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In conjunction with International Yoga Day, His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji set a unique first ever world record: 108 of his initiated disciples demonstrated the power of Third Eye Awakening. With physical eyes closed and blindfolded, each one passed three strictly monitored tests, reading whatever was written for them and accurately reproducing drawings made for them to trace. 108 dignitaries came from around the world as an ethics committee to ensure the tests were performed in accordance with strict scientific criteria. These guests included doctors, school administrators, artists, publishers, heads of state, leaders of religious organizations and more. Among them, Sri Vedantam ji, founder and chairman of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Mr. Prasad, State President of BJP, Dr. Raju, Research Director of NIMHANS, Mallikarjun, Principal of BMS engineering college and Manjunath, Leader of Bajrang Sene, showed great enthusiasm for the powers displayed. Our invited guests were joined by Ms. Komal Singh, an executive from India Book of Records, who had the honour and privilege to adjudicate the authenticity of one of the Powers of Third Eye Awakening which is blindfold reading. Over a hundred initiated balasanths of the Nithyananda Gurukul demonstrated this power in one sitting with all esteemed guests evaluating their unprecedented abilities. Never before on planet earth, in modern history or even in the sacred Puranas, has such a large group of people simultaneously demonstrated these great powers. The excitement in the room was high, as child after child wowed their judges with quick, detailed and completely accurate performance. In the Sri Gurugita, Sadashiva reveals that Guru is atrinetraḥ śivaḥ sākṣāt|, which means, Guru is directly Śiva Himself without the visible three eyes. His third eye may not be visible while in human embdiment, but it’s only the Guru, Sadashiva, with his third eye open, who can initiate others into opening theirs. Nithyananda says, “In Hindu tradition, powers are extraordinary but not unnatural. Extraordinary but not impossible.” About the Gurukul students who are effortlessly demonstrating these extraordinary powers, He proclaimed, “These kids will bring spiritual legitimacy to Sanatana Hindu Dharma,” to which the hall erupted in applause. Ms. Kamal Singh was so impressed by the display that she honoured the Balasanths of Nithyananda Gurukul on the spot, with a certificate stating that they undeniably proved the power of the Third Eye in an unprecedented display, and proclaimed that although she attended the event as a representative from India Book of Records, surely this will be featured in Asia Book of Records, as well. Following the mass demonstration, His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji addressed the crowd with a special satsangh discourse in celebration of World Yoga Day. One highlight of the evening was the release of the ultimate sourcebook on yoga, “Nithyananda Yoga: Evolution of New Species.” For the first time, the ultimate authority on Yoga is being presented with scriptural evidences of Yoga, the Shaastra Pramanas - from the Vedaagamas; with a fourfold level of authentification called Pramanas. These Pramanas include Shastra Pramana, the ancient scriptural references in the Vedas and Agamas; Apta Pramana, the commentary on these verses by Rishis and Munis who experienced; Atma Pramana, the experience of the Avatar Nithyananda Himself, and Sakshi Pramana, the experience given by Nithyananda to all of His initiated disciples. Only when a science is found in the ancient scripture, verified through enlightened commentary, experienced by Nithyananda and demonstrably transferred to his disciples, it is included in Nithyananda Yoga and Nithyananda Mahayoga. The fully illustrated comprehensive book includes sections from Yoga scriptures on over 200 + Asanas, 350+ Pranayama, Kumbhakas, Mudras, Bandhas, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Mantras, Yogic physiology and the Yogic Lifestyle, Yogic Diet, Yogic purification techniques, and more. “This book makes a strong statement,” says Nithyananda, “Yoga has a religion; that religion is Hinduism!” In keeping with the sacred Vedagamic tradition, this beautiful book is offered to humanity as a free gift from Nithyananda, who says, 'Anyone who is practicing yoga or teaching yoga, if you want this book for yourself and your students, please send an email to [email protected] with required details and the hard copy will be sent to you, free of cost.' The book is also available instantly as a free download at Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adi shakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome many distinguished, enlightened citizens of the society, who are here today, from all walks of life, sitting with us in Bengaluru Aadheenam and all over the world, through 2-way Video Conferencing in all our Aadheenams. Long list of all the Aadheenams, attending the program now in 2-way Video Conferencing - Los Angeles Aadheenam, Houston Aadheenam, a long list. I welcome all of you and all the Dignitaries, Guests, in all the Aadheenams present. And, today we have really long list of very important persons and guests here, amongst us. First, Sri Vedantamji – Founder and Chairman of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Swami Govinda Ramanujacharya – Head of the Ramanuja Samrajya Sabha and Mr. Prasad – State President of BJP. Actually the dignitaries are such large number, originally I wanted Me to sit there, so the whole hall becomes a stage. Because the number of dignitaries can’t be accommodated…..the stage is too small. Originally I planned, let Me also sit with them, the whole hall become stage, but if I sit there, then we will not be able to conduct the Satsang, because the whole 2-way Video Conferencing setup, the technical set up is available here. That’s the reason I am here. So I sincerely apologise for all the Dignitaries, that you are all there and I am here, because it is just the technical reason, no other reason and.. Sri Mr Prasad - State President of BJP is here and Lakshmi Narayana Gowda - Chairman of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sanghais here and Dr. Raju – Research Director of NIMHANS is here and Mallikarjun – Principal of BMS Engineering College is here, Sri Manjunath – Leader of Bajrang Dal is here, Jayachandra Reddy – Secretary of Telugu Vigyana Samitiis hereand G K Ganapati Reddy – Chairman and Managing Director of Stay Fit Health Fitness is here and Meena Das Narayan – Journalist, Artist, she is here and Dr Banu – Neurosurgeon….yes, Sri Raghu – Entrepreneur and there is a long list….Shivanand Sahai – a Industrialist, welcome…..


