, lord of Kailash - Mahasadashiva. Only then you can experience Kailasa. It is actually a beautiful painting here I am showing, projecting, a painting of MahaSadashiva. It is a traditional painting done as per the introduction of MahaSadashiva about His cosmic form in a way we can understand. Originally, He says thousands of heads and thousands of hands, means literally all the identities exists is part of Him. All the heads exists is part of Him. Whether it works or not. You may ask ‘even mine?’ Yes, even yours. That’s the good news. Even yours is His. Here it is presented with a 25 head in a very symbolic way. Can you project that?



Understand in the first, means the lowest row, which is connected to the neck, 9 heads are there. In the next row 7 heads are there. In the further row 5 heads are there. And further 3 heads are there. And further 1 head. It’s a symbolic representation. And I wanted to tell you all, I am giving you only minimal understanding which is required for you to experience Kailasa. It’s like a – if you go to Universal Studio or Disney World, Disney Land. How they give you a very minimal introduction to let you experience and enjoy all the rides and shows and the place. Same way I am giving you only minimal introduction. I am not torturing you with too much information. No. I am trying to make everything user friendly as much as possible, as much user friendly as possible.


The row of the heads connected to His neck, 9 faces is mathematics of the universe. Listen, mathematics of the logic and mathematics of the universe is different. Mathematics of the logic is 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9. Number. 1+1 is 2. When you do this addition,          subtraction, it is all, whether the work or the result is in your logic. For example, like a paper. If you put 1+1=2, that is only in the paper.  But the cosmic mathematics is the actual dimensions, like when I say the first face, it is not equivalent to mathematical 1. It is a cosmic 1, means the first dimension of the Universe, length. 2 is not mathematical 2 which exists in logic. It is second dimension – plank. First dimension can be called as rod, just 1 dimension. Then plank, second dimensions, means length and breadth together. Three is third dimension, the length, breadth, depth together.



Listen, I think many of you are seeing new ME, who is. After the length, breadth, depth, the 4 in the fourth face only sound even starts. Understand, the science says any particles movement creates sound. Sadashiva says very clearly ‘if the particle moves only in the length, breadth, depth, sound is generated. If it moves only from length to breadth, no sound is generated. Listen, you may say ‘Oh, my hand if I move like this sound is generated’. Very subtle. It is generated because your hand has a depth. This or this does not generate sound. A atom molecule moving this way or just this way does not generate sound. If it moves only this way or that way or this way, where the depth is involved, sound is generated. So only after the third dimension, Sadashiva, MahaSadashiva introduces Nada - sound. This information is very important for you because the mathematical 1,2 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9 is not cosmical 1,2 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9. In mathematical 1,2 3, 4, 5, after 3 suddenly you cannot introduce something extra. 1,2 3, it has to be 4, cannot be 4 ½. That is mathematical, numerical. But in cosmical 1,2,3, 3 ½, 4. I don’t even want to say 3 1/2, 3, something more than 3, and 4. I don’t even want to say it is between 3 and 4. No. Because after the 4, that what came in between is getting added as a load on the 4. That is why, understand, in the 9 face, only after the third face, the upper faces are sitting. That means now no more the faces are linear, they are multi-dimensional. Listen, 9 face - first face length, second face breadth, third face depth. Now in the depth, sound comes as a new introduction. So, after the sound is introduced, it is no more third to fourth. Third with one more head on the top and fourth. And the fourth has 2 more heads on the top and fifth. Fifth has 3 more heads on the top and sixth. How many of you are catching it? Understand, till the depth no sound. After the depth when the sound is introduced, 4 is not just like how from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, No. 1 to 2 is 1 to 2. 2 to 3 is 2 to 3. But 3 to 4 is not 3 to 4. 3 plus something and 4.



Listen, in the depth starts happening sound. How many of you are grasping what I am saying? See, you need to understand this because when you explore you, you will manifest so much. I tell you, all values come when you know you are a valuable person. That is why it is value.


In Tamil - ‘Naanayam than Naanayam therindaldam tharum’ If you know your value, your worth, only then you will manifest values in life. You will not give up your integrity for 2 penny lying on the ground. No. You know your integrity is much more valuable than that penny lying on the ground. So, you need to understand. Listen, now, length - the first head. Second head - breadth. Third head -  depth. Fourth head - time. But it is not just like how we moved from 1 to 2, 2 to 3. It is not same, 3 to 4. Because in the 3, suddenly one head is added on the top. That is Nada, sound and sound cannot come just in y-axis travel or x-axis travel. All sound is generated only in z axis travel. Any particle, pure movement of x-axis and y-axis, I don’t know whether I showed properly. This is x-axis and this is y-axis.


