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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||


First, I wanted to congratulate this country for celebrating International Yoga Day. At last we have done it! It’s a victory, a victory of all the yogis, from Mahadeva, Adiyogi, to every yogi who dedicated his life to keep this science alive.

Let Me explain Yoga.

Understand, Adiyogi Mahadeva revealed this science in Shivagamas to the whole universe as a science to awaken your inner potential energy. I don’t want to day the physical postures are not yoga, and I don’t want to say physical health is not purpose of yoga, that is also included. Please understand, there is so much of confusion, as usual, anything practiced by billions will have variations, confusion, debates, it’s usual. Whether the physical postures are yoga, please understand, physical postures are also yoga; it is not that they are not part of yoga, and I also don’t want to say they are alone yoga, no. Physical postures are not excluded, but that does not mean only physical postures are yoga. It’s a great science where your body is trained to achieve it’s peak potential through asanas and mind is trained through liberated thinking, your breathing structure is trained through pranayama. The various steps are used in yoga ultimately to awaken your Kundalini Shakti. Yoga is not meant just for your well being or health, it is meant to awaken your mystical powers. It is meant to awaken your spiritual realization, realizing your spiritual identity is the ultimate goal of yoga.


I will just try to introduce basic about Yoga: what is yoga, what is not yoga? How it is done, how it is not done, why it is done, the basic questions about Yoga, I will try to explain.

Kundalini is the inner potential energy. Once it is awakened, you will experience extraordinary health, physically, mentally and extraordinary powers, abilities. Everything in yoga is finally aimed at, it can be as simple as washing your eyes or as difficult as Shivasasana, Kriyas, everything is aimed at awakening the Kundalini Shakti in you. To awaken the extraordinary possibilities and abilities in you, Yoga is one of the greatest gift given to the world by Mahadeva directly.

Please understand, Yoga is organized by Patanjali, but gifted by Mahadeva Himself. In the recent days, modern days, in India we utter the word recent, it is 10,000 years, so in recent days 10,000 years before, Patanjali organized it, but originally it originates from Mahadeva, the Adiyogi.

Many people ask Me, “no, today the asanas, postures, as it is taught, Patanjali is not speaking about it, no scripture is talking about it?” This is one of the biggest questions many so-called intellectuals pose, and they also use this point to attack yogic tradition. Please understand, every posture, every asana, is clearly described, including the way you need to breathe, very clearly by Mahadeva in Hatha Yoga literatures, like Kumbaka, Pradipika, 30 volumes Mahadeva has taught to Devi, and some of the Rishis. Very clearly, every posture, 997 asanas! I am sure Mahadeva has explained many more, but whatever original verses we are able to get, from that, nine hundred and ninety seven asanas we have retrieved. Please understand, every single act you are requested, recommended to do in Nithya Yoga system is backed with the time tested, fool proof yogic scriptures directly by Mahadeva. So this idea “the postures as it is taught in the modern day are not available in the original scripture” may be due to either people who put the question have not read the literatures, or some of the dilutions happened by the modern day yoga teachers... Yoga is originally taught by Maahdeva, the vast yogic literatures, we have retrieved at least 30 authentic, time tested, fool proof yogic literatures and fortunately, in the modern day, very authoritative translations in western languages like English, French, is available.

Basically Yoga is to awaken your Kundalini Shakti and manifest what you want as reality. Ultimately merge, become One with, realize your highest spiritual identity, Shivoham. The experience of “I am Shiva, I am the Divine.” Understand, it may start with bending the body, but it ends in uniting your consciousness with the Divine, becoming one with the Divine. However, even in the polluted, diluted, crudest form, Yoga spreading is okay, I am welcoming it, because once people start practicing Yoga is such a powerful science, it is independently intelligent to awaken the intelligence of a practitioner and guide them step by step to it’s purest form! Please understand, Yoga is not some dead postures; once you start practicing, it will lead you to it’s purest form. It’s an independent intelligence, it will lead you to it’s highest experience. That is why, even in a polluted or diluted form, if you start, that’s great. Somewhere, somehow, begin. Start!

Today, on International Yoga Day, I request the whole Nithyananda Sangha to decide, in this next one year, by next International Yoga Day, next June 21st, all over the world in all countries, we should have introduced Yoga at least in the initial health based postures level.

Please understand, there are many organizations, groups, individuals, working to teach and spread yoga. All I am trying to do is bring them all back to the original root, authentic scriptures, either the scriptures written by Mahadeva Adiyogi Himself, or Patanjali who organized, or Swatmarama, one of the greatest Hatha Yoga masters, any one of these few great yogis, please understand, these few have created enough of authentic literatures, we should introduce Yoga with authentic, original verses from the scripture, and teach Yoga. This will remove confusion among the students who are practicing yoga and teachers who are teaching yoga.