Actually first time, in the history, such large number of people are demonstrating, something which is considered extraordinary… but possible. In Hindu tradition, powers are extraordinary, but not unnatural. It is possible, extraordinary, but not impossible. First time, largest number of people are sitting, with the strength, confidence and courage, to manifest and demonstrate. Understand. There are various levels in this power manifestation. Sometime, you yourself are caught in self-doubt, so, if you manifest...try to manifest 100 times, 40 times, it is right. Then, there is a next phase, you are very clear, 100% you can do it; when it comes to your problems, your personal clarity and all that, you are complete with yourself, all your problems you can sit and handle, understand, do it. It’s possible. But when you are intimidated by others, with the demand to prove, establish - you are shaken little. That self-denial starts. The next level, who is able to handle his self-doubt and even other’s doubt and able to manifest and establish the power and authenticity of the power, without any cheating or magic or any other sleight of hand or anything else, a straightforward - Integrity - with Integrity. I think the Gurukul Balasants have done a wonderful job, give a good hand. I am so happy. With Integrity they have done the power manifestation.


This is the largest….because I was going through….even in the Puranas, there are only record of the destructive powers manifested by the large number. In Mahabharata, Vyasa records 4000 people manifested the extraordinary powers, but all are Astra Shastra, not the constructive powers. Astra Shastras, means the Brahmastra, Vayu Astra, Varuna Astra, 4000 people had the ability and manifested. And during the recitation of the Bhagavata, Sukabrahma records 11 Rishis stood and manifested the constructive, the positive powers at a time, to protect Parikshitu. So, throughout the history also, in Puranas; please understand the Hindu Puranas is history record, they are not myth. Of course, a modern day media can never understand…..highly over dosage, opinionated, modern day media, can never understand the sacredness of Puranas. Puranas are not written by the winners, so it is twisted, altered, no! It’s a simple record, straightforward, factual truth; but, whatever has happened in multi-dimensions of the Universe. Universe has multi-dimensions and our brain has capacity, to have access to those multi-dimensions. Personality like Vyasa, had access to those multi-dimensions and they recorded whatever has happened as it is. In the modern day unfortunately, because we were not able to have the access so commonly, cannot say the multi-dimensions does not exist or the science to have access does not exist. No.


So, even in the Puranas, the recorded history….of course, India has the longest recorded history. Even in the Puranas, I am not seeing, any reference or record, more than 11 people at a time, manifesting extraordinary powers. Of course, today we did not do something…...too many powers, we only started one or two. But, with Sadāshiva’s grace, very good beginning. Thanks to Gurukul….. and all the Guests who have come here, as part of the Ethics Committee. I know we have more than 100 guests. Let me read out the remaining names.