Listen, pure movement of x-axis and y-axis of a particle does not generate sound. It is z-axis.  Z-axis - that travel generates sound. So, when it comes from length to breadth to depth, it is not directly from depth to time you can jump, now you need to consider one more dimension of life Nada has been introduced. Sound has come into existence. So, the time is going to be handled, time is going to be the totality of not just 1 to 3, 1 to 3 plus the Sound. Totality of these 4 is the fourth head Time. Now, fifth head.  


Listen, fifth head is connected to the body. The neck is the integrity. Poison is the non-integrity. It is integrity connects the Sadashiva with whole universe, universe with Sadashiva. Anybody with integrity can penetrate haalahaala and connect with Sadashiva and all His dimensions and live. When you miss integrity, you cannot penetrate the haalahala.


Listen, first head - length. That’s the face. I am purposely explaining as per Agama’s introduction because I don’t want this knowledge to be stolen by the people and mapping it back to their understanding and saying, ‘Agama has been written much later than the science discovery’. Nowadays, in the modern day one big crime is going on. Stealing everything Vedic and then say that Vedas were written very recently after all the modern-day discoveries. Some pundit who did not have a job, he read all the English books and he translated everything in Sanskrit and made a book. No, that’s what they are trying to claim! The Vaimanika Shastra was written very recently by somebody mapping all the western concepts of aeronautics into Sanskrit. Awww. Ok. So that is the reason I am presenting it with the original visual map as it is.



See, the first face - length. Second face - breadth. Till then those heads are just independent. Nothing much above on them. You see, here they have put it like a tower.  But actually, when MahaSadashiva introduces Himself He says after the third head, on the third head starts the next dimension. Means 7 when it is put on 9, only on the third the next starts. Am I right? All of you understanding? All of you are catching it? So, the third is the depth. In the depth is what Nada, the Sound starts, that is above head. The head which is above the third head. I don’t want to say 4th head. Because the fourth head is next head only is going to have the title fourth head. All of you are catching what I am saying? Above the third head which is the side effect of 1, 2, 3, is sitting, which is sound - Nada. Above the fourth head, 3 heads are sitting. Listen, above the fourth head which is Kalaa, Sound.


Listen, listen very carefully. Sound and Nada and Bindu. Bindu means longevity - life. Only when the time is introduced longevity concept gets introduced. Till the time is introduced, there is no life, longevity. So, the head sitting on the fourth one is time, Nada, Bindu, above which is this. See, the fourth, Nada, Bindu, that is life. Only the time dimension, see, the depth dimension introduces Sound in the cosmos. Time dimension introduces Sound and Life, Longevity. Kalaa is kalaakala. Kala is Life and Death. Am I able to make you all understand? The fifth head, listen, the fifth head is what is connected to the body. Body is the universe. All these heads are units, identity.



Understand, your identity is the unit of your consciousness. If your consciousness, listen, all the identities with which you play, as a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, victim, aggressive, all your identities put together is your consciousness. How many of you understand that? That is your world. Here, each head is the unit. Each head is the identity. All these identities put together is universe - Sadashiva, Mahasadashiva. Like all your identities put together is your consciousness. Identity is used as a unit to measure your consciousness. If you are entertaining more unit of father identity, that will be the lifestyle of your consciousness. If you are entertaining the beloved identity more units, that will be the major aspect of your life.


So, measurement of your life, who you are, the Jivatma, Pratyaghatma Chaitanya is done by the units of your identity. For example, if I have to write a formula about you – 7unit father, 8 unit mother, 3 unit being a son, 4 unit being a brother, and 1 unit of being a charitable person, 2 unit of being a beggar, and 7 unit of victim and 8 unit of courageous person, Identities you use is the unit with which formula about you can be written. How many of you are understating this much? Now, the identities of Sadashiva is the unit of the cosmos. See here, first face is length. Second face is breadth, third face is depth. But the depth does not just keep quiet as depth. If it is mathematical 1, 2,3, it should be just 1, 2, 3. But it is not mathematical. It is existential. 1 man plus 1 woman mathematically is 2 person, but existentially there will be third child if you allow both of them to be there there will be a child.