I request all the students of yoga, practitioners, ask this one question to your teacher: “Is this set of practice, postures, techniques, is it from the original scripture? Please give us the reference.” If all the students decide to demand the mark, approval of the scriptures, Yoga will completely purify, it will do it’s work as Mahadeva wants! Please understand, starting, if you have started, even in a polluted, crude, diluted form, it’s okay, you are welcome, nothing wrong. But now it is time you look into authentic scriptures, and original books. Fortunately, Svatmarama’s literatures, Mahadeva’s Agama literature, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, are all translated in all international languages. We can study them, we can refer the original source, please understand, this next one year, as Nithyananda Sangha, we should all decide and make a Satya Sankalpa (declaration, vow of truth) to spread the original scriptures, original yogic literatures, constantly create the awareness among the yoga students, practitioners, teachers, to align them back to the original scriptures. I think this will be My unique contribution to the world on this International Yoga Day.

Yoga is great. You are welcome, even if you have started in diluted, polluted form, in a raw, crude form, it’s okay, you are welcome. But now it is time we go back to the original scriptures, we go back to the original books written by the greatest yogis, Adiyogi Mahadeva, Svatmarama, the greatest Hatha Yogi, Patanjali, the Father of Yoga System, Matsyendranatha, Goraknatha, the great Natha yogis, they have all; written enough literatures, let us go back and align ourselves to that literatures. In the system I am teaching, Nithya Yoga system, every act you are expected to do, whether body postures or the breathing activities, or visualization, verbalization, creating certain thought trends, all these are part of yoga. Everything we recommend and request you to do, we have original scriptural reference, reference from the original yogic literatures. I recommend, request, all the yoga practitioners, go back! Go back to the original source, roots, then all the dilution, pollution, corruption, everything will be removed. You will really enjoy yoga, you will enjoy it for the true purpose for which the founding forefathers have revealed yoga to this planet earth.

I have many questions from yoga practitioners; I will try to answer some of them on this international day of Yoga.


“I have practiced Yoga for years, mastered many asanas. Everyone around me looks at me like I am enlightened, but I am not. I have a deep yearning to experience the truth of life, but don’t know where to turn; can You guide me where to turn?”

Through this question, you have turned where you need to turn. This is the usual state of people who practice yoga without going through the original scriptures.But it’s okay, you started in some form; now it is time, turn to the original scriptures. Svatmarama, Mahadeva’s Shiva Agama Yogapada, don’t be afraid, they are not vast voluminous books. Just in few hundred pages, they will be able to guide you, give you clarity, and raise you to the next level and help you to achieve your Enlightenment. All you need to do is just turn towards authentic scriptures, or the masters who are teaching based on authentic scriptures.

Please understand, fortunately, Yoga has become trillion dollar industry, but flip side, other side of it is dilution, pollution, because of the necessity to commercialize as per the taste of the customers, clients, who are practicing, so please understand, but you don’t have to worry about it. The solution is here: go back to the original scriptures written by Mahadeva, Svatmarama, Goraknatha, Matsyendranatha, Patanjali. I can comfortably stand by these five names. Adiyogi Mahadeva’s Shivagama, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and Svatmarama’s Yoga Pratipika and Hatha Yoga Literatures, Yogic literatures, I can very comfortably, authentically stand by these 5 great masters and books. These five, time-tested, fool-proof, with no wrong or bad side effects, will help you to reach the real purpose of the yoga by the founding forefathers. So you just need to turn towards the original scriptures, or the masters who are teaching as per the original scriptures, understand. The real masters’ expertise or their experience should be accepted only as long as it is aligned with scriptures, as long as the atma pramana is in tune with the apta pramana, ancient, traditional masters’ experiences. If there is a difference between the two, always go back to the ancient masters’ experience, that should be the touch stone. So understand, it is time for you to turn towards the authentic scriptures, or the masters who teach from authentic scriptures.

“What are siddhis and what is their purpose? Are they real? How does yoga help develop siddhis?”

Please understand, in a modern day, deep hatred has been created against siddhis by yogis who don’t know siddhis. Siddhis are like milestones in your journey; milestones themself are not destination, but they encourage you, inspire you and tell you you are on the right direction. Siddhis are encouraging milestones. And I tell you, they are really, really real! They are neither delusion, hallucination, whims or fancies, they are really, really real, and any authentic yoga practiced as per the authentic yogic literatures will develop siddhis in you. Please understand, do not do, keep this is a law, rule, do not do any yoga or technique or pranayama practice unless it awakens some siddhi within 21 days in you! Please understand, within 21 days it should awaken some siddhi or spiritual experience, intense spiritual experience. Otherwise, please do not continue that, it is not for you. Either it is not cooked with the right ingredient, or it is not meant for you.