Surely, it is historical. The first step of presenting this science to the world, is taken today. Guru Purnima, the July 10th, we will be presenting more powers, with more number of participants. 1008 people will be doing the demonstration of 11 various powers of Sadāshiva, from Agama. Now only we have structured clearly; actually we do have a large number of devotees initiated, who are successfully able to manifest powers, who are very successful in their Sadhana and practice, in the power manifestation. Today, we organized in a small scale. First, is a initial introduction. So, Guru Purnima day, coming July 10th, we will be having 1008 people demonstrating….sorry July 9th, not July 10th - July 9th. This time Purnima is coming in 2 days, so we will be celebrating July 9th as Guru Purnima. We follow the Panchanga as per the Agama. So, we will be celebrating July 9th. July 9th, we will be having the Sadashiva’s power manifestation by 1008 people. Various powers, at least 11 powers of Sadashiva.


I have some more guest’s names here. Mr Prabala Rangasai and Dr Sri Raghunandanji and Mr Ramachari and Sri Raghavendraji and Shivacharya Sri Barnigurukal, and Sri Raghu, Sri Sudarshanji, Dr. Nandini, and Sri Sridharji and Satish, Dr Bhanuprakash and Sri Jaidev Narayan. I welcome every one of you, I think surely I have not covered all the names and many more are here. I welcome all of you, with My love and respects. And also we have a long list of dignitaries, sitting with us, in all the branch Aadheenams, Temples, Ashrams, Universities and Gurukuls, in 100s of places, through 2-way Video Conferencing. In many cities, the local City Mayors are sitting and Administrators are there in the program. I welcome all of you, with My love and respects. Last but not least, Komal Singh from India Book of Records is here. I welcome her.

And the heroes of today’s program is Gurukul Balasants!!! Not out of pride or arrogance, I am not talking out of any ego or anything. Please understand, I am talking the fact, truth, reality. These kids are future of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. These kids…..these kids will bring spiritual legitimacy to Sanatana Hindu Dharma. And during all the attacks on Me, the only thing I protected, uncompromising way, the freedom and independence of My Gurukul; Freedom of My Gurukul, to explore the Conscious possibilities.


Understand, the currency based thought current is the worst conspiracy done towards humanity. Life is not just all about the zeros in your bank balance, end of the life. No! Education is not all about learning to add zeros in your bank balance, end of the day. No! In Agama, Sadāshiva describes Vidya – creating possibility to explore various powers and States of Consciousness and multi-dimensions of the Universe - is Education. Creating ambience, Vatavarana, where human beings can explore the multiple possibilities of powers, super conscious powers, super conscious states, Avasthas, Shaktis. Till now, we were able to lay our hands on 463 Shaktis described by Sadāshiva in Agamas and various States of Consciousness, Avasthas, 25 States of Consciousness, Sadāshiva describes.

Please understand. Some of the literatures describe 3 – Jagrat, Swapna, Sushupti. Some describe 5 – Jagrat, Swapna, Sushupti, Turiya, Turiyatita. It is only Sadāshiva describes in Agama, 25 various States of Consciousness, Avasthas and 11 Dimensions of the Universe - Bhur, Bhuvah, Svaha, Tapa, Satya, the various planes of the Universe. Sadāshiva very clearly describes ‘Vidya’ - means knowledge – means… helping human being to explore the various possibilities and powers - Shaktis and various States of Consciousness - Avasthas and various planes of the Universe - like Tapo Loka, Satya Loka...the various planes.

So understand, helping a Being to explore these three is Education. Creating a ambience, Vatavarana, where this exploring is possible, is Gurukul. Gurukul means creating a atmosphere, where people can explore this possibilities – exploring various powers of Sadāshiva, various states described by Sadāshiva, various Dimensions of the Universe. Jeeva - Self, has 25 States of Consciousness. Jagat – Universe, has 11 dimensions. Ishwara is filled with Anadi Shaktis. What we are able to discover from the Agama, 463 are described and but I am very clear, Ishwara is not just these 463 powers. Please understand. Surely, Ishwara is all knowing, all powerful, all the glories, all the greatness. But 463 dimensions of His powers, we are able to discover from Agamas.