So, existential mathematics is different from your logical mathematics. When the third dimension of the depth happens, I don’t want to say 4th dimension. The next thing of the Sound happens existentially. And next face, when the next face is added, this is Time. When the Time is brought into the scene, Nada and Bindu, both are added. That is Nada and Bindu. Yes. You may say, ‘Why Nada should be added to depth and Time?’. When the Bindu is added, Nada is no more an ordinary Nada. Sound which is not created never dies. Sound which is created dies. Sound which happens only with the association of length, breadth, depth can die. But the sound which happens with the association of length, breadth, depth, Time and space does not die. So, the sound associated with just length, breadth depth is different. And the sound associated to length, breadth, depth, Time and Space is different. Just the sound generated by length, breadth, depth - like I am moving this. This sound is different than the length, breadth, depth, Time, all 4 creates certain sound, that is different. I will give you the example - the sound generated by the 2 objects hitting. It is between length, breadth, depth and Time. But the sound generated by my inner space where length, breath, depth, Time and Space is also involved. This can create the same space I am in, in you. But this sound cannot create the same space it is in, in you. How many of you are grasping? So, the head which is sitting on the depth can only be called as Shabda. Head which is sitting on the Time between the Bindu is called Nada. Shabda cannot create effect. It can only exist. It can survive, not reproduce. Impotent man. He can exist, he cannot create. But Nada can exist and create. Because Bindu is added, life is added into it.



The sound potent of producing something in you is Nada. Sound impotent of making any impact on the universe is Shabda. Then comes combination of length, breadth, depth, Time, Space as the fifth head. Above that sits Nada, Bindu, Amaratva (immortality). Above sits Nada, Bindu and immortality, Amritatva. Tatva means unit. Amritatva. In this dimension only, the Gods and Goddesses who don’t get into non-existence live. So, from here, there can never be a non-existence. There can only be the transformation, but no non-existence. You may think, ‘Why do we need to know all this?’. If you know these basic understandings, you can map them in your life in multiple level and it can strengthen your balance sheet. Understand, it can make you healthy, wealthy, happy, blissful because many of these understandings awakens those dimensions of your brain. Already if you are feeling too much is happening in your brain raise your hand. Good. Those electrical signals.



Understand, when the owner is introducing His Home and you are sitting in front of Him, His neurons, brain neuron activity mirrors in your brain. Bindu is life. Amritatva is life which cannot be dulled, reduced, diluted by length, breadth, depth, Time, Kaalakaala. Amritatva is the Space on which Time does not have a say. A cloth, even if you lock it inside a vacuum box for 10 years and then take it out, again you will see it has already withered. No weather would have operated on it. But time operates on it. If you do not allow the time to operate on you, you don’t die. If you don’t remember you are aging, you will not be aging. That is the truth. Rememberance of aging ages you. The number of time you remember you are aging makes the aging effects on your system. Sadashiva gives an instruction in Agama. Remember Sadashiva is ever 16 and remember you are He. In those days 16 is something like a peak health and peak possibility. If you are brought up in a Gurukul way of life, by 16 you will manifest all the powers. So that is the reason 16. Now, length, breadth, depth, Time, Space, all these are called dimensions of universe.


The Shabda which is bi-product of depth, Nada and Bindu which is bi-product of Time, Nada, Bindu, Amritatva, it’s called Amrita Kalaa.


These heads above, they are called multi-dimensions of the universe. Understand, you cannot call Shabda as the fourth dimension of universe, No. Third multi-dimension of the universe is Shabda. Fourth multi-dimension of the universe is Nada-Bindu. Fifth multi-dimension of the universe is Nada-Bindu-Amrita Kalaa. How many of you are understanding this statement?



First dimension is first dimension. Second dimension is second dimension. Third dimension is not third dimension, third multi-dimension. Because with the third, the new dimension of Shabda is introduced which cannot be called as dimension because we are using the word dimension for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th. Third multi-dimension is, see for example, depth has length, breadth, Shabda and depth together is third multi-dimension. You should know why our Masters describe Gods with multiple heads. Fools are those who criticize the forms of our Hindu Gods. Who do not know the universe. They say, ‘Why so many heads, so many hands?’ You don’t know. You know only handicapped persons. You do not know multi-handed persons. You know only headless chickens. You do not know multi-headed beings. Third multi-dimension holds length, breadth, depth and Shabda. The fourth multi-dimension holds length, breadth, depth, Time, Nada and Bindu. I do not want to use the same word Shabda for Nada because Nada with quality of life is no more Shabda. For example, Shabda can be called as a raw precious metal you have. Nada is like you sold that metal and have a currency, cash in your hand which is more active and useful and available for you. Shabda is raw, Nada is refined. And when it comes to the next Space, Space multi-dimension. There that Nada I don’t want to call as Nada - Nada Kalaa. It is no more just Nada - Nada Kalaa. It is not only the cash you have, it has become a object or product what you want to have directly. It’s like a 3D printer. Out of Nada Kalaa you can directly do 3D printing of anything you want. Above the Nada Kalaa is Bindu Kalaa. Above the Bindu kala is Amrita Kalaa. The qualities, units, understandings, about this multi-dimensional universe has 2 important use – 1) please understand, all of you are now going to meditate. What meditate? Going to remember your original svabhava Svaroopa of MahaSadashiva. I am not just introducing Me. I am introducing You to you. I do not talk to anybody who is less in my stature. Understand, this science is called Raja Vidya, means a king does not talk to somebody who is less than his stature. This vidya cannot be taught to somebody who is less than my stature. If I am teaching you understand you are same of Me. The moment you decide to learn, you are same of Me.