Go back to original, authentic, spiritual literatures, yogic scriptures. I have seen the so-called many yogis, gurus, gurujis, teachers, masters, go on claiming healing should not be done, siddhis should not be achieved, what is siddhi? When you are travelling on certain path towards enlightenment, automatically powers start manifesting, consciousness starts expressing, more light is radiated! I am not asking you to stop at milestones, at siddhis, but I am telling you, if siddhis don’t express, there is something seriously wrong in the path you are walking. If you don’t see the milestones, the road you are walking may not be leading to your goal. Yoga is not no man’s land, it is clearly leading, defined by Mahadeva, Patanjali, Svatmarama, Goraknath, Matsyendranath, the great yogis ave done enough of fool proof, time tested GPS which never gets expired, understand? Yoga is not no man’s land where you just have to walk blindfolded; of course, if you are initiated into the third eye, you will be able to walk blindfolded! But be informed, siddhis are neither wrong, nor the destination, unless the siddhis manifest, you may not be following the right practice and techniques. If the siddhis are not manifesting, go back to the original scripture, or the masters teaching based on original scriptures.

“Many modern day types of yoga may not be aligned to Vedic tradition; are there dangers to practicing?”

The question: somebody is asking, it seems many modern day types of yoga might not be aligned to Vedic tradition, but what is the harm, they make me feel good, are there dangers?”

Let Me be very honest, because I have not practiced anything not aligned to Vedic tradition, I have no opinion on it. I stand for the yoga which is aligned to original Vedic, Yogic, original scriptures. It helped Me, there is no harm in it, so I am sharing it to the world! Anything not aligned, I have no comment or opinion. I don’t want to give a guarantee about those practices, and I have nothing to say. People ask me, “Instead of chanting Om, can we chant something else?” I tell them, “I do not know, I have no idea, no comments; I stand by the original Vedic tradition based on the original Vedic literatures, Vedic scriptures, that is what I practiced. I had the fortune of having a guru who is master of Vedic scripture, I know the benefits of that, and that is what I am sharing with you all.” I am not a politician; I don’t need secular votes, I am a Vedic guru who stands completely with the Vedic, Yogic tradition! I have no comments about anything which is not aligned to the Yogic scriptures.

“I am already an experienced teacher with a practice which I developed myself. How can I align my practice to the Vedic tradition?”

Just pick up these few books, Asana Paddhati, Pranayama Paddhati, Pranayama Pradipika, time-tested, fool-proof Yoga scriptures, pick them up, start reading, and Yoga Upanishads, pick up those Yoga Upanishads, and Upanishads very clearly describe asanas, breathing techniques, Kumbhaka Paddhati, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and read, you will simply know how to align yourself to the original, traditional yogic and Vedic scriptures.

“Many of my students and people around me like Yoga, but don’t want to associate it with Hinduism.”I think again I answered this question already; I stand with Yoga which is from the original roots, the Yogic literatures which is at least 10,000 years old. The Yogic scriptures which is deep rooted in Vedic tradition, from Hinduism, so I stand for that tradition. Anybody comes, I am ready to share the science of Yoga with them. I Myself do not force anybody to accept Hinduism or convert to Hindu religion, but I am also not encouraging people resisting Hinduism, who say, “I don’t want to associate with Hinduism.” I am neither forcing people to convert, nor encouraging people who don’t want to associate with Hinduism chant Sanskrit mantras, or do Surya Namaskar, I am neither encouraging that, so I am very clear, it is now up to the individuals who teach or learn, I don’t have any comments.

So, that’s all the questions.

I think My message today is loud and clear: Let’s go back to the Source! Let’s open the original books, the original scriptures, original literatures, follow only that, live only that, that’s all is My message on this International Yoga Day.

I request and recommend all My disciples and followers, go back to the original source, Yogic literatures, Vedic literatures, as I was telling, don’t bother about the controversies, let us not waste our time in trying to answer, pass opinions, it’s waste of time. Neither I am a politician who is supposed to convince anyone, nor you are practicing Yoga for the sake of some reason of convincing somebody or the way somebody is convinced. You are a seeker who wants the truth, I am a Master here to share the truth with you, that’s all. And the great masters spelled out everything, how to close your nose to how to inhale, every step is described by the great Masters Adiyogi Mahadeva and Svatmarama, Goraknatha, Matsyendranatha, Patanjali, when they have spelled it out clearly, what;s the need for going anywhere? So time tested, fool proof, no expiry date, Yogic literatures and Vedic scriptures are still available, why waste time, let’s be aligned to that and enjoy! Realize our full potential, even this third eye awakening, many powers associated like blindfold reading, all these are from the original Yogic scriptures. These siddhis (powers) manifest when you practice yoga from original scriptures; I request all teachers to use this as a touchstone, measuring scale, for any step, whether bending the body or blowing the nose, asana or pranayama, visualization or meditation, go back to the original source, original scriptures, original instructions and practice it, get benefitted by it.


So with this, I invite Ma Yoga to take over and lead us into Nithya Kriya for Inner Peace.