So, creating a space, Vatavarana, for the children to explore this possibilities, with authentic Shastra Pramana – original Shastras of Veda and Agamas, Apta Pramana – the great Rishis who lived this Shastra Pramana in their life and Atma Pramana – My own experience, making all these as Sakshi Pramana for all of them. This is what exactly we are doing, in our Gurukul. I have kept the Gurukul, free of charges, economical commitment and I have kept the Gurukul free of all the materialistic, ideological attacks and terroristic theologies, completely outside. I have protected My Gurukul, very clearly, giving them a complete freedom and independence to explore... the multi-dimensions of the Universe, various States of Consciousness and various powers of Sadāshiva. And I feel, the hard work is bringing fruits by Sadāshiva’s grace.

If I just create few 1000s Beings, who manifest these great powers of Sadāshiva and who is able to have access to this multiple, multi-dimensions of the Universe, who is able to radiate this multiple States of Consciousness, all the Avasthas, all the Shaktis and all the planes, I know My job is done. They will bring spiritual legitimacy to Hinduism.

Understand. Spiritual legitimacy to Hinduism is not some selfish identity related glorification. It is the need of humanity. It is the need of humanity. The only hope humanity has is Sanatana Hindu Dharma getting revived!! All the materialistic thought currents and lifestyles, have proved themself as failures. So called developed countries are imploding; human beings can’t run their day without psychiatric pills. Depression is the proof of cultural collapse of a system. Obesity is the proof of the food culture collapse of a country. The so called, evolved modern developed countries are imploding.


And… the time has come, after the internet revolution, where every individual has information freedom. He can relay or receive information. Now, society cannot be controlled anymore by terrorist ideologies. Understand. The time has come for multi-national company type religions, where a concept is cooked and spread through franchises. Multi-national company religious thought currents cannot survive anymore. Please understand. By killing and conquering, spreading a religion is outdated system. After this information technology, only contributing religions are going to be accepted by the next generation. Next generation is not going to be bothered. They are not going to care about the killing and spreading mechanism. Please understand, killing and spreading mechanism, does not have future because any individual, any part of the world, can have access to information and relay his ideas and concepts. This freedom empowers human beings in 2 ways.

1)    One, Choices are too much in front of him.

2)     Second, he has developed a capacity to analyse – what is good for the larger number of people, what kind of ideology is going to be sustaining for the larger kind of people.

Understand, there are only two ideologies in the whole religious tradition. Traditions which accepts God is Oneness, not One. God is One, is the source of all terrorist ideologies. God is Oneness is the source of all peaceful traditions. Peaceful traditions go on contributing. By contributing, they are impressing the humanity; not by killing or threatening. And the future has come… human Beings have started thinking. Thanks to IT revolution, information is so widely available to the whole world. Because so much of information, ideologies, thought currents, theologies, are available, naturally, people are choosing, picking up. I tell you, the modern day human beings and the brain they have developed, due to large amount of information available, the logic they have developed, only Sanatana Hindu Dharma can stand the scrutiny of the modern man’s logic. These Balasants will stand the scrutiny of the modern man’s logic and bring spiritual legitimacy to Hinduism.

We have a beautiful book, waiting to be released.


Ma Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda -

Today, marks the historical day for Yoga, on the occasion of International Yoga Day in 2017. The original Yoga which is, the Indian…. Hinduisms gift to the World, is about to be revealed, with the special world wide release of this book - “Nithyananda Yoga - Evolution Of New Species”, 1008 Pramanas from the Source - from the Chief Editor, His Holiness Bhagawan Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


(Unveiling of the Yoga Book by Swamiji)


Ma Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda -

I now invite, our esteemed guest, Sri Vedantamji, to receive the first copy of the book, from His Holiness the Avatar Bhagawan Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami.