I have a shastra pramana where MahaSadashiva says, ‘Eternal age of 16 years’. That’s a beautiful word He is telling. He is not saying ‘The 16 which comes after 15 or before 17’. He says, ‘Eternal age of 16’. If He says, ‘Meditate Me as 16’. You may think before 17 and after 15. That 16. No. Just pick up the 16 and freeze it into eternity. That is why He is using the word ‘Eternal age of 16 years’. The quality of 16 should be absorbed and frozen into eternity.


Let me read out the original verse for all of you:




pañcāsyaṁ daśadordaṇḍaṁ sphaṭikhābhaṁ trilocanam|

śāntaṁ candrakalācūḍaṁ sarpasannaddha sajjaṭam || 330

mantrasiṁhasanāsīnaṁ śvetapadmoparisthitam|

kuṇḍalaiḥ karṇikairhāraiḥ kaṭisūtrodarabandhanaih ̣|| 331

keyūraiḥ kaṭakaiścaiva channavīraiśca saṁyutam|

ṣoḍaśābdayutaṁ kāntaṁ suprasannaṁ smitānanam || 332

śūlaṁ paraśu khaḍgaṁ ca vajraṁ vahnim ca dakṣiṇe|

abhayaṁ pāśamanyaṁ ca ghaṇṭāṁ nāgāṅkuśau tatha ̄|| 333

vāmahastagataṁ dhyāyed anyathā ca nigadyate |

prāsādābhaya khaḍvāṅga śaktiśūlastu savyatah ̣|| 334

vāme ḍamaru sarpākṣamālendīvara pūrakaiḥ |


(Kamika Agama, Purva Pada)



Eternal 16 - means the 16 which comes before 17, after 15 has its innate quality of becoming 17. He does not want the 16 which will become 17. He says the 16 should be picked up and made it into eternal.




Alright, let me come back now to…..understand, length is the dimension of universe. Breadth is the dimension of the universe. Depth is multi-dimension of the universe, not dimension of the universe. How many of you are grasping?


Length is the dimension of universe. Breadth is the dimension of the universe. Depth is multi-dimension of the universe. Time is multi-dimension of the universe. Space is multi-dimension of the universe. I have just introduced this understanding called multi-dimension and what is multi-dimension.


The essence of this almost 2 hours session is multi-dimension.


The purpose of introducing this is two.


One. If you understand, great. You can sit as this understanding Mahasadashiva. If you don’t understand, your confusion is one of the dimension. Sit with that. Whatever I understood is one head, half understood is one head, and completely not understood is another head. Let me sit with all these heads.


All non-understood is avyakta, unmanifest to you. And if you decide to make that as part of you and feel that as part of you, it will start revealing itself to you. Anything which you decide, as make it as part of you, even if it is good or bad to you, understood or ununderstood, it will reveal its secrets to you.


If you keep something as evil, or ignorant, as outside, you will be God.

If you decide to keep that also as part of you, you will become GODDEL, Sadashiva.


If you decide to keep something as ignorant, away from you, you are a Deva.

If you decide to have that also as part of you, even though it does not reveal its secrets to you or friendly with you, you are Mahadeva.


That is why only Mahadeva is worshipped by Devas and Asuras, both. Good and evil both worships Mahadeva. He gives boon to Indra and Ravana, both. You are going to meditate, contemplate, internalize, do dhyana on all these great truths. That is why I am introducing all these to you. These understandings are only called as Somarasa in Hindu tradition. So, when they enter into your system, you experience Kailasa. You feel real high. With alcohol you feel high, but you fall down. With Somarasa you feel high and you fly high. With alcohol everything will look tall and big because you are on the ground.


With Somarasa everything will look small and down because you are on the high. Small break. Then we will continue. Let’s gather for next session to internalize Mahasadashiva more. Be Blissful.


Let’s gather for next session. Thank You. Be Blissful.