(Swamiji gifting Sri Vedantamji)


Ma Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda -

Yoga is from the Hindu Shastras and the originator of Yoga is Sadāshiva Himself. The source book of Yoga, revives the pure Yoga, which flourished from millenias ago. In the enlightened Hindu yogic civilization between the Saraswati, Ganga and Kaveri Rivers, on this very land of Bharat, India. It was here that the original Yoga was revealed by Lord Sadāshiva, the Adi Yogi Himself, which came forth in the Vedagamas, the source books of Hinduism. For the first time, the ultimate authority on Yoga is being presented with the scriptural evidences of Yoga, the Shastra Pramanas from the Vedagamas, with the Apta Pramanas - the enlightened experiences of the enlightened yogis, rishis, incarnations and Atma Pramana - Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s own experience of the truth and finally the Shakshi Pramanas - the experience of the initiated disciples of Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

One of the first in the series of the vast revelations in the Yoga Pada, the Yoga sections of the Agamas, this book serves to the true Yoga practitioner or anyone who bends the body for Yoga, as the true undiluted source book to explore and experience true Yoga, with it’s infinite dimensions, from the Founder of Yoga, Lord Sadāshiva, as revived by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

The comprehensive book, includes the sections from Yoga scriptures on over 200+ Asanas illustrated, 350+ Pranayamas, Kumbhakas, Mudras, Bandhas, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Mantras, Yogic physiology and the Yogic lifestyle, Yogic diets, Yogic purification techniques and much more. All the esteemed guests of the day and all the Inner Awakening Participants, will be getting a copy of this rare book today, on the occasion of International Yoga Day.


Swamiji -

Mainly this book, I just wanted to say few words about this book. This book is the compilation of all the direct words of Sadāshiva, as Shastra Pramanas from Vedas and Agamas; wherever Sadāshiva describes about Yoga.

Asanas means bending the body, stretching the body, aligning the body’s geometry to the Cosmic Geometry. Asanas, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas, Pranayamas and the cleansing techniques, detoxification techniques, whatever Sadāshiva describes in Veda and Agama, we have started collecting. Of course, we have not...not yet published everything collected. Everything we collected, will come at least 100 volumes. So, the first volume is released today, with English translation. We have….we have 200 people, sitting and doing the translation from the original Sanskrit to English and of course, we do have …..other language translations happening simultaneously. So this is the first book.

The purpose of this book is one statement - “Yoga has religion. That is Hinduism.”


I wanted to make it very clear. We are very happy to share this whole knowledge to the whole world. We are very happy to give these fruits. But very unfortunately the appropriation and misappropriation of the Yoga is happening all over the world. Not only some of the Western Yoga Gurus, even Indian Yoga Gurus have started telling, “Yoga has nothing to do with Hinduism or India.” I am shocked!! This book is a strong response to those claims. Yoga has religion - that is Hinduism. Whether you accept or not, terrorism has religion. Everyone knows. Same way, Yoga has religion, that is Hinduism and this whole book is a hard work of a team, working with Me, supporting Me, in collecting, compiling.

Last 10 years, we are doing research work. Wherever Yoga related manuals, manuscripts… whether it is from Vedas or Agamas or various Sampradayas of Shaivism - Laghulisa Shaivism, Pashupata Shaivism, Kashmira Shaivism, Siddhanta Shaivism, Veera Shaivism - the 11 living branches of Shaivism and the Vaishnavite traditions, wherever the Yoga related literatures are available, manuals are available, we are sending our Sannyasis. With the consent of the owner, we are scanning and getting a copy release agreement signed with them. For some people giving compensation, for some people freely - they do not want compensation. They just said, “Swamiji, if you promote it, that’s enough.” Like this we have collected 3 terabyte material and all the 3 terabyte material, is getting uploaded in the internet for people to do free research. Anybody wants anything about Yoga, you can do research, you can study, it is available. Almost 20% of the 3 terabyte material, we have translated into English and the remaining, we are translating.

I am hoping it may take next 10 years to complete the whole project, but I feel, when I leave the body, when I die, these Shastras will not die. All I wanted….I just wanted only 1 thing - whatever Shastras are alive today, should not die when I die. Let me store it for the future, for the posterity. Of course I don’t want to claim, ‘we have collected everything’. No! Whatever is available, whatever we are able to  reach out, we have collected and we are still continuing, continuing, continuing….From this large repository, books are coming out.

Some of our devotees, amazing economical contribution from them. Of course, never they expect Me to mention their name, I just want to put it on record, few devotees who are working day and night, either by giving their money or their time or their talent; time, treasure, talent, making this happen. And now they have contributed next level, not only they brought all these…..they have collected, preserved, presented to the world, now we have taken the next step because of their contributions. This book is completely free for anybody who wants. The book is completely freely available. You just have to send an email. For example, if you are running a Yoga Studio, you have 2000 students, send us the attendance of the 2000 students - you will have 2000 copies.

Whether you are an individual practicing Yoga or a Studio practicing Yoga or the group practicing Yoga, do you want the original source book of Yoga, from the Founder of Yoga – Sadashiva.


Please understand. Patanjali revived Yoga but Sadāshiva is the Founder. Agamas are the Founders. Agamas are the earliest record of Yoga literatures available. So, if you want the compilation of everything available about Yoga from the Vedas and Agamas, this book is free for you.

Already the E-copy, is uploaded in the internet, you can download. If you send an email, you will get a hard copy wherever you are from. Anywhere in the world, we will ship it free. It’s for you. And you can download the link of this book, if you go to the website called And  if you want all the three terabyte material, we have collected till now, we have a website called Hinduism now, go to that website, you can download all 3 terabyte material. All the Agamas and Yogic literatures, we have classified - Shastra Pramana - Apta Pramanas and we have clearly classified and presented, everything we were able to collect and still we are collecting.

This is My humble offering to Vedamata and Sadashiva.


And I do wanted to put it on record, few of the devotees who are very actively, I should say, all out supporting – Ramesh Ramani from San Jose, Balaji from San Jose and Bhanu Patel from Oklahoma and these few devotees formed the Core, funded the whole project. And, not only that, of course, I have a long list of devotees I need to mention. Just these few names I mentioned. We are planning…..we will be distributing 1 million copies of this book freely.


Make the world understand - Yoga has religion. That is Hinduism. Understand, in Vedic tradition, knowledge is free. That is the greatness of Vedic Rishis but don’t try to tell, “It is not, it doesn’t belong to them.” That is the worst thing happening. They take everything, appropriate, misappropriate. They give their own names - Chuck Yoga, Chick Yoga, Chuck Yoga, juck…...all the names. Finally the extreme violence is claiming, “It has nothing to do with Hinduism and India.” Please understand. This book is the need of the hour….to assert ‘we are happy to give this gift to the world but it is rooted in Hinduism and India’.

So the statement I want to make through this book is - Yoga has religion, it is Hinduism.


Ma Nithya Shivarupananda -

Nithyanandam. This event has been truly ground breaking and indeed all of us have been blessed to be part of this. These yogic powers, these Shaktis, the Yoga revealed is self-effulgent. It is powerful enough itself to certify and bring the truth to you. We are no one to certify it or even have an opinion about it. It is from this space of understanding that and a space of true gratitude, we have invited today - India Book of Records, to adjudicate this event and provide a certification and evaluation for this Shakti revealed today - the Third Eye Reading. We know, no one can certify Sadāshiva’s expression. This is just our humble attempt to speak in the language that humanity speaks today, to help take this science into far reaches and really have it be part of every single person’s life.

India Book of Records will have the distinction of being the first to certify this Yoga. We know there are 1000s and 1000s of certifications, awards, honours, that will come the way of Nithyananda Yoga and everything else that Swamiji is bringing here. So I congratulate India Book of Records, on being the first one to step up and be part of this beautiful unfolding of Sadāshiva. India Book of Records certifies and evaluates in accordance with the International Protocol for Records - IPR and preserves all this for future reference, following the guidelines today, which is the guidelines to set records, which is the GSR. And we are indeed honoured today to have Komal Singh from India Book of Records, to help adjudicate this event. Komal Singh is a Manager of India Book of Records and she has a lot of experience. She is an esteemed memory trainer having worked with conferences both nationally and internationally, to certify. Today, she is here. She adjudicated this event and I invite her to share a few words, before she makes the presentation.


Komal Singh -

Thank you. I am so honoured and I am so glad that today I am here and front of you guys. And for me as a layman, I would say it’s like a miracle. Guruji is making you guys the future of India - the students those are sitting here, those who are studying in the Gurukul. You should be proud of yourself. Wonderful job. Wonderful job. I would like to announce the certificate which we are….I am just gonna give it to Ma Mahayoga….Ma Mahayoga…..i am sorry it’s like some difficult…...I am sorry I am not so good at that.

It is like - in Nithyananda Peetam, the Venue is Bidadi, Bengaluru on 21st of June, on the International Yoga Day. The students have created this, they have just completed….I guess it is 110 students - those who have done this blindfold reading and I am so proud. I have been into education for such a long time, for more than 20 years, nationally and internationally and I am so proud, I haven’t seen students like you guys. Wonderful. And so I am proud to be an Indian, as Guruji is talking about Hinduism and everything. So I am so proud that He is spreading this, and knowing the future students, those who are coming up, telling them, that what they are, what are the roots, what they have to follow? This is so great, that has to be spreaded. So, I really appreciate the…. every, each and single word of Guruji. Thank you very much.


Ma Nithya Shivarupananda -

I invite Mahayogini Ma Nithya Mahayogananda, the Head of the Yogic Sciences Department to receive it, on Nithyananda Peetham’s behalf.


(Ma Nithya MahaYogananda receiving the certification)


Komal Singh -

As you guys have completed India Book of Records, you guys have invited us. That is such a nice thing and Guruji is talking about that next one will be 1008 people joining this blindfold event and I am waiting for that day, because it’s not very far away. It’s like 9th of July, I guess. And I would say that this was India Book of Records you guys have been honored with this, now it will be Asia Book of Records you’ll be entering in. Thank you.


Ma Nithya Shivarupananda -

We would like to offer this award at Swamiji’s feet.


Swamiji -

Thank you for India Book of Records for being here and recording and certifying, honouring the Gurukul Balasants. We dedicate this to our Balasants. I only wanted to make one statement today - Yoga has religion - that is Hinduism. Yoga has geography - that is Bharat. Please understand, the civilization which started in this Sapthanadis - gangeca yamuneca iva godhavari sarasvati narmade sindhu kaveri. In this 7 rivers, the civilizations started, that gave the gift of Yoga to the world. We are happy to give this as a gift to the world; but understand it is rooted in India, in Hindu tradition.

Precisely what Sadashiva describes as Yoga - He describes Yoga as a method, a system, science, for human beings to explore, the various possibilities and powers and have access to various State of Consciousness - Avasthas and various Dimensions of the Universe. Ability to express and explore, the various powers - Shaktis and various Avasthas - State of Consciousness like Jagrat, Swapna, Sushupti, Turiya, Turiyatitta and various planes of conscious…..Universe, various planes of Universe, like Tapo Loka, Satya Loka, Swarga Loka… the various planes. Of course, only the Sakshi Pramana establishes the authenticity. So now the first level - manifesting various powers and possibilities - in that we are able to provide enough Sakshi Pramana. Soon by Sadashiva’s grace, we will provide Sakshi Pramana for exploring, radiating various States of Consciousness and various Dimensions of the Universe.

So, Yoga as per Patanjali is chittah vritti nirodhah, means cessation of the compulsive thought current patterns.

Yoga as per Sadāshiva is the science of exploring various powers of Sadāshiva, various States of Consciousness and various Dimensions of the Universe.

Soon, we will be able to provide Sakshi Pramana for all Sadāshiva declares. As we have provided the first level, the powers and possibilities, we will provide the Sakshi Pramana for States of Consciousness and the planes of…….the Dimensions of the Universe. It’s our commitment to Vedamata and Sadāshiva.

I think, it’s already too late, I don’t want to say, “That’s all to share” - we have lot more!! But I think it is too late. For now we will wind up. I’ll continue to share, whatever we have collected and we have researched and Sadashiva  revealed to us as Apta Pramana to the Universe, to the World. On this International Yoga Day, My message for all the devotees, disciples, all over the world, please spread this one truth - “Yoga has religion - that is Hinduism.”


And, with this I thank everyone for being here, making this occasion successful, for making this beautiful. Thank you, thank you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.


Thank you.


Be Blissful.